3D is very quickly becoming everyone’s favorite form of entertainment, no matter how gimmicky it is. CES 2011 was full of these new 3D gadgets and Sony has a slew of new still and video cameras ready for both 2D and 3D recording.

First up is the new 3D-HD handycam, it will take 7 megapixel 3D stills and records 3D video in full HD. If you don’t feel like wearing those super fashionable active shutter glasses, don’t worry you won't have to. The 3.5" flip out display features a glasses-free 3D screen! The new Handycam will be hitting shelves for a wallet-busting $1500 in April. Read More...

If you're a console gamer you know how important it is to communicate in the middle of hellacious team deathmatch. If you can't tell your teammates when they're about to get stabbed in the back, what's the point of having a team?

This year Turtle Beach revealed 3 new gaming headsets on the CES 2011 floor. Their new flagship model will work with both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The PX5 looks to be a pretty unique entry, it's sports dual radios so we can link to Xbox LIVE and still receive our phone calls (via Bluetooth) without taking the headset off! You can also stream music from a phone during that heated match - they noted Pandora Radio as an example. It also lets us set presets that we can save to the headset itself; we can then share those presets through TurtleBeach's online portal. The PX5 dual-radio headset will hit this Spring for about $250. Read More...

Samsung's Nexus S wasn't the only Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device on the floor at CES this year. Sony Ericsson jumped in with the latest version of Google's smartphone OS too. The new ultra-slim Xperia Arc is their first phone to run Android Gingerbread and it's one of the best (if not the best) looking Android devices we saw at the show.

Referred to as the "ultimate multimedia smartphone" Sony Ericsson's entry features a 4.2" screen using the Bravia TV engine, giving it a crystal clear picture any smartphone user could be proud of. It's also got an 8 megapixel camera on the back that uses Sony's Exmor R light sensor. Sony says it provides "twice the sensitivity with half the digital noise that you would see in conventional, what they call CMOS, imaging sensors." On top of that, it will record 720p HD video, it's got face and smile recognition, and LED flash/video light, touch focus, Bluetooth support, a 1Ghz processor and a micro SD slot that can hold up to 32GBs of extra storage. (It comes with 8GBs).

The device sports a mini HDMI so we can plug it into our TV, which we were shown using a Bravia TV, it was impressive to say the least. The TV was shut off but as soon as the Arc was connected it automatically kicked on and went straight into the videos and photos, which you can use the TVs remote to scroll through. Even though it headed straight there you can still browse through everything on the phone in TV mode, they even mentioned browsing the web and playing Angry Birds on the big screen! Read More...

At CES we talked to Sony about their new line of Bravia TVs coming out in 2011. They've got some new features coming this year that have us pretty excited.

First of they told us 80% of the new Bravia line would be internet connectable, letting us access services like HuluPlus and Netflix Instant streaming. There will also be over 40 free channels and some pay-per-view content available through Sony's Video On Demand service -- we can even stream 3D to compatible sets!

Another interesting piece of info is in regards to the dual-processors found in Sony's top of the line models last year. Apparently those chips can be found in almost all of their TVs this year, and have been squeezed into a single unit. The XBR series that chip came from is getting a major update in the form of brand new dual chips. Read More...

Using the same screens they put on their Bravia TVs, Sony has announced their first 3D laptop. The Vaio F series will not only playback full HD 3D blu-rays, but in an industry first you can take a standard 2D Blu-ray and the new F Series will convert it to 3D with the push of a button!

This "powerhouse" features a 1080p display, Nvidia's GT540 1GB graphics card, an Intel i7 2GHz quad-core processor, 8GBs RAM and a 1TB hardrive. The new Sony Vaio F Series 3D will be available for preorder on February 6th with units shipping in the spring. Unfortunately this is going to put a $1700 hole in your wallet, but if you would like to continue your drool session you can check out the video Read More...

While it may not have been the first time we saw an in-car Blu-Ray player at CES, it is the first one that will be available to the general public, as far as we know. The AVDBR1, from Audiovox, will let us watch all the HD movies we want and it will still play our DVDs and CDs to boot. Read More...

Marchon is most notably known for its standard sunglasses but, at CES 2011 they were showing off a new line of fashionable 3D glasses. The new shades are compatible with all passive 3D TVs and RealD cinemas. According to Marchon 3D President David Johnson, "They can be used as a nice fun sunglass, as well as a device for reading your 3D TVs." They even darken in sunlight so we can wear them out and walk straight into a 3D movie without having to put on those dorky specs the theater hands out. Read More...

Everyone knows that Apple's iPod and iPhone are pretty versatile devices letting us do a lot of different things. Other companies know this too, and Optoma has one of the coolest iPod/iPhone accessories we've ever seen.

The new Neo-i is a 50 lumen projector similar to most other projectors we've seen, but there is one difference that could sway a lot of consumer decision-making when it comes to making a purchase. The thing that makes this projector stand out is the iPod dock on the top that lets us throw whatever media we have on our iDevice up on the wall. Neo-i has 16 watt stereo speakers and also comes equipped with VGA and HDMI inputs if we don't want to use our iPhone. Read More...

It’s only January but we can already tell it’s going to be a big year for Vizio. This year at CES they not only introduced their first tablet, the American HDTV manufacturer also announced they’d be bringing their very own smartphone into the ring.

The Vizio Phone, as it is currently known, will run a version of Google’s Android OS with a custom skin laid on top. Vizio didn’t say what version of the OS it would run, but from what we’ve seen, we’d estimate its 2.2(Froyo) or later.  (We’d love some Gingerbread, thank you ) The smartphone newbie will sport an 854x480 resolution 4” touch screen, a front facing camera, a 5mp rear facing camera and an unnamed 1GHz or higher processor. It’s only got 2GBs of onboard storage, but there is a micro SD slot for to give users more space to work with.

The device ditched the search button we commonly see on Android devices Read More...

It had been a long day on the CES 2011 floor, and we were slowly making our way out when something caught our eye. What we had stumbled upon was the Vivitar booth and it was covered in Thor, Captain America and Iron Man gear. Needless to say, we were instantly drawn in.

Now, you may be thinking "Vivitar? Don't they make cameras?" the answer is, yes. Here's what Liza Abrams, Sakar Vice President of Licensing, had to say -- "We've been in business for almost 30 years now. First and foremost we were a camera company, pre-digital, and as digital evolved we evolved with it." They still make cameras, but they've got their hands in accessories and youth electronics too.

They've got awesome Thor and Captain America iPad cases with Avengers cases on their way, perfect for those of you who have figured out how enjoyable comics can be on your iPad. Don't worry, you'll also find that pesky web-slinger showing up on all this stuff. DS geeks are in luck too, you can get a hardshell case and stylus set featuring any of their licensed Marvel Comics characters. They even have a Captain America CB walkie-talkie set, the little ones can send two into the field, while someone stays back at the base -- typically constructed of chairs and blankets -- and calls the shots.

It's not only Marvel stuff and iPad cases, you'll find everything from Hello Kitty digital cameras to SpongeBob karaoke machines. DC is in the fray too, with Batman showing up on a lot of the same stuff we saw the Marvel heroes on. They've also got a line of accessories that feature work from graffiti artists living in NYC. We stuck around the booth for a minute and talked with Liza Abrams to get more details on all the accessory goodness, check out the video below!

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Skullcandy was showing off a whole boat load of products at CES this year, and the show also marked the reveal of some new stuff from the headphone giant.

Their new Fix earbuds do exactly what the name implies, they fix the problem many of us have with the standard earbuds that come packaged with devices. Skullcandy said they are, "our solution to earbuds that fall out of your ear" and, using the new hook-style design, the $80 buds were displayed with full bottles of liquor suspended from the cords, further demonstrating their ability to stay put.

Skullcandy also revealed the Vandal iPod dock. It's a throwback to those big wooden speakers we used to have in the basement. They look good with the retro-style dials and while they may not be as portable as some speaker docks, Skullcandy assured us the increased sound quality makes up for it. Each Vandal dock will come with an IR remote control and they're due out in the first quarter of this year, for about $180.

We also got to take a look at Jay-Z's Roc Nation Aviator headphones that Skullcandy released last year. They're inspired by the popular Top Gun-style aviator sunglasses and feature a microphone and controls for your iPhone. The Roc Nation Aviators retail for about $150 and are available right now.


All the Android fans out there have surely heard of Samsung’s Nexus S, the first phone to hit the market running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). But, we’ll have you know that is not the only device we’ll being seeing at stores running the updated Android OS. LG has officially announced LG Optimus Black which will run 2.2 initially, with an update to Gingerbread planned for the near future.

From what we’ve seen, we can definitely say the phone looks good. The new LG Optimus Black comes in an extremely slim little package, it’s only 9.2mm thick and it tapers down to 6mm! Not only does the device look good, supposedly it will feel pretty good too. It features a very subtly curved back to give users a better, more comfortable grip. The slick tapered/curved design also adds the phones slim appearance.

LG’s new Optimus also has some hardware features that make it stand out. It will come equipped with one of the industry’s first 2 megapixel front-facing cameras - a lot of other phones only have a .5mp lens up front. It will have a camera on the backside as well, but LG hasn't come off those detaills yet. The feature LG really wants us to get excited about is the new, 4” NOVA touch screen. The company says this new screen will be one of the brightest and most energy efficient screens on the market. According to them, the new screen will make outdoor viewing a breeze in strong sunlight, and it will use up to 50% less power when put use indoors under normal conditions. Read More...

If you don’t live in the states you may not be very familiar with one of the US’s best selling TV brands, Vizio. The company is famous for their LCD TVs and at CES 2011 they officially jumped into the tablet and smartphone business.

The new Vizio Tablet will run Android; however they weren’t specific on which version it would be. When we try to see past the completely custom Vizio skin they tossed over the Android we’re used to, it looks like 2.2 (Froyo). As a reminder of their roots, Vizio threw an IR blaster in the top of the tablet so we can use it as a universal remote! The 8” screen features a 1024x768 resolution and there’s a front facing camera, no rear camera for the new guy. A really unique feature is the stereo speaker setup, when holding the tablet in portrait mode you’ll have two speakers on top. When you turn it into landscape mode one of those speakers will turn off and a third speaker, on the other side, fills in so the stereo sound isn’t shifted to one side. They are working with SRS to make the speakers emulate a surround sound setup like the sound bars Vizio currently offers.

Inside Vizio’s Tablet we’ll find a 1GHz or higher processor. Once again they were light on the specifics not stating which processor it will be. It’s got a USB port, an HDMI out and an SD card slot to make up for the disappointing 2GBs of internal storage. Read More...

Whether it’s the lake or the toilet, dropping our smartphones in water typically ends with us paying a $50 deductible to replace our beloved gadget. Unless said device is an iPhone, then you’re just screwed. P2i wants to change all of this, and they plan on doing it with a patented nanotube coating process.

They are calling their new tech Aridion in electronics applications and all they have to do, to get this coating onto a device, is place it in a sealed vacuum chamber and push a button - their machines do the rest of the work. The coating is permanently bonded to the device within a few minutes, making water bead up and roll off instead of letting it sink in between all those cracks and crevices. P2i says their process allows the coating to penetrate deep within the device to add an unmatched level of water resistance.

Mobile phones aren’t the only products this futuristic coating is being applied to; they’re putting it on shoes too! K-Swiss is one of the most recent adopters of the footwear industry’s Ion-Mask system, while brands like Nike, Adidas, Timberland and Ecko have also jumped on board. The coating will make water bead up and roll off instead of being absorbed by the fabric, which would ultimately ruin our kicks. Read More...

While the new 9 series from Samsung may the top of the list as far as portability goes, they haven’t forgot about all of the tablet freaks out there. On top of announcing the upcoming Wi-Fi only and 4G Galaxy Tab models, Samsung announced a new tablet/netbook hybrid known as the 7 Series.

This thing is fully-loaded sporting all the netbook and tablet features we could want in the same device. It runs Windows 7 when it’s in PC mode, but Samsung has developed its own interface called Touch Launcher for tablet mode. Touch Launcher is where you’ll find all your tablet-style apps like eReaders Nook and Kindle. You’ll also be able to download apps from Samsung’s App Manager and the new Windows Product Scout. According to the folks at the Samsung booth, the 7 series will also come with Samsung apps reminiscent of the Media Hubs found on the Galaxy Tab.

The new sliding PC features a 1366x768 resolution on a 10.1” 16-point multi-touch display (active in both modes), front and rear facing cameras, an ambient light sensor, a back-lit keyboard, HDMI out, a 4-in-1 card reader, and USB 2.0. An Intel Atom “Oak Trail” 1.5GHz processor get the thing going, with 2GBs of RAM, Wi-Fi support and mobile network support via WiMax. It will be available in 32GB and 64GB SSD models and Samsung says it will only take about 40 seconds fully-boot up. Even with all that crap going on they say the battery will last up to 8 hours. Is there anything else you want?

Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series will be coming to retailers in or around March of this year, and pricing will be pretty competitive with the 32GB model only asking for $699.

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