Details are sketchy -- and I mean, we've got nothing to go on but a promotional picture at this point -- but it looks like the Peanuts gang are going to have some brand-new adventures:

Boom! Studios, under their newly-branded "Kaboom" kids imprint,  has apparently acquired the license to put out comic books starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest. Will these be reprints or new stories? If new stories, will they retain the look and feel of the classic comic strip, or be more like the newer animated TV specials? Read More...

Chris Roberson is an overnight success... Which means, like most overnight successes, it took years of hard work. Still, the veteran SciFi writer seems to have popped out of nowhere, writing multiple comics over the past year, including BOOM’s new Starborn series working with Stan Lee, taking over the reigns on Superman, and getting Bill Willingham to let him write Fables solo.

With three new comics out this past Wednesday, we checked in with Roberson on how success feels, why his alien soap opera is true to life, and what’s coming up in all of his books:

Geek: Catch us up to speed on Starborn… What’s happened up to, and including issue #3?

Chris Roberson: Starborn is the story of Benjamin Warner, a guy with a mind-numbing day job who dreams of being a successful science fiction novelist. But when aliens from his stories show up in the real world things get a little confusing, even more so when the aliens turn out to be gunning for him. Benjamin is saved at the last minute by the timely arrival of the girl of his dreams, his childhood next door neighbor, who is revealed to be an alien shapeshifter. By the third issue, Benjamin and his shapeshifting protector are on the run, trying to get off the planet Earth before any of the alien hunters catch up with them.

Oh, and things explode a lot.

Geek: This last issue, you introduced what I’m for the moment going to call “The Power Glove.” What makes this different from, say, The Witchblade, or… The Power Glove?

CR: There’s a whole science-fictional rationale behind the Gauntlet, which we’ll be getting into as the story unfolds. But before it’s use as a weapon, the Gauntlet itself is a pretty powerful symbol in the alien civilization to which Benjamin is fleeing—but it isn’t a symbol that anyone, alien or human, is happy to see. Read More...

Click the images for previews of BOOM Studios new releases for Wednesday, February 9!

The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 #8


Boom Studios has some great titles for adults and kids alike hitting the shelves this week! Click the image below for previews.

Irredeemable #22


Check out some previews of the titles that BOOM Studios is releasing this Wednesday, January 26.

Stan Lee's The Traveler #3


Check out previews of BOOM Studios' new releases for Wednesday January 19!

Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #4 Preview


Check out previews of the great titles from BOOM Studios for Wednesday, January 12!

Stan Lee's Starborn #2 Preview


I wonder what Mark Waid's homicidal Superman analog, the Plutonian, was like before he went completely and totally insane. Was he truly decent and kind, suffering some kind of emotional break that caused him to commit murder in the millions? Or was he simply a ticking time bomb: a maniac gifted with the ability to act on his impulses? This issue of Irredeemable would suggest that, at least in his own mind, the Plutonian believes the former about himself.

After being captured by an alien race called the Vespans--technologically-advanced humanoid insects who traffic in super-powered slave labor--the Plutonian has retreated into an elaborate fantasy world where's he's been forgiven back on Earth, and uses his immense power to prevent even the smallest of tragedies from occurring. The Vespans are startled by his ability to completely divorce himself from reality, where they've had to employ a harness that allows them to move him around like a marionette, engaging in a lethal mining operation using other alien criminals.

There's something, I don't know, staggering about the fantasy into which the Plutonian has retreated. The idea that he believes he can be forgiven is maybe more frightening than the madness that originally gripped him. Here's the million dollar question: what happens when the Plutonian escapes--and there can be no story unless he does--and finds that there's no forgiveness or redemption for him on Earth. What typically happens when the unbalanced and the dangerous are rejected? Read More...

I'm curious how much longer writer Daryl Gregory is going to keep series lead Evan Barrington straddling the fence between between evil and not-so-evil. In the aftermath of Dracula's escape last issue, Evan finds himself with a blood-soaked rooftop and a pile of dead bodies--including that of his uncle Conrad. Enter Evan's ambitious--some would say sociopathic--fiancee Corinna who steps into the breach to tell Evan what to do and how to react. Later, an encounter with a family of Romanian vampire hunters pushes Evan towards another course of action.

These two beats are important, in that they underline the central problem of Evan's character: he is, for all intents and purposes a jellyfish. Last issue, Dracula had him pegged, that the young executive with some talent but very little ambition and drive "wasn't anything yet." Unable to decide for himself, Evan allows others to decide for him; unable to make a moral decision on his own, he quickly finds himself having no clear sense of what the "right" thing to do is. Meanwhile, Corinna is filling the role of Uncle Conrad, focusing on amassing power and control, regardless of the consequences. Of course, a book bearing the subtitle, "Company of Monsters," won't be filled with cute and cuddly characters, but it's a wonder someone like Corinna ever ended up with someone like Evan.

Typically, an inactive lead would be a problem for a story, but I suspect that Gregory's script (based on a story by Kurt Busiek) is pushing Evan towards a point where the young waffler will actually have to pull the trigger on his own. It should come as no surprise that as Evan becomes more powerless, Dracula has made it out into the world, amassing power and making moves that will surely have an impact on the main cast soon enough. Read More...

Check out some previews of BOOM Studios' new releases for Thursday January 5!

Irredeemable #21 Preview


BOOM! Studios has some great titles hitting the shelves this week. Click the images for previews!

Stan Lee's The Traveler #2 Preview


With the holidays all around us, it's time to look back on the year that was 2010 with an eye towards which superheroes are worthy of making their way onto Santa's list either naughty or nice.

Naughty List


At one point in time the Plutonian was the greatest superhero around, but he couldn't handle all the pressure or the expectations and he snapped. Now a group of heroes and villains are doing their best to figure out the Plutonian's weaknesses and take him out in the pages of Irredeemable. We've seen the whole “Superman-like character goes bad” story but never told this well which puts Plutonian firmly on the Naughty list and writer Mark Waid on the Nice one. Read More...

What's new from BOOM Studios this week? Click the images for previews!

Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #3 Preview


Horror maestro Clive Barker is set to roll out a new installment in his long-living, leather-loving, Cenobite-tastic series, Hellraiser, with BOOM! Studios. Along with co-writer Christopher Monfette and artist, Leonardo Manco, Barker will release the new ongoing series beginning in March with Hellraiser #1.

Along with Hellraiser #1 BOOM! is reissuing Pinhead's early Marvel Comics fetishistic and torturing adventures in the collection, Hellraiser: Masterworks Vol. 1 featuring work by Barker himself, Neil Gaiman, Mike Mignola, Alex Ross and Larry Wachowski.

Hellraiser #1 will feature cover work by Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival as well as special 1-in-50 variants signed by Barker. Read More...

"Mark Waid Is...Freelance," the title of the press release read, going on to announce that the fan-favorite comic book writer was stepping down as Chief Creative Officer of BOOM! Studios.

"Mark was key in BOOM!'s transition from a promising upstart to top tier publisher," Ross Richie, the Chief Executive Officer of BOOM! Studios said. "Now that we've reached this stage, Mark's made it clear to me that he's ready to take on new challenges. And we wish him the best!"

But fans of "Irredeemable" and "Incorruptable" take heart -- Waid will remain as writer on both BOOM! titles, as well as his new collaboration with comics legend Stan Lee, "The Traveler." Read More...

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