Hasbro has a lot in store for their Marvel Universe 3 ¾” action figure line. Some of the most requested and obscure characters are going to be popping up in coming waves and 2 packs, 3 packs, Masterwork box sets, Giant battles assortments, and tons more! While tons of items were revealed during their Collector-Fan Event presentation, some of those sadly weren’t present on the showroom floor (we’re lookin’ at you, Thanos and Adam Warlock 2 Pack). Still, there were plenty of new figures, and we here at MTV Geek are bringing you our Top Ten list of the coolest soon-to-be-released Marvel Universe toys!

10. Dr. Doom


Hasbro’s Collector-Fan Media Day had so many exciting reveals that it’s tough to categorize them by importance. However, we here at MTV Geek were patiently awaiting any and all news on 2012’s relaunch of 6” Marvel Legends to the action figure aisle. Although no photography was allowed during the slide presentation, we can fill you in on the info, and show off Hasbro’s Marvel Legend predecessor, the 6” Iron Man line.

At the presentation, a 6” Marvel Legends figure was shown, and it was epic! Thor stood there stoically on the screen wearing the uniform he is currently seen sporting in his Marvel Comics’ appearances. Both the sculpt and paint deco were very detailed, and it was announced that he will kick off the line as one of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives! It was also hinted that he would feature special packaging with possible light and sound features. The only other ML reveal was an early look at a computer-aided sculpt for an Ultimate Hawkeye figure. He appeared to be garbed in his uniform from Ultimates III which includes the bullseye-emblazoned full-face mask. His tentative accessories were also pictured, including 2 crossbow pistols. While this was an extremely unpolished sneak peek, we really like the way Marvel Legends seems to be headed! Geez, the line doesn’t see actual release until 2012, so the apocalypse better just hold of for a while, cause we have to own these!


Back in the early 80’s, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had a very different moniker. Yep, right up until its initial release, Episode 6 was better known as “Revenge of the Jedi”. Why change the title? Oh right, that whole thing with Jedi being peace-loving, non-revenge-getting hippies! What’s the use of having a stinkin’ lightsaber if you can’t use it to reap tons and tons of hardcore revenge?! Oh well, everyone can’t be as enlightened as us in such matters. Hasbro has decided it’s high time “Revenge” is celebrated with some cool new action figure releases!

At Hasbro’s Collector-Fan Media Day, it was unveiled that there will be 12 new Vintage figures released on the Revenge of the Jedi cardback. Not only that, but they’re going to be chase figures randomly packed in case assortments. We were told that the Revenge figures wouldn’t be quite as hard to find as the Treasure Hunt versions of old; but, we don’t foresee finding all 12 out in the wilds of the local toy aisles to be an easy accomplishment. The 12 figures are: Jedi Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Endor Han Solo, R2-D2, Darth Vader, B-Wing Pilot, Admiral Akbar, Boba Fett, Endor Rebel Trooper, Wicket, Slave Leia, & a Tie Fighter Pilot.


Lightning is set to strike as Marvel’s Thor film makes its way into theaters on May 6th! Hasbro has unveiled a full line of 3 ¾’ figures to accompany the movie, and all feature weapons with enhanced features like pop-out blades or more pop-out blades. Norse gods just can’t get enough of melee weapons! Plus, is there anything cooler than having a toy of Sir Anthony Hopkins (Odin) sporting an eyepatch and full battle armor?! Well, yeah there probably is, but we sure can’t think of it at the moment. These figures, along with scads of other collectibles and toys should be hitting store shelves this Spring, so you’ll have plenty of time to track down that badass Destroyer figure before the film sees release.


Hasbro’s line of Pursuit of Cobra G.I. JOE action figures has been wildly successful. The extreme attention to detail, strong construction, intuitive articulation build, and insane amount of extra accessories has helped push this latest line to a lot of fan’s favorite’s lists. Thankfully, it looks like 2011 is going to see the quality of the JOE figures not only rise, but see a new packaging format and theme. The JOE line will have 3 carded variations: G.I. JOE, COBRA, & Renegades. Yes, to the elation of fans, the regular G.I. JOE line and its style are not being phased out for the new animation-based figures. Instead, much like the earlier Resolute toys, the Renegades figures will be done in a realistic style that still manages to channel the look of the show. After seeing some of these figures, we are astounded that Hasbro can produce such fine detail in this scale while still not having the figures fall apart in our hands. The first of these new figures will find their way to the toy aisle this Summer!


Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger battles its way to the big screen on July 22nd, and Hasbro is set to deploy a whole brigade of new 3 ¾” figures based on Cap’s movie and comic appearances! Cap’s supporting cast of heroes and villains are also seeing the light of day as action figures with such standouts as Captain Britain and the mercenary Crossbones. U.S.Agent, Bucky Cap, and the Winter Soldier are but a few more of the standouts, not mentioning all of the toys bearing a striking resemblance to Chris Evans. These guys are set to invade store shelves this Spring!


Hasbro unveiled quite a few new products during their Collector-Fan Media Day. Every toy line that we salivate for from their company was represented with amazing new toys, and a few surprises. One of the biggest announcements was the release of an all new Skystriker jet for the current G.I. JOE line! During the early 80’s that jet was the epitome of JOE transportation and weaponry, and every “cool kid” had one. However, at some point the molds were lost or destroyed, so Hasbro had no way of re-releasing the Skystriker back into any future lines. Now after all this time, Hasbro decided to finally just say “screw it” and made a whole new Skystriker to the delight of fans everywhere!


Optimus Prime is one of the most beloved characters in pop-culture -- and he's back in Transformers Prime, which is airing on Hasbro's The Hub on Friday February 11 at 6:30 PM ET. Also returning is the original "Optimus" voice actor, Peter Cullen -- and MTV Geek had a chance to chat with the legend himself!

MTV Geek: How did you create that distinctive voice for Optimus Prime?

Peter Cullen: It all centers around the audition I had. On the very first day I was introduced to Optimus Prime , my brother Larry – a former Marine who fought in Vietnam, who was an officer and a recipient of a bronze star, and quite a leader – said, “Peter, don’t be one of those funny Hollywood heroes – be a real hero, you don’t have to yell and scream and act tough and pretend. Be gentle enough – because if you act tough, you can’t be gentle.” He’s about thirteen months older than I am, and about five inches taller, so he has a lower voice than I do – so I guess that’s where the voice part comes in, I was doing an impersonation of my brother Larry and applying his principles of leadership.

Geek: I guess that’s what always struck me about Optimus Prime’s voice – it sounded like a real person’s voice, and he didn’t have to force it. His voice sounded like there was a lot of integrity there, and I think a lot of people respond to that.

PC: Well, that’s the way I left the house that day, with that voice in my mind, thinking: this is the way to go, this is a home run. And I thank my brother for it to this day. We have a lot of fun going back-and-forth, and referring to him as the “real” Optimus Prime. Read More...

The Transformers are unkillable! Sure they’re robots and that lends itself to indestructibility, but we’re talkin’ in broader terms. Since the 1980’s, The Transformers have existed in one form or another without fail. Cartoons, movies, toys, Underoos – you name it and you can view/play with/uncomfortably wear Optimus Prime and his fellow Cybertronians to your heart’s content. Now, thanks to, the new computer-animated series, Transformers Prime (on Hasbro’s HUB channel) you can burn images of technologically-advanced aliens into your retinas for the first time since Transformers: Animated was around. While you’re at it, go ahead and take a look at these images from the first wave of Transformers Prime transforming action figures from Hasbro:



If you’ve watched an animated show or film in the last 40 years, you’ve probably heard the voice of Frank Welker. This startling versatile voice actor has been creating characters for decades, from characters like Fred from Scooby Doo to Nibbler in Futurama, to a veritable menagerie of animal sounds and effects for films like Up! and the original Dr. Dolittle.

For those in the know, there’s one role he’s particularly associated with: the raspy-voiced villain Megatron, having given life to the character over two decades ago, and keeping him going through various reboots of the series, as well as in games and the recent big-budget films. We’ll be getting a double-dose of Welker’s Megatron with his return to the robot that was once a gun that would be king in the forthcoming second feature sequel, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, to the new animated series, Transformers Prime, which will be paying homage to elements of the Generation 1 series and movie while crafting new fiction for fans of the series.

Transformers Prime begins airing new episodes on Hasbro’s The Hub (you can find more details on their site Hubworld, and read MTV Movies Blog's interview with "Transformers Prime " producer Bob Orci) on February 11 at 6:30PM ET., an in honor of the return of the series, Mr. Welker was kind enough to answer a few questions about his diverse career for MTV Geek.

MTV Geek: It’s been well over 25 years that the Transformers franchise has been around. What keeps bringing you back to Megatron after all this time?

FW: You know, the great thing about it is that the fanbase tends to support some of the earlier voices from back in the G1 days. And I think that that’s been a driving force that’s let the powers know that they like those characters and they like voices. So when people start casting some of the newer versions, they try to remember some of us from the earlier versions and [try to] see if we work in these new iterations.

I think, first of all, that this would be the call of the studios or whatever, and I’m pretty much identified as Megatron, so when the call comes I’m more than happy and ready to go.

Geek: Does that need for continuity influence what you bring to the role whenever you return to Megatron in each new iteration of the franchise and the character?

FW: Well, you know, that’s an excellent question because early on, when I was trying to get the role and separate myself from the other actors and just come up with something unique, in the very original G1 version I kind of came up with the very scratchy—MEGATRON! [in the G1 voice]—that people sort of latched on to. And that has sort of been [the way] all along. Read More...

Can you believe it?! This is our second Star Wars figure review EVER, and it's for an Ewok! You'd think we'd be reviewing Han, Vader, or hell even the old standby of Boba Fett; but, no, you'd be wrong! You see, Hasbro has been knocking it out of the park with their current Vintage Collection line of Star Wars figures, and today we're reviewing what is now the definitive version of Wicket W. Warrick. Just how cool can this little bag of fur be? Read on to find out!

Few predators throughout the galaxy are as bloodthirsty and relentless as Ewoks! Bound by the need to feed, their ravenous and primitive urges are only swayed by superstition and fear. Indeed, Ewoks will devour the flesh of a human without a second thought. Luckily, as seen in Return of the Jedi, C-3PO's golden visage saved Han, Chewie, and Luke Skywalker from being roasted alive. Ewok's are not to be trifled with, and Wicket is no exception. Sure he hung out with Wilford "Dye-uh-bee-tus" Brimley in those made for TV disasters; but, let's not forget how many Stormtroopers died at his tiny, tiny hands.

For the love of The Force, the sculpt on this figure is astounding! First off, the toy is tiny! While the human characters clock in at around 3 3/4 inches, Wicket is appropriately less than half that size. The detailing of the fur and face are very well done, and even with all of the articulation points, the sculpt isn't overly broken up. What is most surprising about the figure though, is the posture. When standing, Wicket has the same stance as Warwick Davis did when he was suited up for the film. His head covering/hat/bandanna/thing-that’s-probably-made-of-human-skin is sculpted from a separate piece of rubber, and has all the stitching and beads detailed to match the look from the film. Hell, he's even got the pads on the bottom of his feet added! We almost expected to see a tiny zipper running down the back... of course, we also kind of thought this little guy was gonna come alive and kill us in our sleep. Our healthy fear of Ewoks (and overly-realistic toys) will eventually pay off, we just know it!


You like Jedi? Of course you do! So rejoice, 'cause we here at MTV Geek are welcoming you to our review of Hasbro’s Jedi Luke Skywalker from their Star Wars: Vintage Collection line of action figures. He’s recognizable, super articulated, and from the original trilogy. Those 3 things are surely enough to make him a recommended buy, right? Right?! We shall see…

Luke Skywalker, for all you readers unfamiliar with Star Wars, is an android. The Skynet Corporation sent Luke back in time with the prospect of recovering the One Ring and destroying it in the fires of Mount Doom. His band of fellow Jedi consists of: Wolverine, Chewbacca, Egon Spengler, & Tron. Hijinks ensue, and after helping to stop terrorists from taking over Nokatomi Tower, Luke Skywalker used his green popsicle-sword to finally send Beetlejuice back to the Land of the Dead! Nah, we’re just screwing with you! Of course, if you actually don’t know who Luke Skywalker is…well, we pity you and hope that you can use this new-fangled internet to find the answers for yourself, since you’ve obviously been locked up in some kind of makeshift dungeon since the 1970s. Read More...

2010 has been a banner year for toys. Thanks to games, movies, comics, and all-around nostalgia; toy companies have given their all to release fantastic pieces of plastic greatness. We, here at MTV Geek, have compiled a list of 10 toys that truly outshone their competition this year.

10. Glyos RIG (Onell Design)

Onell Design has hit onto something amazing with their Glyos series of customizable figures. This year, Onell released a new component to the line with the addition of the RIG. It’s very much in the vein of popular designer-vinyl toys, yet is so much more. With the simple positioning of the arms, you can change the RIG from a mech-like fighting machine into a space-worthy dogfighter. The imagination-inducing factor is what really helps set the RIG apart from other toys on the market, and what helps push it onto this list. The first release of the RIG sold out ridiculously fast; but be on the lookout for more of these wonderfully toys to be released in various colors and paint schemes in the future. Read More...

Tonight! December 3 on the brand-spakin' new Hub TV, the Transformers: Prime mini-series event comes to its crushing conclusion and we've got a sneak peek for all you disguised robot loving fanatics out there!

Part 5 premieres at 6:30pm EST on Hub TV following an encore presentation of part 4 at 6:00pm EST!


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Tonight! December 2, at 6:30pm EST, Hub TV will air part 4 in its big-time, Transformers: Prime mini-series event and we've got an exclusive sneak peak at all the fun, chaotic, and of course disguised, robotic carnage.


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