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By Amber Lena

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JB, Eugene, Stan Lee

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By Amber Lena

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By: Kevin Kelly

The Alamo Drafthouse-hosted, genre-mashup film festival known as Fantastic Fest is in full swing today, bringing action, science fiction, horror, foreign, and way left of center films to adventurous attendees in Austin, Texas. Even though it’s the first day, we’ve already been treated to people vomiting blood, a bizarre twist on Japanese tentacle porn, and lots of gratuitous nudity. All par for the course for this fan-fueled movie spectacle.

Festival favorite Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo premiered his time-bending film Timecrimes here in 2007, which quickly became a festival favorite thanks in no small part to the wacky and lovable antics of the director himself. He is here in attendance himself, and the film will be screening as part of Fantastic Fest yet again, and an awesome, limited-edition vinyl of the soundtrack produced in partnership with Mondo will be available for purchase at the screening, and at a later date for fans online.


Composer and writer Brian Satterwhite collaborated with Mondo on the vinyl project: "Timecrimes has been hailed by critics and audiences alike as one of the best time-travel films of our time. Much of the film's success relies heavily upon Eugenio Mira's masterful score. His minimalistic approach maximizes the subtle tones and nuances of the narrative with surgical precision while adding a highly refined layer of polish to this high-concept science-fiction thriller.”

The soundtrack will be made available on black 180 gram vinyl, and randomly inserted milky yellow/clear vinyl. It will be available for purchase at the Fantastic Fest screening of Timecrimes on September 26, and will be for sale online in the future, so follow @MondoNews for updates.


Doctor Who first scene

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By Amber Lena

Welcome, one and all, to our daily Geek Tweet recap! We're bringing you the best tweets from your favorite actors, writers, and nerd personalities that you may have missed. Now you can fanboy/fangirl over all the best tweets right in one spot. Read More...


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By Amber Lena

Talk Like a Pirate Day started as a fun joke between friends that grew into an unofficial International holiday. Around the world, people dress up, grab their grog and let their jolly roger flags fly every year on September 19th. Whether this is your first year celebrating or you’ve been participating from the beginning, we’ve broken down a list of musts for your piratey day. Arrrr. Read More...


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By Amber Lena

Welcome to the daily Geek Tweet Recap. We're bringing you the best in nerdy celebrity tweets, including behind-the-scenes pictures and your favorite actors prove that they're human, too, in 140 characters or less.


Richard Madden

By Karen Yossman

People of the London Underground need to make space for Robb Stark’s crown jewels!

Richard Madden, who portrays the late Robb Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, has faced an online slaughtering of his own after being shamed – and named – on the blog “mentakingup2muchspaceonthetrain”. The Tumblr account, which pretty much does what it says on the tin, posts pictures of guys who spread their legs on public transport. But before you get too excited, they’re all fully clothed.

While it’s unlikely the original poster realized who they’d snapped, other users quickly recognized the recently deceased King in the North (or in this case, King in the Northern Line) and were quite forgiving. Or maybe they were just distracted by the size of his umbrella. Winter is coming, you know.


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By Amber Lena

Welcome one and all to our daily Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best tweets from your favorite Geek celebs and personalities each day. From the awesome to the absurd, here's what you missed in the Twittersphere on September 17, 2013.


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by Katherine Erlikh

Turn on your text to voice apps or widgets. Close your eyes. Let my words wash over you. You are safe now. You are listening to the Daily Geek, and here's everything you missed last weekend.



By Amber Lena

Well, he's done it again. Tom Hiddleston has destroyed lives everywhere with his persistent charm and seeming perfection. Fangirls and boys were rendered speechless early Thursday afternoon due to the inability to stop screaming about Tom's too-good-to-be-true answers. Persistent weeping and ovarian explosions were reported. Seriously, this guy gave us an anti-bullying message, Shakespeare, and Spanish all within the same Q & A - is there anything he can't do?

We pulled out a few of our favorite tweets for your reading pleasure! Read More...


By Amber Lena

By now all the Potterheads out there have probably heard about the upcoming "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" film announced Thursday and even confirmed by the Lady herself, J.K. Rowling. As expected, the Internet promptly imploded with most fans rejoicing over the fact that the "Harry Potter" franchise they have grown up with will be expanding.





By DJ Miller

With Breaking Bad and Dexter both in their final seasons (and True Blood having recently announced it’ll soon be ending too), it’s probably time to start thinking about a new series. After all, what better way to waste a weekend than with a series marathon? Don’t think too hard, because there is none.

The real question, then, is where should you start? The answer to this question all depends on your preferences. Whether you love twisted fairy tales, sci-fi mysteries, inappropriate animations, horror cult themes, or hip comedies, this fall line-up of TV in the US has a little bit of something for everyone.

Another determining factor for your show choice depends on your dedication and attention span. You can jump into in the middle of some series (like the Simpsons) without ever having watched a previous episode. Or you can get that fall pale complexion back by marathoning previous seasons in anticipation of the big premiere. View shows you’ve missed, want to recap, or start anew. And if you don’t have time to watch the backlog, but desire to follow a winding plot, there some new shows will be beginning as well.

Personality and motivation, of course, will be the final deciding factors on the shows you end up watching this Fall. Use the decision-modeling infographic below to see which geeky fall TV show you need to tune in to: Read More...


image by nikon373 on DeviantArt

by Katherine Erlikh

You may be wondering, "What the hell is a Hufflepuff?" After all, they can be so very, very hard to find, as I've learned. Well, you're in luck - for Hogwarts House Pride Week, this Slytherin went out and dug around until her friends took pity on her and found two and a half whole Hufflepuffs! Get your badger pride ready!



By Amber Lena

"Futurama" will sadly be airing its series finale today… at least, that’s what we’ve been told. This is the third time the show has been cancelled, so really there will always be hope. However, it seems like they mean serious business this time, so we can safely say the network probably won't change their minds and renew it next month. While we mourn the end(?) of a brilliant show, we're taking this opportunity to look back at one of the most important contributions "Futurama" has made to recent society: memes. Read More...

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