Listen, I don’t have a lot of time. Night is falling, and it’s down to just me, my best friend Eric, and Laura, the girl I like, that I’ve never told how I feel about her. And Eric seems to be getting sick. He says it’s a cold, but with the undead walking around outside… Well, point being, I should probably get through this list of the top ten zombie comic books ever quickly:

10. Victorian Undead

Sherlock Holmes versus robots and zombies? Sounds like a fun time to us. And it is, as the Great Detective battles the undead in the late, lamented Wildstorm’s mini-series and its sequel. Eric certainly liked the sly winks to Holmes continuity, before he started to get so interested in my head. Hmmm…


9. Zombie Tales

We’re almost always fans of anthology books, so BOOM! Studios series of short zombie stories hits the dead spot just right. There’s shorts from great writers like John Rogers and Keith Giffen; and the stories run the gamut from gut-bustingly funny, to gut-twistingly scary. And… Oh god! Eric! He’s trying to eat MY guts! No, Eric, no!


If you name the top villains in all of literature, Professor James Moriarty would easily rank in there… Except Sherlock Holmes enemy only actually made two, brief appearances in the original Holmes stories. Filling in that gap – or rather, following up where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle left off – is writer Daniel Corey, who’s news Image series MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER sees its third issue out this week.


Today we’ve got some spoiler-free reviews for you of two BOOM! Studios titles… So won’t you read them?


Based on several epic works of fantasy fiction by Michael Moorcock, writer Chris Roberson does a journeyman’s job of bringing disparate threads together. And while the finished tapestry might not quite coalesce into something stunning, I think the metaphor I just used did. My metaphor gets an A+. Read More...

The Devil is a pretty powerful figure in fiction, so you’d think the big red guy would play a large part in comic books, what with the ultimate battle of good and evil thing going on and all. Except, due to the Comics Code Authority, Satan hasn’t been allowed to appear in comic books for decades. And though the CCA is officially dead, the stand-ins for Satan have become so entrenched in continuity, its doubtful Beelzebub will raise his horny head any time soon.

That said, there are PLENTY of stand-ins in comic books. Here are seven of our favorite devils:

7. Satannish

You know, he’s not Satan. He’s just a little Satannish. But more seriously, folks, the demonic entity may be the creation of Dr. Strange’s archenemy Dormammu, but he’s taken on life and power of his own. He’s known for offering “deals” to humans for their souls, which is pretty satan-esque indeed. He’s also powerful enough to wipe all of England clean of Skrulls during their recent alien invasion.


6. Thog


Hitting stands in August from Bluewater Productions, “Female Force: Madonna” traces the Material Girl's career from her 1980s debut to her many personal reinventions. Take a look at our exclusive preview of the comic below!

Female Force: Madonna Preview

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Welcome back to your monthly dose of amazing, MTV Geeks! We’ve been scouring the racks for some great comics this month, and though we got a little delayed getting this out, what with celebrating the country and all, here’s your look at what was the best of the best. And remember: this is for individual issues, not arcs, or series; so newbies, feel free to jump right in, and read ‘em up:

10. The Goon #34

I’ll admit it: I’m a comedy snob. Whether you think anything I’ve ever written on this site is funny or not, I’ve been working in the field since college, and its gotten to the point where very few things actually make me laugh out loud. Not because I’m dead inside – though I am. It’s because after a while, you get the structure of jokes, and appreciate them rather than find them funny. So when you find something that DOES make you laugh out loud, it’s a precious, precious thing. This issue of the Goon made me giggle like a pre-teen school girl. Which is pretty appropriate, actually, as writer/artist Eric Powell takes on the tween pop phenomenon, making, dark, hilarious observations mixed with the usual grotesquerie of The Goon and company. The Twilight spoof at the beginning – and its forced brevity – are particularly amazing, as its well trod territory that Powell finds a new path through. Pitch black humor doesn’t get better than The Goon, and Powell nails it in this issue.


9. Invincible Iron Man #505

Say what you want about Marvel’s Fear Itself event, but the main title – and the spin-offs – have been doing an excellent job of conveying the world crushing weight of what’s going on. Writer Matt Fraction and Artist Salvador Larocca do a fantastic job in this issue of creating a mood of absolute terror, as an amped up Grey Gargoyle turns all of Paris into stone… And Iron Man realizes that the more he tries to fight, the more people he’s killing by getting bashed through their statue forms. To take the destruction of a superhero fight and find a way to make it scary after so many, many times the world has been destroyed is one thing. But to find a way to make the myth of Medusa (in modified form) as pulse-poundingly relevant and bloodcurdling as it is here is another thing… And then there’s the last panel, that, with a simple wordless touch, gets across just how bad things have gotten with nary a superhero looking up at the sky telling us, “This is it!” in sight.


8. Rocketeer Adventures #2


Okay, we think enough time has passed that we don’t need spoiler space on this one: Bucky Barnes is dead. Again. This past week, we saw the release of the last Bucky Barnes as Captain America comic, with Captain America #619. Next month, we get a relaunched Captain America #1, while the main title continues as Captain America and Bucky #620, depicting the adventures of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in the past.

We’re extremely excited for both those titles, but thought we’d take a look back through the history of the recently departed, and count down our seven favorite Bucky Barnes moments:

7. Bucky Debuts


I was about to title this story, “The Original Superheroes,” but then I nearly puked a bald eagle from too much patriotism, so there you go. In any case, you may not know it, but The Founding Fathers have appeared in comic books multiple times, from simple guest appearances, to full on major roles. Here’s some of our favorite for your July Fourth pleasure, broken down by FF. That’s Founding Father, not Fantastic Four, by the way. You nerds:

George Washington

I cannot tell a lie: the first President is also first when it comes to four-color guest appearances. One of the most recent was INCREDIBLE HERCULES #124, where Mr. Wooden Teeth himself is shocked to see the Greek God Atlas holding up the world, at the dedication ceremony for Washington D.C. But our favorite is probably SUPERBOY #75, which features an amazingly un-PC cover with Pa Kent trying to spank Superboy with a brush – and failing miserably. Read More...

Last month Dark Horse announced a new initiative to help out our local comic shops -- the Digital Retailer Exclusive Program. Under the new program local comic shops will hand out redemption codes for exclusive, retailer-only, digital comics that be claimed through Dark Horse Digital.

Well, it’s July 1st and the program is officially underway kicking off with B.P.R.D. Casualties! Over the next 3 months the program will release free, monthly stories from Dark Horse’s most popular titles. Did I mention we get them for free? Read More...

Enjoy nine pages of the new book from Top Shelf and writer/artist Ludovic Debeurme!


The Goon's back and he ain't puttin' up with no sparkly vampires.

Writer-artist Eric Powell’s The Goon returned to shelves this week with issue number 34. After a little bit of a hiatus for the book (dude explained to us a couple of months back that he’s been busy), so with its return, we thought we'd invite him along for an installment of Creator's Commentary. In his cantankerous interview, Powell talks about vampire baseball, the terror of tween girls, his Hannah Montana game, and we even get around to talking about what's next for the book.

****Spoilers after the break.****


While you’re busy cooking hot dogs and watching fireworks, there are men and women out there cleaning up the streets and saving the world this July 4th. They’re the heroes who wear spandex (and sometimes very, very silly looking hats) because this country used to mean something, dammit! They are the ten most American superheroes:

10. U.S. Agent

If this was a list of crazy people, USAgent would be at number one. But the Red White and Blue devoted John Walker manages to push past his general insanity to be a real American hero (no relation to certain Joes, of course) in the Marvel Universe, using his Captain America knock-off costume, and passion for doing the right thing to knock people’s heads in – for the country, of course.


9. Miss America


Welcome back to Flashpoint Facts, the feature where we get you all caught up on DC’s event Flashpoint… In a Flash! I really have to get the R&D team working on whether we can put the word “flash” into that sentence a few more times. In any case, this week saw the release of two Flashpoint set miniseries, including the hotly anticipated Project Superman, and two one-shots, including one about a crazy green guy. The other one-shot is about the Canterbury Cricket, by the way.


Since Flashpoint began, the question that’s been on every comic fans lips has been, “What’s Flashpoint again?” But other than that, it’s been, “Where’s Superman?” As often happens with alternate universe scenarios in the DC Universe, writers are presented with a unique problem: how do things go terribly wrong, when you have the a superhero capable of solving every problem all by himself? The answer is almost always one of two options: take Superman off the board; or turn him evil/Russian.

Flashpoint belongs to the latter, as Superman has just been plain missing so far, and there’s two more big twists headed our way in this issue. The first is that, Project Superman (at least right now) isn’t about Superman at all, it’s about a military guy thirty years in the past, who’s given Kryptonian powers after having his DNA spliced with Doomsday’s. The second is that Superman (or at least, Baby Kal-El), doesn’t even show up until the last page of issue one, crash landing in Metropolis. Read More...

Here’s the bad news: in a few short months time, the X-Men will be no more, irreversibly split into two teams by the sense-shattering events of X-Men: Schism, a five part mini-series written by Jason Aaron, and penciled by Carlos Pancheo (at least the first issue). Cyclops and Wolverine, usually, if not the best of friends, mutually appreciative co-workers, will come to an impasse so huge, The X-Men as we know them will be no more.

Now, here’s the good news: each week after an issue of X-Men: Schism comes out, we’ll be checking in with Aaron, as well as X-Men Group Editor Nick Lowe, and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso right here on MTV Geek, to get the skinny on what’s going down with the Schism. Note: "Down With The Schism" is the name of my punk/metal band, you should really check them out, you guys.

The first issue hits stands in less that two weeks, on July 13th; followed closely by issue two on July 27th. So to get you primed for the X-Men event of the (admittedly, young) decade, we chatted with Aaron, Lowe, and Alonso about what’s brought the X-Men to this point, what to expect in the series, and just why giant robots are so cool:

MTV Geek: Let’s kick this off talking about the scope of Schism… I believe you guys have said it will be contained in the mini-series, correct? Before, of course, launching the two new X-Men series out of it. Why NOT have satellite series for this, like Shadowland or Spider-Island? I mean, I’m not complainin’, just curious. You guys.

Nick Lowe: Honestly, it was what the story demanded. It’s a HUGE story on one hand, but on the other it’s about two guys- Cyclops & Wolverine. We didn’t want to muddy those waters and lose the focus. We only have two tie-ins (GENERATION HOPE 10 & 11 for reasons that become very apparent when you get into SCHISM) for that same reason. We wanted to make sure that we kept the focus on our two main players and that the debate (and brawl) stays crystal clear. Read More...

Relive the history of one of Captain America's most famous sidekicks -- and a superhero in his own right -- with Captain America & Bucky #620, hitting stands in August. Take your first look at the comic below, and read on for more details!


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