With Marvel and DC (and largely Image as well) sitting out this year's New York Comic-Con, this is your chance to see some of the other publishers shine during one of the East Coast's biggest shows.

After the jump, we've got our recommendations for panels you should definitely check out, packed to the brim with creators and announcements.



New York Comic-Con is just around the corner, and as we all ready ourselves for the oncoming insanity, details are beginning to emerge about just what we can expect to see at this year's show. Of particular note are DC Entertainment's plans: rather than setting up their traditional booth complex on the show floor, they're taking a different approach to exhibition…  So when we heard the news, we not only got hold of the press release, we spoke to their VP of Marketing, John Cunningham, to get some more in-depth details on what DC has up their sleeve for NYCC attendees: Read More...

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by Katherine Erlikh

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With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, it's time to make like a drug store on Christmas, and start pushing the Valentine's Day merch: WeLoveFine is hosting a contest that could send you to New York Comic-Con... That is, if you can design the most chimichanga-riffic Deadpool T-shirt ever.

Up until July 9th, shoot over to WeLoveFine's site with your best pic of the Merc With a Mouth, and professional t-shirt judgers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn will determine whether YOU have what it takes to go to the Javits Center. Currently, Rob Liefeld has entered 33 times... So what I'm saying is, you still have a shot.

Here's the official info:


Kevin Smith is one of those dudes who will always be linked to Superman movie lore (which, in turn, is part of modern Hollywood lore), and he's worth chatting up anytime a new Supes film project pops up.

Back in 1996, Smith's geek cred had become well-known due to "Mallrats" -- before everyone was a geek -- and was hired to re-write Superman Lives/ Superman Reborn, a vehicle that would be directed by Tim Burton and would star Nicolas Cage. Smith was a hired gun who had to fulfill a lot of dictates on the rewrite (like a Superman in a black costume who doesn't fly and fights a giant spider). Smith's draft was eventually discarded by Burton, who inevitably left, as did Cage.

No big spoiler, but the movie never happened.

But Smith, who would go on to write comic books, launch a successful podcast network and take part in AMC's "Comic Book Men" and occasionally direct some more movies, is still rightly known as a geek and connected to Superman.

So it seemed only natural to ask him about Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel." That, and the fact that Gillette just used him to pontificate on how Superman shaves.

Anyhow, I've had the chance to chat with Smith quite a few times. He's one of the best interview subjects, and just genuinely a nice guy with a foul-mouth. Back at New York Comic Con last October, before he or any of us had seen "Man of Steel," when we were all still checking out first glimpses of Snyder's vision, Smith went on record to predict good things for the movie. For a bonus round, he also spoke about a "Justice League" movie.

Here's his take:

Moyoco Anno was one of the special guests at New York Comic Con, and MTV Geek was fortunate to get a few minutes to sit down and talk to her about her characters, her readers, and her sources of inspiration.

Only a handful of Anno's works have been published in English, but each one is a standout: The romantic comedy "Happy Mania"; "Flowers and Bees," the story of a man who goes to ridiculous lengths in his pursuit of beauty; "Sugar Sugar Rune," a children's manga about two young witches in search of magic jewels; and "Sakuran," a stunning story of life in an Edo-era brothel (and the source for the movie of the same name). Her Hataraki Man, the story of a workaholic woman, has also made waves in Japan because of its biting commentary on Japanese work life.


By Elizabeth Keenan

Editing a graphic novel can be a very different prospect depending on whether its an OGN, a work-for-hire, or a novel adaptation. Publishers Weekly’s Heidi MacDonald directed her New York Comic Con panel of editors through a variety of scenarios based on books they edited.

MacDonald first asked JuYoun Lee, senior editor at Yen Press, about adapting the novel "Interview with the Vampire" as a graphic novel. Being part of the Hachette Group means that Yen Press had the means to adapt books already in the market. “Graphic novels are about good stories,” Lee said. With "Interview", “it was a no-brainer when the opportunity was presented to us.". But the editing team soon made a decision to focus one character’s perspective.

“We wanted to give it a little twist or spin, and present it in a fresh way,” she said. “We chose Claudia. The book is the same story, the same plot.” Read More...

Sure, most of you know about Greendale, but what about the severely dysfunctional education of higher learning in Adult Swim's "China, IL?" Creator Brad Neely (and the voice of Baby Cakes, Frank, and Steve) and executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld join MTV Geek's Steven Smith during New York Comic-Con to talk about the animated series.


Broadway actor, TV writer, voice actor, comic book writer and all-around renaissance man Kevin Shinick talks to MTV Geek's Steven Smith about his ultra-busy career. During this New York Comic Con chat, Steve grills Kevin about beating Julie Taymor to the stage with a Spider-Man play, vacationing with the "MAD" staff, and the legendary "Caddyshack" star Ted Knight.


By Elizabeth Keenan

ComiXology’s announcement of its upcoming “Submit” program turned an otherwise hypothetical New York Comic Con panel into a strategic instruction session for indie comics artists and writers eager to bring their comics to the digital distribution platform.

ComiXology co-founder John D. Roberts and vice president of marketing and business development Chip Mosher described the program as a way for the company to come back “full circle” to its work with independent creators. The new Submit program will be entirely free to creators, including the conversion to the “Guided View” format that has made ComiXology into the most popular way to read digital comics. Read More...

"Robot Chicken" co-creator Seth Green and wife/co-star Clare Grant joined Steven Smith in the MTV Geek booth for a chat about the series, developing the "DC Comics Special" and Geoff Johns' sweet office. Check out this video from New York Comic-Con and find out more "Robot Chicken," "Star Wars: Detours," and making action figures for loved ones!


New York Comic Con kicked my ASS. In a good way, I mean. The bruises on my posterior are only minor and badges of honor for days well geeked. There were many, many highlights and zero lowlights, unless you count some of the cosplay. OH the cosplay. How awesome you be! Let’s sum up my time therein.

Thursday was a short day with a few jaunts on the floor, a sampling of convention cuisine, oh and hanging with Ben Folds Five! One of my favorite artists who kindly took the time to be Fraggle-ized by "Mouse Guard" and Eisner Award winner Daivd Petersen. Why Fraggles you ask? Then you haven’t seen THIS!


By Elizabeth Keenan

Over the years, Dracula has changed from a first sinister, Gothic incarnation to the cloak-wearing, I-vant-to-suck-your-blood character of 1950s B-movies, and finally to his re-birth as a tortured soul in 1992’s Francis Ford Coppola’s "Bram Stoker’s Dracula".

The panelists at New York Comic Con's "The Mysteries Surrounding The Writing Of Dracula, And How The Character Has Changed In The Past 115 Years" —Bram’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker, SUNY Buffalo professor John Browning, and screenwriter James V. Hart—explored these changes to a packed room. Read More...

There are no weapons allowed at New York Comic Con. But that didn't stop some sneaky cosplayers from bringing them anyway. Jordan Carlos from "MTV2's Guy Code," always the stickler for rules, decided he'd track down some of the rule-breaking rapscallions and confiscate those swoards, guns, proton packs, My Little Pony swords and the most deadly weapon of all...Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake*!


from "Johnny Hiro" by Fred Chao

By Patrick A. Reed

Saturday evening, I lucked into attending one of the more interesting and off-beat panels of the entire New York Comic Con weekend. The World Of Graphic Novels was moderated by Scott Robins (author of "A Parent's Guide To The Best Kids' Comics"), and featured a variety of writers and artists discussing the importance of setting their stories in believable worlds, be they real-life settings or alien planets. (Raina Telgemeier was scheduled to take part, but had to cancel her appearance, leaving this as one of far too many panels over the weekend that proceeded without a single woman participant.) Read More...

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