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"World War Z" isn't the only major project coming from writer Max Brooks this summer. The man responsible for "The Zombie Survival Guide" has a sprawling, 250-page epic "Extinction Parade" coming from Avatar Press on June 19. Featuring an apocalypse where the zombies have not only taken over but cut into the food source of our vampire overlords, Brooks imagines humanity trapped between a hungry rock and an also hungry hard place.

With the June release of the first issue of "Extinction Parade" just around the corner, we got to ask Brooks five questions--about the eternal struggle between the living and undead, his thoughts on the zombie movie glut, and who would win in a cage match between the Loch Ness Monster and a mummy.


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Brooks, whose "World War Z" is now a sprawling, CG-heavy zombie movie with Brad Pitt in the lead creates a monster mash with this summer's 250-page event from Avatar.


March 14th will see Garth Ennis returning to the rotting, violent, and cruel world of Crossed, with the release of the anthology format Crossed: Badlands. Ennis will be writing the first story, with other creators like David Lapham and Si Spurrier telling tales of the Crossed—those infected with the viral madness that causes them to act out each and every sort of depravity.

Ennis spoke to us about returning to the world of Crossed, finality, and a little of what's in store for the series.

“There’s all these great characters that no one has seen in 10 years.” So pronounces writer/artist Mike Wolfer (Night of the Living Dead, Gravel) of the Avatar Press imprint Boundless Comics, the new home to characters like Pandora, Hellina, Widow, and Lady Death. Some of these names might be unfamiliar to you unless you lived through the heady time in the early-to-mid 90’s when the “bad girl” comics craze gave rise to characters like Lady Death and Pandora, and Catwoman had a costume so tight it showed the contours of her navel.

The two pillars of the Boundless Comics line are Brian Pulido’s Lady Death, which is scripted by Wolfer and started its new ongoing at the end of last year, and War Goddess, also written by Wolfer, and serving as a kind of launching pad for some of those mid-90’s action heroines. At the forefront of the series is Pandora, originally the flagship character for Avatar Press, created back in ’96 by Editor-in-Chief William Christiansen. Her original origin was close to the Greek myth from which she gets her name: a girl unleashes the evils of the world from a box clearly marked “do not open,” but the twist of the original series is that she decides arm up and fight it. Read More...

Artist Jacen Burrows has been a fixture at Avatar Press for a while now. With his heavily-detailed, realistic art style, he’s been able to bring new heights of gruesome horror to titles like Garth Ennis’ Crossed and Chronicles of Wormwood and more recently Alan Moore’s Neonomicon. Burrows seems to be happy to be the ambassador for what could almost be described as the Avatar “house-style,” involving graphic, often brutal images by artists with a real sense of anatomy. He’s also, to a certain extent, the U.S. ambassador for the publisher, travelling to many of their domestic shows given that besides Burrows, much of Avatar’s art talent is located in Europe and Latin America.

On his art style, Burrows told us at C2E2 that he attempts to provide a bit of variety across projects, however much of his recent output has been realistic. The act of creating for him is a “constant, evolving process,” where he attempts to “do what feels right and hope it looks good.”

                               C2E2 2011: Jacen Burrows Describes His Art Style

Neonomicon is currently ongoing, with Burrows working from Moore’s notoriously dense scripts—an experience the artist describes in equal measures challenging and exhilarating. “He works in a very meticulous, detailed fashion in his scripts,” Burrows says of Moore. “So essentially, what he gives you is a finished image in his head, and you have to basically try and match that as close[ly] as possible.”


                                   C2E2 2011: Jacen Burrows Talks Alan Moore's 'Neonomicon'

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Neonomicon is Moore’s homage to the work of Lovecraft, featuring a group of FBI agents investigating the subtle horrors which have slowly been let loose in the world. The series is actually a sequel to a previous Moore/Burrows collaboration, The Courtyard.


Take the writer of Lady Death, and add revamped versions of cult comic book femme fatales Hellina, Pandora and Widow, and what do you get? The new series War Goddess from Boundless Comics, the sister publisher to Avatar Press. This ongoing series features writer Mike Wolfer and artist Pow Rodrix (Justice League), and will be the core book of a brand-new universe!

Wolfer commented on the significance of the new series,

"When William (Christensen, the publisher of Avatar Press and Boundless Comics) informed me that I had full access to Avatar's library of characters… a whole new world of ideas opened to me. So what began as the relaunch of a single character has turned into the re-emergence of an entire genre which has been sorely missed by thousands of fans for almost a decade, and it's all in one book!”

Take your first look at the covers for War Goddess #0, shipping in June, and then read on for more details about the key comic in a new era for Avatar!


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