When you're a famous internet cat like Lil BUB, and you're in town for a short time, what's first on your agenda? Coming by the MTV Geek offices to dish about outer space, tattoos - and do a geektastic photo shoot, natch! Plus: what's it like to have your own book, movie, and TV show? AND what does she think about Miley Cyrus' twerktastic VMA performance hashtag controversial??? All this plus an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot: Read More...

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here - SPN season 9 preview

by Katherine Erlikh

Hi there. Are you an avid Destiel shipper? Are you hoping Dean Winchester and Castiel will just get on with it and kiss already? Do you wield your pen and paper to bring them together, again and again in most tragically fluffy ways possible? No? Okay, then this is probably not the post for you. However, if you are part of the navy that sails Destiel across the seven seas, this will probably be interesting for you. Here's a very unscientific statistical analysis of "Supernatural" fans and their outlook on the future of Destiel in season 9. Interested? Read on to learn all about it!



Image belongs to Sir Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew)

By Amber Lena

Welcome to the Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best tidbits from your favorite geek personalities. Read More...

Welcome to MTV Geek's weekly roundup of the best fanart we've spotted! Seen a great geek artwork? Share it with us on Twitter at twitter.com/mtvgeek!


by Katherine Erlikh

We're kind of going to try a new thing here today - a weekly post dedicated to awesome, geeky artwork, because I find way too much of it and half of it never gets the attention it deserves. So,  sit back, relax, and let your eyeballs be caressed by stunning visuals and pretty drawings.


Maker Faire 2013 NYC

by Katherine Erlikh

The 2013 World Maker Faire took place last weekend at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing, Queens, and I was fortunate to attend the event on Saturday. Amongst the booths clustered in the Maker Fairegrounds, there was a number of small hidden treasures that I ended up buying, because I really needed them in my life. Please have this accounting of my most excellent impulse buys good life choices.


JB, Eugene, Stan Lee

Image belongs to John Barrowman News (@Team_Barrowman)

By Amber Lena

Welcome to the Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best Tweets from your favorite geek actors and personalities from the last 24 hours.  Read More...


Image belongs to Misha Collins (@mishacollins)

Welcome one and all to the Geek Tweet Recap! We're bringing you the best Tweets from your favorite geek actors, writers, and media personalities from this past weekend. Read More...

Doctor Who first scene

Image belongs to BBC/Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho)

By Amber Lena

Welcome, one and all, to our daily Geek Tweet recap! We're bringing you the best tweets from your favorite actors, writers, and nerd personalities that you may have missed. Now you can fanboy/fangirl over all the best tweets right in one spot. Read More...


Image Source

By Amber Lena

Talk Like a Pirate Day started as a fun joke between friends that grew into an unofficial International holiday. Around the world, people dress up, grab their grog and let their jolly roger flags fly every year on September 19th. Whether this is your first year celebrating or you’ve been participating from the beginning, we’ve broken down a list of musts for your piratey day. Arrrr. Read More...


Get your little black dresses ready because we’re heading to Elvira town. Yes, dressing as the Mistress of the Dark looks easy, but it’s more than a slinky black dress, large black hair and a ton, a ton, of cleavage. Who knew 25 years after the release of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark that she’d still be some people’s number one choice when it came to dress up time? No one, but most are glad she is because it’s not just a sexy outfit, it’s one badass chick.



Image belongs to Stephen Amell (@amellywood)

By Amber Lena

Welcome to the daily Geek Tweet Recap. We're bringing you the best in nerdy celebrity tweets, including behind-the-scenes pictures and your favorite actors prove that they're human, too, in 140 characters or less.



Like with the people who cosplay as Elvira, you’d think it’d be the same tattoo over and over – but it’s not. Some people have gone far outside the box to make sure their ink take on the Mistress of the Dark is unique to their skin and their skin only. So to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best and most well-loved cult classics, here are 13 people who decided Elvira was the perfect tattoo subject.



Image belongs to Sir Picard Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew)

By Amber Lena

Welcome one and all to our daily Geek Tweet Recap, where we bring you the best tweets from your favorite Geek celebs and personalities each day. From the awesome to the absurd, here's what you missed in the Twittersphere on September 17, 2013.



Oh, look, we're getting a new "Harry Potter" movie. Nope, still not over that! But, what does the fandom (and, to be honest, by fandom we mean mainly Tumblr) have to say on the topic? May contain cursewords or other inappropriate for work language as this is, after all, Tumblr.



Kleefeld's FanthropologyFor the past five years or so, the name of Herbert Chavez has popped into my view on a roughly annual basis, and it's always in the exact same context. He's the gent from Calamba City, Philippines who's undergone multiple plastic surgeries to look as much as possible like Superman.

The mainstream articles almost always read exactly the same, regardless of the outlet or the year, so I won't belabor all the details here, but the short version is that he really, really, really likes DC Comics' Superman and struck a deal with a local plastic surgeon to get these procedures done for free in exchange for doing promotion work for him. My guess is that each spate of articles is prompted by a new procedure having gone well. Read More...

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