Sure, that Starship Enterprise pizza cutter was a big hit at last year’s party, but how do you plan to top it this year? Will you have an army of Androids guarding your front door? How about, an awesome Star Wars cookie jar repurposed as an icebox for those tall boys? No, that’s just not going to do it. It’s a party; we want everyone full of energy. How about some of that Romulan Ale we see in Star Trek all the time? That always seems to get the party off to a good start. What? You don’t know where to buy Romulan Ale? Well, we do.

It may not be the strong stuff you’d find in other parts of the universe (sorry, its alcohol free) but, this Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink will definitely get you all jacked up. With a hearty 84mg dose of caffeine and some ginseng and guarana for a little extra kick this cold, blue alien beverage should have you bouncing off the walls in no time.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t find this berry flavored Romulan beverage at your local quik-e-mart but, ThinkGeek has a bunch of it to sell you right now! It only comes in a six-pack and you’ll have to drop about $15 plus the inevitable shipping. However, we’d put money on you being the only one who brought official Romulan Ale to the party. Here’s a nice big image -- we know you like those -- followed by a few words from the product page.

Illegal in the Federation from around 2280 to 2370, Romulan Ale is a very sought after alcoholic beverage - one that has been described as producing instant intoxication. Ok, so we're not gonna sell you that (we're keeping that for ourselves). BUT, we have found that there is another version of Romulan Ale, popular amongst the hard workers of Romulus: Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink! Of course, we added the "Star Trek", but this is the real stuff - delivered to you through the magic of wormholes, warp technology, smuggling, and just a little bit of bribing.

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Everyone knows it only takes a little bit of Kryptonite to slow down the Man of Steel. As soon as he gets close to it he'll start feeling the effects. So, if Superman's been giving you some trouble lately you’ll be happy to know we've stumbled upon a great DIY solution, Kryptonite candy!

Now obviously it’s not really Kryptonite, though they have found a mineral with a similar chemical composition according to the Superman Returns movie -- but it definitely looks like Kryptonite. It “glows” in UV or natural light and sports the unmistakable green color of the potent crystals. However, this Kryptonite comes from an Instructable by BrittLiv and is mostly composed of sugars to make for a sweet treat! Read More...

Mighty Fine allows you create your own "hipster meme" with their new "Uncanny Hipsters" customizable T-shirts. Write your own captions using one of three different designs:


Mighty Fine not only puts out some amazing "geek" tees, they also have a sense of their civic (Muppet) duty. That's why they are donating part of the proceeds of every "We Stand By The Muppet Lobby" T-shirt they sell to local PBS stations, to help support them in the face of possible defunding by politicians.

Mighty Fine also encourages people to visit the Left Action website's "I Stand With The Muppet Lobby" page ("Don't Whack The Muppets!") and sign their online petition to keep PBS funded and on the air.

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Don't just buy a Scott Pilgrim T-shirt...customize it! Mighty Fine gives you the option to choose what Scott Pilgrim characters appear on your shirt, and even rotate and resize them so they are exactly the way you want! Just visit "My Tee" at the Mighty Fine site and start designing your "dream" S.P. tee!


I can remember being a little kid on the airplane when they handed out those cheap plastic wings; every airline had the same pair with a different logo on them. That was why I liked to travel when I was younger; I just wanted the wings. Now that we’ve grown up, we need a new way to show our appreciation for the great blue yonder and it looks like Bader Models has the answer.

They recently came out with a bunch of USB flash drives that are modeled after real commercial airlines' tail wings! They even have classic airlines that aren’t around anymore. It’s just the tail wing but, you can get any airline and any color tail wing USB flash drive you want. They show off a bunch on their website and make it very clear that if you want a specific airline's tail wing design, they will make it for you, as long as you're willing to swipe that card.

As far as price goes, well there’s the catch, since these are one-off, made to order models these custom tail wing drives start at $53 for 4GBs and make it all the way up to $120 if you want the big 32GB version. I can’t wait until someone throws one of these on each side of their laptop -- settle down Billy it’s not going to fly, just put the laptop down and do some work. Head over to Bader Models right now if you want to check them out. They’ve got a bunch of examples up and you can order right from the website.


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Can't wait for the release of the new "ThunderCats" cartoon? Here's a "geek gift guide" of items inspired by the popular 80's animated series!

This ThunderCats "Japanese Pop" T-Shirt brings to mind the anime-flavored design of the upcoming Cartoon Network series ($19.95,

No geek businessperson's desk in complete without this handsome Lion-O Resin 6-inch Statue ($59.99, Entertainment Earth):


Premier cosmetics company MAC's Wonder Woman Collection for Spring of 2011 features makeup in colors such as "Themyscira," "Athena's Kiss," "Spinning Transformation," and "Secret Identity." MAC will also offer compacts and makeup bags emblazoned with Wonder Woman logos. The American launch date for their Wonder Woman collection is February 2011.

Also, check out that great promo art for MAC by comic book legend Mike Allred!



Hey did you see that Back to the Future-style Delorean hard drive we wrote about recently? If you didn’t you can check it out here. For those of you who fell in love with that gadget the second you saw it, you’ll probably get excited about this too. has a new model coming out that sports a classic feature from the third installment of the popular time-traveling film series.


On This Day In Geek History: Adam Powell, Neopets creator, born (1976); Tony Moore, "Walking Dead" comic book artist, born (1978); astronomer and author Carl Sagan dies (1996); NeXT merges with Apple Computer, starting the path to Mac OS X (1996); "Sin City" actress Brittany Murphy dies (2009)

I've decided to mix it up today and make all my links in the form of the classic holiday song "12 Days of Christmas" --

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: one Firefox logo made out of Lego!


On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: two sexy bionic ballerina outfits with battery powered LED lights and 17 individual lasers!


It’s that time of the year folks, the holidays are upon us and it’s time to get in the spirit and start decorating. But, we’re tired of the same old reindeer and Santa statues, so we’ve put together a few ideas to help keep the geek inside us alive during the holiday season.

1. Geeky Hallmark Ornaments

Hallmark ornaments are always a sure bet. Whether it’s comic book superheroes or our favorite Star Wars characters, they’ve always got a new ornament collection we can get into. This year for instance, they’ve got an awesome Wolverine vs. Hulk ornament. There’s a lot more too, including a Light Cycle from Tron: Legacy! Check them out here. Read More...

Buying a custom case for our smartphones not only helps protect our $300 disposable, they can give us a chance to show everyone what we‘re into. Now, the Angry Birds obsessed many can grab a case of their own depicting one of the characters from the popular mobile game.

The cases are pretty simple, they get right to the point. There’s not actual scenes from the game on them, they are just close-ups of some of the characters. The red bird, the yellow bird and the Pig King are the only characters available. There are openings on the sides so we can get to the buttons, and there’s one on the back for the camera. The full color design really fits well with Apple's slick design style, and the Angry Birds logo is to be expected, but Gear4 decided to throw their logo right under it, and while its obvious their logo would be on their product, I feel like it kind of takes away from the overall design. But, other than my petty complaints, the cases do look really good.

They came out a little while back in the UK and now they are finally available in the US. Gear4 is the place to go if you want to pick one these bad birds up and it will set you back about 25 bucks. If you love the game and need or want a new case these are a great option. They’ll also fit on that new iPod Touch, you know, the one we play Angry Birds on.


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Times are good for Tron fans right now, last time we saw fully-functional Tron Light Cycle replicas going for about $50,000. And, to keep things moving forward for the Tron diehards, Monster Cable and Disney have teamed up to bring us some fancy Tron headphones!

There are two different versions of the Tron T1 headphones. Both versions sport over 60 LEDs that provide Tron style lighting animations. They’ve got an advanced studio driver for quality surround sound, large over ear speakers that provide deep bass and low end sound and ContolTalk technology that allow you to control your iPod or iPhone with voice commands. They also feature a removable microphone so you can trash talk your buddies while you game! The standard pair comes in a gloss black finish with Tron: Legacy blue lighting, while a limited edition Daft Punk inspired set features a white finish with a machined steel overlay.

Monster Cable and Disney didn’t stop with just headphones. They’ve also got an awesome iPod dock coming out inspired by the data discs from the upcoming movie. The dock sports 4 speakers and the same Tron-style LED lighting found on the headphones. Read More...

This set of superhero travel posters, rendered in an elegant minimalist style by Justin Van Genderen, will totally add class to your office or comic book reading room. Offered are Metropolis, Gotham, Neo Tokyo, New York (Daily Bugle), and New York (Baxter Building). Prints available here.


Gift-giving can sometimes be a hassle. Disregarding yourself and thinking of others is easy for some; but let’s face it, those people are usually way too happy. Well, with the holidays right around the corner, we here at MTV Geek are bringing you a list of some semi-geeky gifts for your semi-geeky friends and loved ones. While those boys and girls might not be ready for that Boba Fett helmet or light-up BTTF Delorean model, these collectibles just might start them down the path to Fanboyland, regardless of their age.

Disney/Pixar Cars Holiday Exclusive:

Kids LOVE Cars! That’s it, in a nutshell. You’d be hard pressed to think of another film, without any sequels, that has produced the sheer amount of merchandizing as that Disney/Pixar phenomenon. Kids of all ages can’t help but like Lightning McQueen, Doc, and Mater. Hell, who would have thought anything Larry the Cable Guy was involved in would ever be this popular?! Mattel recognizes the need for sweet collectibles, and this holiday season they’ve released a Toys R’ Us-Exclusive box set featuring Mater (wearing a furry hat…cause cars get cold too), Lightning McQueen (in a new deep red metallic finish), and for the first time The Santa Car! What does a car want for Christmas, anyway? Maybe some of those cool “truck nuts”… Read More...

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