That Deadpool statue got your attention, didn’t it? Well, it sure managed to grab ours and so did the rest of Gentle Giant’s latest round of Marvel-based releases! Not only is the Merc with a Mouth riding his scooter and prepping a cannon, but Spider-Woman, The Red Skull, and even Wolverine have been added into the mix as well. Most of these are set for release this January, so that gives you some time to save up your loose change… tons and tons of loose change.


The hits just keep on coming with Gentle Giant Ltd.’s Star Wars and Marvel merchandise. This month, we mean that literally thanks to the info on their upcoming (not so) mini-bust of the Incredible Hulk! These fine collectibles are available for order, through your favorite comic shop, this month but won’t find their way onto your shelves until the Fall. Still, that female Stormtrooper statue is worth the wait!

Also, this month sees the continuation of G.G.'s tribute to the classic Kenner Star Wars line with the release of the Death Squad Commander in full 12 inch size. We love these toys, especially so thanks to the sweet blister card they arrive on.

Here’s all the info straight from our friends at Gentle Giant:


While Spring is yet to fully rear its much-welcomed head, Autumn is already gearing up to take all your money! That’s because our friends over at Gentle Giant Ltd. are going to be releasing multiple Star Wars products, and let’s just face the facts that you’re going to NEED them… at least that’s our reasoning for constantly purchasing Jawa-related merchandise. G.G. has been branching out into various types of collectibles recently, and we're glad to see the continuation of the 12" Kenner-style vintage Star Wars figures. What really sets these off for us is the huge blister card that each figure is placed on!

Here’s all the info, and a few snazzy pics of G.G.’s upcoming releases including the previously mentioned 12" figures, a new bust of a fan-favorite character, and a statue of one of the coolest looking Sith to ever exist:


Guess who just got themselves a fancy new license to produce wicked-cool Marvel memorabilia? Gentle Giant Ltd., that’s who! You all know what that means – the makers of some of the best busts and statues around can now delve into the recesses of the Marvel Universe and pull out gems like their upcoming Deadpool statue and Black Cat bust! Today, we here at MTV Geek! are going to present the official announcement straight from the folks over at Gentle Giant. As an added bonus, we’re then going to preview one of G.G.'s latest and greatest Marvel products! How’s that for information?!

Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to announce a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment! In our ongoing efforts to bring new and uniquely special pop culture products to market, GGLTD has recently licensed several new categories of collectibles. Look forward to seeing Mini-busts, Bookends, Desk Accessories, beautiful Bronze items, Life-size pieces and character Statues featuring detailed vehicles and much, much more.

Coming soon are Deadpool on his Motorbike, interchangeable bookends allowing you to choose which hero battles which! And an ongoing line of mini-busts featuring all your favorite heroes like The Hulk, The Thing, Spider-man, Wolverine and many more, plus offerings from the Thor, Captain America and Avengers films!

Make mine MARVEL!


As we here at MTV Geek impatiently wait for the 2011 American International Toy Fair, we’re still bringing you the latest and greatest toy reviews from all over the landscape of action figuredom. “Figuredom?” Yeah, just go with it. This week Diamond released another bruiser to their line of Marvel Select figures: The Unstoppable Juggernaut! He’s 2 ½ lbs. of plastic mayhem, but is he worthy enough to mingle with our other Marvel figures? Only one way to find out…

According to the back of Juggernaut’s humongous blister package, this is his history, in brief:
Finding a mystical ruby in a lost temple in Korea, U.S. Army soldier Cain Marko read aloud the inscription to the gem: “Whosoever touches this gem shall be granted the power of the Crimson bands of Cyttorak! Henceforth, you who read these words shall become… forevermore… a human Juggernaut!” Charles Xavier’s half-brother became and unstoppable force soon after joining Magneto in the fight against the X-Men and anyone else that dared stand in their way!

Ol’ Juggy has one helluva sculpt! While we’re refuting the claim that he ever joined Magneto (except in our semi-filthy fan-fics), we can’t argue the tremendous detail captured in this hulking mass of destruction! Gentle Giant Ltd., best known for their line of Star Wars busts and laser-scanned head sculpts, are credited as the sculptors of this particular toy. Whether this was achieved through computer-aided design or the good ol’ fashioned human hand is not clear, but we couldn’t care less! Juggernaut’s imposing mass is captured expertly, as is his menacing visage. Xavier’s red-headed brother from another mother has a separate faceplate attached beneath the helmet to give the appearance of having his bulbous melon hidden beneath. Speaking of the helmet, it is appropriately huge and is pockmarked with damage from all the random running through walls and whatnot that the Juggernaut is so well known for. Like the helmet, the bands around his arms are also sculpted to look like hammered steel. The rest of Cain’s outfit looks like a tough leather or hide, like that of an elephant or the inside of a boxer’s cauliflowered ear. Gross, yet durable. Juggy’s (you know he would just LOVE being called “Juggy”) boots look as if they are made of thick, wrinkled leather. The soles of his boots are even fully sculpted with deep tread, so he doesn’t slip and fall while on a rampage through the streets of NYC. Very practical. Read More...

All you Star Wars fans better start saving your pennies, because when July hits you’re gonna be dyin’ to buy what Gentle Giant Ltd. is gonna be sellin’! We here at MTV Geek are about to show you Force-lovin’ readers 3 new releases scheduled to hit the market next summer-- which will work out for two of them, since they’re already accustomed to the dry heat of Tattooine.

Here’s all the info straight from Gentle Giant themselves:

Luke Skywalker -12” Jumbo Vintage Kenner Figure


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