Comic book characters are usually perfect Halloween costume fodder. They’re big, bold, and often, easily purchasable at your local dress-up-atorium. But there are some graphically inspired costumes that are a little, how do you say, graphic to wear outside. Here are ten comic book characters we DON’T recommend dressing up as for Halloween (that is, if you actually want to get some candy):

10. Big Wheel

One of the biggest problems we see with Halloween costumes are apparatuses that are just too ungainly to wear all night long. They’re heavy, you can’t move well, and if you’ve done them right, it’s impossible to go to the bathroom. It was a toss-up on this one between Big Wheel and Stiltman, but Big Wheel won.

9. Sexy Doop


Supergirl and Supergirl try out for an updated version of The Parent Trap at NYCC

If you're a regular reader of MTV Geek, you no doubt are quite familiar with the concept of cosplay at conventions -- but did you ever consider that there is a fashion science to the whole thing as well? Well, MTV Style's Mary H.K. Choi -- with help from Supergirl, Evil Supergirl, Duella Dent, Daenerys Targaryens and more -- is going to give us a tour of New York Comic Con through the lens of Fashion with her Cosplay Style Guide!

Not MTV Style's usual interview

Choi was particularly taken with the stunning Daenerys Targaryens cosplay at the show, including one young woman who chose to portray a rather violent scene from Game Of Thrones:

We took a camera on the convention floor to check out all the action AND even got an awesome Halloween costume idea because (where my Game of Thrones fans at???) we saw a slew of Daenerys Targaryens, which is easier to put together than you'd think. And for all you NON-NERDS, she is a beautiful blonde princess who is married to a great-big burly horse thief KING and they have a lot of sex—and she's got these powers that have to do with dragons and eats this heart this one time and OBVI I have said too much. Don't judge me.


A Kiss fan at the Kiss Kruise

By Jon Waterhouse

For nearly 40 years fans of warpaint-wearing rock band Kiss have arguably remained the most geektastic in the world. Many eagerly snatch up the endless array of Kiss merchandise, from comics to toys, and chalk up as many concerts as humanly possible.

On October 13 the Kiss Army --the name for its dedicated legion of fans-- became the Kiss Navy as almost 2,000 fans set sail on The Kiss Kruise. This floating Kiss fan fest traveled from Miami, Fla. to a private island and Nassau, Bahamas. It all wrapped on October 17 as the Carnival cruise ship Destiny returned to Miami, with a boatload of cruisers and their head-banging hangovers.

Kiss itself joined the throngs of followers on board. The band kicked off the excursion with a rare acoustic sail-away show sans make-up. A sea of pumping fists filled the ship’s Lido deck as Kiss rambled through a roster of stripped-down versions of both popular cuts and rarely-heard nuggets. “Christine Sixteen,” “Do You Love Me?” and “Black Diamond” helped pack the one-hour performance.

Later in the show founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and newer recruits Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, became a virtual human jukebox as fans shouted requests. Kiss dug deep into its catalog treating the audience to snippets of obscure songs while fans sang along. Simmons’ biggest fan, his long-time mate and newlywed bride Shannon Tweed, kept a watchful eye from the side of the stage. Read More...

Cosplayers as Voltron and Bumblebee from The Transformers at New York Comic Con

Some fan costumes are HUGE -- the ones in this collection of photos we took at New York Comic Con 2011 barely fit in our studio, with heads (and helmets) scraping against the ceiling. Let's give a hand to those brave cosplayers who totally go there -- and apparently have no fear of heights! Read More...

We've had a team cruising the New York Comic Con floor since Thursday looking for the sexiest cosplaying geek girls we could find. Head past the break and check out 10 of our favorites! Read More...

We at MTV Geek invited cosplayers at New York Comic Con to come into our photo studio and pose for official portraits by our intrepid photographer Colin Gray...this is the elegant result.


By Jon Waterhouse

It’s a steady rumble of conversation and laughter in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis, one of the hotel hubs of DragonCon. It’s a time of geeky revelry, but in a certain room on the fifth floor, it’s all business.

A group of cosplayers are busy getting their outfits together in time to show off their wares at the convention.

Mandy Akins has her sewing kit spread out across her bed. She’s busy adding some steam punk bling to a belt for a costume she describes as “heiress meets mercenary.”

“There’s no back story to this character,” she says. “The best part about steam punk is it gives you creative license.”

And Akins is taking that fact to heart. For her original character, she grabbed a Renaissance dress and built a bustle for it. She’ll crown herself with a wig with a giant feathered hairpiece in the back. Her weaponry are refashioned Nerf and Super Soaker guns. Both boast cool features, but on closer examination it’s just a couple of air caps off of a pair of tires and some fuses. But it works.

Cosplayer Mandy Akins fashioned Nerf and Super Soaker guns into steam punk cosplay props.
Photo credit: Jon Waterhouse

“I’ve been doing cosplay at DragonCon since 2002,” says Akins. “It’s kind of an instant gratification kind of thing. I love to sew and have been sewing since I was 10. And it’s great to get the satisfaction of finishing a costume and then showing it off.” Read More...

While comic books and fantasy characters made up a fair amount of the costumes at this year's Dragon-Con, movies and television also played a huge role. Of course, there tends to be a crossover with comic book-based movies, but the looks are generally so different that it's almost like a different character completely. Here's a look at some of our favorite movie and TV-based costumes from the show!


Judging by our travels here at Dragon-Con, our fellow geeks have been very busy in propagating our species. Kids of all ages are here with their parents this weekend, enjoying the con as much, if not more, than their elders. Of course, it definitely helps that they get to dress up in costume for a few days straight-- like an extended Halloween! Below, you'll find photos featuring some of the cutest geeks you'll ever see, and our future comic artists, movie directors, and world leaders!


Most of us have grown up in an age of terrific animation that will always hold a place in our cold, black hearts. Whether it be anime, adult swim, or nostalgic 80s properties, a lot of fans here in Atlanta are showing off their cartoon-love by dressing up as their favorite characters during this year's Dragon-Con! MTV Geek roamed the hotel hallways, food courts, and bars searching for a variety of great animation-based cosplay and you can see some of our findings-- like that affectionate Skeletor up above.


Dragon-Con has become known for its passionate fans and their love of costuming, and the yearly parade succeeds in letting all that hard work get seen by both con attendees and locals here in Atlanta. The parade began at 10 a.m. and proceeded to work its way through the downtown area to the delight of onlookers. People began staking claim to their spot of the sidewalks at 7 a.m. and we were as well. That's right, we stood around aimlessly for over 3 hours to bring you these pictures. Remember that the next time we need to borrow something!

The parade was so huge this year, that there's no way we could put all of the cool photos in one post, so this is Part 1 of the Dragon-Con Parade!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Dragon-Con coverage, including Part 2 of the Dragon-Con Parade!

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Those Canadians sure know how to throw a convention...and to get into the spirit by coming up with amazing cosplay outfits! Here are 20 of the most amazing we saw at FanExpo Canada this weekend:

Squirrel Girl


Harley Quinn and the Joker



Cosplayers are getting better and better at creating amazing costumes for their convention outings. We recently saw some incredibly accurate Mark I Iron Man armor created from scratch and before that we were put back by this awesome LEGO Master Chief armor. Now, Robert Rodgers of My Wicked Armor has created a remarkable Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect 2) costume.

Apparently, the suit took weeks of on-and-off work to complete and features over 75 LED lights to finish the futuristic effect. As you’ll see in the video below, the mouth actually moves and the feet are shaped just like the in-game character’s -- essentially making Rodgers walk on his toes to pull off the look. Read More...

Rorschach, of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen fame, has one of the coolest masks of any vigilante and the way it constantly changed shape in Zack Snyder's feature film only made it cooler. It looks like Paint with Pearl has a great DIY way to make our own, and it will have the same 'shape-shifting' effect that we saw in the movie. With some kind of magic paint combo they take a standard white tank-top and turn it into the final, and most important, piece of a Rorschach cosplayer's next con get-up. Check out the video below to find out what you need for the project and see the mask in action!


Via Major Spoilers


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It’s almost time people! Halloween is practically upon us, and you need to hurry up picking out a costume! What’s that? You have no costume ideas? Seriously?! Well, lucky for you, we here at MTV Geek! are stepping in to save the day by hooking you up with some awesome suggestions for this October 31st!

Behold in unspeakable awe, and/or point while laughing snarkily, at our Top Ten Geek-ily Awesome Halloween Costumes! Read More...

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