Archaia and Roddenberry Productions have begun rolling out the second volume in their Days Missing series, Days Missing: Kestus.

Kestus continues the tale of the mysterious, Steward who has the ability to "fold" critical human memories from time, storing them in his library.

Trevor Roth, creator of Days Missing spoke with us from the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about the science fiction/fantasy series.

"It's about an ancient and very mystical being called The Steward and throughout all of history, The Steward has intervened and interacted with humanity," he said. "Because of his mission of secrecy and his powers has folded away any day he has been a part of such that it has been completely eradicated from our memory."

But The Steward has documented each of these memories in his library, resulting in a secret running record of the human race. "So all the days in our history that seemed like, 'this is a turning point in humanity, and this is where we jumped from this place to that place and progressed,' anything like that, he's probably been a part of, but we don't know about it."

Days Missing: Kestus is written by Phil Hester and illustrated by David Marquez with a cover by Alex Ross.

The first issue in Days Missing: Kestus is in stores now. Check out a free preview right here!


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ARCHAIA MEDIA ALERT: Trailer for 'Return of the Dapper Men' original graphic novel hardcover

Imagine a land where Time itself has ceased to exist. Where children have played so long it’s almost become work, machines have worked so long they have begun to play and all the clocks have stopped at the same time. A land that’s about to change when 314 identical-looking dapper men rain down from the sky, bringing time back with them.

This is RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN, part fairy tale, part steampunk, all original, the highly anticipated graphic novel that’s already being hailed as “groundbreaking” and “an instant contemporary classic.” Featuring a Foreword by Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”) and pin-ups by 12 of today’s hottest artists, RETURN OF THE DAPER MEN is listed on Publisher’s Weekly Great Graphic Novels as Gifts and’s “Essential Reading” for Fall 2010.

Now, Archaia is proud to unveil this stunning new trailer, featuring an original score, animated artwork and an exciting glimpse into the graphic novel. RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN is a visually stunning fairy tale that combines steampunk with fantasy and science fiction with Renaissance style, brought to life from the minds of award-winning playwright and comic book writer Jim McCann (HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD) and critically acclaimed visual artist Janet Lee. Together, these two have created a world where J.M. Barrie, Lewis Carroll and Maurice Sendak meet Jim Henson and Tim Burton. All sharply dressed in a pin-stripe suit and a dapper bowler hat.

A limited number of copies of RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN: ADVANCE NEW YORK COMIC CON COLLECTOR’S EDITION will be available for sale at the Archaia booth (#2031) at New York Comic Con, October 8-10 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, and will be available wherever books are sold in November. To pre-order a copy, use ISBN code 978-1932386905.

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