Ladies, are you having trouble finding an awesome superhero shirt to wear to that convention coming up? If so, you should head over to ThinkGeek and check out their new DC Comics Hockey Stripe Babydoll Tees. After the mad love you showed for the Batgirl and Wonder Woman costume shirts they decided to give you some more options when it comes to geeky threads.

Whether you’re a fan of Batman, Superman, The Flash or the Green Lantern they’ve got a new shirt waiting for you right now. Why is it called a “hockey stripe babydoll” you ask? Well it’s simple; you see the stripe that runs around the bottom of each sleeve - that’s a hockey stripe. So, if you were paying attention to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and your team (like mine) failed to make it to the finals then you can just wear your Superman tee and be done with it -- that’s what I’m doing.

Sadly, none of these shirts will make you fly, run fast, fight good or aid in your space travel needs. However, they do feature cool distressed looking logos and can take 20 of your hard-earned dollars and turn them into a t-shirt that magically arrives on your doorstep! Head over to ThinkGeek if one (or all) of these is the DC shirt you’ve been waiting for.

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Arrrrgh, ye best be mountin’ that crow’s nest… The fourth installment of Disney’s mega-franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, hits theaters tomorrow, May 20th! To celebrate the awesome occasion we’ve decided to put a list together of some of the coolest pirate-themed gifts we’ve seen around the web.

T-shirts, coffee mugs, doormats, drinks and games -- you’ll find our Top 10 Swashbuckling Geek Gifts after the break!

Jolly Roger Doormat
If you’re friends are heading into a home full of drunk and unsavory characters it’s probably best to give them a fair warning before they open the door. This Jolly Roger doormat may not feature the most intimidating skull & crossbones we’ve seen but, it’s sure to get the message across. You can find it at ThinkGeek for a reasonable 24 quid.

Vintage 80s Booty Belt
If you lady pirates need to show off all the booty you plundered from that nearby village, this Vintage 80s Booty Belt is the way to go. It’s made out of a bunch of “gold” coins and an elastic belt strap so one size fits all. Gather up $24 worth of coinage and head over to Etsy to snag one for yourself. Read More...

Last week we showed you that awesome Super Mario Bros.-inspired USB Mushroom Lamp and now we’ve found something even better for all you mushroom-heads. It’s the Mad Pax Spiketus Rex Backpack and it will have nerds everywhere showing some love for our favorite plumber's nemesis.

While you may be worried this thing will just fall apart, take note that each bag is made of durable leather, not just some faux vinyl crap. There’s breathable material up against your back and the bags come in a ton of colors. They will set you back about $60 which isn’t bad for a nice leather backpack, especially one with this much geek-cred. Head past the break if you want a look at all the colors! Read More...

Everyone needs a desk lamp but, who says that desk lamp has to be some boring old thing your grandpa used to shed light on his coin collection? Well, no one. That’s why you should check out this USB-powered Mushroom Lamp! Straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, some say the glow comes from magic rather than LEDs -- we‘re not really sure.

This thing is really cool and the best part is it can run off two AA batteries if you don’t have any USB ports open. Just tap the top of the mushroom to turn it on, and tap it again to turn it off. The USB Mushroom Lamp is available in our choice of green or red though neither model will give you an extra life or make you grow from your wimpathized state. Also, it probably should not be eaten as we’re sure it would land any hungry geek in a hospital bed. Read More...

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some of the coolest Thor merch around the web -- just for you, because you’re special.

Foam hammers, keyboards, blacklight t-shirts and a leather cap Thor himself would be proud to don; that’s just a taste of what’s in store. Head past the break and take a peek, there’s something for every mortal in Midgard!

Thor’s Foam Hammer
Plan on doing any cosplay at midnight? This foam hammer is pretty basic but everyone will know you carry the power of Thor! No, not really. It won’t make you fly or give you the strength of a god. However, it will be a great way to beat your friends senseless while you’re waiting in line! And this way, no one will be seriously injured before you get to your seat! You can grab one at, But Wait! if you spend $50 or more on Thor stuff they will throw the foam hammer in for free, so keep reading we have more stuff from them in here! Read More...

Is your mom just as big a geek as you are? That's awesome! You should be proud, not everyone is lucky enough to have a geek mom. Mother’s Day is this Sunday and to help you show your geeky mom just how much you care about her we’ve decided to throw a quick list of geeky Mother’s Day gift ideas your way. Just a few to get you started on that last minute mom shopping and hopefully inspire a few geeky ideas of your own. We're not talking about the same thing you buy her every year, this time we want you to get creative and give mom something she can actually enjoy for years to come. Flowers and chocolates just don't last long enough, so scroll down and take a peek at our suggestions. We're sure there's something for every mom!

8-bit Flower Bouquet - $15 @ ThinkGeek
First of all, flowers are an important staple of Mother’s Day, but geek moms don’t want the same old bouquet you’ve bought every year since the beginning of time. They want something different, and that’s exactly what this Mario-inspired 8-bit Flower Bouquet is -- different. They will last a lot longer than your typical bouquet and they come with an easy-to-stomach price tag! Read More...

Have you ever read a comic book you liked so much you wished you could send it to all of your friends and family with the simple click of a button? Well, now you can thanks to comiXology who recently announced a new feature called “Gift This Comic.”

Using Gift This Comic, users can choose to pay for a comic book and send it to a friend, as a gift, by simply providing their e-mail address upon making the purchase. Unfortunately, it looks like gift purchases will have to be made online at but, the titles will sync up with mobile devices running a Comics by comiXology app.

The best part of this new feature is the fact that the person receiving the gifted comic does not have to be signed up with comiXology when they receive it. They will get an e-mail letting them know they have a comic waiting for them. After they sign up they will be able to read the comic and it will sync with any iOS or Android device so they can enjoy it on the go.

It’s a great way to get more people into comic books. You know there is a story you’ve been trying to get one of your friends to read but, they aren’t going to the comic shop just because you told them too. With Gift This Comic we can just throw it in their inbox and let them discover how great it is on their own.

“Comic fans are among the most devoted and passionate group anywhere," said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “Now they can share their love of comics with their friends and loved ones anywhere in the world and introduce them to a new world of story telling on the iOS, Web and Android.”

The new feature is already up and running, so head over to and start gifting all of your favorite books right meow!

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It’s kinda sad to think we live in a world where at any given moment your precious laptop or tablet PC could be snatched right from your hands, but that's the unfortunate truth. Buying a laptop bag that screams “LAPTOP BAG!” may protect your precious hardware from the elements, but it doesn’t offer much in deterring the common thief. Thankfully there’s a solution -- a very clever solution.

Yes, that manila envelope you see pictured to the right is actually a padded and secure laptop bag! It may not be the most attractive laptop sack on the market, but there’s no doubt it’s a great place to hide your portable PC when you’re not too sure it should be left in plain sight -- like the back seat of your car for instance. Unless of course you’ve recently been recruited as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Undercover Manila Laptop Sleeve is available from ThinkGeek right now for about $30. The inside is soft and padded to protect your laptop from scratches and minor impacts. The outside is durable tear-resistant and splash-proof tyvek made to look like an old, crumpled, manila envelope. You can crumple it up more and write on it but it won’t tear or fall apart like paper would. The sleeve will fit up to a 17” laptop with ease and there are Velcro straps to hold it in place.

Obviously, you don’t have to put a laptop in it. The undercover sleeve can just as easily hold smaller devices like iPads or other tablets. However, ThinkGeek recommends to use is with gadgets that are 8-inches or larger.

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“We’re going to have fun, with science.” I’m sure you’ve seen the Portal 2 TV spot by now and the much anticipated follow-up to Valve’s original has already hit shelves, which means fans across the country are already solving puzzles with their favorite robot-duo.

However, if playing the game and doing your best to figure out where that next portal should go isn’t enough to satiate your Portal obsession, why not check out some of the awesome threads available at Valve’s online store? They’ve got everything from Aperture baby-doll tees to track-jackets. Hell, there’s even an Aperture pint glass if you feel so inclined -- I know I do... Read More...

Konami and Musterbrand, LLC have teamed up to give Metal Gear Solid fans a great way to share their passion for the popular franchise in the form of a new clothing line! Now, many of you may be thinking “Metal Gear clothes? How is that news?” Well, I will tell you.

These aren’t just t-shirts and hoodies with Snake and the gang printed on the front. No, the new line is actually inspired by apparel we see characters from Peace Walker wearing in-game! There are coats, shirts, pants and hats available right now at

Musterbrand pride themselves on taking the things we see in the digital world and bringing them to the real world -- and that’s just what they’ve done here.

First up is my personal favorite, Miller’s Field Jacket. It’s available in two colors - Navy Blue or Military Olive - and looks just like the jacket he wears in the game. The only real difference is the tags, obviously, and on the right sleeve you’ll find a large, removable MGS badge. Other than that it features the same slanted breast pockets and the sleeves can be rolled up and secured in place with buttons.

To match the jacket, Konami and Musterbrand have created a pair of Field Pants that are also available in both the Navy and Olive colors. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty/weather resistant than the jacket, they’ve got a knee-length Field Coat with a “notebook pocket” for holding your mobile electronics. (Yes, your iPad will probably fit) It’s a little more expensive, but there’s no doubt it will last. Just like the Field Jacket, it too features the awesome removable badge on the right sleeve. Read More...

Easter is just around the corner and you know that geek in your life isn’t looking for a basket full of marshmallow birds, chocolate eggs and a cute stuffed bunny. You need to find something completely different and MTV Geek! has you covered. We’ve put together a little list of inexpensive gifts that we hope will inspire you to get geeky on Easter Sunday.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without the sweets, so we've definitely got to put some in there and this Super Mario Bros. inspired tin full of Super Star Candies is perfect for the gamer in your life. What geek wouldn’t want to wake up, pop a star and feel invincible all day? You can grab one at Perpetual Kid for a very reasonable $2.99!

If you’re looking for something a little more entertaining you should check out Desk Pets’ TREKBOT. This two-wheeled micro RC features a 5-button USB charger/controller and will zoom around your desk performing flips and headstands for about $20. You can find them at RadioShack and they’re available in four colors and frequencies so you and co-workers can battle it out during that extended lunch break.


Gamers that grew up with an NES in their home know Mega Man has been a source of joy and utter frustration for years. For some reason he is just one of those characters we can’t help but love and if you’re feeling a little blue after hearing news of Mega Man Universe being canned well, maybe these 8-bit style Mega Man keychains will cheer you up. Read More...

Clothing retailer UNIQLO has an extensive new line of tees this Spring based on anime classics like Dragon Ball Z, NARUTO, and One Piece. The tees sell for $19.90 in the United States and offer quite a selection. This new collection arrives as UNIQLO is ready to open their third clothing store in New York City. Visit the official UNIQLO website to check 'em all out!

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You know what we’re seriously lacking? More t-shirts with toys on ‘em, that’s what! Thankfully, companies like Fistful Apparel are filling that void in our life with clothing like this new design featuring Pheyaos, one of our favorite designer vinyl toys! This design is made in collaboration with Real X Head/Onell Design, who make the highly-addicting Glyos -- interchangeable toys that steal lots of our time with their customizable-tomfoolery. The company also has many other shirts that would be of interest to the geek community, including such gems as “Monster Slaughter” which features an image of a luchadore hacking up the classic monster archetypes with a machete. Yes, a machete!

Here’s all the info on the Pheyaos Man shirt straight from the folks over at Fistful Apparel:


Those Angry Birds have taken their anger to a whole new level! Rather than just knocking those pigs and their makeshift fortresses down they’ve gone way too far and decided to turn that swine into pork rinds!

Available right now from ThinkGeek, you can get yourself a nice bag of green pig pork rinds and they are very reasonably priced, only setting us back about $6! Referred to by their creators as “The Other Green Meat” this high protein snack is sure to please any Angry Birds fan ready to get their high-calorie snack on! Not only that, you’ll be doing the Angry Birds a huge favor by disposing of all the evidence we have against them for killing hundreds of thousands of rare green pigs!

Here’s what the product page has to say…

Angry Birds Pork Rinds are the ultimate in high protein snacking. Since the only other green meat we've encountered has been a breakfast meat paired with green eggs, we're calling these "The Other Green Meat." Much like green ham, you can eat Angry Birds Pork Rinds here or there. You can eat them anywhere. You can eat them with Red Leader. You can eat them from a bird feeder. You can eat them on a date. You can eat them on a Shirt Plate!

These crispy delicacies were painstakingly collected from the wreckage of exploded green pig flesh by the Pork Remnants Collectors Union 1337. After a bath in a vat of boiling oil, they are seasoned to perfection and packaged in snack sized bags. Break one open and taste the crisp, salty, savory flavor that only green pigs can produce. A truly succulent treat for the discerning mobile gamer.

These green rinds probably won’t last long so, if you want to taste the pigs you’ve been helping destroy now is your chance! Head over to ThinkGeek before it’s too late (specifically, any time after April 1)!


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