In a major move on the con scene, Dragon*Con organizers have announced they'd be changing the name of the company as part of a "cash-out merger."



Dragon*Con recently posted an official statement regarding its co-founder Edward Kramer's financial relationship to the popular convention. Kramer is currently facing child-molestation charges that date back to 2000.

In their statement, Dragon*Con admits that they "are as troubled by this circumstance as anyone else," but admit that Kramer remains a stockholder in the show despite their wishes to the contrary.

There has been a number of people in the science-fiction/comic community calling for a boycott of Dragon*Con based on Kramer's involvement with the show; they include author Nancy A. Collins and Stephen Bissette. Their reasoning is: if there is any chance that Kramer can financially benefit from Dragon*Con, attending the show either as a guest or a fan would be unconscionable. Read More...

Copper pipes, gauges, goggles, top hats, and corsets could be seen surfacing amongst the sea of cosplayers at Dragon*Con 2012. Steampunk has really come into its own in the past few years, with new Etsy shops and Ebay stores cropping up everyday to offer the latest in gear-covered Nerf weaponry and hydraulic-powered teacups. "Hydraulic-powered teacups?" We really have to get some sleep! In the meantime, here's a gallery of costumes for your skull-meat to enjoy!


Uatu the Watcher is but one of the Marvel Comics characters roaming the various ballrooms during Dragon*Con 2012. Hell, even the X-Men and Avengers have put aside their differences during this Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, and we're bring you the photographic proof! Costumes? Sure, these are just costumed fans, but we prefer using our imagination!


We've been showing off plenty of adults dressed up as their favorite characters, but the great thing about conventions like Dragon*Con 2012 is that they are also very kid-friendly, so the little ones can have a blast joining in on the festivities (during the day, anyway)! During our time hanging out at the MTV Geek photo booth, a ton of kids stopped by to get photographed so their con experience shall be forever immortalized online! With that in mind, we're gonna keep the chatter to a minimum so we can fit in as many cool costumes as possible. You're looking at the future!


While most of us will admit to spending a lot of free time playing video games, these fine folks pressed the pause button and, in some cases, spent days and weeks to build the perfect costume to represent their favorite video game character at Dragon*Con 2012. From the quirky to the downright badass, we've found a wide selection for you to check out-- and possibly get some inspiration from for all you future cosplayers!


While Dragon*Con is generally loads of care-free, costumed, fun for the average con-goer, there lies the threat of creeping (simulated) danger and scares at any given turn thanks to the tons of horror fans on hand that are sporting their blood-drenched costumes they've spent hours perfecting just to give you a tingling of dread up your spine. Join us as we continue our Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay coverage with this look at some of the costumes that cause a weaker being to lose bladder control over if happening upon them in the dark, AND some off-beat horror tributes!


Our cosplay coverage of Dragon*Con 2012 rolls on with a glimpse at some of the best and brightest cartoon-based costumes to hit Atlanta! As anyone who has attended, or followed coverage of, SDCC and other cons this year, it seems the reigning champ of animation costuming comes from Cartoon Network's "Adventure time" with a veritable army of Finns running amok with their blue t-shirts and white hats. Dragon*Con seems to be following this trend, but never fear as we have collected a wide variety of cartoon classics for your amusement!


Welcome back to our coverage of Dragon*Con 2012's cosplay! This go-around we're taking a closer look at a wide variety of costumes based on the heroes and villains of film. Movies can be incredibly influential, and what better way for a cosplayer to show their love of a character than by crafting a costume with their own two hands? By letting us photograph them, of course! That's right, we've got it all-- from half-naked, blue, cat-people to Hunter S. Thompson, and beyond!


Cosplayers have once again descended upon Atlanta as part of Dragon*Con 2012, and MTV Geek is joining in with our green-screen photo booth in order to bring you the very best of the costumed-goodness! While fantasy, anime, and steampunk all have huge cosplay factions represented at the show, comic book heroes are still very prevalent-- just not as much as at a con like SDCC-- and right now we're taking a closer look at some of the best costumes based on characters from the DC Comics pantheon. As noted in the title, it seems the classic looks of the characters still ring true to these DIY costumers, with very few looks coming from the current "New 52" style. Maybe it's the uncomfortably high collars...


By Jon Waterhouse

You didn't need a souped-up Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to get back to the future at DragonCon this year.

It was a mini reunion of sorts as “Back to the Future” cast members Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and James Tolkan sign autographs and chat with fans. Thompson played Marty McFly’s mom, and Tolkan served up some nastiness as principal Strickland in the film. But it was Lloyd who stole the show as Doc Brown, the frizzy-haired inventor who sends Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) 30 years into the past.

Lloyd took some time to step back into his own past and talk about the ’80s time-traveling classic.

MTV Geek: Your role as Doc Brown in “Back to the Future” is something that seems to keep coming back, whether it’s video games or other projects.

Christopher Lloyd: It’s amazing, because back when we did the film and it was released we were just hoping it would have a good run. And then the sequels came up, two and three, and it just doesn’t die. [Laughs] It just keeps manifesting itself in one way or another, and it’s a delight. It’s especially gratifying that so many generations [have enjoyed the movies.] Parents come up to me who were children when the film first came out 25, 26 years ago. And they now have kids who have seen it and are as enthralled by the trilogy as they were. So it just keeps running along, and it’s wonderful to see so many people loving a film that meant a lot to them. Many people come up to me who saw the film when they were young, 10 or 12 years old, and they say it changed their lives and gave them a direction. It’s just great to see that and be involved in a project like that.

MTV Geek: Why do you think “Back To The Future” has such staying power?

Christopher Lloyd: Time travel is a universal fantasy I’m sure we all have. At one point or another we think, “Gee, if I could go back to this or that time in the past, or if I could just jump ahead 50 years or 300 years into the future to see what that would be like.” It’s kind of a universal fantasy and the film kind of answers to that. And then there’s the relationship between Doc Brown and Marty. It’s a classic mentor relationship. There’s this young man who has this older guy who fascinates him because of his spirit of discovery and the excitement of that. Finding out about new things and new ways life can be lived I think is another great universal situation. And it’s a family picture. There are the time travel aspects between Doc and Marty, but Marty has a family. And we see that family evolve. It’s got a lot going for it.

MTV Geek: I read that out of the three “Back To The Future” films, the third one is your favorite, because it’s a Western and a love story.

Christopher Lloyd: That’s right. Doc meets somebody he falls in love with, something he did not include in his life. His life was [about] inventing things, being a scientist and inventing time travel. So he had no time for romance. And then bingo, out of the blue comes this lady, and he’s just blown over by her, totally smitten. So that’s a lot of fun. ...And it’s a Western. Westerns are always exciting with horseback riding and all that business. So out of all the three that was the most fun for me being Doc.

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By Jon Waterhouse

It’s a steady rumble of conversation and laughter in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis, one of the hotel hubs of DragonCon. It’s a time of geeky revelry, but in a certain room on the fifth floor, it’s all business.

A group of cosplayers are busy getting their outfits together in time to show off their wares at the convention.

Mandy Akins has her sewing kit spread out across her bed. She’s busy adding some steam punk bling to a belt for a costume she describes as “heiress meets mercenary.”

“There’s no back story to this character,” she says. “The best part about steam punk is it gives you creative license.”

And Akins is taking that fact to heart. For her original character, she grabbed a Renaissance dress and built a bustle for it. She’ll crown herself with a wig with a giant feathered hairpiece in the back. Her weaponry are refashioned Nerf and Super Soaker guns. Both boast cool features, but on closer examination it’s just a couple of air caps off of a pair of tires and some fuses. But it works.

Cosplayer Mandy Akins fashioned Nerf and Super Soaker guns into steam punk cosplay props.
Photo credit: Jon Waterhouse

“I’ve been doing cosplay at DragonCon since 2002,” says Akins. “It’s kind of an instant gratification kind of thing. I love to sew and have been sewing since I was 10. And it’s great to get the satisfaction of finishing a costume and then showing it off.” Read More...

By Jon Waterhouse

Actress Cassandra Peterson single handedly changed the horror host world forever with the character Elvira, the queen of TV horror hostesses. Add to that a career that continues to be filled with amazing experiences. She’s worked alongside everyone from Federico Fellini to Pee-wee Herman to Cheech & Chong. And when she was a young Las Vegas showgirl, she even stole a kiss from Elvis Presley. Peterson is currently hosting the syndicated “Elvira’s Movie Macabre,” which is now on DVD. And she can be caught “in the flesh and not much else,” she says, at DragonCon.

MTV Geek: You’ve been portraying Elvira for 30 years now and you look fantastic. What’s your secret?

Cassandra Peterson: I actually sleep in a jar of vinegar and get pickled. That’s pretty much all you can do. Actually I eat pretty healthy and I exercise a lot, so that’s pretty much my secret. Read More...

While comic books and fantasy characters made up a fair amount of the costumes at this year's Dragon-Con, movies and television also played a huge role. Of course, there tends to be a crossover with comic book-based movies, but the looks are generally so different that it's almost like a different character completely. Here's a look at some of our favorite movie and TV-based costumes from the show!


By Jon Waterhouse

DragonCon guest Virginia Hey holds the rare distinction of being the inspiration for two different character action figures available on the market at the same time. That’s some serious geek cred.

Her roles as the Warrior Woman in The Road Warrior and as Zhann on the sci-fi TV series Farscape helped bring those toys to life. But before moving into TV and film, Hey had a career as a fashion model. Her film work started off with a bang with The Road Warrior. She later went on to land on the short and coveted list of Bond girls when she appeared in the James Bond film The Living Daylights. But she’s perhaps best known for her role as the blue-hued priestess on Farscape.

MTV Geek: So how did you move from modeling to acting all those years ago?

Virginia Hey: I had been modeling for quite a long time at that stage, off and on for about 10 years. One of the casting agencies I worked with was casting The Road Warrior. And a particular agent had asked me many, many, many times if I wanted to act. And I said, “No, no, no. It terrifies me. I don’t have any training. I’m happy doing modeling, and I eventually want to get back into doing art.” So she convinced me to read for The Road Warrior. She said, “Don’t worry. The character is wonderful. I think you’ll really like her. It’s not a real stretch for you, and there’s only about five lines of dialogue in the whole thing.” She tried to convinced me, and she begged me. I said, “No, no, no.” In the end I auditioned, and I was terrible. The director, George Miller, said it was one of the worst auditions he had ever seen. But he said, “Look, why don’t you do an improvisation, because you’ve got something.” So he had me do a series of improvisations, and he loved them. I got the role. Read More...

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