DC Comics' Batgirl/Robin: Year One trade collection hits stores on June 25th, but you can take a gander at the amazing development art by Marcos Martin and Javier Pulido right now. Seriously, it's so good, I wish the duo were drawing a regular title: Read More...


This trailer for Cartoon Network's 'Beware The Batman,' their new take on The Dark Knight has everything: shirtless Bruce Waynes; men in pig masks; steampunk frogs; and of course, Batman. You know, that thing where a man's parents are killed in front of him, and he swears to take vengeance on the criminal underworld by dressing in a giant bat costume? That thing.

Anyway, the main draw for this guy (the one writing this blog post, in case you can't see my thumbs pointing at my chest) is the chance to see Grant Morrison creation Professor Pyg in action in a children's cartoon. And while Pyg just drives a car and looks angry in the footage, we're pretty sure this should happen by the second episode:


It'll be like this generation's watching Bambi's Mom get killed, but with far more trans-sexual pig men. Anyway, here's the trailer, and official info from Cartoon Network: Read More...

Man of Steel
Our friends over at Moviepilot have been doing a fun video series called 'Will's War', where your affable host Will takes on the geeky issues facing the nerd world today. This episode? Why you should see 'Man of Steel' (though you already did, didn't you?): Read More...



We've heard about a number of DC Collectibles' offerings for San Diego Comic-Con, but they easily saved the best for last. It's an incredible looking 'Man of Steel' Superman Variant, and you can only check it out in the exclusive video below: Read More...

Since it was announced that creator James Robinson would be leaving DC Comics' 'Earth 2' with issue #16, speculation has been high as to who would be taking over; and, in fact, if the title would continue at all, given Robinson's strong influence on the creation of the alternate DC Universe title. Turns out, it WILL be continuing, and with a writer that has a fair amount of geek cred built up over the past few months due to his work on what might be the best regarded video-game tie-in comic ever*. And, he's a guy who knows a little something about DC's alternate Earths.

Yup, Tom Taylor, writer of the 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' tie-in comic will be taking over the adventures of the rebooted don't-call-them-the-Justice-Society. Not only that, but he'll be teaming up with series artist Nicola Scott, who will be providing a sense of continuity to the title after Robinson's departure. Also, sadly, Taylor continues NOT to be the fictional character named Tommy Taylor from Vertigo's 'The Unwritten,' which is highly confusing and upsetting, so get right on fixing that DC. Here's an official statement - and some quotes - from the Publisher and creative team: Read More...

Superman World Record Breaking Sears Employees

In the new “Man of Steel” movie, director Zack Snyder will try to convince audiences the world needs a Superman. But, according to Sears and the Guinness World Records, the world needs about 600 of them. Read More...

No matter whether you love 'Man of Steel,' or hate it, there's one thing we can all agree on: it needed a rap recap over the end credits. Luckily, hip-hop artist Asoka provided the soundtrack we all wanted (instead of that stupid Hans Zimmer score we've been listening to non-stop oh god it's so good), complete with raps from both Superman and Zod's perspective. Ever wanted to hear Zod rap about Atari? Now you can. Hooray!

Here's a note on the inspiration from Asoka, as well as where to snag the album (for free): Read More...


Here's a roundup of some of the best toy news of the past week!

THE BANKING DEAD!: Entertainment Weekly has a first look at the new "Walking Dead" Rick Grimes bust bank, though what good is money in a world overrun by Walkers?  Perhaps it could be used to contain batteries, or medicine, or something.  Y'know, it never pays to think too much about that series. Read More...

superman shield evolution

In “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill’s Superman says the emblem on his chest stands for hope, but as Amy Adams’ Lois Lane points out, it’s an “S” on this planet. But that “S” sure is one of the most recognized symbols on the planet. There is probably some social sciencey study to back it up, but trust me, everyone knows the Superman shield.

But it hasn’t been the same iconic symbol over the course Superman’s 75 years. Since his debut in “Action Comics #1” in 1938, the “S” has undergone major changes. The most popular is likely the curvy serif red “S” on a yellow background, framed by the red and geometric five-sided shield. However, Superman started off with a police badge-esque shield and simple “S” on his first cover, and over time, it traded yellow for black, gained and lost weight, went sans-serif, became a three-dimensional accouterments and even went electric blue-and-white for a little while.

You needn’t take my awkward descriptions of the symbol though. In a bit of infographic goodness, has created a visual evolution of Supes’ shield. They cover a lot of ground with descriptions of each iteration but I wouldn’t be a nitpicky nerd if I didn’t point out they neglect to discuss all the various animated variations -- as well as the 1988 “Superboy” series where Clark sported a shield most closely resembling the early ’90s comics (vertical upper serif, diagonal left edge, rounded bottom serif) with lots of room between the “S” and the shield border. Read More...

Now that you've read the first part of Batman: Zero Year in DC Comics' Batman #21, we can talk spoilers, right? Good, because we sat down with writer Scott Snyder, and laid out all the secrets in the issue - including some giant teases about where the storyline is going next. Plus, Scott Snyder, professional artist? Check it all out on the second episode of our exclusive behind the scenes series, 'Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat': Read More...


Everyone in the comic book world knows that you are either the casual fan, meaning you read the comics, watch the cartoons and see the movies, or you’re the insane fan; the ones that take fandom to the next level. They not only do what the casual fans do, but they take a step further and engulf their whole existence in their favorite comic book heroes, Superman included. There are some avid Man of Steel collectors out there who probably have 90% of the following items, but we’re sure they don’t have them all, from sporting goods to toiletries, we’re counting down the oddest Superman items on eBay:

Check it out on eBay!
10. Cake Pan
Even superheroes need to celebrate with some dessert every once in a while. Read More...


When did it become okay for superheroes to kill people? When did it become okay for them to let people die? If I were to put a rough date on it, I’d say May 3rd, 2002, when the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie was released in theaters. Roughly. But since then, it’s become a glaring, and increasingly wide gap between how superheroes were first depicted in comics, and how they’re depicted on screen. And not to put too fine a point on it, or get all hand-waving-in-the-air-y: this trend is the death of everything superheroes stand for.

Let’s take a little step back for context, because based on discussions with friends who weren’t raised on a bed of comic books, soaking in the four-color adventures of the ‘Man of Steel’, the ‘X-Men’, and more, the idea of a hero killing someone isn’t that strange. Read More...

MTV First Man Of Steel Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

MTV First chats with Henry Cavill and Co. about Zack Snyder's highly anticipated new film "Man of Steel"!

MTV is livestreaming a half hour interview with Henry Cavill (Superman) and the cast of "Man of Steel", as well as an exclusive sneak peek at clips from the film! The livestream begins at 7:56pm EST on MTV and, or you can watch it right here, right now: Read More...

Batman and Batgirl 21 Banner

by Alison Mayer

Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon's complex relationship seethes and snags in DC Comics' "Batman and Batgirl" #21, and we've got your exclusive first look! Read More...

 Superman Header

"Man of Steel" hits theaters this week, and Wave One of the actor-accurate "Movie Masters" figures are already hitting shelves... Plus, now we've got a look at the fierce Kryptonian action fans are in for in Wave 2, seen in the package!

The new figures includes Superman with the key to the Fortress of Solitude (or whatever they're calling it in this film), two versions of General Zod (shackled and armored) and Faora, chief officer in Zod's evil Kryptonian runnin' crew.

Here's the pics!

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