Beware the Batman Teaser Trailer

It's your first chance to get a preview of  the highly-anticipated "Beware The Batman" animated series from the Cartoon Network! Read all about it:

A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogues gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show.” Featuring cutting-edge CGI visuals to match the intricate twists and turns of the narrative, Batman steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight for an entirely new generation of fans. With WBA’s Sam Register executive producing, and Batman Beyond’s Glen Murakami and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Mitch Watson producing, Beware the Batman, based on characters from DC Comics, is coming soon to Cartoon Network! Read More...

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming EPIX original documentary on the life of Stan Lee, "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story" right here! In this scene, we look at how comic book creations like the Fantastic Four helped usher in a new era of "deeper superheroes":

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story 'Deeper Superheroes' Clip


If you can't wait to check out the Dark Shadows movie, why not give the comic book series from Dynamite a try? Here's a sneak-peek at the cover and plot for Dark Shadows #10, hitting comic book stands in July:

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by MIKE RAICHT
Barnabas Collins and his family are still reeling from their encounter with The Children and their sire. The brutal war has left those closest to Barnabas questioning his very nature. However, with a possible cure in his hands, will this 175 year old vampire finally be free of his vampiric curse? Or will remaining a vampire show once and for all that you don't need to be human to prove you have a noble soul? Read More...

Rich Burlew millionaireIf you've been keeping tabs on the comic book scene over at fundraising site Kickstarter then you may have noticed a sharp uptick in the number of comic projects lately.  Last year, the all-girl rock band comic anthology, “Womanthology”, raised an astounding $109, 301.  But wizards and trolls are not ones to just roll over and be outdone.  So this past February, Rich Burlew’s D&D webcomic spoof “Order of the Stick” made a go of it with a modest goal of just over $57k and ended up raising over $1.2 million.  Yes, you read that right, $1.2 MILLION.

Now you might think “HOLY $#!T, I need to get my project on Kickstarter!” And you’d be right to think that, comic projects have been getting fully funded left and right.  Then you might think “what the #^@% would I spend all that money on, since I don’t need anywhere near that to make a comic book.”  And again, you’d be right.

We’re not sure how much thought Rich has put into how to spend his newfound wealth, but if you're reading this Rich, here are a few humble suggestions, aside from, you know, giving it all to us.


By Action Flick Chick

I had the good luck to score an interview with Jane Espenson while at WonderCon 2012. She has written for excellent shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Once Upon a Time, and the list goes on! However, when we met up for the interview, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the presence of the new webseries’, Husbands, cast as well, including Cheeks (Brad Bell), Sean Hemeon, and director Jeff Greenstein.

Jane Espenson is the producer of this webseries about a couple who wakes up one morning after visiting Las Vegas and finds themselves to be married. Usually, this can be fixed with a quick annulment or divorce, but since this couple is two men, and the gay community fought so hard to be allowed to get married, they decide to stick it out, rather than undermine all the hard work that went into allowing gay marriage by getting a divorce.

We cover the gamut by talking about Husbands, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time, and other general topics. Read More...

Monster High 'Escape From Skull Shores' Trailer

The Monster High girls are back in an all-new animated movie on Nickelodeon, "Escape From Skull Shore"! Here's a run-down as to what you'll expect from this latest adventure starring Mattel's doll sensation:

It's spring break and all the “ghoul” kids of Monster High™ are headed across the sea to the Great Barrier Reef in the upcoming Nickelodeon special, “Escape from Skull Shore.” On the way, the gang becomes ship wrecked on the mysterious Skull Shore™ where Gil and Lagoona find an old, mysterious black and white film reel featuring a girl who looks eerily like Frankie Stein™. Now everyone must band together to figure out what lurks on this mysterious island.










"Monster High: Escape From Skull Shore" airs tonight, April 13th, on Nickelodeon at 5/6p.m.

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By Sean Kleefeld

Brad Guigar has been been working on webcomics for over a decade now, starting with Greystone Inn and eventually spinning that off into Evil Inc in 2005. He’s been a very active voice in webcomics, working as the editor-in-chief for, a co-writer of How to Make Webcomics and one of the hosts for the Webcomics Weekly podcast among other things. He’s also been a graphic artist in the newspaper industry for much of the same time, giving him a unique perspective on both print and digital realms. Recently, however, his paper instituted a round of cost-cutting measures and Guigar accepted a voluntary layoff. He’s taken the opportunity to dive head-first in his webcomics, having already well-positioned himself for just such a transition. We caught up with Guigar to discuss the long road he’s taken to get to where he is today.

MTV Geek: Let's start with some background. I get the impression that you're an old school DC fan from years back. Were your earliest comic influences actually DC books? What were your favorite books as a kid?

Brad Guigar: Actually, when I first got into comics, I was a die-hard Marvel fan, and my younger brother collected DC exclusively. I had read "How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way," and I was convinced that the offerings from the Distinguished Competition were inferior. So my first collection was weighted strongly towards Spider-Man, the Avengers and Fantastic Four. But I would constantly peek at the books in my brother's collection when he wasn't around. After I left comics-reading for a few years, I came back with a different set of eyes, and I found myself gravitating towards Batman, JLA and Green Lantern. Today, I still lean heavily towards DC. I remember reading that DC was written for kids that tied towels around their necks and "flew" around the backyard, while Marvel was written for teens to read in their mom's basement. I don't think that distinction is nearly as distinct today, but I always preferred the kind of story-telling that made be want to tie a terrycloth "cape" around my neck. Still do. Read More...

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Xombi & iZombie
Written by John Rozum and Chris Roberson, drawn by Mike Allred and Frasier Irving

The world has zombie fever and why not? Zombies are the perfect bad guys. They're pure engines of evil that no one feels bad about killing. However, not all stories of the undead follow the George Romero model, some branch out and do their own thing. Xombi, a former Milestone comic now integrated into the main DC Universe follows David Kim, a scientist kept alive forever thanks to nanite technology that he developed while Vertigo's I, Zombie stars Gwen, a zombie who eats freshly dead brains once a month and finds herself compelled to take care of their unfinished business. The former launched this week by writer John Rosum and artist Frasier Irving while the first six issues of the latter—written by Chris Roberson and drawn by Mike Allred—are collected in this week's I Zombie Vol 1 Dead To The World. Read More...

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

First Wave & Green Hornet: "Pulped"

Written by Brian Azzarello & Kevin Smith, drawn by Howard Porter

DC's First Wave pocket universe might not be long for this world, but its combination of classic and pulp superheroes like The Spirit and Doc Savage along with different versions of Batman and the Blackhawks had a lot going for it that should stay in the backs of minds for a while. Perhaps a big crossover will help things out. With Green Hornet back in the consciousness thanks to the flick of the same name and the well regarded comic written by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester along with Dynamite's other books in the series, it seems like the absolute perfect combination of heroes, especially considering the similar looks of Green Hornet and The Spirit (suits, ties, hats and domino masks all around). Mixing in all the other characters and throwing them up against some hand-wringing evil scientists with giant monsters and robots at their behest would be the best way to utilize all the characters involved. Read More...

Last fall, Hasbro not only launched its very own TV network in The Hub, but also created yet another brand new Transformers animated series called Transformers Prime. Now, there have been a LOT of Transformers incarnations over the past few movies, aside from the movies you've also got Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Armada, Animated and Energon to name just a few, but they will forever and always be compared to the original animated series called Generation One by those in the know. If you're unfamiliar with Prime, it's a CGI series starring a handful of Autobots including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Arcee who have been hanging out on Earth waiting for Megatron to return, which he does in the initial five episode movie. The series kicks back off on Friday with the first new episodes since December. With that in mind, it's time to once again compare the old with the new and figure out which one takes the transforming robot cake.

Optimus Prime


The stoic and heroic leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime and his crew wound up on Earth thanks to a failed Energon expedition that had them literally crashing onto the planet in the mid 80s. No matter how many times he and the Autobots went up against his arch enemy Megatron and the Decepticons, he always came out on top, even coming back from near death on occasion. Having taken the vehicle form of a semi-truck, Prime became one of the larger and more imposing Transformers around and a favorite of fans and Autobots alike. Prime rocked a blaster when in battle and could also retract his hand to create a glowing axe.


As you might expect, the Prime version of Prime has a much sleeker look thanks to the evolution of animation and automobile design in the past three decades. He's still a leader that his troops look up to and has vowed to never give up his fight for justice. His look is very similar to the on seen in the two Transformers movies. The new version can also create bladed weapons in his hands much like his earlier counterpart.



This first incarnation of the cunning and ruthless leader of the Decepticons seems to have set the standard for Optimus Prime's archenemy. However, the original vehicle mode for Megatron has been altered over the years. See, the original 'Tron changed into a gun, and not a big giant one, but a handgun that another Decepticon had to hold and fire. It's not a very dignified transformation to be made by such a regal and dangerous character. When in his robot mode he uses the canon on his arm along with one on his back, but like Optimus, he can replace one of his hands with an energy flail. Read More...

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

"Savage Dragon & Deadpool"
Written by Erik Larsen, drawn by Rob Liefeld

Deadpool has teamed up with some pretty interesting characters over the years, especially in Deadpool Team-Up, but we can think of no one better for him to run afoul of than Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon. Both characters are tough as hell, can regenerate and always have an entertaining way of dispatching their enemies. We'd place this story in an alternate universe and throw literally every enemy both characters has ever faced and just watch our heroes tear through them. It would be epic, no doubt.

Adding to the story's epic nature would be the combined efforts of creators and former Image partners Erik Larsen and Rob Liefeld. In our perfect world, the pair would switch up art chores. Just imagine how cool Liefled's take on Dragon villains like Cyberface, Overlord and other members of the Vicious Circle gang or Larsen trying his hand at Deadpool, Ajax, Black Swan and others. The world needs more insane, high energy comic books filled with people in funny costumes getting their heads chopped off or smashed by giant green hands. If you're curious how both these characters are doing today, Savage Dragon's Emperor Dragon storyline wrapped up with this week's #169 while Deadpool has not one but three books that came out this week: Deadpool Corps #11, Deadpool #33 and Deadpool Team-Up #884.

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After 1986's Crisis On Infinite Earth reset the DC Universe's continuity and John Byrne specifically rebooted Superman in the pages of Man of Steel, the character was rewritten so that his powers only came to him as an adult and he was very much the last survivor of Krypton. For a while, the Super writers had to be creative with their reintroduction of concepts like Supergirl (an other-dimensional shape shifter), Bizarro (a clone-gone-wrong of Superman) and Superboy (a clone gone right). Superboy first appeared in 1993's Adventures Of Superman #500 along with the other three men flying the Superman symbol after he died at the clawed hands of Doomsday. He was a clone of Superman who was hatched too early in the Cadmus Labs, hence the brash young attitude that exemplified his earliest appearances.

Starting his fictional life as a hip (by mid 90s standards), irreverent clone of Superman, Superboy refused to let anyone call him that. While it seemed at first like Superboy had similar abilities to Superman, it turned out that he actually had a power called tactile telekinesis that essentially allowed him to control an energy field around him that could mimic flight and super strength. This power was an approximation of an aura that the scientists who created Superboy saw around Superman's body while being studied.

After Superman returned from death, Superboy had no problem taking his proper name and moved to Hawaii where he spent some time fighting bad guys and learning to use his powers more effectively in his own title which lasted from 1993-2002. At one point, Superboy's DNA started to unravel itself and the cure, while saving his life, froze his age and appearance at about the 16-year-old level. Soon after, Superboy found himself transported to an island filled with huamoid animals off the coast of Hawaii, but while he was gone all his friends took off. He eventually joined back up with the gang at Cadmus where he was trained and eventually explored something called Hypertime before kicking around the DCU for a while before his book got canceled. It was during this time that Superman bestowed the name Kon-El on him, a traditional Kryptonian name, to let Superboy know that Big Blue considered him family.


Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Silver Surfer/Green Lantern Corps – Sentinels of Space

Written by Greg Pak, drawn by Doug Mahnke

While on patrol in their space sector a pair of Green Lanterns are obliterated in flash of light. As news of their demise reaches Oa, Salaak sends Honor Guard Lanterns Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner and a select group of other Lanterns including Kilowog and Soranik Natu to investigate the murder. While there, they come across the Silver Surfer who's investigating the deaths which have a strange energy to them. Surfer teams up with the GLC to track down any enemy that turns out to be Ego the Living Planet. The ring slingers and Surfer do their best to fight Ego, but only walk away with the victory when their own living planet Mogo comes in to save the day.

Sure, Silver Surfer and Green Lantern have crossed over in the past, but that was when there was only one GL trying to keep the spaceways safe. Now that we've had the Green Lantern Corps back for several years, it's time for them to team up with the Silver Surfer and see what happens. Greg Pak's take on Silver Surfer #1 hit this week as did issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. We'd like to see a combination of all three books to see how Pak handles DC's space cops and Doug Mahnke on art chores because, frankly, he's the best there is at what he does. Even without a huge name like Geoff Johns on the book—though we're sure he'd have at least some input if this dream project ever happened—we're pretty sure this would sell huge numbers.

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Fan reaction has been mixed to the announcement that Spider-Man will be taking the place of the recently deceased Human Torch on the newly minted the Future Foundation. As long time comic fans, we're skeptical about all these changes and how long Johnny Storm will actually stay gone or how Spidey will fit in with this new venture, but while we wait to find out it seemed like a good time to run down some of the other replacement members the Fantastic Four has welcomed in years past.

Didn't Join Amazing Spider-Man #1

Sure, he'd go on to join Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Hulk to replace the Fantastic Four later on and is currently a member of the Future Foundation, but when Spidey first tried joining the FF in 1963's Amazing Spider-Man #1 in an attempt to make money. They fought until the FF explained that they don't make any money from superheroing and ol' Web Head took off in search of greener pastures.

Joined Fantastic Four #81

Back when Invisible Girl was pregnant the first time around, Inhuman and Human Torch girlfriend Crystal joined the team in her place. The first person to officially replace an FF member, Crystal certainly wouldn't be the last. Eventually Sue had the baby and returned for a bit.


Joined Fantastic Four #132

Another Inhuman, Medusa was originally introduced as a brainwashed villain, but soon returned to her people. Once again replacing Sue Richards—this time while she looked after her comatose son Franklin—Medusa wore her usual pink and purple gear instead of the classic blue FF duds like Crystal had.


Luke Cage
Joined Fantastic Four #168

Hero For Hire Luke Cage was brought in by Mr. Fantastic to fill the role of “nearly indestructible strong guy” after Thing lost his powers for a very brief period of time. Luke also stuck with his usual costume instead of taking on the blue and whites.


Human Torch/Nova/Frankie Raye
Joined Fantastic Four #239

Frankie Raye with her fire manipulating powers didn't actually replace anyone on the Fantastic Four, but joined the team on adventures while dating Johnny Storm. The group even thought about renaming themselves the Fantastic Five to accommodate Raye, but soon enough offered herself up to become Galactus' new Herald, earning her the name Nova.

Joined Fantastic Four #265

At the end of Secret Wars, the 80s event and toy tie-in, Thing decided to stay on Battleworld because he could turn human there and She-Hulk agreed to take his place. Back on Earth, she acted as the muscle for the team for a while before the ever loving blue eyed Thing finally returned.


Ms. Marvel/She-Thing
Joined Fantastic Four #306

Poor Sharon Ventura, not only did she get her powers from shady super-powered wrestling goons and borrowed someone else's superhero monicker (Ms. Marvel) but she eventually got mutated into a female version of the Thing. But before that, she and Crystal joined the team to replace Reed and Sue. It did not go so well for her.

Ghost Rider, Mr. Fixit, Spider-Man & Wolverine
Joined Fantastic Four #347

After a Skrull attack felled the actual team, that same Skrull approached Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Mr. Fixit (gray Hulk) and Wolverine to steal a device from Mole Man. After fighting giant monsters, the heroes team up with Mole Man and some other Skrulls to defeat their shared enemy. This group only lasted a few issues and didn't get to wear the classic blue costumes, but it's still a fan favorite thanks in part to the amazing Art Adams art.

Black Panther & Storm – taking Reed and Sue's place post Civil War
Joined Fantastic Four #543

After the events of Civil War, which literally tore the Fantastic Four apart—Reed was pro-registration, Johnny and Sue anti- and Ben moved to France—Reed and Sue took some time to mend their marriage. To fill their spots, they brought in then-recently married Storm and Black Panther. The pair made a great addition to the team, but went back to Wakanda when Reed and Sue got back from their vacation.

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Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Robert Kirkman

Drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez

IDW's dimension-spanning Infestation zombie pollution finds itself landing in the Walking Dead universe but, it doesn't come alone. A quintet of heroes from other worlds have made the journey as well in an effort to put a stop to it once and for all. Snake Eyes, Spock, Optimus Prime and Egon Spengler find themselves in a strange place—one that seems to have been hit by the zombie infestation far earlier than their worlds—and soon find themselves teamed up with a man who knows just how to handle the undead, Rick Grimes. Rick, his friend Michonne, and the rest of their companions team up with the other dimensional quartet to put a stop to the zombies once and for all.

We know that IDW's Infestation event isn't a crossover in the traditional sense. The characters from G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Trek and the Ghostbusters universes won't actually be crossing over, though they will be facing the same zombie threat on their respective worlds. Given that this is purely fantasy, we decided to cherry pick our favorite characters from those worlds and the creators of both books, by teaming the dynamic duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with Robert Kirkman and Gabriel Rodriguez. They will be doing the covers for this book and currently do an amazing job on IDW's Locke & Key. The book would probably be a logistical nightmare but, you could probably sell a few thousand copies on the idea of Snake Eyes and Michonne chopping off zombie heads alone.

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