'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' was a modest hit last night, by TV standards... But what if it was a movie? We did the math, and found out exactly how much money it would have made: Read More...


In the long history of celebs teasing their upcoming roles on Facebook, from Simon Pegg as Ant-Man (debunked!) to Vin Diesel as Groot (hasn't been bunked either way yet), here's a doozy: is Megan Fox playing Boba Fett in 'Star Wars VII'? Read More...

As announced on Deadline today, Marvel Studios may - or may not - be exploring an Agent Carter TV series, as a follow-up to 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Mainly because kids go nuts for anything with the word "Agent" in the title. [Side-Note: The Agent Dead? Call Kirkman later today.] Well, we've got a sneak peek at what might be the bold new direction for Marvel, below: Read More...


Ladies, their eyes are down there:


You know, back when DC Comics printed Justice League #0, a full issue devoted to (part) of the new origin of Shazam, I said that, "This might be the best, most consistently enjoyable story [Geoff] Johns has told since his Superman story... With Gary Frank." I think I wasn't being hyperbolic enough*: Johns and Frank's revamped Shazam story is a classic. It's a huge, exciting, all-ages story that approaches the source material with just the right amount of reverence.

In case you missed the story, which ran as a sporadic back-up in Justice League, lucky you, it's being collected into one trade paperback at the end of the month. Before that, though, we've snagged you an exclusive look at some of Frank's development materials for Shazam. Check 'em out, and be sure to check out Shazam Vol. 1 when it hits shelves on September 25th: Read More...

Here's the problem with rumors on the Internet: nobody actually reads the contents of the posts. You see a buzzy title, something that catches your attention, makes you angry, makes you laugh, and that's all you read. I'm not even blaming people for this, it's something I do myself. We're a society that shares content, without actually checking the content ourselves.

How many times have you had the following conversation?

You: Hey, did you hear about [INSERT NEWS STORY]?

Friend: I saw that too! What do you think about that?

You: I don't know, I really only saw the one sentence on Twitter.

Friend: Yeah, me too. Hey, want to order more chalupas?

You: Of course. Of course I want to order more chalupas. Read More...

The internet is all abuzz about the possibility of a Marvel produced, Katee Sackhoff starring 'Captain Marvel' movie... And over at MTV Geek, we're pretty giddy about the possibility, too. The thing is, though... We want this thing to get made. So here's our ten steps for making a 'Captain Marvel' movie: Read More...


...Because frankly I think I may go insane if I see someone tweet, "[Blank] can happen, but Warner Brothers says its too tricky to make a Wonder Woman movie??? #questionmarks" here are six suggestions to Warner Brothers, so they can make a Wonder Woman movie, and I don't need to go totally crazy: Read More...


There's been a lot of discussion, internet scuttle-butt, and anguished moans about the '90s cover glut returning since DC Comics announced their 3-D Motion covers for "Villains Month." Add in some back and forth about availability of the covers at the retailer level, and you've got of a bit of a powder-keg waiting to explode. But whatever you feel about the gimmick, starting tomorrow the comics will be hitting the shelves - and will be judged on their own merits.

In advance of that, DC sent us the first three to hit: Green Arrow #23.1: Count Vertigo, Green Lantern #23.1: Relic, The Flash #23.1: Grodd. And you can check out your first look at the covers right here, right now: Read More...


Is it fall yet?

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With the Internet pretty much calmed down since last week's announcement that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in 'Man of Steel 2', and the rumor mill all but confirming Bryan Cranston as villain Lex Luthor, the obvious next question is: who will play Superman?

It's an obvious point, but so far, Warner Brothers has been relatively mum on the subject of the actor jumping into the old red and blue... Though we have a few ideas. First, given the uproar over Affleck, Warner Brothers will want someone not quite as divisive to the fan community; possibly even someone relatively unknown to them, who won't carry the baggage Affleck does to Batman. And they've already got the buzzy Cranston, coming off 'Breaking Bad' as the bad guy, so WB can go the Marvel, relatively unknown route for the Superman part.

Our suggestion? This guy:

There's no denying that this year's VMAs were epic, from Lady Gaga's monumental, insane return to performing; to Katy Perry closing out the show with 'Roar'. But you know what they weren't? Geeky. Well, for the most part. Here's nine geeky things that didn't happen at this year's VMAs, though we wish they did (and one thing that made us totally geek out): Read More...

"What makes you different... Makes you dangerous."

It just premiered in MTV's VMA All-Access Pre-Show courtesy our besties at MTV News, and now you can check out the exclusive first look at the new movie Divergent, right here, right now: Read More...

By Amber Lena

Tonight's the night: the VMAs take over Brooklyn's Barclays Center at 9pm ET. And when they do we'll get appearances from music stars ranging from Justin Timberlake, to Miley Cyrus, to Kanye West. But just because mega-pop stars are hitting the stage in a big way doesn't mean we won't get a supreme geek out moment or two. Here's a look back at the ten geekiest moments in VMAs history: Read More...


Though Ben Affleck is now officially Batman, joining the storied ranks of actors such as Will Arnett, Seth Green, Sam Rockwell, and nobody else, this isn't the first time the actor's name has come up in relation to the Dark Knight. Nope, in fact, the first time was - no joke - 2000. Here's a brief timeline of Affleck's flirtation with Gotham:


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