io9 has the scoop on what went down during last night's "Firefly" reunion special on the Science Channel -- namely, lots of tender reminiscing about the classic TV show, and some glimpses of might what have been but never happened. Here some of the highlights: Read More...

If you can't get out to New York Comic Con this weekend, let our own MTV Geek LIVE! host Steven Smith give you a guided tour of the con floor! Along the way Steven test-drives the "Back To The Future" DeLorean, runs into Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and artist Alex Pardee, and tons more!


"The Walking Dead" cast stops by MTV HQ at New York Comic Con.

Sure, robots and zombies might abound at New York Comic-Con, but humans are certainly welcome, as well! Cast of the hit show "The Walking Dead" stopped by MTV Geek HQ during their tour of the convention and certainly made the post-apocalyptic world look like a happy place. (and don't forget to read all about the new season at MTV Splashpage!)


It may be the last day of SDCC, but Mondo’s still pushing some sweet posters for sale at the con!

We’ve got the exclusive details on two Adventure Time posters from artist Mike Mitchell after the jump.

With San Diego Comic-Con coming to a close, you’d think panels would be dying down... At that’s exactly what we heard on the insanely long line for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary celebration, which filled the gigantic Room 6BCF with fans of all the iterations of the Buff-ster. Luckily, we snagged a seat for all the festivities, which included panelists Randall Batinkoff (from the movie), Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, writer Jane Espenson, Scott Allie from Dark Horse, and comic artist Georges Jeanty, all hosted by Clare Kramer (who you may remember played Glory in Season Five).


Like last year, San Diego Comic-Con belonged to Doctor Who. From TARDIS hats, to Daleks everywhere, the culmination of all of that was the packed to the rafters Hall H panel on Sunday afternoon. First up, moderator Chris Hardwick showed off the last scene from previous season, to the loudest cheers we have ever heard, and we’re at Comic-Con. Then, to keep it going, out came panelists Steven Moffat, Caroline Skinner, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill.

Asked about coming on to the show, Moffat said that, “I’ve been thinking about Doctor Who since I first saw it.”

Turing to Smith, the Doctor thanked the fans, and then Hardwick showed an “embarrassing” photo from the previous night, of Smith confronting Hardwick, who was cosplaying as the David Tennant Doctor, to laughs and cheers.

They briefly chatted about fun at the Con, and then the big elephant in the room came up, with the Ponds leaving midway through the upcoming season. “I didn’t stop crying for two weeks! Everything set me off!” said Gillan on leaving the show. Smith said that he was sad to leave, then Hardwick brought up that in the elevator on the way over, Smith turned to Gillan and Darvill, and said, “Hey, didn’t you used to be on Doctor Who.”

Next up, Hardwick cued up a clip reel showing off the Best of Amy and Rory Pond, featuring an emotional clip from the episode where Old Amy says goodbye to Rory. “Comic-con’s a lot of fun, right guys?” joked Hardwick when the clip finished.

On the ending, and saying goodbye, Moffat said, “That was a tough one to write. It’s not just fiction you’re ending, it’s also a real life experience, for Karen and Arthur. It was genuinely, properly sad.” Asked about the ending, and any teases., Moffat said, “Take a guess.”

Hardwick said that he trusted Moffat to not break the fans hearts for too long, to which Moffat said, “Why do you trust me? What have I ever done to earn that?” To laughs from the panelists and audience.

Continuing to talk about leaving, Gillan said, “I’m going to miss running down corriders away from imaginary monsters. I’m going to miss these guys, I really am. I made some of my best friends on this show.” Smith noted that they’ve all become so close, they “don’t even have conversations anymore, it’s just noises and silly phrases.” Joked Darvill, “We call those episodes.”

Speaking of what’s next, Darvill did an impression of Gillan, plugging, “Not Another Happy Ending,” and then a “Occular,” to laughs from the audience. Then Gillan, doing an impression of Darvill, said, “I’m bumbling a bit,” to cheers, and Darvill pretended to walk off stage. Then she really plugged his upcoming projects, including “Broadchurch” with David Tennnat, and it’s actually written by the actress who played Prisoner Zero!

Then, there was some news from Moffat, who showed off clips from the Western episode, which is titled “A Town Called Mercy.” In it, the Doctor does some goofy business with a toothpick, and clearly gets grabbed by a mob for being an alien. It was short, but fun!

Next up, audience questions, kicking off with an adorable little girl dressed as a Dalek, who asked Matt Smith what his favorite button, screen, or gadget in the TARDIS was. Smith talked about the hand-book that tells you how to actually use it, but he loves the gear that flies the thing. Smith then asked the girl if she had a favorite bit, and said a surprised, “What? NO.” to huge laughs.

When the next audience member came dressed as a Dalek, Moffat joked, “Is anyone not dressed as a Dalek?” The actual question was whether there was going to be a multiple doctor episode, to which Moffat said, “I’m not going to tell you! Not even to a Dalek.”

Asked about the question that’s been right in front of us, “Doctor Who,” Moffat said, “To be honest, it’s been there from the start. Other Timelords give their name. Obviously, it’s tremendously important.” He did reveal that we will find out why it’s important, and possibly even we’ll find out the Doctor’s name coming up.

The next bit was about whether we’d see a villain team-up, like in, “The Pandorica Opens,” to which Moffat joked, “Can you imagine how long the meeting must have been to get the Pandorica Alliance together? I think such a useless alliance of readily defeat-able foes would never get together again. And they accidentally blew up the universe!”

No news on Gillan on Inspector Spacetime, but she would love to be on Community at some point in the future.

Asked about favorite costumes, Darvill said Centurion, Gillan said Kiss-o-gram, and Smith said wearing the fez.

The next question was about crazy fan questions, Smith mentioned a woman who told him he looked, “just like her hedgehog.” Gillan said there was a woman who grabbed her, angrily asking whether she was Smith’s girlfriend. When she said no, she cheerily let her go.

A sleep deprived fan giddily asked about favorite plots they’d like to see on the show. Smith said Atlantis, though Moffat noted that the show has done that three times. “To hell with continuity, we’ll do it again!” joked Moffat. Gillan said she’d like to do something with pianos, where they get shrunk down and have to dodge the hammers. And Darvill said he’d like to see the Doctor play in a band. Hardwick, to huge cheers from the audience, said he’d love to see an episode set during the continuity of Groundhog’s Day.

Last question was whether the cast had noticed any weird habits, Smith said that Gillan pulls her bottom lip, Gillan said Smith makes sort of a “Prrraap prap!” sound when he gets excited. And Gillan and Smith said that Darvill gets grumpy. Darvill followed that up saying that he likes stare at Gillan until she notices. And the whole cast likes to get too uncomfortably close with anyone new on set, as a running joke.

Before we went, Moffat plugged that all the Daleks will show up in the season premiere. He also mentioned the Weeping Angels, the and that there were plenty of secrets he can’t tell us yet. Before we went, though, there was one big piece of news:

“I’m going to tell you the secret of television success. It’s you put dinosaurs on a spaceship,” said Moffat. And then they showed a clip from an episode titled “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” It starts in Ancient Egypt with Nefertiti, before cutting to the future on a spaceship, then to 1902, then to the Ponds. And then over to the dino-ship. Rory’s Dad is with them, and terrified. Amy reveals that in this episode, The Doctor hasn’t seen the Ponds for ten months. And then, the clip ended with the dinosaurs showing up, and, in case you couldn’t get, The Doctor saying, “Dinosaurs on a spaceship!”

And that was it! Keep it tuned to MTV Geek for plenty more from Comic-Con!

With the final season of FRINGE upon us, it was time for the cast and crew to great a massive crowd in Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. As a special treat? Observer hats. Thousands, and thousands of Observer hats. On the panel were cast members Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, and Executive Producer J.H. Wyman.

To kick things off, they showed a trailer for the upcoming season, featuring episodes from the future flung episode last season... And clips from the upcoming season! That included Olivia talking with Peter about their daughter Henrietta, Walter saying he knows how to stop the Observer invasion, and Peter saying, “I think it’s time we created a few Fringe events of our own.” So looks like this season will be all about stopping the Observer invasion, as promised... Though unclear whether it’s in the future, or the past.

...Until Wyman confirmed that the season starts off right after the end of the future set episode. The trailer, in fact, featured new scenes specifically shot for the clip reel, as they aren’t in production yet. The reel was put together to show the network what a fifth season would be like. And it worked!

Talking about the ending of the show, Wyman said, “I had about two and a half versions of what I wanted to do for the end, and a few months ago, I decided on one.” Though he doesn’t usually tell the cast what will happen in the seasons enders, here, he gave them the whole rundown. “Just as you guys want the show to end well, we want the show to end well, and we want to do the best job to give you guys what you want,” said Jackson.

Wyman then teased that there will be a book released based on September’s journal - the rogue Observer who has run throughout the series. They’ll be running a contest for fans, who can have their names put in the book as “Persons of Interest” to September.

Turning to the cast, the moderator chatted with Nicole first, who was surprised she even made it alive to the fifth season. “I thought, it’s okay if I die, this is my first show!” Then turning to Lance Reddick, they chatted briefly about how he’s way nicer than people expect. And then Nicole told a story about how Reddick thought he could go in disguise at Comic-Con by wearing a Breaking Bad hat. “People are going to think I’m a fan,” Nicole said, in a hilarious, deep Reddick voice. And of course, he was immediately swarmed by fans, while Nicole walked past him, sarcastically waving hello.

The moderator asked Torv what the greatest lesson Olive has taught her, and after a long pause where she was clearly thrown, she said, “When you called me Olive, my heart melted, it’s like my mum calling me Anna.” She then thought for a bit, saying, “It’s to come, I think it’s to come,” followed by laughter from the panel, and the crowd, as Torv slowly realized what she said. “I think that’s what Olivia needs, actually,” Torv joked after laughter died down, with the moderator noting that they would now need an age restriction to watch this panel.

When asked what he had learned from Walter, Noble joked, “To come to work every day.” After laughter died down, he said, “We’ve learned the power of love in this story. For all of the characters, they’ve developed genuine love. For all of the science fiction, that love factor is going, and will give us a brilliant final chapter.”

On whether Peter and Olivia will ever get a happy ending, Jackson said, "I think that these two will get the final chapter of their story." "I concur," joked Torv back.

Unfortunately we had to run off before the end of the panel to make a fancy appointment with the Doctor Who cast, but believe us, we’ll have every single bit of FRINGE news throughout this abbreviated season as it breaks, right here on MTV Geek.

By Danica Davidson

Roswell, New Mexico is a pretty famous name, and J. Michael Straczynski is taking up the story about it with the comics medium. As announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Legendary Comics will be publishing Straczynski’s The Majestic Files, a story “that looks at the events of the Roswell crash from an entirely new perspective - inside-out rather than outside-in.”

This is the first the project has been announced, and it was revealed that artist Geoff Shaw (Batman) will be working alongside Straczynski on it. In order to get a unique take on everything for the comic, Straczynski uses “real-life experts from the world of politics, science and the military to go through the process from first report to last, step by step recreating what might have happened.” From there Straczynski writes his story and puts forth new theories about what may have happened at Roswell in 1947. Read More...

The focus was squarely on animation at this year's Marvel TV panel, with news about Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Avengers, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel TV, kicked off the panel announcing that the Marvel AR App would unlock some special features if you use it on the Ultimate Spider-Man buttons given out at the door. Then, he warned everybody that there are sixteen SHIELD agents scattered throughout the room who were going to confiscate any phones or cameras that recorded the special footage shown during the panel.

Business out of the way, Loeb noted that in January, Disney opened up an animation studio for Marvel in Burbank - leading into a one of the Marvel Mash-Ups from the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD. That over, he teased that there should be some “marvelous” announcements at the Phineas and Ferb panel tomorrow at SDCC. Read More...

If it’s Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, it must be time for DC’s New 52 panel! Well, this year anyway, as editors Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase, and creators David Finch, Adam Glass, Dan Jurgens, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, Rob Liefeld, Scott Lobdell, and Scott Snyder hit the stage to talk about all of DC’s upcoming books.

First book up was Simone’s Batgirl #0, which focuses on the surprising origin of Batgirl in the New 52. Then, Batman #0, which Snyder said presents a very different take on Batman - as well as teases for what’s coming up in the next year.The next thing Snyder plugged was Swamp Thing #0, and also teased that in the upcoming Rotworld crossover you’ll get to see, “horrible, dead versions of your favorite characters.” Read More...

A decisive battle has been fought at Blackwater, but The War of the Five Kings is far from over. With that in mind, HBO’s Game of Thrones was out in full force at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, with cast, crew and more ready to chat about the highly anticipated third Season, which will adapt the first half (loosely) of George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords.” Oh, and if you think you know what’s coming, book readers? You know nothing.

The panel - like last year - was moderated by Martin himself, who started off by apologizing that the Producers couldn’t be at the panel, because they’re filming season three. He also apologized that, “My nephew who does the boobies,” also couldn’t be there, referring to the SNL sketch from this past season. Then it was tie for a recap reel from Season 2, and let me tell you: Game of Thrones needs to be shown on a movie screen regularly because it looked - and sounded - fantastic... Particularly the Battle of Blackwater, which sent a shockwave through the audience. Read More...

Not to be confused with MTV's House of Style, Marvel's House of Ideas panel at SDCC 2012 focused squarely on the Publisher's digital initiatives. With Marvel AR stepping up in the wake of their recent Marvel NOW! announcement, and the ReEvolution on for real, San Diego welcomed CCO Joe Quesada to the stage, as well as Agent M himself, Ryan Penagos, Communications Manager Arune Singh, Senior VP of Sales David Gabriel, SVP and GM of Digital Media Peter Phillips, Editor Nick Lowe, and EIC Axel Alonso.

Things kicked off talking about how all their print books are moving towards having free digital codes. Commenting on the movie, Gabriel said, "We wanted to make sure the print books had extra added value, plus it made sure people who buy digital would have an incentive to buy print." Read More...

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