It looks like the Doctor will have a new regeneration to look forward to--after joining the series in 2010, actor Matt Smith will be stepping down at the end of 2013, with a new actor (or actress?) taking over as the twelfth Doctor during this year's Christmas special.

This is a fairly abrupt turn for the BAFTA-nomiated Smith, who helped sustain the show's run as the BBC's number one series over the last four years. Smith's take on the character was a blend of predecessor Christopher Eccleston's hardened ex-warrior and the whimsy of David Tennant's version of the character.

After the jump, we've got the release from the BBC detailing the big change.


Kleefeld's Fanthropology: Multiple Roles in Fandom

Imagine the life of your average person from, say, 500 years ago. The got up at the crack of dawn, did the morning chores, went off into the field and worked for the whole day before eventually coming back to the house for a late supper. This was well before home electricity was common, so there wasn’t much a person could do after the sun set. They spent much of their waking hours doing whatever their job was and often would define themselves in those terms. “I am a farmer.”



The most interesting serial killer on TV (and it's a crowded field this year) is coming back for another 13 episodes as NBC signs off on a second season of "Hannibal."



We've been following developments about the live-action adaptation of "Rurouni Kenshin" for a while now, and it looks like West Coast audiences get to be ahead of the curve when New People screens the film as part of the July 27 through August 4 film festival. "Rurouni Kenshin" joins the killer teacher movie from Miike "Lesson of the Evil" and the plastic surgery gone bad tale "Helter Skelter" in a 15-film lineup of genre-heavy fare.


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In this episode: Quicksilver doesn't know who his Daddy is, Star Trek Into Nudity, the return of Xena, and more.




With the help of Kickstarter, writer/artist Rob Liefeld is hoping to revive "Brigade" for a whole new generation of fans. Battlestone and his rogue mercenary team return once more with a brand new mission to save Earth from the forces of evil. Will Battlestone and his teammates, forgotten relics of the past, find a new home with modern comic fans?



One of the great things about an anthology is getting a collection of interesting directors to play around in an interesting genre or milieu. The first "ABCs of Death" took it one step further, though, and nabbed 26 directors from around the world to tell weird, funny, and gross horror stories. Sure, they may not have all landed, but it was an interesting experiment.

Well, during Cannes, Magnet Releasing announced the production of a sequel, "The ABCs of Death 2," and the initial director's list is as odd and interesting as the film is likely to be.



Fact: Everyone would love be immortalized in toy-form. Actually, I'm sure someone, somewhere, is incredibly freaked out at the possibility of that. Perhaps they believe their soul will be stolen by the plastic effigy in some kind of 1980s low-budget, straight-to-VHS, kinda way. I don't really know. What I DO know is that, thanks to Cubify, you can have your very own 3-D printed figurine -- and it'll be "Star Trek"-themed! Yep, as you sit in theaters this weekend, watching "Star Trek Into Darkness", a tiny version of you could be tucked in your pocket, decked out in an official Starfleet uniform. Hey, that's far less creepy than any other situation we can think of that would involve you touching yourself in your pocket.


Read on for all the figure-making info, including comparison photos!



The trailer for the Netflix-exclusive fourth season of "Arrested Development" runs through some familiar plot threads from the beloved ratings-challenged FOX series a little under two weeks before its May 26 premiere.



It's a year that Adult Swim is going to bring us a show called "Mike Tyson Mysteries..." And I'm okay with that.



The "Adventure Time" merchandise onslaught continues, as Cartoon Network partners up with USAopoly to announce a special Land of Ooo-themed Monopoly board.


Transformers Thrilling 30 Logo

In 2014, the Transformers celebrate their 30th Anniversary and Hasbro is allowing the fans of the franchise to give the Autobots and Decepticons the greatest gift of all: life! The crucial final phase of the Transformers Fan Built Bot Poll is about to begin (and will run through May 17th) with options for the name, gender, specialty, and origin-- culminating with the figure appearing in the Thrilling 30th Anniversary toy line! So, if you think you're responsible enough to be a parent in this pseudo Cybertronian-commune, then read on for all the info straight from Hasbro!


During Toy Fair 2013, Hasbro unveiled yet another incarnation of their Transformers franchise: Construct-Bots! These figures move beyond just the construction/customization-aspect of their Kre-O brand by incorporating ball-joint articulation and the ability to transform without being disassembled! Bumblebee was one of the first to be shown (of course) thanks to the massive popularity he’s garnered over the last few years, but today MTV Geek is bringing you an exclusive first look at the upcoming Scout Class and Elite Class assortments—including, my favorite Decepticon, Shockwave!



The French tomb raider created by Eisner-winning comics writer and artist Jacques Tardi is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in August.



CBS has released the first trailer for their 13-week adaptation of the small town sci-fi thriller "Under the Dome." And yep, those are definitely some characters in a small town trapped under a dome, so as far as it goes, writer Brian K. Vaughan is staying true-ish to Stephen King's utterly terrible novel.

Still, the writer behind "Y: The Last Man" has surely figured out more interesting story beats than "teen randomly goes crazy, starts filling a cabinet with women" or "meth-addicted religious fanatic makes friend, has very little bearing on the rest of the plot."


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