Dr. Henry Pym's screw-ups far outweigh his successes, what with that whole spousal abuse rep, and by creating the Ultron A.I. which is pretty much on a course for one day ruling the entire planet. However, there's no denying that Pym Particles are pretty cool and using them for growing to enormous sizes has advantages, and now NECA and WizKids are showing how useful that can truly be-- in the realm of Heroclix, at least! Yep, hot on the heels of the Marvel Galactic Guardians set of Heroclix, comes Chaos War with the advance SDCC-Exclusive Colossal Heroclix figure being none other than Henry Pym a.k.a. Giant-Man!

Read on for all the info and photos of Giant-Man!



There's a lot of time between now and August, but don't let that distance keep Gen Con off of your radar. Individual event registration for one of the world's largest gaming conventions starts this Sunday at noon, so get your badge, and get ready to plan out your perfect con weekend.

Gen Con runs a bit differently than most geek conventions, where a badge gets you in the door and you are free to experience all the con has to offer. Since many games require significant prep time and are dependent on the number of players, Gen Con sells tickets to specific games and events. In total, there are almost 7,500 entries in the schedule, so how's a con-goer to decide?


It’s OK to be offended. For many of you, the card game Tentacle Bento will provide such offense in spades. The concept of gamers using tentacles to snatch up schoolgirls is an uncomfortable one to say the least, but if you weren’t quite sure how you felt about the game, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out. Tentacle Bento has had a successful Kickstarter project cancelled after a campaign of protest was launched by Brandon Sheffield of insert credit and furthered by Luke Plunkett of Kotaku.

While a game's theme can provoke an immediate moral judgment, a more nuanced ethical dilemma also presents itself: When should the power of the media be used to call an audience to action? Surely, journalists encourage their readers to support Kickstarter projects on a daily basis, but it’s not often we see attempts to have a project killed.


The art of the retcon may have been perfected in the comic book industry, but board games can occasionally get in on the fun too. When it was first announced that the Battleship movie would feature an evil alien race, the internet snark machine started firing on all cylinders. "But there aren't any aliens in the Battleship board game!" the commenters decried, so what was Hasbro to do? For starters, they've gone back and re-made the original Battleship with added alien ships. Happy now?

The new movie edition has replaced one fleet with a set of five alien ships: the flagship, heavy ordnance craft, red storm stinger, blue shredder stinger, and the small assault ship. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume these  names will make more sense once you've seen the movie.


In 1967, Milton Bradley published the first retail version of Battleship. Then came Electronic Battleship. Finally, in a masterstroke representing the peak of 1980's technology, Electronic Talking Battleship was bestowed upon the world. Childhood would never be the same again. Go ahead, watch the commercial, you know you want to!

The history of Battleship has many chapters, so just a few days from the premiere of Battleship's feature film, one might wonder how we got from WWII-inspired naval combat to planetary alien defense. There are certainly highs and lows, so lets take a look at the many versions of Battleship that have hit store shelves over the years.


Old card games don't die, they just fade away. Take Netrunner, for example. The other CCG from designer Richard Garfield (famous for creating Magic: The Gathering) hasn't been in print since 1999, yet still retains a strong player base. That loyalty will be rewarded later this year, as Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans to revive Netrunner with a Q3 2012 release.

Originally set in the world of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk RPG, Netrunner features 2-player asymetric gameplay, where a Runner player faces off against a Corporation player. Thematically, gameplay is centered around hacking, with the Runner trying to prevent the Corp from executing secret world domination plans. However, in Fantasy Flight's upcoming reboot of the game, players will be greeted with an unexpected thematic twist.


This August "Skullkickers" writer Jim Zubkavich and artist Andrew Huerta along with Dynamite Entertainment are blazing a path through comics with the best-selling fantasy, tabletop RPG "Pathfinder" as source material. This is the first time the game, from Paizo Publishing, comes to medium.

According to a press release from Dynamite:

"Not a Snowballs Chance..." - Winner of the Shirt.Woot.com board gaming derby. Design by user lucky1988.

Board games are not exactly ripe material for t-shirt design. Aside from bad Catan "wood for sheep" puns and people who turn Twister mats into rain coats, you don't often see people sporting a love of tabletop gaming on their chest. Designing the ultimate board gamer t-shirt requires a special touch: one happily provided by the slightly twisted folk over at Shirt.Woot.com.

As part of the site's 250th Derby competition, the floodgates of board game t-shirts have been opened. An army of designers took a shot at making their best board gaming shirt, and the Woot.com community voted their favorites to the top. Only three of these shirts will make the cut, though, so check back over the next three days to see which new shirt has been put up for sale.

You can view all of the entries here, or if you prefer, skip right to the top vote-getters. Today's reveal was the #1 voted shirt, a Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Monopoly mashup (pictured above). Other candidates for the weekend include spoofs on Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Life, Pandemic, Catan, and the D20.

Unfortunately "My Bad," a hip-hop parody of Sorry, did not make the cut.

Things can't get much better for Marvel fans. The Avengers just smashed box office records, Avengers vs X-Men is topping the comic book charts, and the newly released Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game has been a hit among RPG players. To capitalize on this whirlwind of superhero success, publisher Margaret Weis Productions has prepared a steady stream of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying content, starting with the Civil War story arc.


Of all the buzz surrounding the record-shattering Kickstarter project for Ogre by Steve Jackson Games, one fan request cuts through the noise. Give us Car Wars! The other classic Steve Jackson franchise, Car Wars hasn't had a new edition in ten years, yet there is the possibility that both it and Ogre will earn publication through an unconventional method: doubling down on the Ogre Kickstarter.

With four days left and over $600k raised, Steve Jackson Games was surely looking for a way to push across the finish line with a bang. In a project update late last night, plans for a $700k Car Wars stretch goal were announced. Let's be clear about this though, Ogre backers will not be receiving a copy of Car Wars as a pledge reward. Instead, Steve Jackson will simply commit to releasing a new version of the game, a move that has both pleased fans but also stirred a nest of Kickstarter critics.


Meet the new heroes, same as the old heroes. Gary Games has shed some new light on the upcoming card game expansion Ascension: Immortal Heroes, where fan-favorite hero cards from earlier sets will get a second shot at play.

Back when Immortal Heroes was first announced in March, Gary Games also revealed their release strategy for the Ascension property. Each year will see the release of one major set that adds a gameplay twist, followed by one smaller set that complements and expands upon those new mechanics . As such, Immortal Heroes is a smaller set that complements this year's Storm of Souls set, while focusing on the Event and Trophy mechanics of that set.

Early previews of Immortal Heroes hinted at an entirely new type of card: "soul gems," representing some new form of weapon that players can wield during the game. What the heck is a soul gem, you might ask? To help explain things, let's take a look at one of the cards and see.


Fantasy Flight blew the doors off of Gen Con last year when they announced their acquisition of the Star Wars hobby gaming license, revealing plans for both a living card game and a space combat miniatures game. It's been a patient wait for fans, though, as the games went back behind the curtain and news on their development became scarce. That's all about to change now as the X-Wing Miniatures Game is ready for prime time.

X-Wing will launch this Summer (which is about as specific as most board game release date gets) at a retail price of $39.95. Included in the base set will be one X-Wing model and two TIE Fighter models, as well as all of the cards, counters, and custom 8-sided dice required to play the game.


Later this year, Dungeons & Dragons board game fans will get a blast from the past: the original Dungeon! game is coming back into print with an all-new version.

The 1975 Dungeon! has already been revised twice before with 1989's The New Dungeon! and 1995's The Classic Dungeon, each of which offered improvements to the original. It's not clear what will make the cut in this new edition, but according to the game's Amazon.com product listing, it " incorporates several revisions made to the game in later editions, giving players the most fun experience possible."

Dungeon! is a quick 30-minute smash-and-grab mission to fill your inventory with treasure and make it to the exit alive. Each player selects a different class, each with its own unique powers and abilities. The dungeon's winding hallways are littered with chambers containing monsters and loot, but each space is clearly marked on a level scale of 1-6. The higher the levels pose greater challenges, but offer more rewarding loot in return.


The Settlers of Catan is synonymous with modern strategy board gaming. The title seems to continuously pop up as an ambassador for the hobby, whether it be for play by the characters of television's Big Bang Theory or for parody in an episode of 30 Rock.

But in the nearly 20 years since Catan hit store shelves, the name has established itself as a brand, encompassing numerous expansions, spin-off games, and even a novelization. None of these other products have received the same attention as regular old Catan, though. With a new series of behind-the-scenes blog entries planned, designer Klaus Teuber is hoping to draw more eyes to The Rivals for Catan [MTV Geek review], a 2-player-only card game take on The Settlers of Catan.


Gen Con may not be happening until August, but Gary Games doesn't plan on waiting. Starting next month, the "Road to Gen Con" series of Ascension: Storm of Souls qualifier tournaments will be coming a fine local game store near you, leading up to a world championship event in Indianapolis.

Earlier this week, Gary Games posted the full list of events and tournament rules on the Ascension website, revealing that this year's tournament will use only the recent Storm of Souls standalone expansion. During the local qualifier events, several four-player Swiss-format rounds will be used to seed the top 8 players. From there, a single-elimination tournament will determine the winner, who will walk away with a free four-day badge to Gen Con, guaranteed admission in the world championship event, and plenty of Ascension swag.


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