Wilfred Santiago, who is no stranger to sports-centric bio-comics with "21: The Story of Roberto Clemente," is telling the story of the greatest basketball player of all time in "Michael Jordan: Bull on Parade" for Fantagraphics.


Johnny Ryan's "Prison Pit" is nasty, weird, gory, violent, disturbing, and lots of other words that are typically used negatively. But when you're talking about this series -- which has just seen its 4th book released -- it's a stunning compliment. Ryan's work on "Prison Pit" is bravely adolescent and immaturely brilliant. It plumbs the depths of good taste, but serves as an illuminating peek into the subconscious of a man raised on manga, superheroes, cartoons and craziness. "Prison Pit" is consistently one of my favorite series and Book 4 keeps it going in bloody, mutilated, shape-shifting spades. I had the chance to chat with creator Johnny Ryan about the future of main character Cannibal F#@kface, the inspiration for the comic and whther or not it's okay to be totally grossed out by "Prison Pit."


Noah Van Sciver's The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln is exactly the kind of graphic novel that only Fantagraphics would publish. It's the fact-based story of Mr. Lincoln at the most "indie comic hero" point in his life. Lincoln was struggling both professionally and personally in all matters of life and love, eventually plummeting into a pit of borderline-suicidal depression. Van Sciver's story concentrates on the moments that made the great man human. In simple-yet-detailed and heavily crosshatched illustrations we experience Lincoln's awkwardness, his loneliness, his disappointments, his self-doubt, and most importantly, his love of Mary Todd in a way that makes him completely accessible and relatable to readers of Daniel Clowes, Jeffrey Brown, Harvey Pekar and other books in the Fantagraphics library. With this book Van Sciver proves himself to be not only a talented writer and cartoonist, but a storyteller who can infuse truth and humanity into a subject that in another's hands, runs the risk of being stuffy, dry, or worst of all, boring.

I sat down with Van Sciver at this year's BEA in New York to talk about why he chose to tell this story, the research that went into it and what he hopes readers will take from Mr. Lincoln's uncomfortable exploits.

After the interview, be sure to check out an exclusive preview of The Hypo!

If you live, work or play in the New York City area, Austrian cartoonist Nicholas Mahler will be signing copies and speaking about his new book, Angelman: Fallen Angel at The Austrian Cultural Forum on Thursday, April 26 at 6:30pm!

According to Fantagraphics, Angelman: Fallen Angel is:

Two new digital versions of familiar publications about comic books debuted recently: Wizard World Digital and The Comics Journal. Let's take a quick look at each:

Wizard World Digital: This is basically a digital mashup in PDF format of Wizard Magazine and Toyfare that you can read for free on your computer or iPad-like device.

The Awesome: Focusing on a wide variety of different types of comics (Image's Who Is Jake Ellis? is featured on the cover), Wizard World Digital brings together some of the features of the old magazine I liked (I'm a fan of those wacky "Robot Chicken" type action figures with the word-balloons, I admit it) with a more broader focus on comics today (such as the aforementioned "Ellis," Top Shelf, a spotlight on digital comics, and an "In Memoriam" for Dwayne McDuffie) than the former print version. Read More...

By Nick Nadel

Fans of anthropomorphic adventure rejoice: Fantagraphics will be releasing the complete Carl Barks Donald Duck stories in full color later this year. Long known as “The Good Duck Artist” by fans who were able to pick out his work from the other anonymous Disney artists of his day, Barks’ tales of Donald, Scrooge McDuck (whom he created), and the nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie have inspired everything from the DuckTales cartoon to Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Lucas and Spielberg have all but admitted that they stole the runaway boulder sequence from Barks’ Uncle Scrooge story “The Seven Cities of Cibola.”)

Fantagraphics hopes that the affordable reprints (recolored by Rich Tommaso) will expose Barks’ work to a wider audience in much the same way that their acclaimed Peanuts reprints introduced a new generation to the world of Charles Schultz. Indeed, Barks’ fast-paced tales operate in that timeless zone of great works of fiction (Bone, Harry Potter, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure) that grow richer and more rewarding with age. Read More...

By David Paggi

After recently dropping the amazing Werewolves of Montpellier on American audiences via Fantagraphics, Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, has posted the cover and an interior page from his newest, Isle of 100,00 Graves, due out next year. On Isle Jason will be teaming up with writer Fabien Vehlmann (Who actually worked with Sean Phillips on 7 Psychopaths for BOOM! Studios recently).

For anybody not familiar with his work, Jason (Yup, just Jason) draws in a signature anthropomorphic, deadpan style that delivers both humor and pathos in ways most cartoonists only dream of. He has won Eisner awards for his comics The Left Bank Gang, which re-imagined the American literary expatriates in France as bank robbing cartoonists, and I Killed Adolf Hitler, a poignant tale of a time-traveling hit man. His quirky western, Low Moon, which replaced shootouts with chess games, ran in the New York Times Magazine and was collected with other original short work in a book of the same title from Fantagraphics. In addition to Isle, in the next year or so, Fantagraphics will be releasing another collection of shorter work as well as collection of older and out of print work called What I Did. Keep an eye on Jason’s blog, Cats Without Dogs for more news, art and incredibly entertaining movie reviews.

Check out the preview:

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