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Our celebration of our Toy Fair 2012 coverage continues on with our 5 Days of Twitter Giveaways where we're giving away not one, not two, not three...but but FIVE bundles of awesome toys from FIVE different companies over FIVE days on Twitter!

Today we've got a killer prize pack of gorgeously rendered collectible statues from Kotobukiya!

Have a look!


Batman is undoubtedly a bad ass in full effect. This fact is even more evident every time Jim Lee has put pencil to paper (or stylus to screen) to draw the Dark Knight's adventures in DC Comic's Batman: Hush storyline. Kotobukiya released a version of the Batman Art FX statue previously in the familiar blue and gray costume, but now they've brought the World's Greatest Detective back in this extremely cool black and gray version of Batman. Read on for a ton of photos and all the details from our friends at Kotobukiya.


Win this giveaway and you'll not only nab a pair of foxy statues, but you can make the ice cubes that you'll need to cool yourself down after you unbox them!

Ever looked at the ice cubes in a glass of soda and said, "I just wish these things were more...heroic..."? Well now, thanks to our friends at Kotobukiya you can make yourself some awesome ice cubes shaped like the emblems for Superman and Batman, and we're giving them away! Read More...

The Avengers will soon be known to most of the populace by their looks in the upcoming film. While that's great and all, we like to remember them the way we first saw them in the Marvel Comics all those years ago. It just so happens that our friends at Kotobukiya are helping keep that nostalgia fresh in our minds thanks to their line of Classic Avengers Fine Art Statues! Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are the first to be released and look to continue Kotobukiya's trend of high-quality statues that have to power to make people weak in the knees upon looking at their unfettered glory.

Read on for more info on each Avenger, plus a ton of photos.


Did you take a look at that first photo?! Go ahead and take another peek. Let that pile of badassery soak in for a second and then ask yourself,"Why am I even reading these words and not scrolling through more photos of Kotobukiya's Archangel Fine Art Statue from their X-Force Series?" It's because you're insane. Obviously.

That's okay "Crazypants", cause Warren Worthington happens to be off his rocker as well. Hit the "more" tab to read all about Archangel's info straight from our friends at Kotobukiya. Don't worry-- there are lots of photos as well.


As many of you long-time readers will know, we've covered and reviewed Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line of statues quite fiercely. It could be due to their incredible sculpting, their anime-styling, or simply the fact that the entire line is made up of our favorite female characters in sexy poses. Whatever. Don't judge us! Anyway, after breaking from their comic-only designs with the Ghostbusters Bishoujo, our friends at Kotobukiya are releasing their next statue from the hit video game series Mass Effect: Liara T'Soni!


Darth Maul is Kotobukiya's latest statue

At New York Comic Con, it was reported that Darth Maul would be making a return from the dead in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Fitting that Kotobukiya should announce a kick-ass statue commemorating the tattooed Sith Lord and his double-bladed weaponry. As you'll recall, Kotobukiya have already released a shirtless version of Maul--well, sorry to disappoint but this one is fully clothed. Below are all the details straight from Kotobukiya, along with a load of photos.


So I started my day off Star Wars, as always, and sat in on the Star Wars collectibles panel at New York Comic Con! Chris Spitale from Lucasfilm Licensing showed us what's up and coming from companies such as Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, Sideshow Collectibles, EFX Collectibles, Funko Blox, ThinkGeek and Comic Images.

Woodsy and Chris Spitale!

Kotobukiya has a bunch of statues coming out, including Commander Cody, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Clone Trooper, droid packs, and Darth Maul from The Phantom Menace with a lightsaber and up to 18 different poses.


X-Force has went through a few different incarnations throughout Marvel Comics' sordid history. From the days of being a collection of ponytails, shoulderpads, and belt pouches to more recent times of covert death and destruction; the members of X-Force have changed to reflect the times. However, one constant (besides the X-Statix days) has been the bruiser James Proudstar, known as Warpath! Today we're taking a look at the Warpath statue from Kotobukiya's recent X-Force Fine Art line.


Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn't put up much of a fight against Darth Vader in Episode IV. Sure he was grooming Luke to take hold of his destiny, being stronger in death, yadda yadda-- forget all that! Old Obi-Wan never got the chance to show off his skills, but thanks to our friends at Kotobukiya it's his time to shine! As you can see, their new Art FX statue features Ben posed up and ready to slice arms off all day long!


Let's face it; there's just no way you're gonna ever be able to police the galaxy until you build yourself a clone army! Luckily, our friends at Kotobukiya have got you covered with the release of their new Clone Trooper Two-Pack. It is part of their spectacularly badass Star wars ArtFx+ line and here are all the details, along with a ton of pics!


Today we’re checking out Kotobukiya’s Ghostbuster Bishoujo Statue of Lucy, which made its U.S. premiere at San Diego Comic Con! We saw the preliminary artwork for this statue at Toy Fair, and now only 5 months later, this gorgeous specimen is in our hands! Errr…did that come off as a little creepy? Oh well, here’s our review of the Ghostbuster in question who, by judging from her clothes, has just had a run-in with the ghost of a crazed sex fiend... or a Japanese panty collector. Hey, we're not making that last bit up-- they totally exist!


So I covered as much Star Wars stuff as BIONICALLY possible at this year's San Diego Comic-Con 2011. I want to give you all the Star Wars Round Up of what I covered to make sure you didn't miss anything!!!


Need I say more??? Deleted scenes, never seen before footage, you know the drill!!!

2. The Clone Wars Season 4 Premiering this Fall!

Ok I actually saw TWO panels on The Clone Wars, one with Dave Filoni, Joel Aron and Cary Silver discussing the story arcs, new characters like KATEE SACKOFF'S, (OMG) old characters coming back and lots of new clips! The second panel I saw was on the Rendering the Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Digital Art and Light of The Clone Wars. Joel Aron, Dave Filoni and another producer discuss the effects Lucasfilm Animation creates to produce the series.

3. Dark Horse Comics: 20 Years of Star Wars!


So on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Woodsy did a day of some Star Wars panels and also got to hang out with my hero Bonnie Burton, the Sr. Editor for www.starwars.com! First I went to the  Dark Horse Comics: 20 Years of Star Wars Panel with Randy Stradley and a host of Star Wars guests from comics and more, including:

Mick Harrison (Dark Times)
Scott Allie and Stephane Roux (Jedi -- The Dark Side)
John Jackson Miller (Knight Errant)
Dave Filoni and the Fillbach Brothers (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
Timothy Zahn (Choices of One)
Shelly Shapiro (editor-at-large, Del Rey)

They discussed the future of digital comics and gave out a cool poster too:

Check out MTV Geek's Don Hatfield's full coverage on the panel.


Kotobukiya is a company that we can always count on to release high-quality collectibles. We’ve recently started reviewing their statues on a regular basis and have started to get genuinely excited whenever they announce new products. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a look at Kotobukiya’s SDCC exclusives from their ever-popular Bishoujo line: an Evil Supergirl and a fully visible Invisible Woman! Read More...

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