Who would win a battle between George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice" characters and "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien's creations?

Martin weighs in during this second round of GRR vs. JRR!


Game of Thrones The-Climb

A running joke on our 'Game of Thrones' after-show, 'Cooking With Thrones' was that no one actually knew the names of any of the characters on the show. Loras was "Gay Knight Guy," Cersei was "Queen Having Creepy Relationship With Her Brother," and Tyrion was "Peter Dinklage." Well worry no more, easily confused Thronies! We've got a clickable infographic for you all that boils down not just who the characters are, but also their houses, their relationships to each other, AND where they are at the end of Season 3.

Spoilers, naturally, but if you're all caught up, then it's time to stop calling Rickon by his real name, and not, "Little Stark Brother I Keep Forgetting About":



While it's still just an artist's rendering of the final set, here's your first look at the planned 2014 "Game of Thrones" season 3 Blu-ray release, which showed up on the set's Amazon page. There's no word yet on what features or additional content will be available, but the look of the final product will be available on September 1.



Factory Entertainment - Game of Thrones Direwolf Cubs

Factory Entertainment is making the grizzly world of Westeros a little cuddlier with their release of plush toys based on HBO's "Game of Thrones"! Direwolves, Ravens, and Dragon Eggs can now keep you warm during that long-ass winter. Who knew a three-eyed raven would be so soft?! Well, now you do, thanks to this exclusive look from San Diego Comic-Con!



The sun blazed, creating an oppressive heat at New York City’s South Street Seaport Thursday, but a chill passed among the checked-in subjects when a pair of new kings ascended the Iron Throne and ushered in a cold era … of ice cream.



by Josh Wigler

How does one get past the Red Wedding? The short answer: you don't. The grisly murders of [SPOILER], [SPOILER], [SPOILER] and virtually the entire [SPOILER] army at the hands of the treacherous [SPOILER] remains one of the most powerful, disturbing and, yes, SPOILER-filled moments in television history, let alone this year.

But if you're willing to open your heart to the power of the kazoo, you might find some peace after all.



Put down your roasted aurochs, 'Game of Thrones' fans, because not only do we finally have a release date for the Third Season of HBO's hit show on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Download... But also, for the first time, YOU get to decide what the box art should look like!

Okay, so you might have to wait longer to actually snag the set, than vote on its look: Game of Thrones®: The Complete Third Season will hit stores everywhere sporting the above dragon-shadow box on February 18th, 2014. Which is sad, because we really wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day by just watching Theon's arc again, and again, and again. But starting right now, you can head over to Game of Thrones' Facebook page to vote for the Best Buy Exclusive box art.

Oh, you want a sneak peak at what it might look like, you say? Here you go: Read More...


Once you go 'Take The Black', you may never go back, as Ommegang brewery is set to release its second Game of Thrones themed beer inspired by the Night's Watch! The first - Iron Throne Ale - was a delicious brew, marred slightly by the fact that it was made entirely from swords I'M KIDDING. But seriously, it was delicious.

Here's the official info from Ommegang, as well as a look at a bottle bigger than The Wall itself: Read More...

If there's one thing we took away from the most recent season of 'Game of Thrones', it was the loss of our innocence and a feeling of imminent doom and anguish. If there were TWO things we took away? Lots of eunuchs: Read More...


In the latest episode of our exclusive Game of Thrones recap show Cooking with Thrones, MTV's "Nikki and Sara LIVE" star Sara Schaefer chats about the massive, massive spoilers in this week's finale "Mhysa." Plus, we make a tasty rack of lamb! Read More...

Like most of you Game of Thrones fans (Throners? GoTies?), our jaws dropped in horror at the climactic scenes of "Rains of Castamere." And we even had some celeb reactions from Geek Queen Felicia Day herself. But nothing beats the spoilery reaction of Maisie Williams - Arya Stark - on Vine: Read More...


On the latest episode of our exclusive Game of Thrones recap show Cooking with Thrones, geek superstar Felicia Day chats about the massive, massive spoilers in this week's "Rains of Castmere." Plus, a giant pile of licorice:


Cooking With Thrones Episode 6

This week on our exclusive "Game of Thrones" recap show "Cooking With Thrones," we chat with Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) about the best thing he's ever eaten on set (or maybe the worst). Plus, VH1's Top 20 Countdown host Jim Shearer stops by to cook Aurochs Roasted With Leeks and talk about "The Climb":



You'll have to wait until a little later in the week for a Cooking With Thrones style recap of this week's Game of Thrones episode "Kissed By Fire." But while we were out in Chicago for C2E2, we had the chance to sit down with the Old Bear himself, James Cosmo, and chat about his departure from the show - as well as eating Reindeer poop smoked trout for this special report:



This week on our exclusive Game of Thrones recap series 'Cooking With Thrones', we chat with Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) about the best thing she's ever eaten on set.

Plus, host Steven Smith is once again joined by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the author of the official Game of Thrones cookbook, 'A Feast of Ice & Fire,' and Joe Kelly from Man of Action (Ben 10, Ultimate Spider-Man) to recap the latest episode of the show, "And Now His Watch Is Ended." AND we'll teach you how to make Varys' Tea Eggs! Not a euphemism! Read More...

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