A good chunk of December is behind us and you're still contemplating gift guides? Of course, there's nothing that screams holiday spirit like procrastination, but of all the people who will get gifts this season, its the kids who deserve the most thought.

Now that time is of the essence, consider getting them a game. Trust me, nobody ever got pepper sprayed while jockeying for a copy of Trivial Pursuit. Save yourself the hassle and head straight for the game aisle.

Consumers should proceed carefully, though: the game aisles in most stores are rife with horrible games. The mere fact that you are reading this post means it is now your duty to buy the cool game this season. So get out there and use my advise and heed my words of caution, but most of all, put a smile on some kid's face this year. Here are the games that can help you do just that.

Card Games:Redakai Trading Card Game
Ages 6+, $5-30

The holidays are a time for joy, family, thankfulness, and hell-spawned heroes bent on getting their old life back after being tricked by a devil! Well, maybe that last part doesn't quite fit-- or maybe it does. You see, McFarlane Toys is bringing a little Spawn-related cheer next week with the release of an extremely limited statue.

That's a photo we snatched of the statue at this year's New York Comic Con. For all the info on said pile of coolness, hit the "more" tab!


For those geeks who consider board gaming their number one hobby, holiday gifts can be a minefield. Once someone is labeled as a hobby gamer, they become numb to the endless march of strange licensed Monopoly games thrown their way. But how can you blame the gift givers when the desirable games are so removed from mainstream consciousness? Strategy board games are a booming industry, but not one exactly at the peak of pop culture  they're not even stocked on the shelves at most stores.

If you're in the position of buying for a gamer friend (and you yourself are geeky enough to be reading MTV Geek) then you are that individuals's last hope to deliver the goods this holiday season. Read on, and I'll tell you exactly what is hot with the hardcore hobby gaming crowd this year.

Thematic Strategy Games:Game of Thrones andThe Walking Dead

Nothing is hotter than these two properties right now, making them both great themes for board games. It should be fairly easy to find out if your gamer friend is a fan, and If so, then these games will form the perfect intersection of geekdoms.

The Game of Thones board game is a timely choice, as the second edition just hit store shelves this week. In this new version, Fantasy Flight Games has completely re-done the graphic design as well as incorporating two existing expansions and some brand new content all in one box.

If your gift target is a big Walking Dead fan, then that poses a tough decision, albeit one that should not deter you. There are competing games published by Z-Man Games (based on the comic book, pictured above) and Cryptozoic Entertainment (based on the television show). Let your friend's preferred media format guide your choice.

Runners up: Discworld games (Ankh Morpork or Guards! Guards!), Penny Arcade the Card Game: Gamers vs. Evil


Now that we've all stuffed our collective faces with holiday feasts, we can finally get down to the business of buying some presents! Granted, we SHOULD be generous and be picking things out for those near and dear to us, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself. It just so happens that our favorite toy sculptors, and all around cool guys, The Four Horsemen will be having some exclusive busts available this Cyber Monday! The busts are based on their creator-owned Scarabus character and are all done in-house at the Horsemen's studios! Badass, right?! Yeah, we thought so too, so keep on reading for all the info and a sneak peek at the goods.


As I mentioned in my previous gift guide about buying gifts for the veteran hobby gamer, it can be quite hard to hunt down something they actually want. Sometimes, gamers make this process even harder by already owning everything under the sun!

If you are still set on buying them a gaming-related gift, then a fat wallet can always help. For high-rolling gift givers prepared to pony up some cash, here are some tips on how to surprise those that are least expecting it.

A Place to Game: Geek Chic Tables

What It Will Set You Back: Approximately $3,000, give or take a grand.

The Geek Chic Emissary, with inlaid Axis & Allies board

The pinnacle of gaming opulence. I challenge you to find any gamer who wouldn't drool all over themselves at the thought of owning one of these tables. Geek Chic handcrafts all of their products from black walnut, maple, or cherry wood, and includes a laundry list of small touches that make their tables the best around. The following is just a small sample: drawers with fold out surfaces and privacy screens, multi-layer surfaces that can include blown-up versions of your favorite game maps, and a rail system that lets you snap in cup holders and other accessories wherever you want them.


The Avengers will soon be known to most of the populace by their looks in the upcoming film. While that's great and all, we like to remember them the way we first saw them in the Marvel Comics all those years ago. It just so happens that our friends at Kotobukiya are helping keep that nostalgia fresh in our minds thanks to their line of Classic Avengers Fine Art Statues! Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are the first to be released and look to continue Kotobukiya's trend of high-quality statues that have to power to make people weak in the knees upon looking at their unfettered glory.

Read on for more info on each Avenger, plus a ton of photos.


Admit it, board games and pen-and-paper RPGs are niche hobbies, yet this slight obscurity causes the ranks of their fandom to be filled with passionate people. So what's a player to do when the larger geek community fails to recognize the analog side of gaming? The only option is to take matters into their own hands.

The board game evangelist is a common sight, turning friends and family members into card-carrying, dice-toting gaming geeks. No time is he more active than during the holiday season, where a well thought out gift can easily spread the love of hobby gaming. However, a dud can solidify a permanent distaste for the hobby, so follow me and I'll provide the perfect gift ideas for the future gaming converts in your life.

The Potential Roleplayer: Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set

The Mouse Guard RPG may be a simplified version of the Burning Wheel system, applied to a setting filled with small furry creatures, but don't call it a kid's game. Based on the comic series of the same name, the Mouse Guard RPG is a game that bucks the trend of most roleplaying games where success is typically measured in levels and loot.

Instead, Mouse Guard has meaningful character creation (where even the slightest background details directly tie into your character's stats) and you will be rewarded for playing your character according to a list of their beliefs and instincts.

This deluxe boxed set includes plenty of newbie-friendly tools, such as a rule book that coaches the player through running a game, and equipment and status cards that simplify the process of character management. This is the only game where I would feel comfortable telling a player who had absolutely zero roleplaying experience that they could run the game, making it the perfect gift for groups with no veteran guide.

Runners-up: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box, Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: The Essential Starter (Red Box)


While Deadpool probably makes a pretty penny on the mercenary circuit, we imagine merchandising helps to support his rampant taco/chimichanga habit, and it looks like our friends over at Gentle Giant Ltd. are his enablers! That's right, today we're looking at two awesome pieces of Merc-With-A-Mouth-Merchandise that will go great on any shelf or office desk: a Deadpool Mini-Bust and that grotesquely-amazing pencil cup.


Most of us still have a little bit of time left before the blistering cold and heavy snows of winter land at our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start preparing. So what’s on the top of our winter gear list you ask? Well, this Crossbow Snowball Launcher of course! Read More...

Amazon isn’t waiting around for the day after Thanksgiving to start the Black Friday deals. Black Friday is still 18 days away, but Amazon is getting a head start with Black Friday deals already up and running. Video games, electronics and anything else you would expect to find cheap on Black Friday is there.

“When it comes to holiday gift shopping there are three things customers want: low prices, items to be in-stock and ready to ship, and a convenient shopping experience,” said Sally Fouts, spokesperson for Amazon.com.  “So in addition to our everyday low prices, customers will find exceptional deals in our Black Friday Deals store starting today [November 1st] all the way through Black Friday.  These are deals customers won’t want to miss.”

Amazon sent over a preview of some of the items that will be up for grabs during this pre-Black Friday sale -- check them out below! Read More...

While we all eagerly await the second season of Game of Thrones, HBO has been filling their online store and brick-and-mortar retail outlet in NYC with all sorts of awesome goodies from Westeros.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con the Iron Throne, which has unfortunately passed to Joffery Baratheon (hate that kid), made a preview appearance as an especially cool paperweight. To the dismay of many convention attendees the limited-run (or so we thought) item quickly sold out.

Thankfully, there’s some good news for all of you who missed your chance to snag one -- the Iron throne Paperweight has returned! Anyone looking for an awesome piece for their desk or gift for that Game of Thrones geek in their life can head over to Shop.HBO.com or the HBO Shop in NYC (1100 6th Ave. at 42nd St.) and buy one right now! Read More...

Domo is a lovable, brown monster that began life as a mascot for Japanese TV network NHK in 1998. Since then the toothy hatchling has gained global popularity and has been immortalized on on everything from t-shirts to golf ball markers.

Even Dark Horse has jumped in on the Domo action with a ton of limited edition collectibles and there's so much Domo stuff out there we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 awesome Domo products available around the web. Head past to the break to see what found! Read More...

Though summer may quickly be coming to an end (horrible feeling here in Michigan), ice cubes are always nice to have around. Especially if those ice cubes are shaped like Han Solo frozen in carbonite and the galaxy’s favorite astromech droid, R2D2. Read More...

School is back in session and the MTV Geek team wants to help make these times as painless as possible. We've put together a list of geeky gear in an attempt to help you deal with all the late night studying and bothersome roommates. Whether you're looking for a super rugged flash drive, a friendly power strip or some speakers for your laptop you'll find 10 fun and helpful items below.

1. Verbatim Tuff-n-Tiny USB Drive
Everybody needs a flash drive and the Tuff-n-Tiny from Verbatim is perfect for your everyday documents and files. I’ve had one hanging from keychain for months and it’s still as dependable as ever. Its water and dirt resistant, and password protected so only you can access the files onboard. They range in price from $10-$100 depending on how much storage you want and you can find them at Verbatim.com. Read More...

Garden gnomes have been getting some bad press lately with a certain travel site making the age old garden protectors seem... less than smart. They’re tired of it (can you blame them?) and have taken up arms to remind everyone just how serious their job is -- somebody has to keep those pink flamingos in check, right? Read More...

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