Try out the new arcade cabinet featuring the vocaloid star for free at this weekend's J-Pop Summit!

Remember when the arcades were filled with all kinds of flashing, pulsing rhythm games? Remember arcades? Sega hasn't seemed to have forgotten them, releasing what's increasingly becoming an oddity: a new arcade cabinet. In this case, the new release is Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade, which will be getting a free preview at this weekends J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.

Well, sort of free: it'll be $1 a pop to play the game during the festival, but at Saturday night's VIP party (did you sign up for an invite?) you can hang out with some of the performers from the festival and play the game gratis. Either way, if you're into the vocaloid thing, you might really want to swing by and give this a try since it's the only Hatsune Miku cabinet outside Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


So, there's this dude whose kisses will totally make you a samurai...

Animated series and live-action features are coming this Fall from Section23.

More well-coiffed swordplay and romance than you can shake a tastefully-plucked rose at.

Warner Brothers is bringing you Lion-O and Co. seven episodes at a time.

Today, you can enter the GameSamba-developed Remnant Knights MMORPG open beta!

You can get the first volume for free. Teen angst and fetish suits sold separately.

The four-episode OVA will stream live on the video site Nico Nico Douga, followed by a hi-def release on August 24th.

2011 continues to be the year that we all remembered how awesome Mortal Kombat is.

Stan Lee goes Shakespeare in this POW! Entertainment release.

Plus, check out the 11-minute pilot of the upcoming Adult Swim series!

One of the more attention-grabbing new series listed as part of the Adult Swim's 2011-2012 lineup was the animated adaptation of 2009's blacksploitation spoof, Black Dynamite--a movie I half really liked* thanks to a thoroughly committed performance by lead/co-writer Michael Jai White. The one-time Spawn actor (nope, you'll never get away from that one, man) completely owned the character of a 70's streetwise hero who the ladies loved and hoods and the Man feared. Large chunks of that movie were a thing of beauty, including a White House assault in the last act that has Dynamite taking the fight to the big man himself, Richard Milhouse Nixon.

It also helps that White--who's kind of like Wesley Snipes without the dramatic flair, but with a willingness to have fun in a role--is a terrific stealth comedian. You don't expect a brawny martial artist to be as funny as White is, and it's this constant surprise that makes the source material work. Read More...

Ten years after its debut, the arty, PS2-era action-adventure game gets a novel through VIZ's Haikasoru imprint in August.


UPDATE: Thank you to all who submitted.  We understand the frustration of those who did not get their materials in before the extended deadline but we are unable to extend it again.  The submissions need to be reviewed and narrowed to the finalists by Monday, and there is not enough time between now and the selection and announcement of the winners to extend it again.  If you had an issue uploading your work or believe you had your work done in time, you may send an email to  NOTE: YOU WILL NOT GET A RESPONSE.  We will review the submissions sent to that address and if deemed that they should have made it in we will consider the entry when reviewing the submissions.  If after that point the submission is judged to be of a high enough caliber to be considered a finalist we will reach out to you.  Again, please note that you WILL NOT get a response.  The deadline was clearly outlined in the rules, but as a courtesy to our fans and Stan's who may have misunderstood or had a technical problem we are allowing this window for emails for 24 hours.   Eligibility based on the emails will be at our sole discretion.

WRITERS: Voting will launch for writers this Monday and close on Friday.

ARTISTS: Since the numbers of submissions for artists was not as high as for writers, we will be sending all art submissions directly to Stan, rather than narrow the number through voting.

UPDATE: The contest submission deadline has been extended to September 23rd.  We've had an incredible response thus far and have gotten numerous requests to keep the contest running.  Since the timing still allows for us to narrow the field and run voting prior to New York Comic Con we are going to keep submissions open for as long as possible.  For anyone who has already submitted and would like to revise your work based on the new deadline please simply upload a new pdf when you're ready, we'll only look at your most recent entry.  Best of luck to everyone!

Have you ever dreamed of writing or illustrating a comic under the tutelage of the legendary Stan Lee? Well, here's your chance True Believer! MTV Comics and POW! Entertainment are offering you the chance to write or illustrate the digital graphic novel "The Seekers!"

Over the next 3 weeks we'll be accepting submissions from artists and writers for an opportunity to earn approximately $10,000.00 to do just that. You read that right, that's 10-Gs.

In order to enter you'll need to read the complete set of official rules, but here are the highlights of the contest:

? Submissions will be close on September 23, 2011
? ARTISTS will submit five (5) black and white pages of sequential comic art based on a scene from "The Seekers"
? WRITERS will write ten (10) pages of comic script and a two (2) page treatment for the series based on Stan's treatment
? Submissions will be narrowed down by the MTV Comics editorial staff to the top 20 semi-finalists in each category; that's 20 writers, and 20 artists
? Semi-finalists will be voted on by the public beginning on September 26, 2011
? The top 5 vote-getters in each category will be forwarded on to Stan Lee, who will hand select the winners
? Winners will be presented the opportunity
to write or illustrate MTV Comics’ The Seekers (and earn approximately 10k)

Stan Lee Discusses 'The Seekers'

If you have questions, please post them in the comments section here.  We will continually update this post.


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Has it really been 10 years since dudes around the world started talking about rugs really tying rooms together (regardless of whether said rugs achieved the desired room unity) as part of the annual Lebowski Fest?

In what's sure to be a night of copious Jesus Quintana cosplay, the 10th Lebowski Fest is hitting the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC in a combination anniversary, cast reunion, Blu-Ray release party, and album launch as Bridges celebrates his self-titled album. There will be a screening and Q&A, the latter attended by The Big Lebowski alums Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, T Bone Burnett. Sadly, the Cohen Brothers don't appear to be joining the festivities.

Mark that: it's been thirteen years since the release of the Cohens' boozy, blotto noir comedy set in and around L.A. reached its nearly instantaneous cult standing. It's become imminently quotable over the years and landed during a pretty excellent two years for film (1998 and 99 had some good flicks, y'all), standing out as one of the few comedies from around the period to persist in fan awareness. By the way, did you know that for a while there, Tara Reid was going around claiming that a sequel in the works? This was, of course, a surprise to everyone else involved with the original film. Read More...

The Hellboy and Axe Cop publisher gets into... classic literature OGNs?

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