Where's the H in High-Five Ghost when you need him? Because Vannen definitely deserves a solid slap to the ol' palm-skin for their latest 'Regular Show' watch: "Blacklight"! Not only does it have an appropriately bad-ass moniker, but JG Quintel (creator of 'Regular Show') has even randomly signed some of the packaging! Read on for all the info, and as many photos as your eyeholes can handle in this MTV Geek First Look!

DC Collectibles is showcasing everything from minimalist logos to Parisian-influenced designs to something that looks like Krypto via Lisa Frank in their latest batch of prints.

My personal fave? The David Graves book signing poster from the latest "Justice League" arc. Because I gotta be obscure.

Feast your eyes on all:

It's almost Labor Day, which means wistful end-of-Summer barbecues and...back to school planning! Luckily for you, MTV Geek has made it easy to find the hottest items to rock the Fall in geeky style. Check it out:

Jean Grey Athletics Dept. Tee

Show your classmates that you're a gifted student with this sharp t-shirt from "The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning." It looks so legit that some people will probably think it's from a real school!


You know, your living room could really use something to tie the whole room together. Something tasteful, yet eye-catching. We recommend the 1:1 scale Iron Man Mark VII Life Size Bust, from this summer's The Avengers flick,that was just announced from Sideshow Collectibles! Sure it clocks in at around eight-hundred bucks, but the eyes and arc reactor light up so in theory you could just use Tony's bust to read by at night-- thus saving electricity, and totally deferring the cost of this collectible! Okay, maybe that's a little unreasonable on our part, but just look at how cool this thing is. It's up for pre-order now, so you've got until March of 2013 to figure out how to justify the purchase.

Read on for all the tidbits from Sideshow Collectibles, along with a photo gallery.


For the past two months and change, the HBO Store has kindly been providing us with graphics and info on the products they've released each week to coincide with every episode of Game of Thrones. Now, with the season over, we'll probably have to wait a good long while to get new GoT swag (unless you've got $30K hanging around and want to buy the Iron Throne)... But we also know now which Westeros House is most popular, based on product sales.

That's right: for the past ten weeks, HBO has been tracking sales of shirts, coasters, iPod skins, and more by House, and compared them to the previous season's sales, as well. So now we know who the most popular House was, and where they went up on the rankings. So without further ado, Westeros' Next Top House is... Read More...

David Vonner is known throughout the toy collecting community for his instrumental work on action figure lines like Hasbro's Marvel Universe. After spending years making sure your shelves are covered by your favorite superheroes, he's now moved on to making sure your backs are covered by pop culture-inspired shirts with his design work for Kasual Friday. During Wizard World Philadephia, Kasual Friday will be on hand, along with a couple of con-exclusive "Corner Man" style shirts based on designs from Rocky III. That's right, now you can put to rest the question of where you stand on the whole "Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang" that's been at the forefront of your life for the last 30 years,(Don't deny it!) and what better place than Philadelphia?! Read More...

In today's economy, it's all about value. Well, Gentle Giant Ltd. is inadvertently bringing Marvel Comics fans a huge deal with the announcement of their latest Mini Bust: Moon Knight! Sure, it might look like just one legless vigilante, but readers know that this is so much more thanks to Moon Knight's struggle with fully-developed multiple personalities. That's right, when you buy Moon Knight you also get Mark Spector, Steven Grant, & Jake Lockley. But wait, there's more! With the revelations in the latest 12-issue comic book run from Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, you'll also have the imaginary personas of Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, and (latecomer) Iron Man! That's a whole lotta crazy for one collectible!

The styling for this Moon Knight Mini Bust is based on his original werewolf-hunting days, back when times were simpler and he hadn't found out that a time-traveling Hawkeye invented his weaponry in ancient Egypt. Yeah, that last bit is totally true. Comic history is a fun, and beloved, convoluted mess-- just like Moon Knight! Read on for all the info on this bust, along with a photo gallery.


Are you a "Geek Girl" who is unsure of what to wear on the beach this year? This fun swimsuit, inspired by the original Amazon Princess, might be for you.

I'll admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw this bikini was the Underoos set I wore when I was five:

(I have a bunch of issues about that ad, particularly why Spider-Woman is speaking in a Russian accent...but that's for another post!)

But with Wonder Woman-themed underwear sets for grown-ups available, I don't see why there shouldn't be swimsuits too. This might be the perfect opportunity for a WW/Aquaman team-up! (I hope that "belt" waist is made of "Spanxx" material) Available for $75 from Meshalo on Etsy.

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ThinkGeek always seems to have some of the coolest superhero gear around. Whether it's awesome Marvel hoodies or stylish Art Nouveau character tees, we usually never have a hard time finding new threads over there. Now, they've even got some novelty socks for us comic book nerds. Read More...

It may have been a somewhat mild winter so far, but that doesn't mean we don't need a good hat to keep our ears warm. Sadly, the same old beanie just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Instead, I find myself deeply considering a more fantastical approach to winter warmth. More specifically, I was thinking I'd give this whole crocheted Viking helmet/beard thing a shot. Read More...

Almost Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays have been fantastic! So just in case you need some belated gifts for fellow Jedis or maybe even yourself, I stumbled across these FANTASTIC-O vintage Kenner Star Wars notebooks on Etsy! Read More...

Ninja: Star Wars Ewoks

Just in time for the holidays, Spoke Art just released more prints from artist and illustrator Steve Bialik, his "Ninja: Star Wars" series! It's a beautiful and funny mash up of traditional Japanese art and Star Wars of course! The first set was released last summer and quickly sold out!

Ninja: Star Wars "Invasion of the Death Palace"

Ninja: Star Wars "Akuma"


Ninja: Star Wars "Spacewalker"

My personal fave? The Ewoks! I mean how cute and angry looking are they??? Prints will sell out fast, so don't wait too long!!

Tasked with geek-themed last-minute holiday shopping? Stumped as to what comic book to buy your family or friends? Take a look through our many gift guides designed to make your shopping this season as painless (and fun!) as possible:

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Best Comic Book Gifts For New Readers:

Let’s say you have a friend or family member who’s shown some interest in comic books, but are daunted by years of continuity, and hundreds of trades… Where to start them off on the right foot? Lucky you, we’ve broken down the best starter trades for new readers of all ages, by specific character, interest, and comics.

Batman Graphic Novel Gift Guide:


Diamond Select Toys is now in the business of getting you drunk quicker and with much less effort than ever before thanks to their upcoming line of superhero-related bottle openers! Cap and Silver Surfer are both in the pipeline (what better use for that patriotic shield, right?), but today we're taking a look at Moljnir--the bottle opener of the gods! With this, everyone, 21 and over, is worthy of hefting the mighty hammer of Thor and unleashing mind-numbing beverages that make you believe you're far more attractive and powerful than you really are! Magic, indeed! Read on for all the info straight from our drinkin' buddies at DST!


Lately, the ThunderCats have been enjoying a ton of popularity due to their new animated series on Cartoon Network and new merchandise from just about every company around. However, those ThunderCats, like regular cats, are a hassle to have around. They're always just laying everywhere, yelling "Whiskers!" and cluttering up our joint with mystical swords! Ugh. Well, thankfully our friends at Icon Heroes are giving the ThunderCats their own place to call home with their release of the Cats Lair Resin Environment Statue! Finally we can get those hairy freeloaders off our desks!-- Wait, this is a small statue? You can't fit any actual ThunderCats in it?! Hell. Oh well, it still looks pretty friggin' great.

Read on for more info and photos!


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