Toys"R"Us and Entertainment Earth are not only going to have exclusive action figures for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International, but they're even bringing along a few toys that you can get early, before they hit TRU shelves later this summer and fall! From an Adventure Time two-pack of Finn and Fiona, to an extremely stealthy Predator, and even 4 massive Heroes in a Half-Shell, there's a little something for everybody-- so go ahead and expect a long-ass line! Still, if you purchase any of the TRU-exclusives at the E.E. booth, you'll also receive a free limited edition gold Monsuno Lock and Core figure, while they last.


Just as we were finalizing our Top Ten Coolest SDCC-Exclusive Action Figures List, this shows up as inconveniently as a group of Walkers when your just trying to mind your own business and take a leak out behind Hershel's barn! McFarlane Toys has produced a run of con-exclusive Michonne figures, based on Image Comics' The Walking Dead comic series, that will only be available at Robert Kirkman's Skybound booth during the big show. For fans who already own the comic series-version, this is pretty much the same deal-- with a ton of added blood and a sweet-ass poncho! Not only that, but the packaging features brand new art by series mainstay Charlie Adlard. Looks like our Michonne will be safe from the coming invasion--safe inside her plastic prison! Read More...

Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead is still several months off, but with Season 2 hitting Blu-Ray and DVD soon, the general excitement for Rick Grimes and his group of survivors is staying just as strong with fans. Now, McFarlane Toys is about to bolster the ranks of their figure line based on the series with 5 new releases for their series 2. This go-around, a second Rick Grimes figure, Shane Walsh, the Well Zombie,the Bicycle Girl Zombie from Season 1, and the RV Zombie make up the assortment. We saw photos of the planned figures at this year's Toy Fair, but now we're privy to the real-deal and so are you! Read on as we bring you an Exclusive First Look at Shane Walsh and the Well Zombie from McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead Series 2, followed by an interview with Todd himself!

Update: The winner of the giveaay is: @Mr_Xevoz



Have we here at MTV Geek lost our minds?!


Because this all this week, to celebrate our crazy Toy Fair 2012 coverage we're giving away not one, not two, not three...but but FIVE bundles of sick toys from FIVE different companies over FIVE days on Twitter!

And today's certainly kicks things off in a glorious way! We've got a crazy, prize pack for all you Todd McFarlane, zombie-lovin', sports fans out there from McFarlane Toys!

Check this out! You can win:

Walking Dead TV Series Zombie Biter action figure


Master Chief can never catch a break! Halo 4, from Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries, tosses the MC back into the heat of battle in the first game of an all-new Halo trilogy. Of course, what would Toy Fair 2012 be without toys, so we here at MTV Geek are excited to be bringing you this exclusive first look at Frozen Master Chief with Cryotube from Halo 4 and the fine folks over at McFarlane Toys!

Read on for all the info on the this Deluxe figure, plus the entire range of upcoming Halo 4 toys.



McFarlane Toys keeps bringing out the dead with their release of figures based on The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. While we reviewed the variant black & white Deputy Rick Grimes last week, today we’re working our way through the rest of the undead hordes in full color. Join us as Daryl Dixon takes on the Zombie Biter and Zombie Walker from The Walking Dead TV Series 1 line of figures in our quick review!


Season 2 of The Walking Dead is currently in a mid-season hiatus over on AMC, but don't let that stop you from enjoying all the flesh-eating, betrayals, and camping out! That's right, thanks to McFarlane Toys, you can use your imagination and create your own little apocalypse right there on your desk at work with their Walking Dead action figures! (We're giving away a set of them here) Today, we'll be taking a look at the exclusive grayscale, blood-spattered, Deputy Rick Grimes figure from The Walking Dead TV Series line. So, read on for shots of Rick hanging out with Dick Tracy and Ninja Turtles!


The holidays are a time for joy, family, thankfulness, and hell-spawned heroes bent on getting their old life back after being tricked by a devil! Well, maybe that last part doesn't quite fit-- or maybe it does. You see, McFarlane Toys is bringing a little Spawn-related cheer next week with the release of an extremely limited statue.

That's a photo we snatched of the statue at this year's New York Comic Con. For all the info on said pile of coolness, hit the "more" tab!


McFarlane Toys had a small setup as part of the Image Comics booth at this year's New York Comic Con. While only keeping it to two display cases, they were constantly blocked and surrounded by rabid fans of the company's various toy lines. In fact, you should be amazed we were even able to battle our way through the hordes of undead fully living The Walking Dead enthusiasts to bring you photos of the TV Series figure premieres!


What would a line of figures based on Image Comics' The Walking Dead be without zombies? Boring as hell, that's what! Without those slack-jawed, brain-munchers you'd just have some toys of people who walk around a lot and constantly bicker with one another when not dying left and right! Thankfully, McFarlane Toys released zombies as two of the first four figures in the series--that's a 1:1 zombie-to-human ratio and we like those odds! Join us as we take a look at the two undead figures from the first wave: the Zombie Roamer and the Zombie Lurker!


Rick Grimes is from Kentucky. He's also a stand-up dad and will not hesitate to chop a zombie's head in twain (all like this intrepid toy blogger), so we expected quite a lot from his action figure avatar. Thankfully, McFarlane Toys gets most of it right in their first series of The Walking Dead action figures based on the Image comic book. Join us as we take a look at the main character as he beats some undead bastards back into the ground!


Surprise Looks like the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) is gonna be lined out the doors this year at San Diego Comic Con thanks to the recently announced exclusives filling it’s shelves from the fine folks at Toys “R” Us. Ugh. We are going to have to redo our entire schedule in order to make time to pick up the likes of the MOTUC Bizzaro vs. Battle Armor Faker (Yes!) Two-Pack and the metallic-hued Lion-O figure from Bandai’s ThunderCats 8” line (with a chance for an autograph from the original voice actor)! There’s a little something for everyone from flocked Sonic the Hedgehog to metallic Master Chief, including an appearance by Todd McFarlane. Read More...

This year’s American International Toy Fair was an overwhelming spectacle filled with all of our favorite plastic effigies. Now that it’s at an end, we can reflect back on the grandiose action figure showings from our favorite companies – and what better way to do this than through the magic of moving pictures?! Today we’re gonna take a look at 3 videos that top our list of highlights from the show, when it comes to toys based on our favorite comic properties!

1. Todd’s Zombie Fixation

While The Walking Dead action figures were a huge draw for fans of the book, the fact that Todd McFarlane took the time to spearhead his company’s Toy Fair presence was very cool in itself.

2. Straight From a Horseman’s Mouth

While we admit to being partial to Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line of figures, you’ve gotta admit that having Cornboy from the Four Horsemen dish on all the DCUC reveals is pretty f’n cool! Who better to talk about these spandex-clad heroes than one of the men who sculpted them?!

3. Marvel at These… sorry, crappy pun halted.

Everything was on display here, from the massive Sentinel to the miniscule Wasp and Ant Man that come in the Avengers Set. While Marvel Legends doesn’t come back until next year, Hasbro is really making the 3 ¾” size better and better with each release!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your post-Toy Fair coverage!

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At Toy Fair, one of the top things on our list was to see McFarlane Toys’ upcoming figures based on The Walking Dead comic and television series, and see them we did! There were four 2up prototypes (the large scale sculpts the factory uses as a model for the smaller production pieces) on display, along with mock ups of the packaging for the line. These were all from the comic book-based line, since only a placard with photos of the characters slated for the television line was shown. Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne, and two zombies were visible in the display case and looked be very limited on articulation, but high in detail.


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