It's boys on the run from their despotic rulers in the 13-episode series hitting Neon Alley, the web and PS3-based streaming service tonight.


Keep October 2013 on your calendar, as that's when Sailor Moon's Sailor Mercury heads to toy shops; and judging by the response we've gotten to previous announcements about the anime heroine in toy form, she's going to be in demand.

The figure, which will come out in America through Bandai's S.H. Figuarts, is the first of the Sailor Scouts to appear alongside the previously-announced premium Sailor Moon figure, and comes with tons of detail, articulation and extras. Read More...

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Welcome to the fourth installment of MTV Geek's Toy Throwdown! Plastic will melt, joints will be loosened, and paint is gonna get scratched as action figures of the world's most beloved characters tear each other apart in a battle to the death-- and YOU get to decide the victor!

The fisticuffs for this week are set on the high-seas as the King of Atlantis himself: Aquaman, takes on the future King of the Pirates: Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece!

Thank you for voting! Find out who the victor was below: Read More...

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Who knew the most heartwarming movie of the week would feature a hero without a pulse? Jonathan Levine's sweet, funny, and clever "Warm Bodies" hits home video, while the first and second seasons of "Adventure Time" get an HD upgrade. Plus, with the third season of "Falling Skies" on the way this weekend, you can catch up with the Second Mass as the second season hits DVD and Blu. Oh, and there's another "Die Hard" we'll try not to think about, the J-Horror "Ring" saga goes 3D, and the "Mad Max" films get a slick new collected edition.

After the jump, see what's worth seeing this week on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD.



S.H. Figuarts' upcoming Sailor Moon figure is one of the most anticipated figures of the year -- and the Sailor Scouts are already expanding!



AKB48 is one of those implausibly big Japanese supergroups manufactured to license an infinite number of products of increasingly levels of creepiness for their largely male following. Their music is sometimes catchy, mostly saccharine stuff built by a pop-o-tron, generated for its 86 members to shake it to in tightly-choreographed routines and it's the antithesis of music as I love it.

And yet, I would love to see "AKB0048," the September release, which imagines the band of music heroes who inspire a group of futuristic freedom fighters to resurrect their music and moves to take down an evil, pop-stifling overlord. It's "Rock and Rule" meets J-pop as Section23 picks up the first season of this series (and more) for their September releases.


Kevin Kelly as the car and driver from Initial D

Kevin Kelly as the car and driver from Initial D

Once again, Anime Boston filled the Hynes Convention Center with cosplayers and fans this past weekend. Of all the cons I go to every year, Anime Boston is the one that is most emphatically a fan con, and while there were industry panels and musical guests, the main attraction was... the fans. It's really all about meetups and cosplay and maybe getting some cheap manga and anime while you're at it. Here's a quick look from ground level.



We've been following developments about the live-action adaptation of "Rurouni Kenshin" for a while now, and it looks like West Coast audiences get to be ahead of the curve when New People screens the film as part of the July 27 through August 4 film festival. "Rurouni Kenshin" joins the killer teacher movie from Miike "Lesson of the Evil" and the plastic surgery gone bad tale "Helter Skelter" in a 15-film lineup of genre-heavy fare.



A new volume of "Wandering Son," the Midwest's biggest anime con, and the return of "One Piece": It's a good week and it's going to be a better weekend. Plus a manga-ka gives her fans free rein to translate, scanlate, or remix some of her work.


Watch: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King Trailer

[Update: In the original post, we originally said the tickets for the double feature were $8--they are, in fact $25.00]

Hey, San Francisco: Are you looking forward to the first two entries in Studio 4°C's "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc"? You're in luck: this weekend, VIZ will screen both "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King" and "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey" and we've got trailers for both features as well as details about the screening after the jump.



Digging up more Manasume Shirow clasics, "Section23" plans to rerelease "New Dominion: Tank Police" in the middle of the hottest month while also giving the latest from Makoto Shinkai, creator of "5 Centimeters Per Second."



Well this is certainly a thing, isn't it?

"Sailor Moon" superfan Evan MacIsaac created his own music video for the song "Do My Thing" by Estelle and Janelle Monáe while dressed in homemade "Sailor Moon" costumes and the results are pretty fantastic. Check out the vide below.



 By Zack Smith

Moon powers activate!  In a year that's already seen some cool toys from Japan make it to the U.S., such as the D-Arts Mega Man and Rush, this S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon might be the best yet!

Forget those Barbie-type dolls from the 1990s -- this figure of the moon-powered schoolgirl is capable of throwing down with the rest of your action figure lineup. Read More...


Want to see a high school boy be dragged into a web of blackmail, manipulation, and eeeevil? Then you might want to check out the animated psychological drama "Flowers of Evil," based on the manga from Shuzo Oshimi out later this year from Sentai Filmworks.


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