This Friday (June 17th), The Green Lantern live action film hits theaters and the world will be introduced to Hal Jordan’s compatriots in the Green Lantern Corps! Chief among them is the hard-nosed (and pig-nosed) drill instructor—Kilowog. In the movie, he’s just as huge and powerful as his comic counterpart and looks like his Movie Master action figure has managed to capture that thanks to Mattel’s use of actual scale for each of that line’s toys. Is he better than just a giant hunk of plastic, or will he disappoint us to the point that we weep like babies? Only one way to find out, folks! (Hint: If we hated it, we wouldn’t waste time reviewing it.) Welcome to our review of Mattel’s Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog figure!


Welcome to our review of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Wave 17! Yep, the whole friggin’ wave (minus the Collect & Connect) at one time! Why are we blowing through them all at once? Well, after 16 Waves of some of the best DC figures ever to be produced it seems like this one was ripe for repaints and re-use and rightly so considering the theme of the series. There are some pieces of unique sculpting however, and we’ll talk a little about each figure below their bio information to cover their individual strengths and weaknesses. Let’s get to it!

Blue Lantern Flash

When Nekron unleashed his Black Lanterns upon humanity and its super heroes, the various power ring corps joined forces, sending out rings to new human champions. The Blue Lantern Corps, wielders of the Blue Light of Hope, chose Barry Allen—a man who never gives up. As Blue Lantern The Flash, he joined the battle against the Black Lanterns with an unshakable belief that “All will be well.”

This is almost a straight up repaint of the original DCUC Flash figure. However, there is the addition of a ring-bearing right hand and an open left hand—for Lantern-holding action! The paint deco is nice and we’re big fans of the black and blue color scheme. Read More...

Nikolas Powers, the Ancient Lord of Zalesia is only guilty of one thing: love! Yep, this sorcerer just wanted to get married and make babies, but the higher powers of Eternia frowned on it so he was forced to dress in elaborate KISS stage-dress and lose the definitive features of his face. While we prefer to use him as one of our enemy forces, the guy really isn’t bad at all. Regardless, we put him up against King Grayskull in our photos simply because it looked like a good matchup. Welcome to our inaccurate imaginative review of Mattel’s upcoming release in their Masters of the Universe Classics line-- The Faceless One!


Mattel’s DC Universe Classics has consistently been one our favorite modern toy lines. It’s hard to believe that there have been 16 waves released so far with two more (17 & 18) that were announced at this year’s Toy Fair. Lately DCUC has featured themed lineups, to many a fan’s aggravation as they patiently wait to complete their various classic teams. While the upcoming Wave 19 is themed as well, it features mostly classic interpretations of the Justice Society of America and their villains. That’s right, a JSA wave – and we’ve got both the first pics AND the complete bios for all of the figures in the lineup, including a shot of the Collect & Connect figure: S.T.R.I.P.E.!

We, here at MTV Geek!, are proud to present this Exclusive First Look at Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Series 19!


Welcome back to another toy review here on MTV Geek! Instead of one figure, we’re going to be taking a quick look at an entire wave of action figures – Series 3 of Mattel’s DC Action League toys! The Action League figures are small, stylized representations of the characters from DC Comics’ huge library of heroes and villains and while small in stature, are still huge on personality. This series sees the addition of the first female hero in the line, along with the most round. Yes, round. Also, with a movie on the way, the Green Lantern Corps have managed to weasel their way into all the waves so far, this 3rd series not being an exception. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest two-packs of heroes and villains to make their way onto the pegs!


Welcome back to our continuing reviews of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures! Today’s review puts the spotlight on Catra, the latest offering on the Matty Collector website, and a key addition to the Princess of Power lineup! Catra’s real name is C’yra of D’Riluth III, and while that seems incredibly complicated, it’s much better than her being named Christy or Catrallina or whatever else these bios generally stick with. Speaking of bios, they’ve been better as of late and Catra benefits from that. Here’s the bio for this “Jealous Beauty”:

A disputed monarch from the Tri Star System, C’yra joined the Horde Empire and was given a magical mask which granted her secret powers such as the ability to transform into a panther. She traveled with horde Commander Kur to Eternia on his mission to ensure He-Ro was destroyed. There, along with the rest of the Horde army, she was caught up in the Great Wars and eventually banished to Despondos by King Grayskull. She remained with her leader throughout their banishment and was eventually promoted to Force Captain after Hordak’s step-daughter betrayed the Horde to the Etherian Rebellion. Catra’s jealousy of She-Ra has become her greatest weakness.


Welcome to MTV Geek’s continuing reviews of action figures from Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics Series 2! Today we’re looking a toy that can be turned into one of two characters, simply by switching out the extra included head: Green Lanterns Medphyll and Naut Kei Loi! As usual with these types of figures, you can find both versions individually packaged, and both come equipped with the head of the other. Of course, that also means if you want to display both characters, then you have to purchase 2 figures so those extra heads shall be prevalent in your accessories bin. Thanks to the Green Lantern Classics Line and the upcoming DC Universe Classics wave featuring the deputy Lanterns, our Corps shelves are starting to sag like Kyb’s… ummm… well, go take a look at Kryb for yourself. Let’s kick things off with the bio from the back of the package:

Two of the most unusual heroes in the Green Lantern Corps are the fishlike Naut Kei Loi and the plantlike Medphyll. A native of the ocean-planet Aeros, Naut Kei Loi wears a helmet filled with his home-waters even as he travels the stars. Medphyll hails from planet J586, a world of sentient plants. Both distinguished themselves during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


The newest series of Mattel’s DC Retro Action Heroes has hit our doorstep, and today we’re going to take a closer look at them. As usual, there are four figures in this lineup, and this time in consists of: Shazam (Captain Marvel), Black Adam, Martian Manhunter, and Darkseid! These Mego-style figures have started to grow on us, and this wave is proving to be no exception. Martian Manhunter is wearing full green footie-pajamas – what’s not to love?! Currently Toys R’ Us and various internet toy outlets are the only real option for getting these guys; but, as we keep seeing more and more Sinestros and Lex Luthors piling up on TRU’s pegs, we have to wonder how long it will be before the upcoming waves become Matty Collector exclusives. after checking out the coming photos and general rambling, we have a feeling these four might not set on shelves quite as long...


It has begun! That’s right, Mattel has revealed their San Diego Comic Con exclusives and the flood of saliva coming from fans’ mouths will surely drown us all! Most of their lines are represented, with figures from Green Lantern Movie Masters, DC Universe Classics, Masters of the Universe Classics, Young Justice, and the big shocker – Voltron! Yes, the classic lion-based version is coming to SDCC in the form of a super articulated 6” figure that has two swords and some incredible packaging. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though, as Swamp Thing returned to the DC Universe proper this week and only a few days later is announced as the DC Universe Classics SDCC-exclusive. Now that’s what we call “service”!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these fine pieces of plastic courtesy of Matty Collector:

Ghostbusters™ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ($70)

Stay Puft is the largest item ever made by Mattel and sold at SDCC, standing at over 20" tall! Our favorite squishy villain is made from soft foam and features articulation at the arms, head and legs. A huge city diorama is included in the packaging – perfect for displaying your entire Ghostbusters collection! He’ll be available first at SDCC, then here on


Welcome to the first of our reviews for Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics Series 2 action figures! Today we’re taking a look at a pretty sweet deal in the form of getting two blood-puking, rage-filled, s.o.b.s in one convenient package – Skallox and Nite-Lik of the Red Lantern Corps! While Skallox is a new addition to the DC Comics’ universe, appearing in only a handful of Green Lantern books; Nite-Lik is an all new creation, made specifically for this line (and named after Mattel's Scott Neitlich) by the Four Horsemen and is set to appear in the comics soon. Let’s start this review off with the bio for these two belligerent Corpsmen from the back of their package:

The Blackest Night introduced the world to the rage-fueled Red Lanterns. Skallox, a hulking presence with a skeletal visage, was often on the front lines of battle. An enigmatic monster and macabre collector, Nite-Lik is adorned in the bones of his vanquished foes. In a Corps awash in burning blood, Skallox and Nite-Lik still stand out for their horrific appearance and murderous ways.


Sometimes we forget just how much fun toys are meant to be. While collecting action figures has become a race to acquire the most detailed, hulking, plastic monstrosity -- sometimes it’s easy to dismiss the impact that toys and playtime have for kids. Kids?! You know what we’re talking about -- those squatty, loud, less-prone-to-worry-about-bills versions of “adults”. Today’s review is for a toyline that can be fun for the work desk, but even more so down on the ground in the grubby little paws of a Kool-Aid infused terror, fresh from a day stuck in the prison of grade school.

In honor of the new season of Fantasy Factory, and the release of the first web-isode of Wild Grinders, we snagged a couple of toys and took ‘em outside! Stick around while we take a look at two of the basic figures from Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders by Mattel!


Welcome back to another review from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line of action figures! Today we’re looking at the latest offering to hit the Matty Collector website in the form of the brightly-hued Sy-Klone! The “Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado” was one of those vintage Masters figures that, while not necessarily our most beloved character, was always a part of our epic battles that took place in the bloody battlegrounds that our imaginations turned out backyards into. Does the Classics version of Sy-Klone hold up to our rose-colored memories? Let’s take a look, starting with his bio:

Protector of the Legacy Stones and the Last Defender of Anwat Gar, Sy-Klone joined the Masters of the Universe after the Stones were destroyed and his mission completed. He wears the last remaining TECH vest armor created by his Gar ancestors to terrorize Eternia after the Great Wars. Its built-in wind rockets allow the user to create powerful vortexes of spinning energy as a defensive weapon or to fly through the air. Sy-Klone has upgraded his armor to also include cosmic radar which lets him sense the physical presence of evil long before others. Sy-Klone’s wind powers and radar chest make him combat ready.


With the new season of Fantasy Factory in full swing, another of Rob Dyrdek's creations are grinding towards a toy shop & TV near you  --  Wild Grinders! To celebrate, "Wild In  The Streets" the Web Series is launching to give you all  the scoop on  the latest news and deals from the world of Wild Grinders.

In  this  first webisode, Tracy Tubera, the artist behind Wild Grinders,  introduces the new Mattel Wild  Grinders toys & shows off the first-ever Wild  Grinders animated short, "Concrete."  Stay tuned to future "Wild In The  Streets"  webisodes to learn more about the toys, the animated series, and what new cool things the brand has in store!

Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders: Wild in the Streets: The Webseries: Episode 1

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Welcome to our review of the Toys R’ Us-exclusive Hal Jordan & Abin Sur two-pack from Mattel’s Green Lantern Movie Masters line of action figures! The Movie Masters line will be hitting shelves soon, but are they worth your hard-earned greenbacks? Yes. Yes they are. See? Spoiled the whole review in the first stinkin’ paragraph! Oh well, read it anyway. You know you want to, ya buncha Lantern-lovers! Here’s the brief bio that appears on the back of the packaging:

Crash landing on Earth after escaping the terrible entity, Parallax, Green Lantern Abin Sur knew he must find a successor to carry on his mission. Using his power ring to find a human who displayed fearlessness and great willpower, Abin Sur met Hal Jordan and passed along his knowledge before he died.


Welcome back to another review from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics! While normally we talk about the monthly figures available on, today we’re taking a look at some furniture. No kidding. On Friday April 15th, fans can order this MOTUC Weapon Rack, which is kind of like a bookcase… if your books were battleaxes. It is a throwback to the vintage version and comes packaged with quite a few accessories to fill it out. As with the Weapon Paks, there is no bio, so here’s some rambling nonsense you might hear on Eternian radio, or a crystal ball, or… well, whatever the hell they use for communication:

Are you a huge, mystically-powered barbarian and you’ve just got no place to store your s#@t?! What are you gonna do?! Well, if you’re anything like He-Man, you’ll hop on an Attak-Trak and head over to Huss-Lar’s World of Eternian Fine Furniture to pick up a Weapon Rack! That’s right, folks! The Weapon Rack is every Master’s dream-come-true when it comes to organizing and storing a vast array of weaponry from laser rifles to the longest of spears! Come on down and get your handy-dandy Weapon Rack today before Skeletor plots some crazy scheme to steal them all for himself!


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