In 1983, one of pop cultures greatest franchises was born. Four brothers, bonded together by their differences from the outside world, and led by their wise sensei, began bringing justice to the streets of NYC, the far reaches of outer space, and even through the infinite reach of time itself. They were, and are, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the very first drawing to spark their creation is about to hit the auction block! Drawn by Kevin Eastman and inked by Peter Laird, this artwork marks the very first time the Heroes in a Halfshell were realized on the page. We're as surprised as anyone that this page is going up for sale, and just as jealous that we won't be the ones buying it! Anybody have around $50,000 bucks we could borrow? We're totally good for it... Read More...

"Regular Show" has quickly become one of our favorite animated series and manages to be yet another TV show related to park maintenance that can continually bring us laughs. Who knew that our public parks were such a comedy goldmine?! Jazwares did, that's who! In fact, they've apparently got the license to produce toys based on Regular Show's cast of oddball characters, starting with a leaked 3-D sculpt of the main character: Mordecai! Read More...

With Marvel Comics' "The Avengers" hitting theaters in a matter of weeks, it's only fitting that we take time to remember The Ultimates; whose updated sensibilities about the Avengers team (and making Nick Fury the spitting image of Samuel L. Jackson)helped bring about the look of the modern superhero in film. As always, what better way to remember anything and everything related to superheroes than with collectibles?! Gentle Giant Ltd. knows what we're talking about, and has just announced a jaw-droppingly incredible statue based on Captain America's WWII style in the pages of The first Ultimates mini-series! Not only is this a full body statue of the Star-Spangled Avenger, but he's also straddling a military version of another American symbol: a Harley Davidson! Do we want this? Yes. When do we want it? Yesterday! Sadly, it's not scheduled for release until the tail-end of 2012. Read More...

The vintage Masters of the Universe line was littered with variant versions of He-man and Skeletor. Mattel knew that the main heroic warrior and his archenemy were their bread and butter with both kids and parents alike, so every couple of quarters there were new versions hitting the pegs. One of the more intricate figures (action feature-wise) was Thunder-Punch He-Man who utilized the, now frowned upon, cap-gun technology to add some oomph to his beatdowns! The action feature for T.P. (Toilet Paper?) He-Man was such an integral part of his sculpt that when it came time for his MotU release, The Four Horsemen had to get creative-- and they certainly did! Join us as we review Thunder Punch He-Man: Heroic Leader with a Power Punch!


With news like the sure-to-be-violent BEFORE WATCHMEN mini-series or the CW-crowd SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, it can be easy to forget that DC maintains a small but outstanding selection of comics for kids. If you need an excellent reminder, DC’s The Source blog updated this morning with a first look at Art Baltazar and Franco’s SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES.

The title will feature DCnU-friendly iterations of the Super-family, including a trunk-less Superman and a redesigned Supergirl (with the addition of a tasteful skirt), while Superboy seems to be hewing closer to his popular Young Justice look. Krypto, whose status in the New 52 remains murky, is front and center in the book. Read More...

DC’s The Source blog has been alight today with artistic change announcements on several of its titles, including the return of a 90s fan-favorite to the book that helped define his career.

First in the game of artistic musical chairs is Jesus Saiz, who will leave BIRDS OF PREY to take over the indestructible Mitch Shelley’s story in the pages of RESURRECTION MAN. Saiz’ first issue of the title will be May’s #9, which will pit the hero against the Suicide Squad.

“I’m going to miss BIRDS OF PREY immensely, although it’s also true that I was dying to work on the Dark line of books,” Saiz told The Source. “There’s some very interesting stuff happening in these books, and I’ve always considered horror / creating dark settings are some of my stronger areas as an artist, and I really haven’t had many chances to flex those muscles working in this genre during my career.” Read More...

UPDATE: MTV Geek takes a look at what fans can expect in Season 11

DC gave fans of the recently departed Smallville television show a surprise this morning when they announced the continuation of the series as a digital-first comic. SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 will pick up right where the show left off, with Clark Kent finally donning the iconic title and tights of Superman.

Written by Bryan Q. Miller with interior art by his frequent BATGIRL collaborator Pere Perez and digital covers by Cat Staggs, the book will be published digitally on April 13, 2012, with new digital chapters following weekly. Collected print versions, coupled with episode guides for the series, will begin release on May 16. The print edition will also feature covers by fan-favorite artist Gary Frank.

Miller previously worked on the pre-relaunch BATGIRL title starring Stephanie Brown, a character whose New 52 absence has been met with fan outcry. This marks Miller’s first published work with DC since the relaunch. Read More...

Following DC’s announcement of TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1, The Source blog has updated with a first look at ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1, a 48-page standalone story that will detail “the history of the epic struggle between the forces of The Red, The Green and The Rot as seen in the pages of ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING.”

Series writer Jeff Lemire will write the one-shot, which will feature interior art by Timothy Green II (most recently seen on Marvel’s GENERATION HOPE with James Asmus) and a cover by regular series illustrator Travel Foreman. Read More...

DC’s The Source blog revealed this morning the TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1, the first of the oversized Annual format to be published since the relaunch last September. Written by TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY writer Scott Lobdell and LEGION LOST scribe Tom Defalco, with art by TEEN TITANS illustrator Brett Booth, the issue kicks off a summer crossover between the DC’s three premiere teen books and will set the stage for Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill’s RAVAGERS series.

The annual promises to weave together plots in the works since the first issues of TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY, and LEGION LOST, “[pitting] the heroes against one another in a chamber of horrors far beneath the surface of Antarctica.”


DC’s The Source blog today announced full creative teams for DEATHSTROKE, THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN, and GRIFTER, the three New 52 titles infamous creator Rob Liefeld takes over in May.

Liefeld will provide both script and art for DEATHSTROKE, in a story that will kick off with a “battle royale between the mercenary [and] intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo.” This will mark Lobo’s first New 52 appearance.


DC’s The Source Blog opened this morning with a first look at a new storyline in DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS, a title that features new creative teams and marquee characters every arc. The newly announced three-part story, which begins in May’s issue #9, will focus on what appears to be a brand new character, one with ties to a classic DC villain – and a distinct parallel in the pre-New 52 DCU.

Written by James Robinson of the upcoming EARTH 2 ongoing and illustrated by Bernard Chang, artist on DCU PRESENTS DEADMAN, the new story will feature “the nation’s best FBI profiler, Kass Sage, [who] must reach out to her father for help in solving a desperate case. The twist? Her father is the imprisoned serial killer, Vandal Savage.”

The immortal Vandal Savage, who first debuted way back in 1943’s GREEN LANTERN #10, is currently part of the medieval ensemble cast of Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves’ DEMON KNIGHTS. Read More...

Following yesterday’s much-buzzed Before Watchmen announcement, DC’s The Source Blog opened this morning with something a little less controversial: novelist Gregg Hurwitz, current writer of PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE, will take over scripting duties for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT beginning with June’s issue #10.

Current series artist David Finch, who initially had sole writer credit on the book before the New 52 relaunch, will stay with the title. The announcement didn’t make it clear if Finch would maintain a co-writer or plotter credit, or work from plots and scripts by Hurwitz alone.

“I’m thrilled to be tackling one of the world’s greatest characters with one of the industry’s greatest artists,” Hurwitz told The Source. “Finch and I are very fired up to take the Batman into dark and dangerous new terrain, presenting a story that’ll be epic and sweeping and juuust a little bit twisted.” Read More...

As expected, the BEFORE WATCHMEN announcement set Twitter ablaze yesterday sending both the title and “Alan Moore” to the top of the trending chart. Here’s what comic creators had to say about the news:

Some addressed the prequels directly…

Skottie Young @skottieyoung
I never get fussed about prequels, sequels or remakes. They're not filled with magic powers that erase the original so why pretend to be mad

Phil Jimenez @Philjimeneznyc
Was just thinking -- what if the Watchmen prequels are just as effective creatively as the original, if not moreso? Heads will EXPLODE!

Damon Lindelof @DamonLindelof
A. I am profoundly upset about the WATCHMEN prequels. B. I'm buying every single one of them.

James Asmus @JamesAsmus
Damnit. I'm going to cave and buy a Watchmen prequel book, just to get some Adam Hughes art >:-P Well played, DC.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart
I Sincerely, honestly hope that these Before Watchmen things turn out to be good comics.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart
I don't think they needed to be done but neither did half of comics history.

Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart
If they're good i'll be impressed, if they're not I'll ignore them like I do RoboCop 2 or Star Wars 1-3

Alejandro A. Arbona @Alejandrobot
Listen, let's be real. I am going to buy each and every one of those new Watchmen comics. Advantage: DC. Read More...

Building on months of rumors and speculation regarding a Watchmen sequel, DC officially announced this morning that they will publish seven all-new, inter-connected prequel mini-series set in the WATCHMEN universe. The official press release, available on DC’s The Source blog, described the mini-series as being “as highly anticipated as they are controversial.”

The seven titles will all fall under the “Before Watchmen” manner, with cover design reminiscent of the original series, the collected edition of which is now hailed as the “bestselling graphic novel of all time.”

The titles and creative teams debuted with the announcement include:

RORSCHACH (4 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: Lee Bermejo
MINUTEMEN (6 issues) – Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke
COMEDIAN (6 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: J.G. Jones
DR. MANHATTAN (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist: Adam Hughes
NITE OWL (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artists: Andy and Joe Kubert
OZYMANDIAS (6 issues) – Writer: Len Wein. Artist: Jae Lee
SILK SPECTRE (4 issues) – Writer: Darwyn Cooke. Artist: Amanda Conner Read More...

Continuing DC’s series of creative swap announcements, The Source blog announced today that Matt Kindt, best known for creator-owned stories such as Super Spy for Top Shelf and Revolver for Vertigo, will take the reigns of Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. beginning with June’s issue #10.

Kindt, who will also be co-writing Frankenstein’s adventures in Men of War #8, was described by current Frankenstein writer Jeff Lemire as a “secret contributor to the series since it launched in September.”

“Taking over for Jeff is just the added bonus – knowing where he was going with the series from the beginning and talking about these great characters he’s rebooted has been fantastic,” Kindt told The Source. “And it’s going to be fun to surprise him (and the readers) with where it ends up going.” Read More...

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