Kevin Smith is one of those dudes who will always be linked to Superman movie lore (which, in turn, is part of modern Hollywood lore), and he's worth chatting up anytime a new Supes film project pops up.

Back in 1996, Smith's geek cred had become well-known due to "Mallrats" -- before everyone was a geek -- and was hired to re-write Superman Lives/ Superman Reborn, a vehicle that would be directed by Tim Burton and would star Nicolas Cage. Smith was a hired gun who had to fulfill a lot of dictates on the rewrite (like a Superman in a black costume who doesn't fly and fights a giant spider). Smith's draft was eventually discarded by Burton, who inevitably left, as did Cage.

No big spoiler, but the movie never happened.

But Smith, who would go on to write comic books, launch a successful podcast network and take part in AMC's "Comic Book Men" and occasionally direct some more movies, is still rightly known as a geek and connected to Superman.

So it seemed only natural to ask him about Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." That, and the fact that Gillette just used him to pontificate on how Superman shaves.

Anyhow, I've had the chance to chat with Smith quite a few times. He's one of the best interview subjects, and just genuinely a nice guy with a foul-mouth. Back at New York Comic Con last October, before he or any of us had seen "Man of Steel," when we were all still checking out first glimpses of Snyder's vision, Smith went on record to predict good things for the movie. For a bonus round, he also spoke about a "Justice League" movie.

Here's his take:



Shazam! Mattel's subscription service Matty Collector has revealed among its exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con an exclusive action figure based on the original Captain Marvel...uh, we mean "Shazam." Sorry, Billy Batson is not included.

Based on the version of the character that's appeared as a back-up feature in Justice League by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the figure's part of Mattel's "Club Infinite Earths" series and can stand alongside DC Universe Classics or the DC Signature Collection figures to battle evil!

Here's some of the pics from Matty Collector's website: Read More...


It wouldn't be a major movie launch without an accompanying Mondo poster (or two). Artists Ken Taylor and Martin Ansin are responsible for the latest pair of high-quality wall art commemorating "Man of Steel," and their striking prints will go on sale tomorrow at some random time via the Mondo site.

After the jump, feast your eyes on these limited edition prints and maybe you'll be one of the few hundred buyers lucky enough to snag one. Read More...

Superman Returns Brandon Routh

In an elseworlds alternate timeline, actor Brandon Routh might be unveiling another cinematic flight wearing the cape and famous “S” symbol this year. Like Christian Bale a year before him, Routh was the star of a critically and commercially successful super hero movie in 2006, and it looked like he was about to become a franchise star. But the “Superman Returns” sequel never happened.

Directed by Bryan Singer, “Superman Returns” enjoyed largely positive reviews and netted about $400 million at the box office on a $200 million budget. Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins,” starring Bale, didn’t make that much in 2005 (though it did cost less to make). But because "Returns" didn’t meet its $500 million box office expectation, former Warner Bros. president Alan F. Horn deemed the film a disappointment.

Still, a sequel was announced, but filming was delayed and the release date pushed back from 2009 to 2010. It didn’t materialize and in the meantime, the film had begun to be thought of as a flop. As for Brandon Routh? Although he expected to return to the role of Superman, much as Christian Bale had returned in “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” his contract for the job expired in 2009 – and he made it known that he would sign back up as the Kryptonian if he could.

Of course that didn’t happen. And now, seven years after the world first saw Brandon Routh as Superman, Henry Cavill is about to assume the mantle in 'Man of Steel,' directed by Zack Snyder and opening Friday.

Routh has since developed a fan following for his turn in the role, and when I spoke with him at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con he had a steady line of fans peppering him with questions about Superman, along with those about his work as super-powered vegan Todd Ingram in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” (not to mention turns on the CBS series “Partners,” “Chuck” and in Kevin Smith's “Zak and Miri Make a Porno”).

There, we chatted about 'Superman Returns', as well as his thoughts on 'Man of Steel': Read More...


Batman. It seems like there's been a practically unlimited amount of action figures and toys coming out all the time that feature Mr. Wayne's cowled visage-- and I wouldn't have it any other way! Case in point: the latest high-quality import from Square-Enix' Play Arts Kai line of figures based on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy! Without even trying, I've managed to amass quite a wide array of Batman figures, and recently it seems my favorites have come from Square Enix. How will this Christian Bale-version of the Dark Knight stack up? Will he randomly have pieces pop off and/or snap in twain, like some of my other Play Arts of years past? Or will he turn out to be my new favorite law-breaking-billionaire-orphan?! Read on to find out! Read More...


Ever miss the days when your Batman figure was held together with rubber bands and had oven mitts for gloves?   The kind of action dolls popularized by Mego in the 1970s are back with a crazy new line from Figures Toy Company that features everyone from the Dark Knight to J.R. Ewing!

The fully-licensed line not only recreates many of the classic dolls from the Mego line -- many of which fetch high prices from collectors -- but expand the collection considerably with all-new 8-and-12-inch figures from all manner of properties. Read More...


Earlier this week, news broke that the production company behind the Harry Potter films had acquired the film rights to Bill Willingham's well-loved Fables series, and was moving forward on a big-screen adaptation of the property.

The premise of Fables is that all mythological characters exist alongside one another, and become the basis of legends and folk tales as they move in the background of the real world.  This style of fairytale mash-up has become increasingly popular in recent years: Shrek, Hoodwinked, and other similar movies have seen huge box office success; Grimm and Once Upon A Time are gearing up for their third seasons on NBC and ABC; and the grandfather of them all, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's seminal 1987 Broadway musical Into The Woods is finally headed for a big-screen adaptation after nearly two decades of development.

But what makes Fables special is the depth of characterization, the scale of the narrative (with more than thirty-five different books currently in print), and the variety of threads that it weaves into a cohesive whole – including elements of Mother Goose, The Arabian Nights, L. Frank Baum's Oz books, Brothers Grimm stories, and many, many other fantasy creations. Read More...


Over the next few weeks, MTV Geek will be taking a deeper look at writer Scott Snyder's upcoming character-defining arc, "Batman: Zero Year." Launching this week in "Batman" #21 with Greg Capullo on art, it sets the stage for Bruce Wayne's revised origin, starting with seeds planted all the way in "Batman" #0. In the clip after the jump, Snyder talks about the origins of the story, fear of touching the origins of one of the most iconic characters in the world, and bringing Bruce back from the dead.

Plus, this Friday, we'll have a spoiler-heavy video feature on "Batman" #21. So check back then for the next installment of MTV Geek's Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat series!


Pow! Zonk! Sock! Mezco! Believe it or not, old chums, because the Batmobile is heading to Ripley’s in the real Gotham City this June to deliver justice sweet, sweet Batman '66 toys.

Announced in a press release today, Mezco Toyz will premiere its Mez-Itz line based on the 1966-68 “Batman” TV series in super fashion by driving a replica of the Batmobile to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium in New York City’s Times Square on June 25 at 11 a.m. Once it arrives, the Mez-Itz Batman, Robin and Batmobile will be on public display for the first time. The Batmobile will also remain parked for fans to check it out until 1 p.m.

As if this news isn’t enough to make you shout “Holy Fanboy Publicity Stunt!” Read More...


"Man Of Steel" swoops into theaters this week, and it already looks destined to be one of the summer's biggest hits.  Department store shelves are filled with action figures and other tie-ins, promo spots are running every few seconds on TV, posters and advertisements are everywhere you look.

And DC Comics is making the most of this time in the spotlight – on Wednesday, they'll release a pair of comics that are perfect jumping-on points for new readers: the debut issue of a new Superman series, and the first chapter of a major new storyline in the Batman titles. Read More...


DC Entertainment has proved they're not just in the selling superheroes business with the 'We Can Be Heroes' campaign, they're also superheroes themselves; and as we can exclusively reveal today, they're taking to crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo to benefit the Horn of Africa.

Not only will those who pledge be supporting a worthy cause, they're also going to get cool swag like a Superman-themed kids bedroom, advance access to the upcoming Infinite Crisis video game - and even a home visit from Jim Lee. Oh yeah: Read More...


Welcome to the Toy News Roundup, our weekly compilation of some of the coolest -- and sometimes weirdest -- toy news of the past seven days. Read More...


We're just four days away from the premiere of "Man of Steel" and if you're like us, you're looking for any new clip, promo, or trailer which will give you some insight into Zack Snyder's first trip into the Superman mythos. Well, maybe you'd enjoy an exclusive clip on the eve of the premiere, courtesy of the MTV Movies blog. Read More...

The Top 10 Powers Superman Doesn't Have
As we're about to see on the big screen in 'Man of Steel', one of the reasons DC Comics' Superman is the premier iconic superhero is because he's really got the whole package of super powers. Flight, invulnerability, super strength, x-ray vision, super speed... He's got it all! Every superhero since Superman has been basically a copy with a some of the powers stripped away.

Except... as powerful as Superman is, he doesn't have EVERY power out there, right. Here are the Top 10 super powers the Last Son of Krypton doesn't have... Or does he?

Faster than a speeding bullet
10. Invisibility
The ability to be totally unseen by your opponents is kind of a useful power... Especially when your regular duds are bright blue with a huge, billowy cape and a giant yellow S in the middle of your chest. Granted, Superman's pretty powerful and it's not like he can't take a hit, but there are times when stealth is in order. And you know, it's not like no one had thought of it before Superman; H.G. Wells published The Invisible Man in 1897, which was adapted into the classic Universal movie in 1933. Read More...


***Spoilers*** A couple of weeks ago, DC Comics released Justice League Of America #4.  In that issue, Catwoman is captured, tied to a chair, and shot through the head at point-blank range.  The issue ends with her body lying on the floor, in a pool of blood.

What I found troubling about this wasn't the death of an iconic character – I have no objection to creators killing off characters, and history shows that pretty much no one in comics stays dead for long – it's that it revolves around the humiliation and dehumanization of a woman.  Catwoman has no specific service to the story except as a prop: to be bait for Batman, bound and killed, graphically, on-panel.  This isn't just the usual portrayal of Catwoman as simple sex object – she is literally an object, a device with no power and no motive, existing merely to advance the story. Read More...

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