Who loves vinyl art toys? We do! You should see the overwhelming amounts of random vinyl goodness that inhabit practically every desk here at the Geek offices. The fact that work production hasn’t been replaced by rampant thievery is beyond us! One of our favorite designer vinyl companies is, of course, Kidrobot and we figured it was high time to catch up with what they have going on.

The folks over at Kidrobot have been busier than usual lately. Known for their customizer-friendly vinyl toys, Kidrobot has been also kicking out a large number of licensed vinyl toys from familiar names like The Simpsons and Family Guy. At this year’s American International Toy Fair, we had a chance to talk with Sam Hoyt, Kidrobot’s Sales Operations Manager, on some of the things Kidrobot has in store for this year.


Toy Fair allowed us to get close up looks at some of our favorite company’s newest offerings. One of those was, of course, Kidrobot and their insanely fun lines of vinyl offerings. Right there in the front of their display sat none other than their newest offerings: The Family Guy mini-figures! After removing the secret chase figures from the lineup (yes, we know what the chases are! Ha!), we snapped some photos of our favorite show -- that randomly cuts away 90 times an episode! Here’s the info on Peter and the gang straight from Kidrobot themselves:

Kidrobot teams up with prolific animator Seth MacFarlane to bring you TV's all-American but totally twisted and dysfunctional family known as the Griffins, and their favorite New England neighbors.

Here to make us laugh and cry, each of the 15 blind-boxed Family Guy mini figures comes with an insert card and accessory - and raises the question, "Which FGKR will you get?" Giggity!


Just imagine it: The excitement is palpable as your fingertips find purchase on the lip of a small, white cardboard box. The top easily tears away as you use more than enough force to expose the contents hidden inside. Shaking the box upside down causes a mirrored bag to fall upon the surface below. What’s inside? Small logos cover the foil package as it shines eerily in the light. You recognize the smiling android heads that are spaced periodically over its surface. Yes, my friends, this is what awaits you in the unyielding mystery of Kidrobot’s Simpsons Series II designer vinyl mini-figures. MTV Geek recently finagled a few of these, and today we’re gonna throw back the curtains of the unknown and tell you all about ‘em!

Here’s the sweet tease from the fine folks at Kidrobot:

Woo hoo! Matt Groening and Kidrobot join forces once again to embiggen your vinyl collection! This new 25-character series features some of Springfield's most notable citizens, including extended family members and lovable barflies, as well as alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family. Keep your eyes peeled for two top-secret chases! Read More...

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