If you attended Wizard World’s first “Comic Con NYC Experience” last weekend expecting something more akin to Wizard World’s own large-scale Chicago Comic Con, you’d be surprised by the sheer intimacy of what awaited you.



In a major move on the con scene, Dragon*Con organizers have announced they'd be changing the name of the company as part of a "cash-out merger."


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Heroes Con took place in Charlotte NC the weekend of June 7th, filling the city's convention center with creators, retailers, and fans, all joined together to celebrate the art and culture of comic books.  And while many of the usual elements of comic conventions were in evidence, Heroes just feels different than most events of this size and nature.  While there were numerous fans in costume, there were far fewer storebought ensembles, and far more homemade labors of love: a construction paper Batgirl mask, crocheted horns on a Homestuck Troll, hand-drawn logos and details.  They're not dressed up to show off, but to share their love of these characters. Read More...

CAKE Con Report
Although many comics fans are gearing up for Comic-Con International in San Diego, a smaller, but no less significant show occurred this past weekend in Chicago at the Center on Halsted: the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, affenctionately known as CAKE. Unlike San Diego's event, which has broaden to include all forms of pop culture and media entertainment, CAKE is exclusively about comics. Their web site states, "CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers." The writers and artists that appear at CAKE don't tell stories about superheroes or funny animals; they tell stories that matter to them. Sometimes exteremely short vinettes sold as a 50¢ minicomic, sometimes extended 400-page graphic novels.

Deb Sokolow, Nate Beaty, Aaron Renier and Jason ShigaLike any good convention, there were a number of name creators on hand. Chris Ware and Kim Deitch were argueably the biggest, and each got their own panel to discuss their work. But the likes of Phoebe Gloeckner, Jason Shiga, Aaron Renier and Micahel DeForge were also on panel discussions and brought more insights to their own work as well as the medium as a whole. And let's not forget the other folks who had booths! Folks like Box Brown, Sarah Glidden, Spike Trotman and Noah Van Sciver. Plenty of talented creators, telling stories that they wanted to tell. Read More...

The 31st annual Heroes Convention was held in Charlotte, NC this past weekend, bringing together thousands of fans and professionals to celebrate the art and culture of comics.

I've been hearing about Heroes for decades – it's one of the best-regarded comic cons in the country, acclaimed for its focus on creators over companies, and for putting the art and culture of comic books and strips ahead of Hollywood interests and corporate franchises.  One of the most common descriptions of the convention is "it's a show that's actually about comics", but I don't think that's exactly true: it's a show about people.  People who make comics, people who collect comics, people who live and breathe comics, people for whom it's a spare-time hobby, people who are just discovering the wonder and potential of the medium.  People in costume.  People in t-shirts.  People in business wear.  Kids looking for their favorite characters.  Grown-ups looking for bargain back issues.  And toddlers in strollers and backpacks, wide-eyed at all the excitement. Read More...

We knew this year's Denver Comic Con was big, but we didn't know exactly how big. Early estimates saw the mile high show growing from 27,700 attendees in 2012, to 47,000 in 2013. Turns out, that number wasn't just a little bit off... MTV Geek can now exclusively tell you that attendance more than doubled at a record breaking 61,000.

By comparison, San Diego Comic-Con had about 130,000+ attendees last year, New York Comic-Con 116,000, FanExpo Canada had 91,000... And then you're getting to events like Dragon*Con, which just brushed 52,000 in it's 26th year; or this weekend's HeroesCon, a fan favorite that still only draws about 12,000 attendees. Even San Diego Comic-Con's little sister WonderCon only had 40,000 attendees.

Point being, this is big. To find out more, we chatted with Dr. Christina Angel, Convention Director for Denver Comic Con: Read More...

Image source: Denver Comic Con

When the likes of Kirby Krackle, Harry and the Potters, The Doubleclicks, and H2Awesome descended upon the Hard Rock Cafe during Denver Comic Con, we just had to send MTV host Steven Smith out to see how these musicians were hoping to use nerd rock to make a difference. Read More...


What's it like performing Shakespeare with Joss Whedon? And nearly ten years from its cancellation, what are the odds we'll see "Angel" return to TV?

Our host Steven Smith sat down with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star J. August Richards during Denver Comic Con to talk about playing Othello opposite the man who created "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."



Photos ©2013 Marnie Ann Joyce

Though Denver Comic Con occupied much of the news cycle this past weekend, it was not the only major comic event going on – Wizard World's Philadelphia Comic Con was also a huge deal, drawing a number of creators, editors, celebrities, and costumed fans to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for a star-studded weekend of geekdom.

My initial impressions were mixed.  One one hand, the show was packed and everyone there seemed to be having a great time; on the other hand, the event seemed to be searching for a clear identity, and suffered a few logistical issues.



Most of the time, the most famous fan in Philadelphia is a large green fuzzball in a Phillies baseball jersey. Not so during the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con last weekend where the largest fanatic was literally Lou Ferrigno, a formerly green Hulk, also rocking a Phillies jersey. But the fans who came to see the notable names in nerd culture, and to support innovators and creators in comic arts, might give the Phillie Phanatic a run for his cannon-launched hot dogs in terms of zeal.



The one true captain and TV, film, and music icon William Shatner received a full-house during his Denver Comic Con panel!


The kids assembled for story time at the Comic Book Classroom Corral during Denver Comic Con got a treat when a very special guest arrived to read the classic "Where the Wild Things Are."

Gather up the little ones and see William Shatner take the stage to share the gift of Maurice Sendak's work in this very special convention moment.


Image source: Travel Channel

Are you an aspiring haunter? Maybe you're hoping to take your hobby of constructing haunted houses to the next level? Then you might want to talk to Ed and Marsha Edmunds, founders of animatronics and effects company Distortions Unlimited and stars of the Travel Channel series "Making Monsters." The couple came to Denver Comic Con to offer tips to would-be pro and amateur haunters, ranging to tips on how to design the best layout for large crowds to the virtues of using windshield wiper motors on your mechanical monsters.



[Correction: in the original post, we said that Phil Lamarr had hoped to voice Darkseid in subsequent seasons of "Young Justice." However, it was Khary Payton who wanted to provide the voice of the evil New God.]

"These guys are two of the best guys to act against in the booth," Aqualad voice actor Khary Payton says of his "Young Justice" colleagues Phil Lamarr and Dee Bradley Baker during a panel moderated by series writer Greg Weisman. Payton, who also voiced Cyborg, was joined by "Young Justice" comic artist Christopher Jones, voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, and the inestimable Phil Lamarr as they told stories about working on the recently-cancelled Cartoon Network series during Denver Comic Con.

****Spoilers to follow****



Late yesterday afternoon, the news that Matt Smith would be leaving the iconic role of The Doctor on 'Doctor Who' broke... And broke many, many hearts. Since MTV Geek was out at Denver Comic-Con, we thought we'd get some Doctor Who cosplayers and super-fans (and one group of awesome 'Game of Thrones' cosplayers who know a thing or two about Doctor Who) to comment on the departure - and the rumor that the next Doctor might be a woman: Read More...

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