By Danica Davidson

If you were a superhero, what kind of superhero would you be? And if you were one, you’d like to be in a comic, right? Well, Aspen Comics is giving you that chance.

Aspen is offering another contest for their soon-to-be-released series, Idolized. Before they asked fans to vote the appearance of characters. Now they’re giving fans an opportunity to be drawn in as a character in the second issue of the series.

You see, in Idolized, the main character is on a television show like American Idol, only it’s a superhero competition show, not a singing competition show.

That’s where you come in. The winner of this contest will be drawn in as one of the superheroes auditioning for the superhero show.

If you’re interested, these are the directions:
“Simply tell Aspen what super-powers you would have if you were a superhero, and why. Your entry can be purely text, or can include drawings and/or photos of yourself as the super-hero you’d dream of being. You can enter any time between now and February 13, simply by posting your submission on and/or tweeting it with the hash-tag ‘#Idolized’ in your tweet. There’s no limit on the number of entries you can make.” Read More...

By Danica Davidson

If you thought Kiani was dead, you’re mistaken. The fan-favorite character from the comic Fathom has a new life in the spinoff series Kiani: Fathom. Vince Hernandez, who is both the writer of Kiani: Fathom and the Editor-in-Chief of Aspen Comics, spoke to MTV Geek about the project. And don’t forget to check out Kiani’s action when the comic is released this March!

MTV Geek: You’re both an editor-in-chief and writer. What is it like to work on both sides of the comic book making process? Is it hard to switch over from one to the other?

Vince Hernandez: It’s great! But, it can have its challenges at times. Probably the trickiest thing is finding the discipline to write around a full-time job, but I think I tend to manage the two tasks well. Although, the benefits far outweigh any difficulties, because as an editor you’re exposed to every facet of the creation of a comic book, whereas, if I was only doing the writing I would only have that experience to draw upon. I’ve been blessed to be able to learn all of these elements and apply them to my own stories.

Geek: What makes the character of Kiani such a fan-favorite?

VH: I think it’s a combination of a few things: when she first appeared in the pages of the Aspen Extended Edition and the Fathom: Dawn of War mini-series, she was a nice antithesis to Fathom’s main heroine, Aspen Matthews. While Aspen is a representation of this mixed race of underwater beings known as the Blue and the Human Race, Kiani is a full-blooded member of the race of the Blue, so their motivations have always run in contrast to each other. Also, I believe fans have been able to identify with Kiani’s struggles with her identity and the fact that in her heart she believes she is doing right by her people. Also, she kicks a lot of butt with a sword, which is always a plus. Read More...

You there! Have a super power but don't know what to do with it? Able to leap tall buildings but not sure where to leap? Well, David Schwart's series at Aspen Comics Idolized might just have the answer for you.

Featuring art by Micah Gunnell, Idolized takes a look at a superhero reality show, "Superhero Idol," where contestants vie for a chance to join the world's biggest super team, the Powered Protectors. But while many of the contestants are there for the usual reasons: fame, money, and even good, old-fashioned altruism, one named Joule has entered to exact her revenge on someone.

We spoke to Schwartz about Joule, "Superhero Idol" and the unique voting competition going on at the book's Facebook page to choose some of the contestants' costumes in upcoming issues.

The publisher details some of the comics and creators you'll see at NYCC and how to get some Aspen swag while you're at the con.


Aspen Comics President Frank Mastromauro and Vice-President Peter Steigerwald recently opened the Publisher's doors for an in-depth Studio Tour. Launching in 2003, Aspen -- and their founder, the late Michael Turner -- set a new standard for excellence in comic book illustration, coloring and design, with titles such as Fathom, Soulfire, Lady Mechanika, among others. The studio has also provided art for such publishers as Marvel and DC Comics.

Mastromauro told MTV Geek how him and Turner came out with the idea for Aspen:

"At the time, Michael Turner -- who was pretty much one of my best friends in life -- he and I were doing a huge tour for Fathom -- we got to the point where, just as a hypothetical, we wondered, 'what if we started our own company?' A couple of weeks later, we were like: 'well, let's say we start our own company, what happens?' And then eventually it was like 'let's do this!' We were never ones not to try something."

Aspen Comics Studio Tour


Aspen Comics and Valhalla Entertainment are joining forces for an all-new series titled Dead Man’s Run, it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Written by award-winning comic book and film writer, Greg Pak, the series will show readers a brand new vision of Hell.

Valhalla and Aspen released this brief description of the new, original series: “In a future where hell exists as an underground prison for the reanimated dead, a young man enlists a team of the damned to escape and save his innocent sister’s soul.”

“We have a wonderful working relationship with Aspen, and it’s very exciting to be working with a talented creator like Greg Pak,” said Gale Anne Hurd. Read More...

iVerse Media today announced the addition of publisher Aspen Comics to their Comics+ app for Apple iOS devices. Aspen Comics is known for popular titles like Fathom and Soulfire, and comic books from their impressive library will be added to the Comics+ app beginning today!

“Aspen is extremely pleased to be partnering up with iVerse Media to bring our growing library of titles to their awesome platform, “said Aspen Editor-In-Chief Vince Hernandez.  “We look forward to providing brand new as well as popular existing Aspen content for their customers, who can expect the same level of quality we’re known for on all our future digital releases with iVerse.”

iVerse Media CEO, Michael Murphey, said “We couldn’t be more excited to have Aspen on board. These are some of the highest quality books on the market today – and they just pop digitally. They’re beautiful books, and an essential addition to our digital comics offerings.”

Here’s the full list of Aspen books coming to the Comics+ app today…

Executive Assistant: Iris Preview   FREE
Executive Assistant: Iris #0   FREE
Executive Assistant: Iris #1   $1.99
Executive Assistant: Iris #2   $1.99

Fathom Vol.1 #0   FREE
Fathom Vol.1 #1   $1.99
Fathom Vol.1 #2   $1.99

Shrugged Preview   FREE
Shrugged #0   FREE
Shrugged #1   $1.99
Shrugged #2   $1.99

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Just last week Archaia Comics jumped on with comiXology and this week another well-known indie publisher is jumping into the digital game with them. Aspen Comics, the team behind titles like Fathom and Soulfire, have just announced they’ll be bringing their impressive catalog of comics to comiXology’s digital storefront! More details and a full list of launch titles after the break! Read More...

Aspen Comics sells out -- in a good way! Soulfire #0 and Charismagic #0 both recently sold out, with new printings on the way. Check out what Soulfire artist Jason Fabok had to say to us about the book at C2E2:

C2E2 2011: Jason Fabok Talks 'Soulfire'

Official Press Release

Aspen’s Magical Launches Sell Out

Press Release


Aspen Comics is proud to announce the sell-outs at the Diamond level of their first two magical offerings of 2011, Soulfire and Charismagic. Michael Turner’s latest volume of the fantasy action-adventure series Soulfire returned on March 9th with the release of Soulfire Volume Three #0, and sold out within days of its release. Series writer J.T. Krul was enthusiastic about the response to the latest offering of Soulfire:

"Now this is the kind of "sellout" you want to be! I am beyond thrilled about the book selling out. If anything, it's a testament to the amazing world Michael Turner created that I have been fortunate enough to live in for the past several years. To everyone who picked it up, thanks for all the support."

In addition to the sell out of Soulfire #0, Aspen is also happy to reveal the sell out of the second printing of the zero issue of their all new dark fantasy series Charismagic. Released in February, Charismagic #0 sold out at the Diamond level before even being released in stores, and the second printing has followed that response by selling out as well before its release. The Second printing of Charismagic #0 will be in stores on March 30th.

Aspen urges fans to check with their local retailers to ensure you get your copies of Charismagic #1, in stores on April 6th, and Michael Turner’s Soulfire #1 in stores on April 13th. Also, fans are encouraged to check with their local comic book store as copies of the first printings of Charismagic #0 and Soulfire #0 may still be available at the retail level. For more information on Aspen Comics, please check or

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With Aspen's "Fathom: Blue Descent" #2 launching next week, we thought you'd like to read a special exclusive full-issue preview of issue 0 to get you up to speed with the story! "Fathom: Blue Descent" #0 is written by David Schwartz and drawn by Scott Clark, and kicks off a series that promises to answer a decade-worth of questions about the title character, Aspen Matthews! Then read on for a preview of "Fathom: Blue Descent" #2.

Read The Full Issue Of "Fathom: Blue Descent" Here!

Read A Preview Of "Fathom: Blue Descent" #2

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Aspen Comics releases "Charismagic" #0 next week, a tale about a Las Vegas magician who gets more than he bargained for when long-banished forces of magic come into our reality. You can read a preview for "Charismagic" #0, written by Vince Hernandez and illustrated by Khary Randolph, below -- as well as take a look at an exclusive piece of art!

Read The Preview For "Charismagic" #0 Here

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New York City has become "an island of horrors" following the spread of a virus that's turned its residents into a horde of blood-thirsty gargoyles in Aspen Comics' The Scourge from The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, writer Scott Lobdell and artist Eric Battle.

We chatted with Eric Battle on the floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about his work on The Scourge and his big screen hopes for the series.

"It's a lot of monsters and mayhem and excitement," Battle said when asked to describe The Scourge's plot. "My goal is to make each issue more exciting and better looking than the previous, so that when we're done, we have a very nice collection for print."

Press Release

The Long Beach Comic Con is the site of Aspen’s final stop on their 2010 convention tour, and they’re bringing a pair of all new Soulfire and Lady Mechanika Convention Exclusive books to celebrate. All weekend long, Aspen fans can meet creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, Joe Benitez, David Schwartz, Lori Hanson and Scott Lobdell at the Aspen Booth #106.

The new red-hot Aspen steampunk series, Lady Mechanika, by superstar artist Benitez will be available at the Aspen Booth with a special Lady Mechanika #0 Long Beach Comic Con exclusive cover by Benitez and Steigerwald. This brand new cover by the series’ creative team will be highly limited to only 500 copies and due to high demand for Lady Mechanika #0, Aspen encourages fans to pick up their copy early.

Aspen will also be offering a Soulfire #8 Long Beach Comic Con exclusive edition with an all-new cover by Aspen founder and series creator Michael Turner, with colors by original series colorist Peter Steigerwald. This convention exclusive to the penultimate final issue of Soulfire Volume 2 will be limited to 500 copies.



Aspen Comics is pleased to announce that Joe Benitez’s all new creator-owned series Lady Mechanika #0 has sold out at the Diamond level within just days of its release. In Lady Mechanika, the occult and paranormal occurrences of the period cast a dark shadow over society. However, ‘Lady M’ is clever enough to unlock these mysteries using an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and unconventional, scientific technology. She is part human; part mechanical, yet entirely uncertain of her origin and identity—her true existence. The action-adventure steampunk-infused title is created, written and illustrated by Benitez (Soulfire, Wraithborn) with colors by acclaimed colorist Peter Steigerwald (Soulfire, Brightest Day, Ultimate X). Benitez is enthusiastic about the fans’ reaction to the book’s launch:

“I was very pleased to hear last Friday that Lady Mechanika #0 had sold out at the Diamond level. It made me feel that we’re on the right track with this book. I’m extremely thankful to all the retailers and fans out there that took a chance on Lady Mechanika, and I truly appreciate all your support. I’m pumped and ready to deliver the next chapter for you guys.”


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