Here's a pretty sweet story to start the week: ad agency JWT teamed up with Warner Bros. and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center to create a DC Comics superhero-themed campaign for children with cancer: Read More...

by Alison H. Mayer

The battle for Eternia rages on in DC’s newest reboot of “Masters of the Universe”! “Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Hordak” #1 explores Hordak’s transformation from alien conqueror to demigod scourge, and we’ve got your exclusive first look. Read More...


By Matt D. Wilson

Each week, Matt Wilson, co-host of the War Rocket Ajax podcast and author of The Supervillain Handbook, examines at a major comic news item and picks a few winners and one loser among the week's comic book releases.

Last week, fellow Chicagoan Daniel Sinker, the creator of the great @MayorEmanuel Twitter feed, posted a thoughtful and well-reasoned critique of a comment DC Comics co-Publisher Dan DiDio made in a New York Times article about the exit of longtime Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger.

The brief rundown is DiDio said it'd be "myopic" to think "servicing a very small slice of our audience is the way to go ahead." He thinks DC should be trying to reach the biggest audiences possible. Sinker's response, and I'm not going to try to parrot it too much because he states it quite well and you should just read the whole thing, is that trying to please everyone is basically going to please no one. There is no average reader. They're all readers who want to feel like they're reading something special.

Here's what blows my mind, though:


Welcome to MTV Geek's New Comic Book Day Pull-List! Each week, we'll look at the best new releases hitting comic shops, and point you at the books you should be reading. 

This week, we have picks from Marvel, Vertigo, Dark Horse, and indie publisher Bergen Street Comics! Read More...

by Ryan Rigley

My Chemical Romance may be gone but their legend lives on in the pages of the upcoming "True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" comic book! As you may already know, frontman Gerard Way is no stranger to the comic book industry. In fact, his Dark Horse series, "Umbrella Academy," has already been optioned by Universal Studios for a feature film adaptation with a screenplay written by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

That being said, it should come as absolutely no surprise to you that the MCR madman had, at one point, been approved by DC comics to write and release an original take on the Dark Knight himself; with the help of Vertigo. So what's preventing Gerard's Batman from seeing the light of day? Well, apparently he just can't find the time to sit down and write it. Click past the jump to see some sketches for Gerard Way's "Batman: Kingdom of the Mad"! Read More...


Starting in September, DC Comics' critically acclaimed series 'Batman: Black and White' is coming back for six more helpings of monocolor madness. The critically acclaimed series started with four issues of stories, then moved into several back-up tales; as well as inspiring numerous collectibles and best-selling collections. Now, it's back, and we've snagged you your first look at the cover - and the top shelf creator line-up: Read More...


E3 Expo is right around the corner and we NEED to know who's the best once and for all! Who'd win in a fight: DC's Batman or "Assassin's Creed's" Edward Kenway? Are you more excited for "The Sims 4" or "Call Of Duty: Ghosts"?

Vote for your favorites and decide which games and characters will rule E3 this year!


When given a highlighted choice in Multiverse, a reader can take the story in a new directionWhen given a highlighted choice in Multiverse, a reader can take the story in a new direction

In an effort to expand upon their success with digital comics, DC Entertainment announced last night its two new reader-driven initiatives at the Time Warner Medialab located in New York City’s Columbus Circle.

The press event was hosted by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and Co-Publisher Jim Lee, who announced DC2, which stands for “DC Dynamic Canvas,” and DC2 Multiverse. Described by Lee as the “next evolutionary step” of comics, the initiatives launching this fall are intended to add another layer of interactivity to digital comics by allowing the reader to sets the pace of how content unfolds in front of him or her. Specifically in the case of Multiverse, the reader will also be able to affect story outcomes based on in-story decisions they will make. Read More...


The DC Superman reboot flick "Man of Steel" is probably the most-anticipated film of the summer, but recently a question has entered fans' minds:  Who the heck is Namek?

Target stores have gotten in a new multi-pack of action figures that include two versions of Superman, General Zod, J0r-El...and a big armored fellow named "Namek," who's not referred to in any of the film's materials.  Heck, he's not even listed in the IMDb credits for the film. So who is this guy?



by Matt Wilson

The evilest of the DC Universe evildoers are taking center stage this September and we've got an exclusive first look at the solicits for the "Green Lantern" family of titles featuring the murderous Relic and the return of Black Hand! As a bonus, we chatted with writer Robert Venditti and got the scoop on what dark twists are on the way!



In what's either an earth-shaking storytelling device or an audacious marketing gimmick (or possibly a bit of both), DC Comics is taking a month off from business as usual in September, and replacing their front-line superhero titles with special issues spotlighting the evildoers of the DC Universe. 

The promotion is called "Villains Month", and will feature the bad guys taking top billing on each and every DC Universe issue that hits stores over the month.



With "Man Of Steel" in theaters next weekend, everybody's getting excited! That's why MTV Geek, along with our pals at Jakks Pacific, are giving you a chance to win this geektastic 31 inch "Man Of Steel" figure!

Find out how to enter below:



In DC Comics' "The Flash" #20, Barry Allen's deadliest enemy returns with a creepy and new look. The Flash's darker mirror image, Reverse-Flash, has come back to put a damper on things, leaving dead bodies in his wake. With tons of bad history between them, will Barry be able to keep his girlfriend hidden from Reverse-Flash's view?

MTV Geek chatted with creators Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul about the return of Reverse-Flash, the significance of the "Move Forward" story arc, and Kid Flash's upcoming appearance.



In the newly tagged "Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger" #9 the Phantom Stranger travels to Hell to fight for his family and we've got your exclusive first look.



Back in March, we exclusively announced that "Green Lantern's" resident dog/wolf/thing was set to get his own ongoing series. In the announcement, "Larfleeze" writer Keith Giffen told us what we could expect from the series:


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