MTV Geek and DC Comics are pleased to offer you an exclusive preview of Nightwing #2, by Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows! Nightwing #2 hits stands on October 19th:

When a mysterious assassin targets him, Nightwing must work fast to uncover the killer's plot before he strikes again. But as Haley's Circus continues to perform in Gotham City, Dick finds himself torn between two lives: his old one as a circus performer and his new one as a super hero.

Read the preview below and don't forget to check out Nightwing #2 on October 19th: Read More...

So our reviewer pretty much flipped for Detective Comics #1, calling it "damn good" and heralding the final, admittedly gruesome (though freakin' awesome) last page. Well now, we can find out what happens after the blood was spilled in Detective Comics #2!

DC was awesome enough to send us an exclusive preview for the issue which hits stands, both digital and physical October 5, 2011! Read More...

Ever wanted to kiss a coyote? No? Really? But they have though chapped dessert doggie lips, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to.

…And now that I’ve scared everybody away, I can tell you that a Coyote’s Kiss isn’t just something that can get you arrested in 48 states, it’s also the newest novel to spin out of the The CW’s Supernatural. Here’s the official blurb:

When a truck full of illegal Mexican immigrants is found by the side of the road, the occupants slaughtered with violent and unnatural force, Sam and Dean are compelled to investigate. Guided by the tattooed, pistol-packing bandita on a motorcycle, Xochi Cazadora, the brothers are plunged into the terrifying world of Aztec gods and monsters. Soon their explorations lead them deep into the dark heart of Mexico City.

For those of your continuity minded, the book takes place in Season Six, between the episodes “Caged Heat” and “Appointment in Samara.” Read More...

Enjoy nine pages of the new book from Top Shelf and writer/artist Ludovic Debeurme!


The X-Men have been made headlines in the comic book industry recently thanks to news of cancellations, mutant war, and Colossus possibly becoming the Juggernaut. Back in the 90s, times were simpler. Jubilee wasn’t a vampire and Colossus was just a big, Russian badass. Thanks to our friends at Diamond Select Toys, now you can capture a part of that nostalgia with this figure of Colossus from their Marvel Select line. Mr. Rasputin joins the likes of Gambit and Cyclops in the larger scale, and like Gambit features that sweet, sweet torso articulation that all us former Marvel Legends collectors crave!

The Real Steel: Marvel Select Colossus Coming from Diamond Select Toys

The best-selling Marvel Select line is proud to add to the hit Danger Room sub-line! This time the mightily muscled Russian mutant, Colossus, makes his Marvel Select debut in all his oversized glory! Based on the iconic heart and soul of so many X-Men teams, the metal-skinned mutant comes with the classic robotic vise Danger Room obstacle, in scale with all previous Danger Room accessories! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, Colossus includes Marvel Select’s standard 16 points of articulation and measures over 8” in height. Plus, you can combine his base with those of Gambit and Cyclops (each sold separately) to form a Danger Room diorama! Coming in October!

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MTV Geek and Dynamite Entertainment are pleased to give you your first look at Red Sonja #63 and Queen Sonja #23, hitting stands in September:


That Deadpool statue got your attention, didn’t it? Well, it sure managed to grab ours and so did the rest of Gentle Giant’s latest round of Marvel-based releases! Not only is the Merc with a Mouth riding his scooter and prepping a cannon, but Spider-Woman, The Red Skull, and even Wolverine have been added into the mix as well. Most of these are set for release this January, so that gives you some time to save up your loose change… tons and tons of loose change.


After pretty sporadic publication throughout 2010, Eric Powell's hillbilly horror swamp comedy/drama The Goon is returning to Dark Horse starting in June. Powell has, of course, been keeping busy between two-fisted adventures of tough guys wrecking swamp monsters, but some of us have been missing his most famous creation.

Powell talked to MTV Geek recently about the return of the book, what he's been up to, and provides a (mini) update on the status of the much-anticipated movie.

MTV Geek: So where’ve you (and The Goon) been, man?

Eric Powell: Well, I was working on the Goon screenplay, my self published all ages book Chimichanga, Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities, The Buzzard mini-series, and Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters.

Geek: Now that you’re back at it, what’s the overall plan for The Goon? It felt like a lot of last year was about clearing out the decks.

EP: Yep, I don't want The Goon to ever get stagnant. I try to change up the tone so no one knows what to expect. That's definitely the plan for the next few issues. Between Chinatown and the monthly run of "The Return of Labrazio" the book took on a more serious somber tone. I feel like doing some crazier stuff now.

Geek: You’ve mentioned in the past that you’re taking the Mignola route with your book, focusing on one universe. Will that ever mean bringing in other creators to expand the world of the Goon?

EP: I doubt it. When I mentioned Mignola, I believe I actually mentioned Mignola and Jeff Smith, [and] I was referring to maintaining focus on one project in order to build it's momentum. I've succeeded at that. Now I just have to maintain it! Mike has spread his characters out successfully to build his own little universe. I don't think that's the way for me to go. I don't want The Goon to have a universe.

Geek: What kind of schedule are you planning for the return of the book?

EP: We're going back to the original bi-monthly schedule.

Geek: Chinatown was, for me, the most incisive look at the character and how his mind works. When can we expect more looks at Goon’s past?

EP: I have a fun story planned in the next few issues about his teenage years. But that's all I can tell you.

Geek: Along the same lines, any plans for more spin-offs like last year’s Buzzard story?

EP: Nope. Buzzard needed some closure. That's why he got a mini-series. I might return to him, but nobody else needs their own book. Sometimes a supporting character is best used as a supporting character. Read More...

He's been in the news a lot lately, and now he's got his own Bluewater comic book! Political Power: Donald Trump is written by Jerome Maida and has a cover by Joe Phillips, will be released in October 2011 by Bluewater Productions. Take your first look at Political Power: Donald Trump, and then read on for more details!

He seems to be everywhere; on television, in book stores and most recently, elbowed his way into the current political morass. But whether he’s “firing” reality contestants, running a billion dollar corporation, picking fights with celebrities or toying with the idea of a presidential bid, Donald Trump’s larger than life persona has been captured for an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic.

“Political Power: Donald Trump,” scheduled for an October 2011 release, follows the polarizing life and career of the high-profile tycoon, presidential aspirant and media bon vivant.

“We’re trying to portray him less as a caricature and more as potential leader of the free world,” said Bluewater president Darren Davis on why Trump’s biography was being published via the “Political Power” brand. “Whether you agree with his political posturing or find him completely self-interested and insincere, he’s pulling up a chair at 2012 Republican presidential nomination table.”

Written by freelance journalist Jerome Maida, the 32-page Trump comic biography covers his transition from real-estate magnate who took over his successful father’s company to “The Donald,” the eponymous moniker that fuels tabloids, drives television ratings and relishes the spotlight.

"Trump may be egocentric, he may be a grandstander and a loudmouth, but there’s no denying he has the attention of America,” said Maida.

The issue, which will sport a cover from noted artist Joe Phillips, will retail for $3.99. It will be available through comic book shops and several online venues such as and the Barnes and Noble and Borders.

The “Political Power” series was launched earlier in 2009 as a companion piece to the successful “Female Force” biography title. The comic allowed Bluewater to delve into the lives and power and legacy of some of the most important and powerful political personalities of the past generation regardless of gender.

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Chris Roberson (Superman, Stan Lee's Starborn) and Francesco Biagini will be bringing to life a new Elric comic book for BOOM! Studios -- and the first story is free to readers!

Elric: The Balance Lost FCBD Edition will be available in May on Free Comic Book Day, and the story will lead directly into the first issue of Elric: The Balance Lost coming out in July. Elric, the classic character created by Michael Moorcock 40 years ago, is in great hands with Roberson and Biagini. Check out this video of Roberson chatting with MTV Geek at this year's Emerald City Comicon about the project:

ECCC 2011: Chris Roberson Tackles Moorcock's Elric


Last time on Amazing Spider-Questions, we got you caught up to speed on everything happening in Peter Parker’s world, with Spidey’s own Editor Steve Wacker. This week, we’re checking in after the events of issue #656, which found Spidey donning a brand new armor, battling a brand new villain named Massacre, and making a brand new promise that no one dies when Spider-Man is around.

We chatted with Wacker over e-mail about all these events, as well as getting a look behind-the-scenes at the development of Spidey’s new costume, and your very first look at the new Spider-Man event, "Infested":

MTV Geek: Let’s talk about Spidey’s new costume… There seems to be a LOT of attention paid to a new Spider-Man costume by the fans, almost more than other heroes – how much consideration did you guys put into the new one? Did Marcos Martin turn in a first draft, and you said, “Sold!” or is there a lot of internal debate and back and forth?

Steve Wacker: On Spidey right now, we have three very strong designers in Marcos, Humberto and Stefano. In addition Dan is also very specific in his plots for what the various costumes can do and what they look like.

On top of that, the basic Ditko Spidey costume design (which is where you’d start any new design from) is so strong, it’s hard to screw up.

So there hasn’t been a ton of going back and forth so far on overall concepts. In each case they were pretty clearly communicated at the top. Plus, I’m more apt to trust these artists’ instincts given how much great work they’ve done through the years.

But there have been some adjustments in terms of color scheme and details. You can see here where we were playing with some of the aspects of Marcos’ Spider-Armor: Read More...

What happens when the citizens of Manhattan start developing spider powers? It's awesomeness for us, not so awesome for Spider-Man. A brand-new storyline starts in Amazing Spider-Man #667, hitting stands in August -- but you can get your first preview below!


MTV Geek is pleased to offer you your first look at Wolverine #8, hitting stands on April 20. Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuña present you a tale featuring Logan battling his most formidable foe yet -- himself!


Green Hornet and Kato have to fight against a team of supervillains -- who sent them to attack our heroes, and why? Find out in Dynamite's Green Hornet #17 by Phil Hester, Ande Parks, and Jonathan Lau. Take your first look at Green Hornet #17 below, then read on for more info about this comic hitting stands in June:


Will John Carter be able to stop stop Dejah Thoris's wedding to the evil Prince of Zodanga? Find out in Dynamite Entertainment's Warlord of Mars #9, out in June! Take your first look at the Joe Jusko cover for Warlord of Mars #9 -- written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Lui Antonio -- below; then read on about more details!



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