HBO released 4 new high res images of Winterfell, King's Landing, and the Wall yesterday for Game of Thrones.  We've seen this look at the Wall before in a couple of videos, but these are our first clear views of Winterfell and King's Landing.


Just yesterday we showed you the 4 new Game of Thrones posters HBO released earlier in the week and today they've added a fifth!  The latest features Kit Harington as Jon Snow, illegitimate son of Ned Stark, accompanied by the line "I Am The Watcher On The Wall."  Offhand, we don't recall that line from any of the novels so if you know where it's from please point it out.  In any case, it's great to see Jon used in HBO's marketing!

Click on the image to view it in high res:

Earlier this week IGN exclusively revealed 4 new posters for HBO's upcoming adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones.  Just the other day we showed you the first official poster featuring the tag line "You Win Or You Die" which is a line from the novel but not one usually associated to the series.  We understand the line, and it speaks to a broader audience who is likely not familiar with the books, but it's nice to finally see "Winter Is Coming" used in HBO's marketing efforts.

The posters feature Ned, with the familiar Stark adage, Dany, with the line "I do not have a gentle heart," Cersei, with the line she shares with her brother "Everyone but us is the enemy," and Robert with the more humorous "Killing things clears my head."

Ned's poster is the strongest, and Robert's is a bit perplexing as it's slightly out of character (yes, we know he has a temper and can be violent, but it's really not the core of his character - feel free to debate away) and the image of him is deadly serious.  Without the book here to confirm, the line is from a discussion with Ned prior to going hunting, and wasn't written to show the sometimes murderous side of the King of Westeros.

Cersei's line tells you all you need to know about her, and this side of her is shown very early on so it's not much of a spoiler.  Dany's line, though we're sure it comes from the books, is not one that jumps to memory and also seems slightly out of character, at least until later events that we won't spoil here.

Yesterday we showed you the latest featurettes from HBO on Houses Stark and Baratheon and today we're going to look at Houses Lannister and Targaryen!

The Lannister feature gives us a broad overview of Cersei, Jamie, Joff, and Tyrion. Again, there's not too much here we haven't seen before but every time Peter Dinklage speaks we get goosebumps. The more and more footage of him that's released gives us every bit of confidence that fans of the books are going to love the adaptation and anyone unfamiliar with the books will get a performance from Peter that drives them to pick up the novels.

In the Targaryen feature we mostly hear from Dany and her brother, Viserys. There are glimpses of Jason Momoa as Kahl Drogo and we get to hear a few new (or familiar if you've read books) lines from Iain Geln as Jorah Mormont.

Last week HBO released a new featurette on House Stark and added to it last night with another on House Baratheon!

The first video opens with some background information that we've heard before and provides a bit more on Ned, Cat, Arya, Bran, Robb, Sansa, Rickon, and Jon Snow. We also get a more detailed look at Benjen Stark, First Ranger of the Night's Watch, and Martin discusses the Stark Direwolf.

The second video has the same basic intro and is a bit shorter. We hear from Mark Addy, who plays King Robert, and Lena Headey, who plays Queen Cersei. The most interesting bit though is our first real look at Renly, Robert's brother, who plays a major role throughout the series.

HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones got an official poster and tag line this past week.  The poster features Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean, sitting upon the Iron Throne of Westeros, his sword 'Ice' in his grip.  His expression can be read as thoughtful, sad, introverted, or possibly even defeated, any of which would make sense in the context of the story, but we'll avoid spoilers here for those who haven't read the novel.

The tag line "You Win Or You Die" isn't what we expected.  Like most fans we assumed "Winter Is Coming" would accompany the show's marketing but the new line makes sense and speaks to a wider audience not already familiar with the Stark adage.

While the poster promotes the April 17th premier date we'd like to remind you again to watch on April 3rd at 9pm EST when HBO will premier the first 15 minutes of the first episode.  And if our guesses are correct, those 15 minutes should end with a shocking scene that will keep you hooked for the duration of the season.

As time marches ever closer to the April 17th premiere of Game of Thrones, HBO has begun to roll out full preview footage. Over the weekend, the first full-length trailer was revealed. Clocking at 2:22, it definitely goes further that any of the previously released teasers and clips of footage. Some of the highlights include an extended look at The Wall, scenes of political intrigue with Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and a flurry of swordplay moments as the trailer rapidly comes to its end. Have a look for yourself:

An even bigger piece of news is that HBO will be airing a full 15-minute preview of the show on April 3rd at 9PM ET. For those fans who just can't wait another day, this should do a great job of holding you over.

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The latest series in David Peterson's popular Mouse Guard books, The Black Axe is a prequel to both Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 and Winter 1152. The Black Axe is set in the year 1115 and tells the tale of the mouse who first wielded the powerful weapon known as The Black Axe.

"I'm writing it a little differently than I've written some of the others," Peterson said at the 2010 Baltimore Comic Con. "Because this is kind of a personal story, it's being narrated in dialogue boxes, almost journal style." He added, "I thought this story needed something kind of different, since it is a prequel, show this is a different kind of story than the normal Mouse Guard stories." Read More...

The third installment in The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series based on C.S. Lewis' legendary novels, is set to hit theaters tomorrow December 10. This time, as to be expected, the adventure enters the third dimension!

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sees sister and brother Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to the mystical land of Narnia along with their cousin Eustace to meet up with Prince Caspian and embark on a oceanic journey aboard the titular Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dwarves, dragons, warriors, merfolk and much more fantastical flights of fancy.

The film is directed by Michael Apted and stars Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Will Poulter and the awesome Tilda Swinton as The White Witch.

Check out the latest trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader below. Read More...

By Scott Harris

When “Harry Potter” fans head to the theater this weekend to check out “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1,” they’ll no doubt be worrying about minor details like, you know, Voldemort trying to kill Harry, the Death Eaters taking over the wizarding world and basically the end of all things.

But some movie buffs will be focused on another amazing aspect of the film: all those incredible British thespians (and a couple Irishmen and Scots).

All that wand waving is cool and everything, but for us, the real magic behind the success of “Harry Potter” has been the franchise’s ability to get just about every big-name British actor in the universe to take a major role in the film. Sure, there are a couple of exceptions — Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart were probably too busy fighting in “X-Men” to find the time — but even so, “Harry Potter” has consistently fielded one of the most impressive collections of acting talent in film history. Read More...

Via: Next Movie

It wasn’t until the climax of 2005?s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” that Voldemort first appeared in the flesh, but it was well worth the wait as we beheld the beastly Death Eater in all his noseless glory.

We’re not saying Ralph Fiennes isn’t perfect for the role (in fact, Ralph Fiennes IS pretty perfect for the role), but what if the filmmakers had gone elsewhere when casting Voldy?

We did the dirty work and imagined eight other actors as Voldemort.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


By Chris Plante Via: Next Movie

The dramatic epilogue that will conclude “Harry Potter” — one of the film industry’s most successful franchises — is scheduled for reshoots, reports HitFix.

“Reshoots” may sound to some like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2? is in trouble. That’s not necessarily true.

It’s essential the epilogue properly wrap up the billion-dollar franchise — it’s the summation of all the films, the moment that will stay with the audience after the lights come up and file out the theater. That’s why we’re actually pleased to hear the dramatic conclusion to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2? will receive reshoots this Christmas.

At an interview in London, star Daniel Radcliffe inferred the actors and crew struggled with shooting on location at King’s Cross station.

“I think we made it very hard on ourselves because we shot it at King’s Cross for real. And this time we’ll be shooting it at Leavesden on set,” said Radcliffe. “To have to rush that sequence – and it’s an important sequence – is not something any of us want to do.”

The actors should feel more comfortable in Leavesden Studios, where a majority of the “Harry Potter” films’ scenes were shot. No doubt the hustle and bustle of a real train station — and the swarms of paparazzi that came out for the shot — won’t be missed.

“I mean, you can imagine, we stopped trains when they said we could do the scene. I mean, we are special. We are ‘Harry Potter,’” joked Emma Watson.

So it is. The ending of our generation’s most epic franchise will be reshot on its home turf.

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Hot off the grand opening of their event center in Roseville, MN earlier this year, Fantasy Flight Games is opening their doors to A Song of Ice and Fire fans this weekend, Nov 12-14th. The Days of Ice and Fire weekend includes a series of events with guest of honor, author George R. R. Martin himself, making this not just a weekend of gaming, but a small convention in its own right. Fans will be treated to signings and a Q&A from Martin, as well as roundtable discussions on both the upcoming Game of Thrones HBO series and his sci-fi anthology series Wild Cards. Perhaps the highlight for many, Martin will also be reading a chapter from the unreleased A Dance with Dragons novel. The full schedule is available in pdf.


By Greg Tumbarello Via: Next Movie

Kanye West might be one of the more popular celebrities on Twitter to speak his mind, but he’s a Hufflepuff compared to Lord Voldemort  (@Lord_Voldemort7).

Of course it’s not actually He-Who-We-Just-Named doing the tweeting (duh), but rather a poser — a mega-popular, mega-hilarious poser.

With the penultimate “Potter” movie upon us, here’s our finely combed list of his all-time BEST tweets.


Via: Next Movie

It’s a well-known fact that kids do two things: They say the darnedest things, and they grow up so, so fast.

One of the greatest pleasures (among many) of watching the “Harry Potter” movies has been seeing its trio of leads, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, age before our eyes. It’s like they’re family members – but with mad conjuring skills.

As part of “20 Days of Potter,” we created this visualization of Harry, Hermione and Ron’s aging process, from “The Sorcerer’s Stone” through “Deathly Hallows Part I.”

(Photoshop wizardry by Dustin Glick.)

Come back here every day through Nov. 20 for new cool “Potter” features as we celebrate 20 Days of Potter.

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