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Welcome to the sixth installment of MTV Geek's Toy Throwdown! Plastic will melt, joints will be loosened, and paint is gonna get scratched as action figures of the world's most beloved characters tear each other apart in a battle to the death-- and YOU get to decide the victor!



Here's our look at some of the coolest toy news of the past week!

THERE ARE PROBABLY DRUG ADDICTIONS CHEAPER THAN MASTERPIECE TRANSFORMERSBig Bad Toy Store has pre-orders for new Takara Masterpiece Transformers, including Bumblebee and Wheeljack!  I still await Galvatron, or at least an Hasbro-issued US Megatron I can afford.

NO, THEY DON'T RUN AT YOU SUPER-FAST: Speaking of Big Bad Toy Store, if you enjoy "World War Z" this weekend, there's pre-orders available for Jazwares' action figures from the, they don't have pics of the figure based on Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane.  That might be the first Brad Pitt figure in history.  Such an age it is we live in! Read More...


By Zack Smith

There's little over a week to go until "Star Trek: Into Darkness" (are they actually trekking into darkness?) warps into theaters. So if you're feeling nostalgic for the original "Star Trek" series, be sure to check out this awesome new Diamond Select Spock Figure!




By Zack Smith

There’s more merchandise coming out for Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” than any sane person can keep track of – but no one ever said MTV Geek was sane.

Here’s some highlights that were recently announced – plenty of iron (or plastic painted to look like iron) for fans of all ages! Read More...


By Zack Smith

If you can’t get enough of a dashing rogue helplessly frozen mid-struggle while his friends and loved ones look on in horror, Kotobukiya’s new Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite business card holders are for you!

Yes, the Japanese company is producing a series of sleek metal business card cases based on Solo’s imprisonment – and they’re so cool that if you don’t have business cards, you might just want to get some printed up to store in this.


Following their partnership with action Figure Xpress at SDCC 2012, Diamond Select Toys is once again partnering up to release ThunderCats and Alpha Flight Minimate sets at New York Comic-Con 2012! This time, the evil forces of Thundera have made their presence felt as Slithe, Jackalman, Monkian, and Vultureman can now join the previously released Mumm-Ra in the fight against the ThunderCats. Also on tap is another batch of Alpha Flight members from the often-canceled Marvel comic book. This set includes Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, and Aurora, so the Canadian super team is almost completely filled out. They must feel so sad to have lost Wolverine all those years ago.


Diamond Select Toys is bringing out Minimates based on "The Walking Dead" comic book series, from Image Comics. Sure, this is nothing new, and we've reported on it at length, but as their release date keeps creeping ever closer, DST is making sure we remember by sending along a bunch of photos that would make even the most prudish of individuals gasp in wonderment and grab their wallets in the hopes of finding these little pieces of rotted goodness on the shelves. Also, DST appears to be throwing down the gauntlet with their incredible gauntlet-throwing outdoor Minimate photography (that's OUR bag!)--and by bringing back our infinite sadness from seeing Glenn again.

While all the cool kids are arguing over if Scott Summers is gonna bite the dust at the end of AvX, Diamond Select Toys is remembering the massive crossover events of yesteryear last year with their upcoming release of Minimate sets based on Marvel's Fear Itself! Yes, the multi-part comic event that gave us back the Winter Soldier has been immortalized forever in two multi-packs featuring the temporary looks of both the heroes and the villains. No matter what kind of taste that storyline left in our mouths, we gotta admit that the tiny, evil Thing Minimate looks pretty awesome!

Read on for more images, along with all the info from the Minimate Gods themselves: Diamond Select Toys!

Back in the early days of collectible action figures, Art Asylum was the company responsible for some of the coolest and edgiest designs around. Their figures weren't found in Wal-Mart or the other big retail chains, but instead were stocked in comic shop and music stores. Digger T. Mesch, and his incredible sculpting prowess, was the man running the Asylum and has since went on to pioneer the Minimates design and a number of fantastic statues and figures from companies like Diamond Select Toys-- and he was also one of the first guys in the trenches fighting for artist's rights against the big toy companies! Now, Digger is taking his eye for design to the small screen with his directorial debut on the new web-series "Agent 88"-- and he needs your help! While some big names (Heavy Metal, Diamond Select Toys, Jim Mahfood, David Mack, etc.) have shown their support, the funds to make this series about an 88 year-old, absent-minded, female assassin is coming from donations through Kickstarter. How does helping out give back to you, other than that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly? How about exclusive art books and custom Minimates?!

Read on for all the info on "Agent 88", including the names attached to the project and how to donate!

We know what you've been thinking: I know I have the Amazing Spider-Man figure from Diamond Select Toys, but why can't I have two more? Why can't I have three Spider-Man figures that are just different enough to be worth me buying them?! Why Odin, why?! Well, now you're oddly-obsessive prayers have been answered since DST and the Disney Store have teamed up to release two new versions of the great Marvel Select The Amazing Spider-Man figure (that we reviewed here) based on the movie with the same name. The best part? These wall-crawlers will be on Disney Store shelves and online, if previous M.S. releases are any indication, this month!

Read on for all the info, along with some cool street-level pics of the figures!


No, your eyes have not began deceiving you as part of their secret plot to escape your skull, that is the first image of Jaga from the classic ThunderCats animated series in Minimate form! HELL and YES! This photo showed up last night on Diamond Select Toys' Facebook page, along with a bit of info:

Here is Tuesday's Comic-Con feature - The Spirit of Jaga Minimate!
Jaga returns to Comic-Con in his spirit form, ready to guide Lion-O and the ThunderCats on their journey. “LIKE” if you still remember Jaga’s self-sacrifice to protect Lion-O and the ThunderCats.

Check out Jaga at Action Figure Xpress' booth - #3345

...aaaannnddd that's it. Not a ton of text, but it's managed to peak our excitement to see further ThunderCats Minimates, and to try and snag this one from Action Figure Xpress! We'll keep you posted as more on these are revealed.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Diamond Select Toys ansd SDCC 2012 coverage!

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With Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man headed to theaters on July 3rd, now's the perfect time for action figures based on the film! While Hasbro has released a number of various 3 3/4" figures, their 6" Wal-Mart exclusive line is yet to hit, so Diamond Select Toys is the only show in town for highly-articulated Spidery-goodness. Their Marvel Select line keeps getting better and the movie-based releases have been top notch. Today we're taking a look at both Spider-Man and the Lizard, and let's just see if these figures can do whatever a spider (and lizard) can!

We'll start things off with the bios from the back of their packages, that we already showed off here.


This year's San Diego Comic-Con International is shaping up to be the year that we're going to have to utilize UPS or Fed Ex in order to get all of our wallet-draining goodies home from the big show. Today, Diamond Select Toys has revealed eight different SDCC-Exclusives, including IDW's Battle Beasts #1 sporting a new limited cover! While they're going to have some very fine con-only collectibles on hand, or gut feeling is the Walking Dead Minimates two-pack and metallic "The Amazing Spider-Man" Bust will be the two that disappear the quickest. Looks like it's gonna be a race to the Diamond booths (#2401 & #2607) on preview night!

Read on for all the skinny from our friends at DST!


While we admit to only becoming excited about the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man" after seeing the latest trailer, but we've been looking forward to Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select versions of Spidey and the Lizard since first laying eyes on them at San Diego Comic Con and Toy Fair 2012, respectively. Since we still don't have either of these in our possession (yet), we'll just have to settle for these latest photos of the figures in their huge-ass Marvel Select packaging!

Read on for photos of Spider-Man and the Lizard, along with all the info straight from Diamond Select Toys!


Toy Fair 2012: DST's Marvel Select Figures

While Marvel Studios has made off with over a billion dollars of the world's currency thanks to their awesomely addicting  film, "The Avengers", Diamond Select Toys has also decided to get a peace of the pie (sweet, sweet, money-flavored pie) with the latest release in their Marvel Select action figure line: The Hulk! He punched his way into comic and specialty stores last week, and like Juggernaut, Thing, Red Hulk, and the rest of DST's previous over-sized figure offerings, this movie-based Hulk is a hefty chunk of plastic that looks like he can dole out punishment to any of your figures-- or your friends, should you choose to throw that big hunk of green at them! We've had many Hulk figures in our day (including a smaller version from "The Avengers"), but will this one smash all of our lofty expectations? Read on to find out, as we review the DST Marvel Select Hulk!


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