It's that time of year again. School is about to start up in full swing, the heat in most parts of this fine country is unbearable, and the Matty Collector subscriptions are ripe for the picking! This year sees the addition of not one, but TWO brand new subscription clubs: Club Lion Force (Voltron) and Club Infinite Earths (DC Universe Classics)! Normally, we wouldn't report on the subs as most fans are well aware of their addictions. However, the DC Universe Classics line is near and dear to our hearts (i.e. Lemonjuice's plastic-crack of choice), and if these sub needs aren't met...well, it'll mean the end of the Classics line as we know it.The 2012 subscriptions have been extended through 8/14 at 11:59 p.m. PT, thankfully since according to Mattel:

At press time the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths sign-ups are at 29%. We're still 71% away from the level of subscribers needed to move forward but we really want to see this club happen, so we're extending the sale one more week. And what's good for one is good for all, so now you've got until Sunday August 14th at 11:59 p.m. PT to order any of our 2012 subscriptions!


Holy lotsa toys, Batman!

You Tweeting toy folks have a killer opportunity to nab some Mattel Bat-goodies! We're giving away a set of Mattel Batman Legacy Edition action figures to TWO lucky ducky Twitter followers!

For the last few years, Mattel has had the exclusive license to produce action figures and other toys based on the larger than life Superstars of the WWE. During this time, Mattel has proven to have been a perfect choice as wave after wave of current wrestlers and beloved classic Superstars of old have been represented in well sculpted, accurately painted, and highly articulated detail. Today, at San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel is hosting an event to announce new WWE product and just happens to have a few special guests in tow.
Here are all the highlights from the panel:

-The room is crazy busy, and everyone is excited…making me nervous.

-Slide show presentation starts with WWE brand manager Enrique Rualcaba, showing basic figures including Survivor Series Legends that include Legends like The Rock in the basic line.


Just in case you guys haven't used up every inch of shelf/closet/drawer/display case space, we're giving away a collection of Mattel's Matty Collector action figures!

The collection includes:

- Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

- Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena Figure

- Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber

- Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle

- MOTUC Polly Pocket Collection

- Monster High Ghoulia Yelps™ Doll

- Green Lantern Kilowog

- Carol Ferris Barbie Doll


At this year's San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel once again held their annual Mattypalooza event in order to showcase their upcoming collector action figures. All of the fan-loved lines were present: DC Universe Classics, Voltron, Ghostbusters, and of course Masters of the Universe Classics! We were here, just as psyched as everyone else as the revelations were unleashed. We'll be doing posts for each line, but for now here is the big news as it was announced by the various directors of the lines:

DC Universe Classics
Club Infinite Earths will be a new subscription service for this year in the same vein as the Club Eternia sub.
Some figures were announced: Red Lantern Atrocitus, Jay Garrick Flash (to booming applause), and Starman.
Fans will get to vote on upcoming figures from Black Lantern Swamp Thing, The Shaggy Man, and more.


This year, DC Comics’ editorial brought Swamp Thing back into the DC Universe proper at the conclusion of their Brightest Day event. At almost the exact same time (as if it were planned?!), Mattel announced their San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive figure for their DC Universe Classics line was also the elemental force of nature. Now, with SDCC looming before us, we have Dr. Holland in hand and are bringing you the review!


On Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Mattel had their toys displayed in full force. While a lot of the yet-to-be-released figures had been seen earlier at this year’s Toy Fair, one display case in particular got our attention…and then mesmerized us with its sheer awesomeness! That case held the previously-unseen lions, figures, and giant blazing sword for this year’s Voltron Lion Force!

The 3 3/4" figures and lions will be part of a subscription service available exclusively through the Matty Collector website called the 2012 Club Lion Force. Full details on the releases haven’t been announced yet, but you better believe we’ll be finding out during their upcoming fan panel. However, since we can’t give you the full lowdown—here are some photos to fill that giant robot-shaped hole in your heart. Read More...

The exclusive toys for San Diego Comic Con are pouring in and Mattel’s Queen Marlena w/ Cringer from their incredibly popular Masters of the Universe Classics line is next on our agenda! This is the first time she has been represented in action figure form and is a great way to kick off Mattel’s presence at the big show. We were interested in this figure upon first hearing about its interchangeable costume, so let’s get into the review and find out how (and if) it all works!


Next week, San Diego will be the geek capitol of the world as Comic Con makes its way there once again. We’ve been bringing you looks at some of the SDCC-exclusives from most of the major toy and collectible companies, but todays going to be different. Yep, we finally got our hands on one of these treasures! Today we’re taking an advanced look at the SDCC-exclusive Young Justice Superboy figure from Mattel.


Young Justice quickly won us over as fans during the first few episodes. It’s mix of action, awesome animation, character choice, and great characterization really set it apart from other animated series currently on television. Of course, being a comic-based cartoon we knew that action figures wouldn’t be far behind and at this year’s Toy Fair we were treated to our first looks at the teen superheroes. Now, months after that tiny taste, we got our hands on some of the actual figures. Join us as we take a look at Young Justice Series 1 from Mattel’s 3 ¾” line of figures!

Kid Flash

Wally West idolized the Flash – then discovered his Uncle Barry Allen’s secret journals and used them to recreate the experiment that turned Barry into the Flash. The literally explosive result gave Wally the super-speed to become Kid Flash!

Kid Flash comes with a bag of fast food. Get it? "Fast Food"! Hi-larious!... or not. Still it fits the toy since wally is always having to replenish his energy after a run.


Surprise Looks like the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) is gonna be lined out the doors this year at San Diego Comic Con thanks to the recently announced exclusives filling it’s shelves from the fine folks at Toys “R” Us. Ugh. We are going to have to redo our entire schedule in order to make time to pick up the likes of the MOTUC Bizzaro vs. Battle Armor Faker (Yes!) Two-Pack and the metallic-hued Lion-O figure from Bandai’s ThunderCats 8” line (with a chance for an autograph from the original voice actor)! There’s a little something for everyone from flocked Sonic the Hedgehog to metallic Master Chief, including an appearance by Todd McFarlane. Read More...

We always get excited anytime Mattel releases new MOTUC figures. During this year’s American international Toy Fair we got an eyeful of Clawful and thus our waiting began. After months of horrible withdrawals and anxiety we finally scored the crustacean warrior for ourselves-- Muppet-eyebrows and all! You ever meet a guy whose name was “pronounced through a series of clicks”? Same here. Regardless of his shady name pronunciation, here’s our review of Clawful from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures.

Let’s start things off with the bio from the back of the package:


We love action figures, Masters of the Universe, and monsters of all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, our hearts skipped a beat when we laid eyes on Megator– the latest large-scale figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. The original Megator figure was only sold in Europe, so for most MOTU fans this will be their first chance to own this monstrosity. How’d we handle getting this review copy in our mitts? By taking him outside and having him battle Vikor, of course! Hey, they look good together… continuity be damned!


Thanks to Mattel, we’re one step closer to feeling like full-fledged Green Lanterns! We recently scored a Power ring thanks to the Movie Masters line and now we can shoot any enemies we find (real or imagined) with the Green Lantern Colossal Cannon! Simply slide your arm into the back of this bad boy and start forcing your willpower onto others! Not convinced? Well, here’s our review!


The Green Lantern film is making its way into theaters, so what better time to review a figure of the main character, Hal Jordan? While this toy from series 2 of Mattel’s Green Lantern Movie Masters is mostly a basic repaint, it features enough of a paint difference plus new accessories that make it worth a closer look. Welcome to our review of the mask-less Hal Jordan!


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