How evil is horror director Eli Roth? This Discovery Channel special will find out!

The Discovery Channel is getting into the act with the Halloween-themed entry in their Curiosity series, "How Evil Are You," directed and hosted by Hostel writer-director Eli Roth.

Here's the synopsis:

Actor/Director Eli Roth is no stranger to exploring the nature of evil. As a master of horror with films like Inglorious Basterds and Hostel, Roth turns his lens to research possibly the most horrifying monster of them all - the average American. In CURIOSITY’s “How Evil are You?”, Roth sets out to recreate the infamous Milgram experiment to see how, or if, the results have changed. Roth himself even undergoes tests and scans to see if he carries what researchers dub "the evil gene." So does Hollywood's famous horror director have a little extra ‘edge’ in his craft?...

You may not know the Milgram Experiment by name, but it's likely that you remember it from a brief description. Essentially, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram sought to determine the limits of authority by tasking volunteers to deliver shocks to an unknown respondent when the respondent answered a series of questions incorrectly. Milgram's experiment--an excellent look at the relationship between authority and obedience, but not necessarily evil per se--is one of the reasons we have stricter constraints on psychological testing and the type of duress subjects can be put through.

Curiosity: How Evil Are You airs Sunday, October 30th at 9PM ET on the Discovery Channel.

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IDW plans to provide a regular dose of alien menace starting next year.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks, IDW has announced that they're teaming up with playing card makers Topps to release a monthly comic based on the alien invasion series. The original 1962 trading cards by artist Wally Wood told the story of a martian invasion and human efforts to repel the extraterrestrial incursion. Many of you may remember it though, from the mind-bogglingly terrible Tim Burton movie from '96 which played up the camp of the concept so thoroughly, there wasn't any camp left for the rest of that year and early '97. Read More...

On the heels of vocaloid star Hatsune Miku's first live concert in the U.S., on November 10th, distributors Live Viewing Japan will be holding screenings in select cities around the U.S. of the concert film, Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 39's LIVE in SAPPORO. The screenings will be broadcast simultaneously at 7 PM local time in each market.

Here's the pitch for the event from Live Japan Viewing:

“We’re very excited to present this unique Hatsune Miku experience for her U.S. fans,” says Live Viewing Japan Exective Director Hiroki Kotani. “Miku has captivated a global audience with a mix of catchy pop music and captivating technology-inspired visuals. Her popularity has opened an entirely new range of possibilities to blend a cute pop idol persona with technology and computer-created graphics. We invite fans to visit the Live Viewing Japan web link for more information and for specific movie theater event locations. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Hatsune Miku perform!”

You can catch the event at the theaters below:

Owings Mills, MD: Owings Mills 17, 10100 Mill Run Cir
Boston, MA: Fenway 13, 201 Brookline Ave
Chicago, IL: River East 21, 322 E Illinois St
Houston, TX: Houston Marq*E Stadium 22 Plus IMAX, 7620 Katy Fwy
Los Angeles, CA: Rave 18, 6081 Center Dr
New York, NY: Empire 25 with IMAX 234, W 42nd St
San Francisco, CA: Century 9 San Francisco Centre, 835 Market St
Seattle, WA: Pacific Place 11, 600 Pine St
Orange, CA: Orange Stadium Promenade, 1701 W. Katella Ave
New York, NY: Union Square Stadium 14, 850 Broadway

You can find out additional information about the screenings at the Live Viewing Japan site.

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Comics' most complicated vampire squares off against fiction's most popular bloodsucker in a story spinning out of the works of Alan Moore.

Look at that big, lazy jerk. You could meet him in the game!


Caped Crusader menaces Bob Cratchit, possibly learns meaning of Christmas.

It seems like every week publishers are giving readers fewer reasons to go to comic shops--and more reasons to purchase books through apps. Image is the latest publisher to go on the same-day digital kick, albeit in a limited capacity, starting this week with the October 5 releases. Via ComiXology's app and, some of their top titles like Chew and Skullkickers will be offered on the same day as their digital counterparts. No word on whether Image will follow the DC model of delaying the digital releases until later in the day to allow brick and mortar shops to drum up some business.

Here's the full announcement:

Images Comics, the third largest comics publisher in the United States, announced with comiXology that they would sell the majority of their highly acclaimed comics the same day as print. Top titles like Chew, Pilot Season, The Infinite, Severed and Skullkickers, along with various other titles will join the ranks of long-time same-day-as-print titles like The Walking Dead and Invincible on the Comics by comiXology platform on iOS, Android and the same day digitally as print, as well as online at the Comics by comiXology powered website and Image Comics iOS app.

“Image Comics was one of the first to publish a comic the same day digitally as print with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, and that turned out great for all involved,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “With one of the most diverse selections, we are excited to power their digital initiatives as they publish more of their top comics digitally the same day as print.”

Of course, all Image Comics will also be available digitally on all participating retailers digital storefronts. Retailers can take advantage of the digital storefront program at

More after the break.

Tanpopo creator and friend of Geek, Camilla d'Errico has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the hardcover collection of Tanpopo, which we are currently serializing here on Geek! Read More...

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos getting limited engagement screenings this week and throughout the Fall courtesy of Funimation.

As the 2011 New York Comic Con approaches, it seems more and more companies are unveiling exclusive collectibles and merchandise for the big show. Today we're taking a look at a Marvel Comics Spider-Man statue that is being released by Dark Horse as part of their Syroco line! We reported on this awesome tag-team when it was first announced and now's your chance to grab the Webhead while he's sporting a sweet-ass web cartridge belt!


With yesterday's reveal of Amazon's, iPad-competing tablet, Kindle Fire, DC Entertainment has announced that it will release a slate of its legendary graphic novels exclusively to the device, including Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and Superman : Earth One. This shows an even further embrace of digital content from the comics giant after the industry-shattering New 52 initiative which saw DC release all of its monthly issues digitally same day as print. Read More...

Hey there True Believers,

We have selected the top 20 semi-finalists in the writing category for Stan Lee's new MTV Comic "The Seekers" and voting is now open! There have been a lot of questions about the selection process, and as in any creative field, the choices are going to be somewhat subjective. For those wondering, we received a few hundred submissions, and certainly more than the final 20 were very good. In fact, almost double that number were on the cusp. Read More...

The publisher seems pretty confident that you'll be up to pony up 17 bucks for 88 pages this holiday season. Read More...

Archie Comics teams up with Moonscope Studios to give the ageless Teenage Witch a visual and conceptual rethink.

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