Talk about a feline charm! Sam Raimi confirms that Webhead enemy/lover Black Cat would have been played by none other than Catwoman herself, Anne Hathaway -- had a "Spider-Man 4" movie ever been made. ("Spider-Man 4" must exist in the same pocket of the space-time continuum "Evil Dead 4" resides in)

MTV Spashpage quotes a Vulture interview with Raimi:


WWE pro-wrestling star and "Real World" & "The Challenge" alum The Miz is kicking ass and chewing bubblegum in his new movie "The Marine 3: Homefront" -- and, as he tells Topless Robot in an extensive interview, he's all out of bubblegum. Read More...


Sports. "Game of Thrones." Is there a connection between the two? That's what Sports Illustrated explores in their latest "GoT"-themed issue, out right now. Read More...

Well, it looks like Carrie Fisher will be reprising her role as Princess Leia in the new Star Wars movie...but how far down memory lane will her character go?

This far?:



batman_death_of_robinLook, if I even mention the comic that hit stores today in which said death took place, you're going to be majorly proceed past the jump if you dare! Read More...

 crop Superior_Spider-Man__5_cover_by_Giuseppe_Camuncoli

What's that? Spider-Man shooting a bad guy point-blank in the head: PKOW!

Is this the Spidey we grew up with over myriad cartoons and comic books?

Well...not really. (Spoilers to follow)


The hungry dead: Jugdead

...and then, just as I'm getting ready to close up shop for the night, there comes this (it was either this or the Bluewater "Presidential Dogs" comic).

Yes, America's favorite teenager, Justin Bieber Archie Andrews is going to go Undead in the newly-announced ongoing series "Afterlife With Archie." Read More...

Could there be an "Iron Woman" lurking within the latest "Iron Man 3" trailer? Possible spoilers to follow! Read More...


There's a new superheroine in Comicbookland! Valiant revealled the new Dr. Mirage today...and, unlike Mirage's counterpart in the old Valiant universe, she's a She!

Check out these exclusive images of Dr. Mirage, who will be debuting in the pages of "Shadowman" #5 on March 5th! Read More...

1361803790CBR reports that Marvel's Associate Publisher Ruwan Jayatilleke -- a key figure in the publisher's digital comic initiative -- has been let go from the company. This happens a week before Marvel is set to announce an ambitious digital outreach plan, one that Jayatilleke was very much involved in.

Jayatilleke has been at Marvel for about eight  years, and was crucial in several high-profile licensing partnerships, including with Stephen King and the Halo franchise. He was promoted to SVP Associate Publisher in 2011, and had most recently been connected to the "Marvel #1" digital program -- the latter of which he was apparently all set to promote at SXSW as of three days ago, according to his Twitter stream.

What does Jayatilleke's departure mean for Marvel's digital comics ventures and the "Marvel #1" program? Have they decided to go in a different direction? And how will his departure impact, at all, Marvel at SXSW?

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crop Avengers_vs_JLA

Last week, we reported on Marvel's "52 Slashes" teaser -- an image that obviously referred to NYC neighbor DC Comics and their "New 52" publishing program. Read More...


No, I don't mean a reboot of that beloved 1980s "Real Ghostbusters" cartoon -- I mean a genuine, honest-to-God Ghostbusters movie, with possibly the original cast reuniting to provide voicework.

A source exclusively told the site Bloody Disgusting that Sony might be considering the move as a "Plan Z," after many failed attempts to get a live-action flick going (and multiple "nos from Bill Murray). Though Murray has turned down (and strung along, and turned down again) the idea of doing a "Ghostbusters" sequel, he does seem quite open to providing his distinctive voice to movies, such as the "Garfield" series. Read More...


While we still wait on the CW's "Amazon" to come out, this rad Wonder Woman film by Jesse V. Johnson is just the thing to tide us over. We get WW kicking Nazi butt in World War Two, making "bullet-time" bone-crunching moves, and being the all-around general awesome superheroine we know she can be.

Which begs the question: with so many good superhero fan films like this and "Batgirl Spoiled" out there, why don't we see more of the real thing on the big screen? Read More...

crop ten-grand-cover-1[1]

It's official: Joe's Comics, the imprint that created Midnight Nation and Rising Stars, is back in business. And MTVGeek has exclusively learned from JMS himself that the first comic book from the new line will be "Ten Grand," illustrated by best-selling artist Ben Templesmith ("30 Days of Night"). The comic will officially debut May 1st -- but a convention variant will be unveiled at C2E2 in Chicago the week before for those who can't wait.

Watch our exclusive video interview with J. Michael Straczynski after the jump! Read More...


Killing superheroes is big business -- but the buggers have an annoying habit of not staying dead! Could there be any "loophole" that Damian Wayne could find to escape the eternal dirt nap, as Jason Todd did before him?

Here's five ways I think it could go down: Read More...

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