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When there's no more room in your toy box, the adorable dead will walk the Earth!

This week, on Twitter, we're giving away a creepily cute Living Dead Dolls gift set featuring the dastardly duo of Rotten Sam and Sandy! Read More...

Blind-boxed toys are both extremely popular right now AND incredibly addicting. Not knowing what toy you'll open up can cause fits in some as the buy up entire cases of toys from Kid Robot, Disney Vinylmation, etc., in order to score the one little bobble they have their toy-lovin' eye on! Well, our friends at Mezco Toyz have thrown their hats in the ring with the release of the new Living Dead Dolls Figurines. Are these new toys as cute as vinyl releases from other companies? Are they as horrifyingly creepy as the Living Dead Dolls? Could they possibly be both?! Read on to find out as we review these tiny, addictive wonders.


We're currently snatching up any and all Bat-related merchandise due, in large part, to our addictions to Batman: Arkham City and DC Comics' Batman line from their New 52. While we have lots of intricately detailed and/or super articulated versions of the Dark Knight and his Bat-Family, our collection was lacking a little something-- and we think we've found it in the guise of Mezco Toyz' Batman Mini Mez-Itz w/ Batmobile set! Join us as we take a look at this cute Caped Crusader and his sweet, vinyl ride!


What could be cuter and more hug-worthy than the rotting corpses of humans and animals? Not a lot-- if you're judging by Mezco Toyz latest release: The Creepy Cuddlers line of plush toys! This line, by the makers of the infamous Living Dead Dolls, allows for kids of all ages to get in on the zombie-lovin' that the world seems to be wrapped in as of late, and what better time for a review of these toys than Halloween? Join us as we review the morbid majesty of the Creepy Cuddlers to see if their tricks are less than their treats!

First up is the Living Dead Doll Creepy Cuddlers:


While New York Comic-Con is fast approaching, October is still dominated by the horrors and candy-filled holiday of Halloween. That makes it all the more fitting Mezco's Living Dead Dolls is also celebrating its unlucky 13th anniversary with the release of Sadie-- the original LDD! Join us as we take a look at this creepy-ass doll-- who we keep locked away in the spare room. Yeah, according to every horror movie ever, we're doomed!


We here at MTV Geek! are proud to present this exclusive first look at Mezco Toyz’ DC Universe Mez-Itz Mega Scale Batman! The blue and gray version of Bruce is the limited variant but the black and gray pile of vinyl-badass won’t be around forever. Both versions clock in at around 200 bucks, which is a small price to pay for these stylized Cape Crusaders.

Perhaps the greatest summer exclusive in the universe, Mezco proudly presents the Mega Scale Batman Mez-Itz. Standing taller than many newborn infants, this Batman Mez-Itz measures 20 inches from the tip of his ears to the soles of his batboots.

He features a real cloth black cape. Just like the standard Mez-Itz, he features 5 points of articulation and 1000 points of fun.

This Mega Scale Mez-Itz Batman will premiere at the world famous San Diego Comic Con, but is also available for pre-order at:



San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us! As the big show gets closer, companies are revealing more and more of their exclusives. Mezco Toyz, makers of the recently reviewed Green Lantern Mez-Itz will have a DC Universe Mez-Itz Green Lantern & Sinestro Comic Version 2-Pack at SDCC for all you fans of ring-slinging vinyl figures!

Mez-Itz, 6" rotocast vinyl collectibles that are cool by design. Both GREEN LANTERN and SINESTRO feature five points of articulation with 1000 points of fun, and are packaged in sturdy, collector friendly box!

In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. But when a new enemy threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan.

Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans. But Hal has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris, if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may become the greatest GREEN LANTERN of all.

This is a non-numbered limited edition item. Edition size TBD.

This item will premiere at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, but is also available online at :

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Mezco Toyz and SDCC coverage!

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Mezco Toyz listens to their fans. In this particular case, it was fans of Scott Pilgrim and the lack of weather-conscious outerwear seen in the figure releases. During this year’s American International Toy Fair, Mezco had Scott on display wearing his blue jacket with exceptionally furry collar. Due to logistics, the coat had to be scrapped when it came time for release. However, thanks to fan demand (and our review?) Mezco is releasing a limited edition version of Scott at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con!

Mezco Toyz is no stranger to adding soft goods to their figures, as evidenced by their amazing comic-accurate Hellboy line, and we’re sure Scott’s jacket will be up to snuff as he fights off any Evil Ex or super-villain that you pit him against! As you can see, with the addition of the yellow shirt he looks just as he did on the cover of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life by creator Bryan Lee O'Malley.


In Brightest Day or Blackest Night, these Green Lantern Mez-Itz are ready to put fear into the hearts of any designer vinyl troublemakers that might be lurking on your shelf! However, if these Mez-Itz are going up against some of our full-fledged action figures… well, those big ol’ heads are just gonna be ripe for the beatings! We love ring-slingers around here though, so no worries about physical harm to Hal or Sinestro. Mezco Toyz has managed to keep their Mez-Itz brand up and running for years and have perfected their stylized take on the characters they tackle. Did they keep to the trend with these green-hued cosmic cops? Join us as we take a look at these arch-enemies during their beginning stint as friends and colleagues from the new live action Green Lantern film and find out for yourself!


Remember when we released the exclusive first look at Mezco Toyz' 18” Lion-O figure? Seeing it for the first time was the equivalent of getting hit in the face with a pile of pure cocaine unicorn glitter! Then, we got up close and personal with that red-haired piece of badass plastic at this year’s Toy Fair and were blown away by how good it looked. Now we’re patiently waiting to get one into our grubby, ThunderCats lovin’ mitts!

What we generally don’t stop to think about is the sheer amount of talent and painstaking work that goes on behind the scenes to create something like this. Well, Mezco Toyz has decided to school us by taking us through some of the behind-the-scenes processes of bringing the epic-sized leader of the ThunderCats to the general public!

Mezco Project Manager Damien Glonek compares Thundercats test shots


South Park's 15th season is upon us, and Mezco Toyz is celebrating with a Twitter giveaway of their South Park Classics Series 1 action figure collection. These poseable figures come with a ton of cool accessories - and Cartman and Butters' eyebrows are fully articulated so you can give them a range of expressions! Sweet!

In order to win, all you have to do is follow @MTVGeek on Twitter and retweet the following: "Giving away South Park Classics: Series 1 Toys to one (1) lucky follower! #MTVGeek RT (copy/paste) to enter! Rules: http://bit.ly/jgq7Yj" It's that easy!

Click here to read the Official Rules for this sweepstakes, and make sure to follow along with MTV for your chance to win!

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If I peed my pants would you just pretend I just got wet from the rain? - Scott Pilgrim being ever so heroic.

While Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World hit theaters last year, Mezco Toyz made the wise choice of bringing out figures based on the infinitely awesome graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O-Malley. We were excited about these figures when we first announced them, and even moreso after seeing them in person at this year's Toy Fair. we were sad to see the lack of Scott's coat, but maybe it'll be included in a later release. After finally getting the figures into our grubby paws, were they everything we had hoped for? Well, that's why we do these reviews!


Cartoons and profanity are two things the people just can’t get enough of, and South Park being syndicated all over the airwaves and coming back for a 15th season on Comedy Central is proof of that! Like the animated series, Mezco Toyz’ line of South Park figures are coming back around in syndication-like waves of the fan favorite figures from the original line. Stick around while we check out Mezco Toyz’ figures from South Park Classics Series 1.

All three figures in the first series are constructed from what appears to be vinyl, while their accessories are constructed of a more rigid plastic. This gives them, along with their height, the same feel as a lot of designer art toys that we have from companies like Kidrobot and the Disney Filmation series. The figures are mostly molded in their appropriate colors, but where paint has been applied, it is very cleanly done. They each feature articulation (all swivels) at the neck, shoulders, and waist. Also, Cartman and Butters feature articulated eyebrows which lets you get a whole different range of expressions out of the little guys.


It’s that time of the year again – Spring! Of course, as you all know nothing says “springtime” like zombies! Thanks to our friends over at Mezco Toyz, your head can be filled with horrific images of small children, reanimated and tearing their way through the gray-matter of the local townsfolk! Series 22 (!) of Mezco’s infamous Living Dead Dolls has a zombie theme and we’re happy to say that they look to be creepier than ever. Don’t rush out to the stores just yet, as this set won’t start shipping until September of this year. The press release below explains it all in full, brain-devouring detail:

Mezco Releases New Zombie Living Dead Doll Image!

We are happy to unveil the dolls that make up Living Dead Dolls Series 22. Their names are (clockwise from the top):

- Goria
- Menard
- Roxie
- Ava
- Peggy Goo

When there is no more room in hell, dolls will walk the Earth. The 22nd series of the Living Dead Dolls, pays tribute to the creatures that first inspired the creators more than a decade ago: Zombies!

Five rotting corpses, freshly reanimated, shuffle forth from their tombs and into the night. They search for brains…try to be open minded!

Set of 5, each individually packaged in their own coffin…for now.

Ships in September 2011

Available for pre-order at finer retailers or at http://www.mezcotoyz.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=941


The guys over at Mezco Toyz put out quite a spread at this year’s Toy Fair. While we’ll be hitting on more of their lines later, the display case that managed to draw us and our attention like a moth to a flame was the one packed with Mez’s new DC Universe Mez-Itz. They use the familiar designer vinyl formula of using the same basic base for each figure and then relying solely on the paint deco to bring life to the character. The comic-style detailing on these really help them to bring across the feeling of the characters from the Joker’s crazy eyes, to the cocky grinned smeared across the Flash’s face. The line consists of two different scales, the larger 6” figures which are released in 2-packs, and the smaller 2” line also comes in 2-packs but also is released as key rings, and even sports a vehicle! Yep, Mezco has produced a Batmobile under their new Mez-Itz Mobile banner and it is packaged with none other than the Dark Knight himself.

Check out our video interview from Toy Fair 2011:

Toy Fair 2011: Mike Drake On Mezco Toyz's DC Mez-Itz


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