Marvel sent along a few pages from Mike Carey and Steve Kurth's "New Mutants" #22, the second chapter of "Age Of X." The secret compound known as Fortress X is mutantkind’s only safe haven on planet Earth…or is it?


Check out previews of these Dynamite Comics titles hitting on this week's new comic book day, January 19!

The Boys #50 Preview


From The New York Times Bestselling author of The Losers, comes Rat Catcher, a captivating story of double-crossings and murder -- and MTV Geek has exclusive preview pages from the original graphic novel that hits stands tomorrow!

There’s a burning Federal safe house just outside El Paso with a pile of burning bodies inside. The job appears to have been botched. Now, a washed-up FBI agent, with a close personal connection to the victims, has one last chance to hunt down the Rat Catcher before he disappears forever. There’s just one problem—he doesn’t exist—at least not to the Federal agents and marshals who oversee the Witness Protection Program. As the characters are identified and form alliances, two men in particular spiral towards each other in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Playing out across the badlands of West Texas with its wild and haunting nature, each of them hides a deadly secret from the other—a secret that could destroy them both…

Veteran writer Andy Diggle (whose book THE LOSERS was adapted into a major motion picture) returns to Vertigo with a fast-paced new crime thriller illustrated by debut Vertigo artist, Victor Ibañez. Internationally bestselling crime writer Ian Rankin says, “RAT CATCHER is hot stuff. Moral ambiguities abound, the action is fierce, and the artwork is deadly.”

So get reading because, in January 2011 the question will be: Just who is the Rat Catcher?

Read The Preview For "Rat Catcher" Here!


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Check out previews of BOOM Studios' new releases for Wednesday January 19!

Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #4 Preview


"There will be blood" in this action-packed sixth issue of the hit series "Vampirella," out in April from Dynamite Entertainment! Written by Eric Trautman with art by Wagner Reis and Fabiano Neves, "Vampirella" #6 features four different covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Paul Renaud, Ale Garza, and Fabiano Neves. Check out our exclusive first looks at the Kevic-Djurdjevic, Renaud, and Garza covers below, then read on for more details on "Vampirella" #6!


The publisher that brought you the hit Sonic the Hedgehog comics turns to the video game world once again! Archie Comics has just announced that they will be launching in May comic books based on the highly popular Capcom game Mega Man. Take a look at the covers from "Mega Man" #1 below, and then stick around to read more details about Archie's new comic!


Check out previews of this week's Marvel Comics releases!

The Amazing Spider-Man #652 Preview


The adventures of classic sleuth Sherlock Holmes continues in this story by Scott Beatty, Daniel Indro, and cover artists Indro, Francesco Francavilla, and Aaron Campbell. Take an exclusive first peek at the Francavilla cover below, then read on for more details on "Sherlock Holmes Year One" #4, launching in April!

Solicitation Information:


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +




“Black & White” Retailer incentive cover by DANIEL INDRO

Of the 3,816,483 citizens of London in 1881, a dozen are fated to die at the hands of the "Twelve Caesars" kill. Sherlock Holmes and his reluctant partner Dr. John Watson have deduced the method and means of the crime, but not the madman responsible! While both Watson and the Metropolitan Police lose patience with Holmes and his eccentricities, the young sleuth goes missing to help an old friend!


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Big doings in the world of the Green Hornet seems evident by this trio of covers from the upcoming "Green Hornet" #15, out in April 2011 from Dynamite Entertainment! By Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau, the issue sees Britt Reid's world in turmoil with Kato out of commission -- and a tragic rookie mistake possibly convincing Reid to hang up his green overcoat forever! Take an exclusive first look at these covers by Alex Ross, Phil Hester (not final art), and Jonathan Lau -- then read on for more details about the comic! 


Now the enigmatic "All Is Lost" teaser and trailer is starting to make a whole lot more sense!

Top Cow has just announced that they are launching in April "Netherworld," a 5-issue limited series by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin (PILOT SEASON: 7 DAYS FROM HELL, BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA’S BOX) and the art team of Tony Shasteen and colorist JD Mettler (WITCHBLADE: ANNUAL, STEPHEN KING’S TALISMAN).

Check out some great preview art below, and stay tuned for more news about this exciting new series!


What happens when Marvel's greatest superheroes face their worst nightmares? Find out in "Fear Itself: The Home Front," coming out in April. Featuring a creative team that includes Christos Gage, Peter Milligan, Mike Mayhew, Howard Chaykin and more, "Fear Itself: The Home Front" is the first of a seven-issue limited series and kicks off the "Fear Itself" event with a cosmic bang!

Official Press Release:

Here is the fourth and final teaser for "Infinite Vacation," the new series by Nick Spencer and Christian Ward that launches today at finer comic shops everywhere! Stay tuned for a review of "Infinite Vacation," plus a recap of all the teaser images that were released.


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Last week was so light, this column didn’t actually happen. On the other hand, this week is a solid performer. We’ve got a core Bat-book, along with a slate of three strong second-tier books. It’s a good week to make a run to the comic shop.

Batman and Robin #19
This month concludes “The Sum of Her Parts,” a fill-in arc by Paul Cornell that has filled a gap between Grant Morrison’s exit and the arrival of new ongoing team (from Green Lantern Corps) Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Having said that (as has been mentioned in previous columns), calling Cornell’s arc a fill-in is something of a disservice, given the pejorative nature of that term in the comics industry.
Last month gave us the revelation of who exactly the Absence (a new villain that has been bedeviling figures from Bruce Wayne’s romantic past) is. One of Bruce’s many cover story “girlfriends,” she, like so many others, fell in love with a man who needed nothing more from her than an alibi for his nighttime whereabouts, so as to better avert suspicion about Batman’s identity. The difference in the Absence lay in her “death,” dumped into the chemical-filled river in Gotham City…where she changed.
Cornell’s story has had a really cool feel reminiscent of the best parts of Tim Burton’s Batman movies. Bruce’s love life has been central to the story, along with some slight nods to the supernatural (or is it?). More importantly though, in much the same way that Burton’s flair for visuals did, Cornell’s story has made Gotham City itself in a key point, with that hell-hole of a city almost a character on its own. Read More...

Check out these great releases from Image Comics for January 12, including an exclusive extended preview of Halcyon #3 and an exclusive preview of Darkchylde Vol. 1: Legacy and Redemption!

Halcyon #3 Exclusive Extended Preview


Special edition graphic novels of Bluewater Productions' best-selling "Fame: Justin Bieber" and "Fame: Taylor Swift" will be released by the publisher this Spring -- primarily distributed through book stores and Walmart. The graphic novels will feature the original story from each comic plus bonus material such as new story content, additional artwork, and new covers.

This is big news in the world of comics, because landing a distribution deal with Walmart is huge, dramatically increasing the access of these titles -- as well as an additional special edition GN, "Fame: Cast of Glee" -- to the public.

"Fame: Justin Bieber" is be released in March, "Fame: Cast of Glee" in April, and "Fame: Taylor Swift" in May. Additional details on these releases are below after the exclusive cover art:


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