X-23 was introduced less than a decade ago, but has quickly become a fan-favorite through a series of stints in the X books -- in particular, NYX, Uncanny X-Men, and of course X-Force. Her abilities as an assassin are practically unmatched and her cold-hearted ruthlessness surpasses even Wolverine himself. Of course, that guy starts blubbering like a baby every time a redhead bites the dust. Kotobukiya recently immortalized Laura Kinney (23’s civilian name) in 3D and now she joins the myriad of other Marvel characters the company has sculpted in intricate detail. Join us as we take a look at Marvel Comics’ X-23 from Kotobukiya’s X-Force Series of Fine Art Statues.

Sculptor Commentary with Erick Sosa:

“X-23 was a great character to work with and William Valenzuela was instrumental in getting her to look great. I sculpted her body while he did all the suit details. Teamwork really helps when working on such a ferocious yet beautiful character. I enjoyed working on her, so please don’t make her angry – she might hurt you!”


Over the past few years, Kotobukiya has worked their way through the ranks of collectibles manufacturers to become one of the premiere go-to companies for geek-related statues. One of their most popular lines is the female-centric Bishoujo line. The most prominent women of the Marvel and DC Comics universes have been represented with more on the way all the time! Today, we’re reviewing Kotobukiya’s latest Bishoujo statue-- Ms. Marvel.

This beautiful piece was based off a design by illustrator Shunya Yamashita, who has designed the other statues in the Bishoujo line, and really shows off the line’s overall quality. Read More...

Kotobukiya have become known as one of the premier statue and collectible companies in the world when it comes to pop culture. Consistently, they have managed to produce some of the most innovative sculpts from their various licenses, and at this year’s American International Toy Fair we had a chance to interview Shingo Nakagawa, Kotobukiya’s International Media & Marketing Coordinator, about their upcoming products from Marvel, Star Wars, and many more.

Check out the video interview below:


Kotobukiya is certainly not a company that likes to wait around! Hot on the heels of announcing their Ghostbuster Bishoujo statue, Kotobukiya has sent MTV Geek! info on the latest release in their Marvel Bishoujo line: Ms. Marvel Binary! While using the same basic sculpt as their previously shown Ms. Marvel statue, this one steps it up about nine-thousand notches with addition of tons and tons of translucent fire! Here are all the details along with some snazzy pics, straight from Kotobukiya themselves:


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The popular Marvel Bishoujo collection (combining iconic superheroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) continues to bring you the amazing beauties of the Marvel Comics universe as you’ve never seen them before. Next up in this line is a stunning new variant on an existing heroine, MS. MARVEL BINARY VERSION! With a long history stretching back to the 1960s, Carol Danvers gained superhuman powers from an alien explosion, leading to her costumed identity as Ms. Marvel. After losing her powers for a time, Danvers gained a whole new array of abilities and a new look when she drew upon a white hole’s energy. With her new identity as Binary she would have many adventures on Earth and beyond, later returning to her Ms. Marvel persona. Based on the first Ms. Marvel Bishoujo Statue, Binary appears in the Japanese Bishoujo (pretty girl) style based on an original character reinterpretation by illustrator Shunya Yamashita.


As geeks, our fictional worlds are filled with brightly-colored heroes that swoop in to save the day when tragedy strikes. However, in this reality it’s up to us to lend a helping hand to those affected by natural disasters and circumstance. Our friends at Kotobukiya, makers of some of the finest comic and film-based statues around, are stepping up (with your help) to send some aid to the victims of the recent tragedy in Japan.

Here’s all the info and links for Kotobukiya’s planned charity auctions:

On March 11th 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck near the East Coast of Honshu, the largest quake in Japan’s recorded history. Followed shortly thereafter by a series of ravenous tsunami waves, this catastrophe is expected to rank amongst the costliest of natural disasters with a vast number of people displaced from their homes and separated from their loved ones.

To assist in emergency relief efforts, Kotobukiya will be offering a series of charitable eBay auctions during the month of March. A selection of collectible items will be made available for bidding, many of which have been graciously signed by top industry talents. 100% of all final auction proceeds will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund spearheaded by GlobalGiving.

With your support we can make a difference in the recovery process!

To view current Kotobukiya sponsored charitable auctions please visit our eBay page at: http://myworld.ebay.com/kotobukiya

For more information on GlobalGiving or to place a donation, visit: http://www.globalgiving.org/


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When you hear the word “sexy”, what’s the first image that pops into your head? Ghostbusters, right? No? Well why not?! Are you saying that a bunch of middle-aged guys dressed in flightsuits and spewing witty banter doesn’t get your heart pumping?! Okay, well, now that we think about it… you’re right! In fact, between the constant ass-kickings and random slimings, being a Ghostbuster isn’t exactly the most glamorous of fictional professions. However, Kotobukiya is here to shed a different light on our favorite paranormal investigators with the latest statue in their Bishoujo line – Lucy!

We here at MTV Geek! were stunned by how well this turned out, and now we’re hoping for more statues from our favorite movies to be released! For now, here’s all the info (and a bunch of pics) of Lucy:

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The Ghostbusters, New York’s very own paranormal investigators, are back in the headlines and this time around they have a new recruit, Lucy. This Ghostbuster-in-training is determined not to let any spook, specter or ghost get past her and she has the equipment to back her up. Outfitted in Egon Spengler’s proprietary Proton Pack and Ecto Goggles, she is truly a slime-eradicating force to be reckoned with!


Once again, while bringing you coverage of this year’s Toy Fair, we were forced to fight our urges to geek out over a company’s products. Our self-control has been teetering all week! This time around, the culprit was none other than Tokyo-based Kotobukiya and their line of impressive Marvel statues. These massive sculptures each feature the character standing atop some type of base, whether it be the rubble and debris from a bloody battleground, or the remains of a Danger Room-created Sentinel. Two series are currently being released in their Fine Art Statue line in the forms of X-Force and the Danger Room Mission series.

While Warpath and X-23 were both present at the show, we were informed that Deadpool and Archangel are both on the schedule as well. Looks like our meager shelves will be housing a mutant hit-squad in no time! As you can see, X-23 comes with an extra head so you have the option to display her with or without her mask. Warpath, well he’s just friggin’ massive!


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