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If there's one thing we know about Marvel Studios, its that they like guys named Chris: Chris Hemsworth as Thor; Chris Evans as Captain America; and Chris Pratt as Starlord in the upcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy." So with rumors swirling about Marvel's Phase 2 - and Phase 3 - films, we decided to guess which people named "Chris" Marvel will cast in their next round of blockbuster hits:



With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, it's time to make like a drug store on Christmas, and start pushing the Valentine's Day merch: WeLoveFine is hosting a contest that could send you to New York Comic-Con... That is, if you can design the most chimichanga-riffic Deadpool T-shirt ever.

Up until July 9th, shoot over to WeLoveFine's site with your best pic of the Merc With a Mouth, and professional t-shirt judgers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn will determine whether YOU have what it takes to go to the Javits Center. Currently, Rob Liefeld has entered 33 times... So what I'm saying is, you still have a shot.

Here's the official info:

USM Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

It's ultimate heroes, ultimate villains, and ultimate responsibility in Marvels' 'Ultimate Spider-Man', and we've got a sneak peek at this Sunday's episode just for you!



Here's our look at some of the coolest toy news of the past week!

THERE ARE PROBABLY DRUG ADDICTIONS CHEAPER THAN MASTERPIECE TRANSFORMERSBig Bad Toy Store has pre-orders for new Takara Masterpiece Transformers, including Bumblebee and Wheeljack!  I still await Galvatron, or at least an Hasbro-issued US Megatron I can afford.

NO, THEY DON'T RUN AT YOU SUPER-FAST: Speaking of Big Bad Toy Store, if you enjoy "World War Z" this weekend, there's pre-orders available for Jazwares' action figures from the, they don't have pics of the figure based on Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane.  That might be the first Brad Pitt figure in history.  Such an age it is we live in! Read More...

We Love Fine Leg Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

The folks over at WeLoveFine just released a set of brand spankin' new leggings, and they are tight (pun totally intended). The current line features geek favorites such as 'Adventure Time,' Hello Kitty, and Marvel, but that's not all WeLoveFine has up their sleeve!



Each week, Matt Wilson, co-host of the War Rocket Ajax podcast and author of The Supervillain Handbook, examines at a major comic news item and picks a few winners and one loser among the week's comic book releases.

Marvel's big "Age of Ultron" event wrapped up this week and I'm honestly not really sure what to make of where it ended up.

I won't spoil it for you, but the series, which almost entirely stayed at a safe remove from any of the ongoing Marvel universes, wound up having those world-changing consequences that Marvel and DC always promises from its events. It's not entirely defined at this point, but there's an epilogue that demonstrates that some elements that make up the Ultimate and Marvel universes have been shuffled around.

It's weird to think about. "Age of Ultron" was a series that felt experimental in a lot of ways. Bendis played with the structure of an event quite a bit, and events occurred that essentially negated events that came before. Over at Tim O'Neil's blog, he dug pretty deep into writer Brian Michael Bendis' stated goals for the book. Here's something Bendis said in response to a question on Tumblr: Read More...

Worlds... Colliding... Stan Lee, who I think you know as the creator of the Marvel Universe, and Gene Roddenberry, who you probably know as the creator of Star Trek, cross over for the first time since that Star Trek/X-Men comic you probably forgot about in 'Trek Nation'. The documentary details Gene's son Rod traveling the country to find out more about his father's legacy. In this exclusive clip from the film, you can hear Mr. Excelsior himself talk about the lasting impact of Mr. Finalfrontier: Read More...


Welcome to MTV Geek's New Comic Book Day Pull-List! Each week, we'll look at the best new releases hitting comic shops, and point you at the books you should be reading.  Read More...


By Amber Lena

Rogue Touch is an alternate origin story, filling in the gap between when a scared Anna Marie runs away from home and ending, presumably, not long before she encounters Mystique in Marvel's X-Men comics. Told entirely in the first person, it’s a look at Anna Marie’s internal monologue as she comes to terms with the burden of her ability as she truly falls in love for the first time. To all you diehard Rogue/Gambit fans out there, beware: tether your ship to the dock or risk not enjoying what is a very romance-heavy novel.

Much like The She-Hulk Diaries, Rogue Touch is more of a romance with light action than anything else. It all begins when Rogue, still going by Anna Marie, unwittingly harms yet another person with her powers. Forced to go on the run from the law, a stranger who has been hanging around town shows up at her apartment and whisks her away, seemingly on the run himself. It is soon revealed that James, also known as Touch, is keeping just as many secrets as Anna Marie and soon they’re being hunted by both the police and otherworldly forces. Read More...

Ever wondered how to jump right into the Marvel Universe? Designer DJ Miller did, and along with Derek Fast of CopyPress, put together an infographic that'll get you up to speed on everyone from The Avengers, to The X-Men, to The Fantastic Four. Click on through to check it out:


By Amber Lena

'The She-Hulk Diaries' is a whole new take on the tall green lady in the pleather bodysuits that has graced the Marvel universe since 1980. In a series of diary entries penned by her human counterpart, Jennifer Walters, the reader gets insight into what it’s like for Hulk’s cousin as she struggles to come to terms with her two very different lives. While meant to showcase She-Hulk as a strong, female character, the novel often loses sight of its lofty feminist goals in favor of taking on the tone of a casual romantic comedy. Though this book is a light, fairly entertaining read, it lacks focus in both content and tone, ultimately leaving the reader confused.

There are a few things immediately established about Jennifer Walters which are repeated throughout the book: she is a wildly successful lawyer who has found herself unemployed, she needs to find a new place to live, and she wants a boyfriend. She wants a boyfriend so much that she writes more about her potential romantic interests and past hookup than she does about the amazingly fascinating case she gets assigned. While, in all fairness, her romantic pursuits turn out to be crucial to the overarching plot point, a reader looking for intense action and a highly detailed conflict will be disappointed. For the most part, the set-up is overly drawn out and the resolution is rushed—what should have been some of the most dramatic scenes in the book are cut short, making for a whole lot of build-up without much payoff. Read More...


Marvel Comics and ABC Television are teaming up on a Hardcover Graphic Novel of one of their biggest shows. Yup, it's The Bachelorette! Kidding. It's the fairy tale mash-up 'Once Upon A Time,' and we've got your first look at the (beautiful) interior pages by Michael Kaluta: Read More...


Here's a roundup of some of the best toy news of the past week!

THE BANKING DEAD!: Entertainment Weekly has a first look at the new "Walking Dead" Rick Grimes bust bank, though what good is money in a world overrun by Walkers?  Perhaps it could be used to contain batteries, or medicine, or something.  Y'know, it never pays to think too much about that series. Read More...


When did it become okay for superheroes to kill people? When did it become okay for them to let people die? If I were to put a rough date on it, I’d say May 3rd, 2002, when the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie was released in theaters. Roughly. But since then, it’s become a glaring, and increasingly wide gap between how superheroes were first depicted in comics, and how they’re depicted on screen. And not to put too fine a point on it, or get all hand-waving-in-the-air-y: this trend is the death of everything superheroes stand for.

Let’s take a little step back for context, because based on discussions with friends who weren’t raised on a bed of comic books, soaking in the four-color adventures of the ‘Man of Steel’, the ‘X-Men’, and more, the idea of a hero killing someone isn’t that strange. Read More...

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