Chris Roberson (Superman, Stan Lee's Starborn) and Francesco Biagini will be bringing to life a new Elric comic book for BOOM! Studios -- and the first story is free to readers!

Elric: The Balance Lost FCBD Edition will be available in May on Free Comic Book Day, and the story will lead directly into the first issue of Elric: The Balance Lost coming out in July. Elric, the classic character created by Michael Moorcock 40 years ago, is in great hands with Roberson and Biagini. Check out this video of Roberson chatting with MTV Geek at this year's Emerald City Comicon about the project:

ECCC 2011: Chris Roberson Tackles Moorcock's Elric


Aspen Comics sells out -- in a good way! Soulfire #0 and Charismagic #0 both recently sold out, with new printings on the way. Check out what Soulfire artist Jason Fabok had to say to us about the book at C2E2:

C2E2 2011: Jason Fabok Talks 'Soulfire'

Official Press Release

Aspen’s Magical Launches Sell Out

Press Release


Aspen Comics is proud to announce the sell-outs at the Diamond level of their first two magical offerings of 2011, Soulfire and Charismagic. Michael Turner’s latest volume of the fantasy action-adventure series Soulfire returned on March 9th with the release of Soulfire Volume Three #0, and sold out within days of its release. Series writer J.T. Krul was enthusiastic about the response to the latest offering of Soulfire:

"Now this is the kind of "sellout" you want to be! I am beyond thrilled about the book selling out. If anything, it's a testament to the amazing world Michael Turner created that I have been fortunate enough to live in for the past several years. To everyone who picked it up, thanks for all the support."

In addition to the sell out of Soulfire #0, Aspen is also happy to reveal the sell out of the second printing of the zero issue of their all new dark fantasy series Charismagic. Released in February, Charismagic #0 sold out at the Diamond level before even being released in stores, and the second printing has followed that response by selling out as well before its release. The Second printing of Charismagic #0 will be in stores on March 30th.

Aspen urges fans to check with their local retailers to ensure you get your copies of Charismagic #1, in stores on April 6th, and Michael Turner’s Soulfire #1 in stores on April 13th. Also, fans are encouraged to check with their local comic book store as copies of the first printings of Charismagic #0 and Soulfire #0 may still be available at the retail level. For more information on Aspen Comics, please check or

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March 16th saw the release of the tie-in comic to this summer’s sword and sorcery comedy, Your Highness. Titled, Your Highness: Knight and Dazed the one-shot was written by one of the film’s stars, Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down, The Foot Fist Way, Pineapple Express, and also the co-writer of his latest film along with Ben Best), and is being released through Dark Horse Comics with art by Sean Phillips.

McBride says he used the book as an introduction to the film’s two leads: noble knight and heir to the throne Fabious (James Franco) and slacker Thaddeus (McBride). Of his character, McBride describes Thaddeus as another in a line of big-talking underachievers—think Kenny Powers in ye-olden times. “He tends to kind of slack off, spends his time in the pub, smoking weed instead of being a good knight and slaying dragons,” explains McBride.

                                    C2E2 2011: Danny McBride Talks The 'Your Highness' Comic

The book was inspired by his love of classic tie-in comics like Star Wars during the Marvel days, allowing him to parlay his film and writing experience into a new medium. McBride appears to be something of a lapsed comic fan who’s rediscovered his passion for the output of the big two and the indies, pointing to his Hot Rod co-star Bill Heder as the reason he returned to reading comics. Read More...

Artist Jacen Burrows has been a fixture at Avatar Press for a while now. With his heavily-detailed, realistic art style, he’s been able to bring new heights of gruesome horror to titles like Garth Ennis’ Crossed and Chronicles of Wormwood and more recently Alan Moore’s Neonomicon. Burrows seems to be happy to be the ambassador for what could almost be described as the Avatar “house-style,” involving graphic, often brutal images by artists with a real sense of anatomy. He’s also, to a certain extent, the U.S. ambassador for the publisher, travelling to many of their domestic shows given that besides Burrows, much of Avatar’s art talent is located in Europe and Latin America.

On his art style, Burrows told us at C2E2 that he attempts to provide a bit of variety across projects, however much of his recent output has been realistic. The act of creating for him is a “constant, evolving process,” where he attempts to “do what feels right and hope it looks good.”

                               C2E2 2011: Jacen Burrows Describes His Art Style

Neonomicon is currently ongoing, with Burrows working from Moore’s notoriously dense scripts—an experience the artist describes in equal measures challenging and exhilarating. “He works in a very meticulous, detailed fashion in his scripts,” Burrows says of Moore. “So essentially, what he gives you is a finished image in his head, and you have to basically try and match that as close[ly] as possible.”


                                   C2E2 2011: Jacen Burrows Talks Alan Moore's 'Neonomicon'

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Neonomicon is Moore’s homage to the work of Lovecraft, featuring a group of FBI agents investigating the subtle horrors which have slowly been let loose in the world. The series is actually a sequel to a previous Moore/Burrows collaboration, The Courtyard.


MTV Geek had a chance to catch up with The Vampire Diaries actors Michael Trevino ("Tyler") and Candice Accola ("Caroline") and Executive Producer Julie Plec at C2E2 last weekend, and they chatted with us about why the CW show is so popular and what we can expect next!

2011© WBEI. All rights reserved./Photo by M. Dinnerstein

 Plec filled us in on what's going on between Tyler (a werewolf) and Caroline (a vampire) so far:

"Last we left these two, they had developed a friendship...something pretty close. She helped him through his transformation, and he ran in fear when she was getting her butt whupped...and she's not going to forgive him for a while!"

Trevino sounded confident that The Vampire Diaries would return for another season: "We're finishing our second season right now, and I have no doubt we'll come back for a third." And Accola hinted that "no character is safe" on the show, which is part of why it has become such a hit with fans: "Every episode does have this huge shock moment...and at the end of the day, any character can go at any time." Read More...

Well, it looks like Marvel decided to not keep Matt Murdock as Daredevil on the shelf too long. During the C2E2 Cup O’ Joe Panel, it was revealed that the beleaguered character is getting a relaunch and a new #1 written by Mark Waid with art by Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera.


One of the coolest things about comic book conventions is spotting so many fans dressed as famous (and infamous) pop-culture icons. Here's some of our faves from C2E2 this year:

I suppose the great "World's Finest"/Princess Bride team-up was inevitable...


Publisher Filip Sablik, The Darkness writer Phil Hester, and Artifacts artist Jeremy Haun were on-hand this weekend to tell C2E2 attendees all about the world of Top Cow in 2011

Sablik started with a slideshow of Artifacts preview art by new artist Haun, including a rather spoilery upcoming cover featuring a baby. Haun commented on what it was like to be working on a project with the scope of Artifacts:

"It's as intimidating as hell, but that's part of the fun...I'm used to drawing a lot of people talking in rooms, and it's cool to be able to draw people fighting or f**king."

Speaking of Artifacts, the giveaway playing cards are ready to ship to Diamond -- and just to add an incentive to an incentive, for every 10 sets one will have a gold foil stamp on the back.

Another cool giveaway for readers will be Witchblade #144's matching digital download card. The issue will be the first retelling of Sara's origin since the beginning of the series.

Somebody who will be having a big year in 2011 is Jackie Estacado, as The Darknessgears up for a soul-shattering 100th issue. Sablik commented: "The Darkness is going to have a pretty awesome year" -- to which Hester added: "Awesome for**ty for Jack." The upcoming arc leading to #100 (with Haun on art) will be "a status quo changer for The Darkness," leaving him "permanently changed."

"We’re going to dump in everyting you wanted," teased Hester. "Anybody you want to see die, we’ll kill, any scores you want settled, we'll settle." Also expect the return of fan-favorite Darkness characters as the landmark issue gets closer. Read More...

Greg Rucka on a relaunched Punisher with Italian artist Marco Chechetto on art—I’m still trying to get the first half of that statement reconciled with the kind of work Rucka has done at this point. At the C2E2 Cup O’ Joe panel, it was announced that Rucka and Chechetto would be taking over the 616 incarnation of the character as it gets a new #1 this summer. So with Moon Knight making his return in May with words by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Alex Maleev, and Daredevil following suit under Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin in July, we’ve got Frank Castle getting a new number in a relatively short period of time—it’s been about 5 years or so, right?


Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, C.B. Cebulski, Jeph Loeb, and a very special guest joined Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada yesterday for a panel filled with laughter and revelations about some very interesting developments in the Marvel Universe.

Here are the highlights:

* The Marvel Architects artists were announced (the writers were announced in December). John Romita Jr., Mike Deodato, Stuart Immonen, Salvador Larroca, Humberto Ramos, and Mark Bagley received the honor of being the six artists who would "lead the charge" for Marvel in 2011.

* In other Mark Bagley news, it was announced that he would be working on Brilliant, a creator-owned book for Marvel's Icon imprint with Brian Michael Bendis. Brilliant was described by Bendis as a story about people suddenly getting super powers on a college campus, and the chaos that ensues.

* We received more detail on the new Moon Knight series by Bendis and Alex Maleev. In this latest incarnation, Moon Knight relocates to L.A. and has an alter-ego as the producer of a TV show called "Legend of Khonshu." Moon Knight's multiple personalities will take on that of his Avengers teammates: Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America. Read More...

Dynamite Entertainment President Nick Barrucci was on-hand along with editor Joe Rybandt, Elliott Serrano (Army of Darkness), Garth Ennis (The Boys and Jennifer Blood), John McCrea (The Boys), Jai Nitz (Kato: Origins), Phil Hester (Green Hornet), and Jesse Snider (top-secret project, read on to find out!) to talk about the publisher of Green Hornet and Vampirella's plans into 2011.

Here it all is in a nutshell:

* We'll see a new Flash Gordon series starting in August.

* Much like in yesterday's DC Nation panel, the fans were focusing on a classic superheroine's pants -- this time, Vampirella. A fan asked Barrucci: "will Vampirella ever be back in her original costume"? Barrucci then explained the origin of Vampy's pants:

"We gave her the pants because without them she became a totally T&A character, and there's just no story there." 

That said, he said we might see the return of her original pantsless costume by the end of the first arc, at least on a partial basis.

* Barrucci said he could neither confirm or deny the rumor that Kevin Smith might be working on a "Bionic Man" project with Dynamite. But he mentioned this a lot during the panel, soooo... Read More...

This year at C2E2 Dark Horse made it pretty clear they’re getting serious about the whole digital comics thing. We’ll soon be able to catch up with Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. right in the palm of our hand with the new Dark Horse digital comic’s app for iOS devices!

Dark Horse developed the upcoming app in-house and I have to say it looks great on the iPad. The storefront lays out a cover for each series available -- when you click on one, all the books in that series pop up. It looks like most books will cost $1.99 through the app and users will also be able to make purchases from Purchases made on the web will sync up with your iPhone or iPad so they're always available.

Reading through comics works just as it does on similar apps, we can go page by page or frame by frame. However, there are some pretty cool features Dark Horse has added. First there's the page scroller. Slide it like you would to turn up the volume on a song and it shows you what page you’re headed to in the lower corner. Another great feature is the archive system. When you finish reading a book you can store it in your "Collection." This frees up space on your device by transferring your digital copy to a magical Dark Horse comic box in the clouds -- it will be safe there until you want to download and read it again.

MTV Geek! is on the floor at C2E2 and had a chance to stop by the Dark Horse booth for a little demo action. Though the app is still in beta form, and won’t be available for another month or so, it's looking good. See it in action after the break! Read More...

C2E2 attendees got the early scoop on all the DC Universe's future happenings at the convention's DC Nation panel. DCCo-Publisher Dan DiDio, along with SVP of Sales Bob Wayne, Paul Cornell (Action Comics), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey/Secret Six), Scott Snyder (Detective Comics), Bill Willingham (Fables) were on hand to talk about what's coming up next for DC and answer questions from the audience.

Here is what we learned from the panel, in a nutshell:

* DC pledged to keep their "Holding the Line at $2.99" promise "for as long as possible," DiDio adding, "we have a lot of product out there and our goal is to sell as much to you as possible."

* The recently re-instituted letters columns are apparently a big success. DiDio said he was initially hesitant to bring back the letters in an Internet-oriented "instant communication" world -- but that DC has received more "snail mail" letters than they ever expected.


The big buzz at Day One of C2E2 was the giant Thor hammer at the Marvel booth (the perfect place to snap a photo), Brightest Day action figure exclusives that sold out almost as fast as they were offered, and, as fate would have it -- a debate over Wonder Woman's pants.

Let's start with that hammer.

A giant replica of Thor's hammer was on display at the Marvel Comics booth, promoting of course the upcoming Thor movie. Also in heavy promotion was the Fear Itself event, the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon, and the Captain America movie (which also received a nice huge banner featuring Chris Evans).

A pair of con attendees came up to me with not one but two cameras, asking me to take snapshots of them with good ol' Mjolnir. A popular pose was at the handle, straining to pick the giant hammer up. Read More...

Take the writer of Lady Death, and add revamped versions of cult comic book femme fatales Hellina, Pandora and Widow, and what do you get? The new series War Goddess from Boundless Comics, the sister publisher to Avatar Press. This ongoing series features writer Mike Wolfer and artist Pow Rodrix (Justice League), and will be the core book of a brand-new universe!

Wolfer commented on the significance of the new series,

"When William (Christensen, the publisher of Avatar Press and Boundless Comics) informed me that I had full access to Avatar's library of characters… a whole new world of ideas opened to me. So what began as the relaunch of a single character has turned into the re-emergence of an entire genre which has been sorely missed by thousands of fans for almost a decade, and it's all in one book!”

Take your first look at the covers for War Goddess #0, shipping in June, and then read on for more details about the key comic in a new era for Avatar!


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