New York City has become "an island of horrors" following the spread of a virus that's turned its residents into a horde of blood-thirsty gargoyles in Aspen Comics' The Scourge from The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, writer Scott Lobdell and artist Eric Battle.

We chatted with Eric Battle on the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about his work on The Scourge and his big screen hopes for the series.

"It's a lot of monsters and mayhem and excitement," Battle said when asked to describe The Scourge's plot. "My goal is to make each issue more exciting and better looking than the previous, so that when we're done, we have a very nice collection for print."

"The Terror That Flaps in the Night," Darkwing Duck himself has made a non-Frank-Miller-related-but-totally-quacktastic return in Disney and Boom! Studios' Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns trade paperback which hits shelves today, November 10! We met up with Darkwing writer Ian Brill and artist James Silvani to discuss the new comic's faithfulness to the animated series and the importance of keeping the humor flowing as the intensity ratchets up.

"I like to think that humor helps you care about the characters so when they've got their backs against the wall, in these do or die situations, you really care about them," said Brill. "I think if you have a good enough story, you have the balance between humor and pathos, hopefully it hits all quadrants."

Though both Brill and Silvani hold the original, animated Darkwing Duck series in high regard, comic storytelling can be quite different, "The TV show was self-contained, half hour episodes, I'm doing mostly, four-part adventures that are all in continuity in a monthly series. The show's don't connect to each other back-to-back, our issues do," Brill said. "We start things off early and make them pay off much much later." Read More...

What if all of William Shakespeare's greatest heroes and villains were sent on a mission to either kill or save the playwright himself? Things could probably get a touch...dramatic?

Well, that's exactly the premise of the IDW's series, Kill Shakespeare which sees its first collection release in trade paperback on Tuesday November, 9.

We talked to co-writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery and artist Andy Belanger, the creative team behind the mash-up on the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about their "Justice League of Shakespeare."

"What we're doing is like a re-envisioning," said Andy Belanger. "It's a totally new thing so its not like we're stealing anything or anything like that." Conor McCreery added, "The Bard was the ultimate thief, he stole all of his stories from the people before him. So we think if Shakey was here, he'd walk up, he'd give us a high five, he'd buy us some mead, then he'd slap us with a cease and desist order."

The first Kill Shakespeare trade paperback consists of the series' first six issue, which around to McCreery, consist of half of the initial story arc.

Take a look at a preview of Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 by clicking right here!


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On November 5th in the year 1605, in the United Kingdom, a group of thirteen English Catholics attempted to assassinate King James I by blowing up the House of Lords during the annual State Opening of Parliament. Guy Fawkes, one of the thirteen would-be bombers, was in charge of the explosives. He loaded the building's cellar with barrels of gunpowder, firewood and coal and was poised to blow it all to hell when, thanks to an anonymous tip, Fawkes was discovered and he and his co-conspirators were arrested, tortured, hanged and drawn-and-quartered.

British citizens have since annually celebrated the foiling of "The Gunpowder Plot" and the King's survival, on November 5th, with fireworks, bonfires and the torching of effigies of Guy Fawkes on what is now called "Guy Fawkes Night."

Roughly 380 years later, the legendary Alan Moore, he of Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and From Hell fame--among like a zillion other fantastic works--wrote the dystopian, post-apocalyptic series, V For Vendetta, with art by David Llyod and additional work from, Steve Whitaker and Siobhan Dodds. V features...well a revolutionary fella named V who dons a mask showing the likeness of Guy Fawkes, and devotes his life to the destruction of power, greed and tyranny. Read More...

Archaia and Roddenberry Productions have begun rolling out the second volume in their Days Missing series, Days Missing: Kestus.

Kestus continues the tale of the mysterious, Steward who has the ability to "fold" critical human memories from time, storing them in his library.

Trevor Roth, creator of Days Missing spoke with us from the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about the science fiction/fantasy series.

"It's about an ancient and very mystical being called The Steward and throughout all of history, The Steward has intervened and interacted with humanity," he said. "Because of his mission of secrecy and his powers has folded away any day he has been a part of such that it has been completely eradicated from our memory."

But The Steward has documented each of these memories in his library, resulting in a secret running record of the human race. "So all the days in our history that seemed like, 'this is a turning point in humanity, and this is where we jumped from this place to that place and progressed,' anything like that, he's probably been a part of, but we don't know about it."

Days Missing: Kestus is written by Phil Hester and illustrated by David Marquez with a cover by Alex Ross.

The first issue in Days Missing: Kestus is in stores now. Check out a free preview right here!


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Just when you thought the zombie genre had shambled its way into the sunset, AMC had to go and unleash the dead again in the form of an epic, television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series, The Walking Dead. Now, we have a feeling in our, not-yet-gutted-by-hundreds-of-reanimated-corpses guts, that the genre will continue to roam and roam and eat and roam and moan and roam some more until some badass comes along and pops it in the brain to make room for the next horror convention that'll dominate our favorite media.

But until then (which ain't happening anytime soon), BOOM! Studios has been going strong with the comic sequel/prequel of the last source of undead-interest-rekindling, 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later...yes we know, the bad guys and gals in these stories aren't technically dead or zombies or shambling or anything like that...but go with it here, man. 28 Days/Weeks Later tells the story of a rage-inducing virus that spreads far and wide, turning its victims into rage-filled, rage-aholics, who rage across London and beyond. The films were violent, scary, intense and pushed the genre into new and exciting territories. Read More...

Jeff Lemire knows a thing or two about small town living. He grew up in a tiny farming town in rural Canada, the setting for his phenomenal Top Shelf Productions series, Essex County. He understands that the importance of the story lies not in the action, the muscles, the violence or the explosions, but in the connections between characters and the growth and dynamics of a family. Now, he's bringing that sensibility to Smallville, Kansas for his take on DC Comics' Superboy, which will see its debut issue hit the shelves tomorrow November 3rd!

"He's a cool character," Lemire told us from the MTV Geek skybox at the 2010 New York Comic Con. "What I'm trying to do is sort of focus on small town life and sort of show what it would be like to have superheroes living and working in a rural setting." He continued, "I try to build a sense of family and community around him." Lemire went on to say that he chose to use Conner Kent's lab-created powers as a metaphor for being an awkward teenager. "It's really a book about community, family, and under all that I'm doing this overall story arc that's kind of a secret history of Smallville that's sort of this mysterious horror story."

Speaking of mysterious horror, Lemire is still plugging away at his very successful and very strange, post-apocalyptic series, Sweet Tooth. "It follows a young boy named Gus who has the features of deer antlers." He continued, "It sort of follows him as he goes from complete issolation to this dangerous world." Sweet Tooth is entering a serious climax as its three narrative threads collide at issue 17. "It's this big epic war in this world, building up and that's gonna end in issue 17 and then it'll be this new status quo for the book."

Lemire said that the success of Sweet Tooth is due to in no small part to his relationship with DC Comics, which led to him signing an exclusive deal with the publisher. "They did such a great job of marketing it and getting it out there and making the book a success, so I felt really comfortable with them already." He added, "It just seemed like a logical choice, to stay with them and kind of commit a little bit more with them, because they obviously put a commitment to me."

Check out a preview of Superboy #1!


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Apparently so.

Image sent this teasing little nugget over. Not sure what it is or what it means. But we'll do some digging. Keep it here for more.


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On October 9, 2010, MTV Geek officially planted its flag in the world of comic, toy, gaming, tech and general geeky news, as well as announcing MTV Comics, the cutting edge digital comic platform that will distribute work from astounding artists and writers, a partnership with the comic collective Act-I-Vate, and an animated series from the great Bill Plympton!

We celebrated with a killer launch party at Twin's Pub in New York City.  Comic superstars Paul Pope and Jim Mahfood split the DJ duties while guests danced, drank, ate, danced, drank, ate and danced some more!

But the cream on top o' the crop was the live art that the supremely talented artists in attendance created to be auctioned for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Ben Templesmith, Molly Crabapple, Dean Haspiel, Camilla d'Errico, Karl Alstaetter, Mike Cavallero, Dave Devries, Sanford Greene, Dave Crosland and many more donated their time and talent for this excellent cause supporting the CBLDF!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a great organization that's, "dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. The CBLDF provides legal referrals, representation, advice, assistance, and education in furtherance of these goals." Read More...

Since 2004, Cassie Hack has been going to toe-to-toe (or bat-to-machete) with the evilest, most brutal of horror movie slashers both classic and created. From demented doll, Chucky to Re-Animator's Herbert West. Tim Seely, the writer and artist behind Hack/Slash has plunged his "final girl" Cassie and her "gentle giant" partner, Vlad into the craziest, bloodiest and most fun scenarios in horror comics today.

The seeds of the series were planted while Seely was sick in bed around Halloween and found himself watching horror movie marathon after horror movie marathon. "There's a world here. It all takes place in the same place and they all have the same rules," he realized. "It kind of just became the universe of the horror movie sequel was just one place, and here's this girl and her friend who walk around in it." Read More...

We chatted with Beasts of Burden and Milk and Cheese writer, Evan Dorkin about the big-time Beasts crossover one-shot in which Mike Mignola's "World Greatest Paranormal Detective" Hellboy shows up to help the talking critters of Burden Hill battle a supernatural baddie.

"There's been a series of ritual animal murders in the woods they go inside an abandoned train tunnel and a lot of creepy stuff happens," Dorkin said. "It continues the storyline that we're doing and you can understand it without having read all the books."

Here's what Dark Horse says about the issue:

Internationally-acclaimed artist (and MTV Geek live art contributor!) Jim Mahfood is teaming with Talenthouse and to discover the next great comic book talent. Read More...

Attention, Scott Pilgrim-ites!

Mezco just sent over an exclusive sneaky peek at the newest Scott Pilgrim action figures based on the awesome flick, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Bryan Lee O'Malley's wildly popular graphic novel series.

Boy oh boy are these things fantastic looking!

First up we've got Scott in serious Knives Chau heart-breakin' mode, rockin' the bass for his admittedly sucky band, Sex Bob-omb! Read More...

Image Comics sent us an exclusive look at the trailer for the upcoming hardcover release of The Luna Brothers' The Sword Complete Collection which collects issues #1-24 of the series!


This edition collects the complete run of THE SWORD in an oversized hardcover and slipcase format. Experience the epic story about a young woman who finds a mysteriously powerful sword that allows her to seek revenge on the three elemental gods who brutally murdered her family. Contains all covers, including rare versions from extra printings. Signed and numbered edition includes an exclusive print and is limited to 200 copies.

Story: Joshua Luna
Art & Cover Jonathan Luna
624 PAGES / FC
$99.99 / S&N LTD ED $150.00

Check out our interview with The Luna Bros. about The Sword from the 2010 Baltimore Comic Con!


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Bill Plympton is no stranger to strange. With such surreal projects under his belt as the "gothic 50's high-school comedy" Hair High, the sci-fi tale, Mutant Aliens the magical, domestic dramedy, I Married A Strange Person, and his crazily creative work for MTV, Plympton has scribbled his way to a crown in cult cartooning. But his new feature, Idiots and Angels is a change of pace for the legendary animator. In an interview with MTV Geek! at the 2010 New York Comic Con, Plympton said Idiots is a morality tale, which he typically is not big on, but as he said, "This one just felt right, that it was a battle for his soul. The wings are his soul and it's a battle for the purity of his soul."

Idiots and Angels originated following a screening of Hair High in France. "Some kid came up to me and said, 'Wow, Bill, I liked Hair High, what's your next film?' Read More...

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