Not to be outdone by Hasbro's recently-revealed collections for the Captain America and Thor movies, Mattel has a powerful toy line-up for the upcoming Green Lantern movie. We're talking action figures, accessories -- even a Barbie doll of Blake Lively's character from the film, Carol Ferris! Throw in some sweet busts from DC Direct, and Green Lantern fans have a lot to look forward to this toy season! Check out photos of all the coolest Green Lantern movie toys below, and don't forget to check back on this site for all the latest Toy Fair news and pics on DC Comics toys and so much more!


Mattel recently revealed lots of upcoming action figures throughout their entire library of Collector Toys. One of the sets that really wowed us was the Crime Syndicate! They’ll be released as a Wal-mart exclusive box set, and are part of the ever-incredible DC Universe Classics line. Thanks to the recent DC Animated JLA: Crisis on 2 Earths movie, these evil doppelgangers have worked their way into the consciousness of society, and therefore, this box set is going to prove hard to find. Diabolical!

Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick all look like they’re ready to beat some heroic ass, and with the exception of Ultraman, are debuting in DCUC for the very first time! Ultraman was released previously in a Matty Collector Exclusive two-pack, but this is his first time wearing his modern outfit.

Check out our video interview from Toy Fair 2011:

Toy Fair 2011: Eric 'Cornboy' Mayse On Mattel's DC Universe Action Figures, pt 1

Toy Fair 2011: Eric 'Cornboy' Mayse On Mattel's DC Universe Action Figures, pt 2

Let’s take a look at closer look at these criminal masterminds:


Mattel’s reveals of their Masters of the Universe Classics were the highlight of their Collector-Media Event during Toy Fair. The display of new characters was quickly swarmed like… something that gets swarmed, we guess. For fans of the line, some long awaited characters made their triumphant debuts, along with a few that people weren’t expecting. You wanna know who? You wanna see the photos? Of course you do, because you’re just as addicted to the unstoppable power of He-Man as we are!
The current release list, as announced during the presentation is:

March: King Hiss and Battle Armor Skeletor

April: Sy-Klone, Panthor, and the Weapon’s Rack

May: Catra

June: Faceless One and Battleground Teela (The Quarterly figure)

July: Clawful

August: Man-E-Faces and Megator (The Oversize Beast)

Check out our video interview from Toy Fair 2011:

Toy Fair 2011: Eric Treadaway On Mattel's Masters of the Universe Toys


“Birds gotta fly, and fish gotta swim.” Truer words have rarely been spoken, even if in this case it pertains to Atlantian Kings and winged Neanderthals. Mattel has just released their 2nd series of DC Universe Classics vs. Masters of the Universe Classics (DCUC vs. MOTUC) 2 packs, and this time the battles are fought in the sea and in the air. While we already collect both lines (cause we have a serious addiction to toys), the repainted figures appeal to us, while the availability of MOTUC figures on store shelves appeals to collectors not yet willing to brave the monthly sale days. Aquaman vs. Mer-Man & Hawkman vs. Stratos make up the 2nd series, and offer up 4 really nice figures that are exclusive to Toys R’ Us.

All 4 of these figures have been previously released through their respective lines, but there are a few differences in the paint department. Since there’s no real sculpting or articulation differences, we’re gonna keep this review short and sweet. Of course, by “short and sweet” we mean “we took a bunch of pictures, cause we don’t mind seeming lazy”.


"I… will… BREAK… you!"

No matter what comes out of the myriad of stories relating to DC Comics' Bane, he's always gonna be known as the guy who broke Batman's back, and ushered in the 90's pouch-laden monstrosity of Azrael. Fast forward a decade or so and Bane has just hit the big time once again, thanks to the recent announcement that he'll be one of the main villains in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises! Coincidentally, (we think) Mattel is celebrating the 90's fingerless glove-era Bane in all his glory with this new action figure from their DC Universe Classics line. He's wave 16's Collect & Connect figure, and we here at MTV Geek have pieced him together in order to bring you the review!

Bane was raised in a Caribbean prison named Pena Duro. Forced to live out his father's prison term, young Bane learned how to fight, read, and love... well, not love, while in the confines of those stone walls. Eventually he was forced to take part in experiments which involved the drug known as Venom. The Venom granted Bane with immensely increased strength, but also came with a crippling addiction. Bane later made his way to Gotham City, busted out the inmates of Arkham Asylum, and figured out Batman's secret identity before snapping the Dark Knight's back like a twig right there in the Batcave. Since then, plenty has happened. Bane's kicked his addiction to Venom, he's been an on again-off again hero, and he's even led the Secret Six. This figure though, comes from his wild and wooly days of Bat-breaking!

The sculpt for this Bane figure is all new. Yeah, we know the Four Horsemen sculpted Bane in the DCSH series a few years ago. This is NOT the same figure. Any similarity comes from the fact that there's only so many ways you can sculpt a drugged-up luchadore/fetish mask wearin' crimelord. Bane is a hulking piece of plastic, and towers over other "human" figures in the line. However, it's more in the realistic-yet-freakish way, like that of the WWE’s Big Show compared to your average man. All of the detailing is present, from the zipper on his mask to the stitching and holes on his gloves. One of the nicest pieces on the figure is his Venom dispersing system. His left wrist has the Venom storage and actuator strapped to it, while a pliable translucent hose runs up his arm and to the back of his head, where other tubes jut from his mask and back into his skull. It's very well done and the tubing is long enough that his movement is not restricted by it. All of the tubes and stitching on his mask are sculpted as well. Bane's chest is huge, and is partially covered by a rubber tank top. The wrinkles are all present on the shirt, and thanks to its bendable properties, really looks the part of this muscle-bound freak's wardrobe. Bane's pants and boots are also nicely done. His belt is actually a separate rubber piece that has been attached to his waist, but isn't noticeable as such. Overall Bane looks exactly as he should. The original DCSH figure had a lot of veins sculpted over his arms and chest, but this figure works well without them, as if he hasn't taken his daily dose of Venom. Read More...

Welcome to the next installment of our reviews for Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics Series 1 figures! Today, we’re taking a look at the “everyman” of the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle Rayner. He represents all of us, what with his job as a freelance comic artist, will-powered ring of unimaginable power, and a penchant for finding significant others chopped up and stuffed into refrigerators. Yes, Kyle’s as plain as any of us! In fact, let’s see what kind of boring ol’ run of the mill backstory Mr. John Q. Public has:

After Hal Jordan was possessed by the Fear-entity Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, Ganthet, the sole remaining Guardian of the Universe, chose Kyle Rayner to become the fourth human to wield an Oan Power Ring. Kyle helped to restore the Green Lantern Corps and purge the influence of Parallax from his fallen predecessor, earning him a place in the elite Green Lantern Corps’ Honor Guard.

Okay, so his backstory isn’t all that average. However, his sculpt kind of is. Back when we got our first glimpse of the prototype for the figure (thanks to the infinite magicks of the internet) he was sporting the same double hinged elbows and knees as Series 1’s Black Hand figure. Sadly, upon being released, Kyle was found to be in possession of the standard male body that we’ve grown accustomed to for many, many, many other figures. The head and right hand are all new, since no one else has Kyle’s face, or his ring. Rayner’s distinctive mask covers most of his face, and looks spot-on. His hair has been given a nice spiky look, which matches his comic appearances… and well, like we said, he’s pretty basic. It’s a straight-forward great looking sculpt from the Four Horsemen that really doesn’t have any faults. Anyone with a passing knowledge of DC Comics characters could pick this guy out as Kyle Rayner without the slightest bit of effort thanks to that distinctive “crab mask”.


We review quite a bit of toys here on MTV Geek, and most of them have one thing in common: badassery. Yes, that is indeed a made-up word; but, it perfectly describes most figures from lines like Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe Classics, Green Lantern Classics, and really just about any toy line with “Classics” in the title. That’s all thanks to the incredibly talented team of The Four Horsemen, who Mattel has given (somewhat) free reign to bring those beloved characters to life in action figure form. For years, the Horsemen have been THE name when it comes to quality action figure sculpting, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Now, the TT Underground Gallery is gonna showcase tons of pieces from throughout their varied toy-making history.

The show is taking place during the week of the American International Toy Fair 2011 in New York City, and there are even extremely limited-edition toys available! How’s that for badassery?! Here’s all the info straight from the Four Horsemen’s blog:

Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen retrospective – presented by TT Underground.

Chronicling the past, present and future of one of the toy industry’s most prolific design groups - The Four Horsemen - Toypocalypse covers more than a decade of every aspect of toy design from the initial concept all the way through to the final product.

This event will be happening during the International Toy Fair, so if you're going to be in town for the event, be sure to make plans to drop by.

Available for sale at Toypocalypse, The Four Horsemen will have extremely limited black and white versions of their latest release, Scarabus: Lord of the Resurrected in show exclusive packaging! Read More...

It’s only about a month before the 2011 American international Toy Fair, and you can count on MTV Geek to be supplying an insane amount of coverage! Yes, hordes of attendees will flock the Javits Center in New York City like a force of toy lovin’ zombies, out for articulation and action features instead of brains! Speaking of zombies (and toys), today we’re starting our reviews of Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics Series 1 with a pair of Black Lanterns. How was THAT for a segueway?! Yeah, we were stretching it a little. Okay, let’s start things off with Black Hand’s bio straight from the back of his blister package:

William Hand was sought out by the alien Atrocitus, who believed that hand was the key to bringing out the foretold “Blackest Night” that would destroy his hated enemies, the Green Lantern Corps. When the prophecy came true, Hand was chosen to be the herald of the death-entity Nekron, becoming the central figure in the most dangerous crisis Green Lantern ever faced.

As for Abin Sur’s abbreviated history:
One of the most respected officers of the Green Lantern Corps, Abin Sur fearlessly protected the planets of Space Sector 2814 for over a century. Tragically, he died when his spaceship crash landed on Earth. When the dreadful prophecy of the “Blackest Night” came true, Sur was resurrected as an evil Black Lantern, returning from the grave to plague both Hal Jordan and Sinestro.


Star Wars has its Rebel Troopers. G.I. JOE has its Green Shirts. Transformers has… well, they all pretty much have names. Anyway, Masters of the Universe has never been known for its troop builders; but today, that all changes! We’re taking a look at the upcoming Eternian Palace Guards 2-Pack from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics series of figures. Their package is chock full of weapons, heads, and armor plates; so, let’s get this review started! Here’s their bio, straight from the back of the box:

From across the Light Hemisphere of Eternia, the bravest and most noble warriors in Randor’s Kingdom were recruited by Man-At-Arms and later Clamp-Champ to help guard the Royal Family. Often called upon to aid the Masters of the Universe, the royal guards are trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and are masters of many weapons including the Power Staff and several types of Energy Blasters. Whenever the Royal Palace is threatened, it is the strength of the elite guardsmen which often repels evil. Brave Palace Guards like Lieutenant Spector defend the Royal Family from attack.

The sculpts for these figures, like most of the set, are a mix of old and new. The set contains 4 heads that are all newly tooled. There are 2 human guards, one modeled after MOTUC brand manager Scott Neitlich, and the other possibly a young Clamp Champ, and they have the same level of detail as all other human characters in the line. One head is that of a Qadian warrior, and is very much in the same style as the, previously released, Chief Carnivus figure; giving us one more cat-person for our armies.


We geeks are a decisive bunch. We’ll take sides over favorite properties, characters, and even versions of that same character (we’re lookin’ at YOU Batman!). However, there are some things we can all seem to agree on: Masters of the Universe rocked our socks when we were young; and Robot Chicken will make you laugh, at least once, per episode… even if it’s under your breath. Surely, one of the big reasons for the chuckles came from the sketch involving Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist as he terrorized Skeletor in that familiar stop-motion style Robot Chicken is known best for. Well, get ready all you lovers of action figures, evil skull-faced sorcerers, and irreverent humor; cause Mo-Larr is comin’ back! Not only in new episodes (yep, plural!), but his action figure is also being reissued on Mattel’s Mattycollector website!

Here’s all the details, along with some great videos, straight from “Matty” himself:

MOTU Fans,

Run, Skeletor, run … Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist, is back in two brand new episodes of Robot Chicken! The first airs during the Season 5 premiere on Cartoon Network Sunday, January 9th. The second one airs the following Sunday, January 16th and reveals the secret origin of Mo-Larr. Heck, it’s so secret, even we don’t know what it is!

To celebrate the big event, we’ve been given the go-ahead to sell stock that was originally earmarked for Cartoon Network. So if you missed it the first time, here’s a second chance to get the special Mo-Larr vs Skeletor® packaged set on Monday, January 10, 2011, at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET)!

Packed with unwilling patient Skeletor®, this is the identical set that was first sold at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, then here on Skeletor® has a head with missing tooth and comes with his Havok Staff, Power Sword®, and Half Power Sword®. Mo-Larr has five instruments of torture ?? er, um, we mean assorted dental tools, including @#%## drill and floss. Please note, as a special convention item, this set is NOT included with 2011 Club Eternia™ subscriptions.

Exactly what does it take to create a real toy from a character who only existed on TV? Go behind the plastic to find out in these videos on the making of Mo-Larr!

Behind The Plastic:

Interview with Designer Bill Benecke:

So check your local listings for Robot Chicken channel and time details, then, be sure to come back here at 9 a.m. PT on Monday, January 10th for your chance at everyone’s favorite orally fixated figure!


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Yes, you CAN believe your eyes, cause we’re not screwin’ with you! Mattel is indeed releasing figures from The Real Ghostbusters animated series, and they’re doing it in their Retro-Action style. Why release an 80’s property using a cemented 1970’s style? Why not?! It’s “crap on a stick” you say?! No need to jump to rash judgments, friends! Nostalgia is all the rage right now, for better or worse, and these ghost-trappin’ heroes are about to be back on the racks at the local Toys R’ Us! We, here at MTV Geek, were fortunate enough to score a few of these guys early, so let’s take a closer look at 3/4ths of Series 1 of the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters line of figures.

The Real Ghostbusters did pretty well for itself back in the day. The animated series lasted from 1986 all the way to 1991 and continued the adventures of our favorite paranormal investigators as they fought evil in New York City, and all over the world. The show was fantastic, yet the toy-line far outlived it thanks to the many, many original concepts for ghosts, and those sweet-ass rides! It seemed like everyone wanted the Ecto-1… ahhh, memories. The original figures were released by Kenner and featured some of the best damn action features to ever exist; hence, the very vocal disappointment by some fans when Mattel announced that the Retro-Action style was their choice with the animated characters. We were quite repulsed by the idea ourselves; but, after getting our hands on these Real Ghostbusters figures, we can surprisingly choke back some of that bile, for the time being. Read More...

We know you’re all excited for this review. Hell, who wouldn’t be on the edge of their seats when preparing to read this review for the Shadow Beast?! Oh, right…all of you readers that don’t know what the f@#k a Shadow Beast even is! Okay, well we have a feeling after perusing the following ramblings; you just might be in the market for one very soon. The Shadow Beast comes to us courtesy of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures, and is labeled as a “large scale beast”. Here’s a little background info, straight off of his big ass package:

"Great ape-like beasts who live in tribes throughout the dark hemisphere, Shadow Beasts can only come out in the absence of light. Originally created by Count Marzo as a weapon to use against his enemies, the beasts were driven back by Princes Keldor and Randor and forced to reside in the shadows of Mount Barathrum. There they developed a long standing hatred of both the Human and Gar race. Easily manipulated, the ever growing colony of Beasts was later controlled by Beast Man in the service of Skeletor to take down Eternos Palace. With their great strength and stealth-like appearance, Shadow Beasts are more than a match for most heroic warriors." Read More...

The DC Comics Universe is inhabited by all manner of hero and villain. To better catalog this expansive pantheon, Mattel is releasing these new DC Action League 2 packs. They show each character as they should be—in the cutest form possible! That’s right, these guys have been made in the same style as the recent Batman: Brave & The Bold Action League figures (that this series is also replacing) and have kept that fun, artsy, and energetic look. The first series includes 4 separate 2-packs, so let’s check ‘em out!

Superman & Bizarro: The Man of Steel finds himself pitted against his flawed (and rather ignorant) doppleganger, Bizarro! Supes is sculpted amid takeoff (including a clear plastic stand so he can balance properly); but, Bizarro lucks out by coming with a giant hunk of, what could be, Kryptonite. We’re talkin’ a whole boulder of the stuff here! The best part of these two has gotta be that creepy smile plastered on Bizarro’s mug. He even manages to have a solitary yellowed tooth peeking out. Fantastic!


Once again, rabid internet rumors have proven to be completely and utterly TRUE! What?! That makes no sense at all! Has the world gone all topsy-turvy this holiday season? In this case, we’re talking about Mattel’s upcoming 17th lineup from DC Universe Classics. While normally, the series features a mixed bag of characters from throughout the ages of DC Comics, this is the first true “theme wave”. White Lantern Hal (with Black Lantern variant), Blue Lantern Flash, Sinestro Corps Scarecrow, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, & Indigo Tribe Atom all sport their looks from last year’s blockbuster Blackest Night event. The Collect & Connect figure for the wave is none other than the Anti-Monitor! It looks to us like he’ll probably clock in around the same height as the C&C Atom Smasher.

Sure we’re a little aggravated from not being any closer to completing the Doom Patrol; but, as big Green Lantern fans, we’ll get over it. The question remains as to why these weren’t released as Green Lantern Classics Wave 3, but Mattel did manage to answer fans queries as to why Red Lantern Mera didn’t make the cut. Here’s the reveal and explanation straight from the Matty Collector Facebook page:

Well the rumors this time are true! Wave 17 for DCUC is coming soon and it is our first step into the Blackest Night!

While we do have more Blackest Night concepts in the wings, this wave should help whet fans appetite for all the colored Lantern goodness!

Wave 17 will consist of Orange Lantern Luthor, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, White Lantern Hal Jordan (with Black Lantern Variant), Violet Lantern Wonder Woman, Blue Lantern Flash and Indigo Lantern Atom. Together they will create a Collect and Connect modern Anti-Monitor!

And to answer the inevitable question, we did look into Red Lantern Mera. The only way to do her right is with a 100% tool and for that cost we can do 4 other figures. So while she did not make the cut this time around, we do know fans want complete sets and we are committed to one day getting her out there!
For now, a very happy holidays from all of your friends at and we'll see you all in the New Year. Wave 17 will be on sale in late Spring 2011!


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He-Man has always been a force for good, with the best of intentions and moral standards. This isn’t a review for He-man, though; well, not exactly. Today, we here at MTV Geek are bringing you a review of Vikor, the next Masters of the Universe Classics figure to be released by Mattel on their Matty Collector website. While Prince Adam takes the time to instruct kids on not talking to strangers, Vikor (He-man of the North) spent his days crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentations of their women! Wait, wrong barbarian… sorta. We’ll get into that later. For now, let’s check out Vikor, who is such an f’n tough guy that it was a battle to even free him from his packaging! Here’s his bio, courtesy of that prison-like blister card:


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