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File this under "a mile of suspicion," "likely PR stunt," and "guess work by one Tesla superfan."

Recently, webcomic creator, noted litigator, and noted Tesla-ologist The Oatmeal (AKA Matthew Inman) was invited by Disney to their Burbank studio to consult on their upcoming film "Tomorrowland." The Brad Bird-directed film--which was teased during Disney's D23 event--involves a lost city of misfit scientists including Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Think "BioShock" for kids.

Anyway, during his visit, which Inman details on his blog, it seems he saw enough to become at least partially convinced that Disney was using him as shore up ideas for a Tesla film.


It's real but it's not.

It's real but it's not.

Image belongs to Karen Gillan (@KarenGillan2)

By Amber Lena

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Who would win a battle between George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice" characters and "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien's creations?

Martin weighs in during this second round of GRR vs. JRR!



There have been plenty of real-world attempts to bring some of the vehicles from the "Star Wars" universe into the real world. Whether it be petition to create a real-world Death Star or one man's effort to construct a Millennium Falcon in his own backyard, fans of the franchise have done their best to recreate the tech of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Now, a Bristol, England-based eBayer is offering up a replica of the notoriously Ewok-vulnerable walker in an auction.



In the long history of celebs teasing their upcoming roles on Facebook, from Simon Pegg as Ant-Man (debunked!) to Vin Diesel as Groot (hasn't been bunked either way yet), here's a doozy: is Megan Fox playing Boba Fett in 'Star Wars VII'? Read More...


The "Masters of the Universe" line of toys was one of the biggest line of of products targeting boys back in the 80's, and with brawny hero He-Man, toymaker Mattel had a cultural hit on their hands, spawning an animated series and a feature film best left forgotten. But who, exactly, created He-Man? Filmmakers Corey Landis and Roger Lay Jr.--both avid He-Man fans from childhood--wanted to find out who was responsible for the character, interviewing numerous Mattel designers, artists, and executives, creating an almost "Rashamon"-like narrative about the creation of Eternia's shirtless hero in "Toy Masters."

During Power-Con 2013, I got a chance to see about half an hour of footage from the documentary (which is still in the editing process) presented by Lay and Landis who attempt to navigate the personalities, prickly egos, fights, and conflicting stories behind He-Man's creation.



Last Week at an L.A. Film School event, "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black was joined by his co-writer Drew Pearce to talk about the third chapter in Tony Stark's story. The pair dished on their process (Black tried to have Pearce fired as soon as he came on the project), why fans shouldn't expect to see the "Demon in A Bottle" storyline on the big screen, and how "The Avengers" killed "The Runaways" movie.



Producer Adi Shankar helped bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen last year with "Dredd 3D" and this comic super fan and filmmaker has been out there creating "bootleg films" featuring gritty takes on popular comic characters. So who does he think would be best suited to cleaning up crime in the world's toughest cities?

His answer might surprise you.



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"How did we keep track of what was going on? That was really hard," director Dennis Iladis says of his recently-release sci-fi thriller "+1." In it, teens at a wild house party discover that not only is time looping around them, but it's creating doubles. The film looks at three friends--David (Rhys Wakefield), Teddy (Logan Miller), and Allison (Colleen Dengel) as each finds their nights spiraling out of control as their doubles begin reliving the greatest and worst night of their lives.

We spoke with Illadis, who directed the 2009 remake of "Last House on the Left" as well as the harrowing drama "Hardcore" about teens in peril (in time) and what he would do if he met his own double.



Rhys Wakefield and Ashley Hinshaw in "+1"

If you could relive a moment all over again--say, reversing something you wish you hadn't or maybe enjoying the best moment of your life--would you? Now say you could have that moment back, but there was the problem of a pesky second you about to relive the same moment as you. What would you do?

"I'd probably have him do all of the chores I wouldn't want to do," Actor Rhys Wakefield tells me.

Wakefield's character David in this week's new release "+1" has somewhat more ambitious aims with his own double, attempting to salvage a damaged relationship with his girlfriend Jill (Ashley Hinshaw) as a bizarre time loop has David, his friends, and an ever-increasing number of duplicates at a massive house party experiencing the same moments over and over in the same night.


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by Katherine Erlikh

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Check out this clip from Shout! Factory's upcoming "Amityville Horror Trilogy" boxed set.



Get your little black dresses ready because we’re heading to Elvira town. Yes, dressing as the Mistress of the Dark looks easy, but it’s more than a slinky black dress, large black hair and a ton, a ton, of cleavage. Who knew 25 years after the release of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark that she’d still be some people’s number one choice when it came to dress up time? No one, but most are glad she is because it’s not just a sexy outfit, it’s one badass chick.


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