Marvel's "Point One" initiative -- designed to serve as starting points for their flagship titles -- begins today with the release of "Invincible Iron Man" #500.1. The Point One program will continue throughout the month of February with the release of "Wolverine" #5.1 and "Amazing Spider-Man" #654.1, and you can look at the covers for all three below; then read on for more details about these $2.99 "gateways" to the current Marvel Universe!


Boom! Studios has been selected for the second year in a row by the Young Adult Library Service Association (YALSA) to be on their 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens. Boom! received the honor this year for their original graphic novel, THE ANCHOR VOL. 1: FIVE FURIES. Read on for more details!

Official Press Release:

January 21, 2011 - Los Angeles, CA - BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that for the second year in a row the Young Adult Library Service Association (YALSA) has selected a BOOM! Studios original graphic novel, THE ANCHOR VOL. 1: FIVE FURIES, as one of their 2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

This year, YALSA has compiled a list of 63 titles out of 89 official nominations presented annually at the ALA midwinter conference. These titles are recommended for readers ages 12 to 18 and are chosen for their ability to "meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens."

"We can't express how excited we are to receive this honor once again!" says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. "It's a pleasure to see that the hard work and dedication of the entire BOOM! staff does not go unnoticed. Thanks to YALSA for the opportunity to say once more that we produce 'Great Graphic Novels for Teens'"

Anyone may view the list of other award recipients at the American Library Association website:


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Hulk's baby-boy, Skaar is set to dominate the Savage Land in Marvel Comics' Skaar: King Of The Savage Land from Rob Williams and Brian Ching.

Check out these lovely, long-locked teases from the upcoming series and find out more below the jump!


Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner and Mike Kennedy are set to go to war alongside Image Comics in March with the release of the alternate-history war series, Carbon Grey!

Check out what Image Comics had to say an official press release:

At the birth of the industrial age, a great war is raging. Sister hunts sister as gods are betrayed and enemies ascend to power...

In March, Image Comics enters the maelstrom with the release of CARBON GREY #1, a stunning foray into our world's secret history. Hoang Nguyen (Punisher War Zone, Metal Militia), Khari Evans (Shanna the She-Devil), Paul Gardner, and Mike Kennedy (Aeon Flux, Lone Wolf and Cub 2100) pen the thrilling tale. The indescribably gorgeous artwork for the series is courtesy of Nguyen, Evans, and Kinsun Loh.

"CARBON GREY has been an eight-year journey, a true labor of love," says Nguyen. "We've been consumed with this project, and we're so happy that Image Comics is helping us get it into readers' hands. I hope readers will feel the same passion we do for the book."


A city-crushing lineup consisting of writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh and artist Phil Hester with cover duty being shared by Powell and Alex Ross will bring the King of Kaiju, Godzilla back to comics in IDW and Toho's, Godzilla: Monster World!

Expect a ton of monster on monster mayhem as Godzilla and his famous rouges gallery of baddies smash their way onto store shelves in March 2011!

Official Press Release:

IDW Publishing and Toho Co., Ltd. are excited to announce the return to comics for the biggest star in motion pictures! Kicking off in March, GODZILLA®: MONSTER WORLD offers fans the world over the first ongoing comic series in years. GODZILLA® will be joined by many other monsters throughout the series, including MOTHRA™, KING GHIDORAH™, RODAN™ and more that have never before been featured in an American comic book series alongside King of the Monsters™.

“Godzilla has been gone from comics for too long” said Yukio Kotaki of Toho. “And to have it return with other monsters is simply very exciting.” Read More...

Image Comics is set to release Darkchylde Vol. 1: Legacy and Redemption in January 2011, which collects the "Legacy" and "Redemption" storylines for the first time. The release comes just in time for the interest-machine to kick back into gear as the Darkchylde film adaption gets rolling with the legendary John Carpenter attached to direct.

Official Press Release:

Ariel Chylde is a sweet-tempered girl with a terrifying secret: She can become the horrendous creatures from her many recurring nightmares. In DARKCHYLDE VOL. 1, collecting for the first time the "Legacy" and "Redmpetion" storylines, Ariel seeks salvation and an end to her terrible curse.

"2011 marks the 15th Anniversary of Ariel Chylde," says creator and artist Randy Queen. "So, it is with great joy this rare collection of Darkchylde material is made available for the first time in America with Image. To ensure a truly dynamic package, we've added new pages of art, the poetic writings of Ariel Chylde, and many rare and unseen images. If you're an older fan or newer fan, you'll still find something fresh to discover in these haunted tales of the teen who can become the creatures from her nightmares!" Read More...

Press Release

What’s a comic character to do after finding her sister murdered and baby kidnapped? If you’re Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini, you return to your life as a NY police officer investigating supernatural crimes. Following Witchblade’s 15th birthday, publisher Top Cow Productions, Inc. has announced their plans for WITCHBLADE #140-144.

Following the aftermath of the events that transpired in megaevent series, ARTIFACTS, WITCHBLADE #139 touched upon how Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini reacted to her sister Julie’s death and the kidnapping of her daughter Hope.

Returning to its own timeline, WITCHBLADE #140-141 finds Sara Pezzini back on the job handling supernatural cases. The “Paper Monsters” arc finds writer Saurav Mohapatra joining the dynamic team of writer Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic. Sara Pezzini has investigated countless bizarre crimes, but her latest cases may be the most shocking yet! Pezzini and her detective partner Patrick Gleason have encountered monsters and demons before, but these latest supernatural terrors seem to be born from the imagination of an innocent child. Read More...

Press Release

Marvel is proud to announce the release of Fantastic Four In...Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.!, Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte! & Spider-Man & The Human Torch In...Bahia De Los Muertos!, in both English and Spanish language editions, available now on the Marvel Comics app.

Marking the first Spanish language comics offered by any major comics publisher, these thrilling specials come straight from the acclaimed creative team of writer Tom Beland & artist Juan Doe, while also featuring two of the biggest pop culture icons ever—Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

“We’re committed to exposing the widest possible audience to the unparalleled characters and storytelling of the Marvel Universe,” said David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation. “With stories featuring some of our top characters and top creators, Fantastic Four In...Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.!, Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte! & Spider-Man & The Human Torch In...Bahia De Los Muertos! are perfect for new readers looking to experience the Marvel Universe.” Read More...

Press Release

Alongside the much anticipated release of the time-bending superhero saga STAN LEE'S THE TRAVELER #1, comes the debut of STAN LEE'S THE TRAVELER in SPLIT-SECOND MAYHEM available now in the iTunes store for the iPhone & iPod Touch and brought to you by Stan Lee, BOOM! Studios, GameSalad, and D7!

In this fast-paced puzzle game, you play as The Traveler battling against the Split-Second Men to defeat evil and save the future! Speed up or slow down time to navigate citizens through perilous traps and dangerous encounters with the Split-Second Men. Straight from the pages of STAN LEE'S THE TRAVELER, SPLIT-SECOND MAYHEM makes you the hero and puts you in control of the adventure!

“Comic and game fans will have tons to enjoy with STAN LEE'S THE TRAVER in SPLIT-SECONDE MAYHEM,” says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “SPLIT-SECOND MAYHEM gives fans a deeper look at the latest superhero from Stan Lee while being fun, fast-paced and excitingly addicting game on its own! If you loved STAN LEE'S THE TRAVELER and you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, be sure to download this game today!” Read More...

Press Release

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Uncanny X-Men #531 featuring the debut of rising star Kieron Gillen as co-writer with Eisner Award – winning writer Matt Fraction, as they team with superstar artist Greg Land! The X-Men have fought tooth and claw to defend Utopia from invaders and now they’d do anything to get off it! An unexplained illness has broken out, depowering every mutant it infects and riddling them with horrific side effects. Wolverine? Dying of adamantium poisoning. Rockslide? Soon to be rubble. But with quarantine now in full effect, will the X-Club be able to discover the cause without help from the mainland? And just who was the harbinger of this mysterious malady? Beware because, this December, mutantkind becomes all the more endangered, only in Uncanny X-Men #531!

UNCANNY X-MEN #531 (OCT100659)


Press Release

Emma Woodhouse, a young privileged woman living in nineteenth century England, has delved into the world of match making! Join New York Times best-selling writer Nancy Butler (Sense & Sensibility) and rising star artist Janet K. Lee (Return of the Dapper Men) this March as they bring to life one of Jane Austen’s most regarded stories like you’ve never seen before, Emma #1! Despite her best intentions, Emma may think too much of her own matchmaking abilities but it won’t stop her from sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

“Emma's foibles are OUR foibles, and many of us can relate when her earnest but misguided efforts to "fix" her friends go awry.” says writer Nancy Butler. “Some of us have even discovered, as Emma does, that the perfect partner was right under our noses. Ultimately, Emma's journey toward wisdom and maturity reveals insights we can all benefit from.”

Artist, Janet K. Lee couldn’t adds, “Some people geek out about baseball stats, others geek out about Star Trek – I however, geek out about Jane Austen. Getting to play in her world is a geek-girl's dream come true!” Read More...

Press Release

The FIREBREATHER movie debuts on Cartoon Network on November 24, 2010, and FIREBREATHER VOL. 3: HOLMGANG #1 is getting both a variant cover and an early release on the same day to celebrate!

Advance reviews for the movie version of the critically acclaimed Image Comics series have been stellar, and HOLMGANG #1 is a great place for new fans to jump onto the series. The variant cover features exclusive artwork from the TV movie and will be in stores November 24 alongside the regular cover.

Teenager Duncan Rosenblatt has a human mother and a giant, city-stomping, kaiju father. He also has all the worries of a normal high schooler, from bullies to girls to fitting in. Written by Phil Hester and drawn by Andy Kuhn, FIREBREATHER VOL. 3: HOLMGANG picks up where FIREBREATHER VOL. 2 left off: Duncan deals with not only losing his father but with keeping his father's death a secret, even from his mother. But Duncan's mysterious extended family may not let him keep that secret -- or his life -- much longer. Read More...

Press Release

An average man gets sent on a heavenly task this February in THE MISSION, from Marc Guggenheim's Collider Entertainment.

In THE MISSION, a typical working guy finds his life upended when he's approached by a mysterious figure who claims to be the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel tells him he's been chosen for a mission in the battle between good and evil. The mission? Murder! Did our hero actually get a command from an angel or is he losing his mind?

Written by JON HOEBER and ERICH HOEBER, who wrote the screenplays for Red and Battleship, THE MISSION is produced by ALISA TAGER (HALCYON, Serenity) and MARC GUGGENHEIM (HALCYON, No Ordinary Family). The series is stunningly illustrated by WERTHER DELL'EDERA (Dark Entries, Loveless) and colored by ARIANNA FLOREAN.

"Jon and Erich have written the perfect supernatural thriller," says Guggenheim. "People have questioned the existence of God and angels for millennia, but the main character of THE MISSION has to face the reality of this conundrum, and the twists and turns will have the readers guessing as well. Werther's art is a flawless companion to the story, putting into pictures the discord our hero confronts."

Whether the battle is between good and evil or between sanity and lunacy, it begins in THE MISSION #1 (DEC100433), a 32-page full-color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores February 23, 2011. Collider Entertainment's first release with Image Comics, HALCYON #1, is available now.


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Press Release

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Wolverine: The Best There Is #2! The most shocking Wolverine ongoing continues as writer Charlie Huston and artist Juan Jose Ryp bring you the high octane, blood soaked action you’ve been demanding! Wolverine has just made himself a new worst enemy by the name of Contagion and it’s time for him to let loose. But before everyone's favorite ill-tempered mutant can give him the ol' three-claws-to-chest treatment, he's going have to work his way through Contagion’s legion of "unkillable" cronies. First on the list? The completely insane Madcap! Unfortunately for Logan, not only can this lunatic not die, he's got a deadly new trick up his sleeve. Its 12 rounds (and then some) of unstoppable killing machine vs. death-defying homicidal maniac in Wolverine: The Best There Is #2, on sale this January!



Written by CHARLIE HUSTON

Press Release

Internationally acclaimed electro-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence has toured the world. Now, they share their thrilling true tales about life on the road in ADVENTURES INTO MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, a one-shot illustrated by Jess Fink and released by Image Comics.

To celebrate their first-ever comic book, Mindless Self Indulgence will be in California for a pair of exclusive signings:


Thursday, November 11, 2010

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

7522 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046



Friday, November 12, 2010

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

3520 20th Street, Suite B

San Francisco, CA 94110



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